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minho 1 month ago
@taemin /your answer was unexpected, i didn't genuinely think you'd answer me and the answer itself makes my stomach churn in return, the thought of you wanting to practice just for me, watching those things, going so far just for me; its mind blowing in more ways than one
/the permission is enough to make me choke a little, literally bucking on my chair before i get that little bit of permission from you and its all i need for my gears to begin turning again and an aching need, just for you, to fire back up
/brushing the back of my fingers just under your eyes i collect some of the tears there, bringing them to my lips and savouring the salty taste as it long lingers on my lips afterwards
/lifting my legs i hook them over your shoulders carefully, crossing my ankles behind your back as if to keep you in place even more, my hands either side of your head as i rock my hips forward slowly at first
/whimpers when i give in and begin moving even quicker, hips a little desperate and i'd be embarrassed if it weren't for how much i need you, my head tipped back once again as i tighten my fingers in your hair whilst beginning to your mouth in earnest
/your name slips from the tip of my tongue, tumbling out and filling my own ears as i chase down that high that's concealed in the slick heat of your mouth, groaning shamelessly as i can feel myself already beginning to leak and make a mess
taemin 1 month ago
@minho /blinks a few times watching you with my big round eyes, the way you fall to pieces for me is utterly fascinating, not even in my wildest dreams did i think i could make you feel like this, like the way you make me feel when you touch me, slowly i pull away from your to breathe, and in a small raspy voice/
i-i practiced with a toy...watching videos because i wanted to be good for hyung--but i only ever wanted to taste hyung /mewls the word 'hyung' as i move in closer, ling at the head of your before taking it back in my mouth just as your hands take hold of my head, your grip is firm and i know not to move--though i'm not sure whats going on anymore but when you push in fruther i let out a choked sound, and my eyes quickly water--you're stretching not just my mouth but i feel you sliding into my throat as you rock your hips into me, the sensation so new, and terrifying but it lights my lower tummy on fire, i want you to go faster, harder, i want it so bad--i squeeze your thighs, whining around your when you seem to stop, i meet your gaze, tears caught in my lashes, mouth so achingly full but of course i'm greedy for all hyung is willing to give me, and for a moment i understand what you're trying to say and i give a nod, squeezing your thighs in encouragement, this is everything i wanted--to be filled with you--taste you--know you in a way i've never had, my eyes are begging you at this point/
minho 2 months ago
@taemin /with my hand still covering my mouth i find myself stroking your hair back from your face with my other hand, fingertips trembling the more i feel and see of you
/where has the innocent maknae i helped raise gone? who is this beautiful demon in front of me? the one i want to give my everything to, everythings i thought i had already given away only to realise its never been like this
/the sight is sin itself but it has my mouth watering in return, my hand lowering from my mouth to join the other in touching you, brushing your hair back from your face again before i along those full cheeks of yours trying so hard to take more of me in
you're doing so well, taemi...
is t-this the first time you're doing this?
/asks with a mild hint of surprise should the answer be yes, my fingers splaying over your cheek, skin rosy and warm whilst my thumb slides over your bottom lip, feeling along the slick, plump flesh
/mesmerised by the sight of you i can't help but slip my thumb in between your lips and alongside my own length, groaning at the added tightness and friction, my thumb tingling at the sensation
/gripping the sides of your head gently but firmly, i scoot forward on my seat a little better, pushing your face away before i bring you in, sinking into that warm heat slowly whilst my head tips back, keeping you in place as i rock my hips to find more of you, freely when i do so
taem... taemin-
/looks down at you and lets out a small whine, wanting to release in your mouth but knowing i should warn you at least and give you the opportunity to pull away
taemin 2 months ago
@minho /my eyes haven't missed a single moment of your reaction, the way you almost blanche over my first present, it makes me want to smile but my mouth is a little busy at the moment, the way you seem to unravel so quickly over just a few minstration from my inexprienced tongue makes me buzz with confidence--much needed to take your fruther in my mouth until its fully seated in it--i breathe in slowly as i adjust to the weight and stretch, i look up at you with milky brown eyes and baby fat cheeks so red and full of your , pouty pink lips wrapped so perfectly around the girth of it as it hardens in my mouth, my heart flutters because i'm doing this to you, i'm causing you pleasure--i can make you feel good too just like you make me feel so so so good, i pull back until only the head of your is between my lips, i le on it while the rest of shaft is wet and waiting to feel the heat of my mouth again, i lap over the slit of your needily as if begging it to release even a single pearl of precum, i want to taste you so bad, i run my tongue over the underside of your and bring it back all around before i sallowing you hole once again with more ease this time, and this is when i start to on your earnestly, monaing over the sensation--i feel my begin to harden and throb with an unrelenting desire/
minho 2 months ago
@taemin of course. i love...
/the bright smile on my face begins to fade when i see you at your finger, beyond just the need to swipe up the icing, it has me flustered and glancing to the side as i finish my sentence
/its a birthday, i shouldn't be thinking about these kinds of things but part of me is wondering if perhaps you're playing another game of yours with me
/its all but confirmed when i'm nudged back and i find my backside landing in a perfectly placed chair, looking up at you as you lean in, half tasting the sugar on your lips already from that icing
/nodding a little dumbly when you ask to try something, i lean back in my seat a bit better before gripping the sides of the seat i'm on, holding on perhaps a little too tight but i'm oddly nervous
/with your descent to your knees its like watching you dance, but instead of the thousands of adoring fans in a concert hall, its all for me, a private show for my eyes only, our secret
/one of my hands lifts to my face when i'm suddenly bared, my palm easily covering my mouth and gripping the sides of my face as i do so, eyelids drooping as i watch the way you tease me, already twitching for you
/my head tips back for a moment when you wish me happy birthday, breathing out a shaky, hot breath as my hand shakes, the other bleeding white as my grip has tightened even more on the chair
taem... taemin...
/whispers your name as i find myself leaning back over, my hand lifting from the seat to slip into your hair, tugging at the strands gently as i do so
/as warmth builds through me i pant your name again, my thighs shifting just slightly as i'm already half hard before you've even finished "cleaning" me up, fully by the time you're done and unable to help but think there's definitely been no birthday quite like this - though perhaps i've imagined this with you once or twice before
taemin 2 months ago
@minho /watches you with bright eyes as you make your wish, giggling as you salute and i do so back at you, once you've eased back down i glance between you and the cake/
you like it ? /asks softly i begin to move towards the cake, i reach out and swipe at it with one finger--bringing it to my mouth as i look at you and letting my tongue loll out as i taste the cream, its light and sweet--but--/
hmm...its good but i think its missing something.../muses softly as i step towards you and in swiftly push you down onto the chair i left out--i smile at you coyly before moving in closer again, my icing flavored lips hover over yours/
can...i try something hyungie? /my voice trembles with excitment and eagerness but theres the underlying anxiety--i've never done this before but i want to so badly with you-- i look at you with such large round dark eyes before i slowly descend onto my knees and my fingers take your pants down with me, revealing your flaccid , i stare at it with half lidded eyes, biting my lower lip and look back at you--the look in my eyes almost begging as i reach for the cake, now with three fingers i swipe a dollap of icing and bring it between your and my mouth/
i always wondered what hyungie tasted like....how you'd feel in my mouth as you fill it up and push it in fruther and fruther--/whispers over the head of your , my fingers painting it over with cream/
the cake taste good...but i don't think it'll taste better than you hyung /says as i flick my eyes up at you staring at you as my tongue slowly slips out and swirls over the head of your catching the cream but the warm flesh of your length--pulling away to whisper/ happy birthday minho.../smirking before i lean in and begin to lap over the cream covering your taking my time to it 'clean', mewls softly as i work around it the taste putting in a frenzey as i desire more of you/


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SweetCookie 1 month ago
Thank you all for the good memories
Maeyeollie 3 months ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
f10678786e9cdfbb785c 4 months ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 5 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 5 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 5 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 5 months ago
Um, may I join?
76b27de48ad9d7e8f646 6 months ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
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