⤑ ice cream parlour

hot or cold, you can't resist the delicious treats offered here.
yang jeongin 2 weeks ago
@bae seongbin smiling softly as I take in the features of your face, eyes darting over the hue staining at your skin with a smile dancing on my lips as I nod my head gently, wiggling fingers in a secondary greeting to you
I'm okay, hyung. Haven't been doing that much. House training my new dog and making sure they all get along well. But I am going alright aside from some tiredness. What about yourself? Have you been alright?
bae seongbin 3 weeks ago
@yang jeongin *waiting for you to come, externally calm and collected but inside im ready to stand up and pace back and forth while impatiently waiting for you to show up. My gaze lift off my screen when i see someone sitting before me before my face follow as it lift up and brightens up almost comically at the first few seconds but my eyes meeting yours, im left with darkened ears and cheeks*
J-jeongin- hello! *collects myself and scoot my chair closer and smile toothily at you, catching myseld from blurring the first thing that came to my mind which is 'i miss you', instead i say the next*
How are you? *closes my screen and places my phone down on the table one hand resting on my cheek as i smile softly*
yang jeongin 3 weeks ago
@bae seongbin receiving the follow up message I blink slowly, realising I'm not at all ready to leave the dorm and quickly scurrying to my feet to change clothes, making sure the pets have food and water before dashing outside to head to the ice cream place, panting softly as I stop at the entrance to take a moment and regain my breath before I push open the door and come inside
spotting you with a slight smile, patting down my clothes a little before I come over and take a seat before you
bae seongbin 3 weeks ago
@yang jeongin *my heart jumps along when my phone vibrate with the new message, i activate the screen again and see your text, i bite on my lip to hide my grin and worst holding a faint giggle, i quickly type down my reply to you, being already by the door of the ice cream parlor, being that hopeful and excited to meet you. Pressing send after i sent the address, i go inside the ice crean parlor and find us a table by the far side and settle down, tapping my foot on the floor as i wait and busy myself with games on my phone*
yang jeongin 3 weeks ago
@bae seongbin playing with my newest pup quietly, my phone not too far away and on a sound profile, hearing the device beep it's little tune to say I have a message and after softly moving the Shiba Inu off my thighs, reaching to collect the device to read the message; blinking a little at the name that appears, a slight fluttering sensation going through my stomach as I open and read the message, my fingers hesitating before I type out a response and send it back
"Sure. When and where?"
bae seongbin 3 weeks ago
@yang jeongin *recalling how i excused myself the last time we interacted after i impulsively confessed, the scene kept haunting me for the past few days all while anxiously and childishly waiting to hear anything from you. Figuring i should be the one to gather courage, i do what i know the best, playing dumb and casual and thus i type down a text*
"hey, baby saeng
Wanna grab ice cream?"
*chews on my lip as i stare at my screen, my pounding heart making it difficult to breathe before i press 'send' and exhale out deeply, now to anxiously waiting for your response*
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan /my eyes light up almost instantly when you tell me i can come over and stay the night, leaning into your hand at my nape a little more and not looking unlike a cat with how i seem to enjoy the feeling, i might have even purred if it weren't for us being in public
/taking the hint i reluctantly let go long enough to get out from the booth, standing up and following you as you pay, thanking the workers before i look at your hand, taking it gently in my own
/smiles to myself before i begin walking with you, the thought of my jacket smelling like you when you give it back making me even happier as it flits about the back of my mind
/the amount of food i've eaten is threatening to put me in a food coma, so i quickly slap my palms against my cheeks, remembering where you're staying from last time as we get on my bike, driving us there and parking it up the last time tonight
can i borrow some clothes, ge? i'd like a shower to warm up if its not too much trouble
/murmurs as i follow you, my hand in your own after i've pocketed my keys, briefly brushing my cheek against your shoulder, so light is the touch i doubt you'll notice or mind
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo /after the final bite, i smack my lips together in satisfaction, tipping my head with a little yelp as you unexpectedly get all clingy with me again. i lift my free hand to gently rub by the back of your nape, hoping it brings you comfort while silently thinking to myself; i wonder whether you've always initiated such intimacy before or if it's only now because we're alone and you feel relaxed enough to show off your vulnerabilities with me
/lost in my thoughts, i almost miss your request, blinking twice as i face you, my lips slightly agape as my gaze automatically drifts low to your plump tiers
huh- oh. yeah. yeah ! of course. why not ?
/quickly diverting my own attention, i pat my hand at your thigh to usher you out, convincing myself you probably just need some more one on one time but in a setting private enough to keep others from overhearing, but although i tell myself this, the nerves remain bubbling within me
/i walk up to the counter to pay for our final meal, putting my arms properly through the sleeves of your jacket, holding my hand out again for you to take, grown rather fond of the contact
let's go
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan /nods in agreement when you say i'm annoying, still rather enjoying the ice cream you gave me before i glance back over to you again, blinking as you wipe at my mouth
/i wonder what you're looking for as you tip my face up, watching you from beneath my lashes before i realise you think this is some game, making my stomach flip
/sighs softly, giving in as i relent my hand on top of your own, the other still holding on, before i pick up the single spoon and break off a bit of the cheesecake, holding it up to your lips
/i find myself going back and forth like that with you until there's nothing left, my head returning to your shoulder though my face is pressed to your neck this time, softly speaking as i ask;
can i go home with you, xiao ge...?
/as i add on the pleading note i lift my face just enough, showing you a soft pout i myself am unaware of, eyes meeting your own as i search for the answer i want to hear
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo you're so annoying
/though these words can sound harsh, between us i say it as a term of endearment, the way you changed from being so bold to not really caring, while holding onto me so sweetly is something i find quite amusing and attractive all at once
/after you take your bite, i notice a little bit of the melted ice cream remain over your lips, putting down the spoon to grab a napkin
/i lift the tissue up to your lips after folding it twice, gently wiping away the little smudge, tipping your head to face me just after, checking for anything else
mhm, all clean !
now feed me, didi
/i say with excitement now while wiggling slightly on my seat, thinking of this moment as a fun little game
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan /holding my position i'm glad you don't try and make me back down, relaxing a little but my hands never let go of your own, the one on top gently brushing over your knuckles without giving it much thought
if that's what you want to think, then sure
/shrugs nonchalantly before i lean in, taking the offering of the sweet treat as i wrap my lips around the spoon, pulling back as i glance up at you when doing so
/leaning into your side again i'm glancing at our hands, melting the ice cream in my mouth before i swallow and speak again
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo /looking down at my trapped hand, i face you tiredly
eh ? wang yibo, you literally..
/deciding not to finish my sentence again, by reading your smug mood i know you won't back down with this even if i tell you to, simply exhaling an audible sigh with a little shake of my head as i murmur;
so this is why you only wanted one spoon, eh ?
/i chuckle softly, the laughter giving me a chance to push my shyness away while i hand the first bite of the cookie dough and ice cream to you
here you go, baby
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan /irritation flares in me when you tap your hand over the both of our own, like you're trying to hide it still despite my best efforts t stop that from happening
/i keep quiet for now, calming my expression and letting my skin cool down too, though the colour retains in that long neck of mine no matter what i do
you feed me, gege
/looks at you finally as i speak, pointedly glancing at our hands before i'm meeting your gaze, a certain confidence in my eyes while i squeeze your hand between both of my own
my hands are busy
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo i know you are, yibo-yah, i can lean on you without a thought. i'll try to show you more often, is that okay ?
/my jaw falls slack in surprise at the random boldness you exhibit, chuckling nervously as i try to pull our hands back down but your strength beats mine, so i give up, simply tapping my free hand over the both of ours in hopes it makes it less obvious
a-ah.. ? what-
/before i have the chance to retort, she's already hurrying away with embarrassment written all over her face and it seems as though the same expression has been mirrored onto mine, taking the spoon from you slowly, shaking my head quickly as a means to recover from.. whatever just happened
are you.. . ?
/unable to finish my question since i don't want to make things anymore awkward, i twirl the spoon between my fingers, glancing between you and the desserts multiple times before i scoop up a small serving of the cake, silently bringing it to my lips to taste
h-have some, yibo..
/i curse myself in my head for stuttering, holding the spoon out for you to take
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan mhh. i don't want to baby you. i just want you to lean on me, to know i'm here for you too
/i close my eyelids until i feel you moving, looking to see why only realising you're hiding the both of our hands from view, something about it making another emotion flare up inside of me suddenly
excuse me-
/calls to the waitress, lifting both of our hands and placing them, entangled, on top of the table before i hold out one of the two spoons she brought
we'll only need one, thank you
/hands it to her before i can think about what i'm doing, the woman blinking before she nods and takes it, leaving me to lower our hands, clearing my throat as i try to ignore the fire in my cheeks, creeping down my neck this time
...you first
/hands you the only spoon left with us, looking anywhere but at you as i try to comprehend what the hell i just did
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo it's not that it's horrible.. i must have gotten used to being so independent then, huh. you really want me to be babied that badly, wang yibo ? go ahead. i'll let you
/i finish off confidently, looking down to my lap at our entwined hands with a small smile of content gracing my lips, turning my head to the side to glance at you, back resting completely at the cushioned booth
as long as you need
/a little lost in the moment and whatever was going on in my head is suddenly brushed aside as i see the same uniformed female approach us with 2 full plates in hand. clearing my throat, i adjust my position on the seat, leaning forward a little to hide the view of my lap, thanking her before she leaves us be
after you, sir
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan i know you can. but some day- you're going to need to learn to let someone else to look after you
is... sharing and trusting like that really so horrible an idea for you?
/asks softly, wondering if you even hear, if you'll even answer, but that's fine, i've said it and its out there now, besides i'm focusing on your fingers touching my wrists
/shakes my head lightly when you ask if i'm cold, my hand turning over beneath your own suddenly, slowly linking my fingers between your own and squeezing our palms together
just bear with me a little longer, gege
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo tsk. you make it sound like you're obsessed with me or something.. ge can look after himself, don't you worry didi
/i lightly pat my hand twice at the top of your head to annoy you on purpose, sticking my tongue out at you childishly in response
/hums quietly after a moment of hesitation, my frame freezing up at the sudden contact but i tell myself to calm down inwardly, relaxing soon after by lightly tapping at your wrists but it works more as a distraction for myself while my heart flutters rapidly against my chest
/i call out a server and order hot caramel cookie dough with ice cream and a strawberry cheesecake for both of us to share
are you still cold, yibo ? you can take your jacket back if you want. i'm alright now
/i say while rubbing my palms against the back of your cooler hands, warming them up with my body heat
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan why not? just like i'm hung up on you leaving me some day, you're hung up on always looking after others and not letting them do it for you
i'll stop when you stop
/nudges you again, my elbow poking at your side before i take my seat, though its not opposite you, but instead beside you, pressing against your side as i warm up by the heater too
you choose for me, gege
/nods toward you before i bow my head to your shoulder, carefully hooking my arms around your own, resting my hands on your lap as i relax
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo /the visual frustration you display brings me secret amusement, lifting my hand to my mouth as i snicker behind my palm
younger, senior, whatever.. technically, you're my sunbae ~ but, seriously, stop. . i feel bad. i can't let you do it so often, especially since we're so close
/i utter as we enter the warm interior of the dessert place, quickly taking the booth to the back closest to the heater, resting my arms on the table while rubbing my palms together with an excited grin on my face
what are you feeling ? cake ? ice cream ? both ? dessert is on zhan ge tonight !
wang yibo 1 month ago
@xiao zhan no-
i don't want you to go... that's the point
ah, forget it-
/runs my hands into my hair, ruffling the strands at the back of my head in mild frustration before i just roll my eyes, huffing so hard there's a little bit of frost on my breath
i can pay for you, i don't mind. you've done enough for me already, right?
and as the younger i should treat my senior. not to be calling you old. ... again
/slides my hand back into my trouser pocket before i look up at you beside me when you suggest what we do for dessert, simply nodding and motioning for you to lad the way
xiao zhan 1 month ago
@wang yibo oh, be quiet, you're so dramatic. you keep mentioning this. you want me gone that badly ?
/i roll my eyes in exasperation, making a flicking gesture with my fingers in your direction as you flash that cheeky grin i'd seen so many times before
/watching you eat so enthusiastically brings a natural smile to my face in my subconscious, noting how childlike you look in this moment
/once you're done i stand up to leave, shooting a pout your way when i realise you'd handled the bill before i could even think about it
stop doing that, yibo. my turn next, ok ?
/i cross my arms over my chest to keep the jacket in place over my shoulders, walking beside you with my lips pursed as i think of dessert options
oh ! we can get like hot fudge brownies or cookie dough with ice cream ? i know a place nearby that's really good. you down ?
han jisung 2 months ago
/waddles into the shop just pooking around curiously before bouncing up to the counter. Face pressing against the glass as I look at all the flavors with wide eyes/
/looking up at the worker I smile excited pointing to strawberry/
The biggest size please!
/grins just bouncing in place as I wait for the ice cream. Tugging the movey out of my hoodie pocket and handing it over in return for the tub. /
/carries it over to table sitting down and crossing my legs as I start to dig into it eating a little too quickly/
park jinyoung 2 months ago
@lee taeyong I’m a meme? Well I am part of dab7- but you’re one to talk, mister! there are so many memes of you too-
*continues taking spoonfuls of the ice cream, shoving it into my mouth excitedly before I gasp loudly, gripping my spoon and pressing my free hand to my head*
ah- brain freeze!
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@kang daniel hooks our pinkies together and presses our thumbs
i will! and then we can get all the ice cream, right?
song kang 2 months ago
@choi yeonjun holds out my pinky to promise
you have my word. but you have to get better
hwang hyunjin 2 months ago
@kang daniel you promise?
song kang 2 months ago
@choi yeonjun continue getting rest and recovering; if you do that, i’ll bring you here. my treat, jun.
lee taeyong 2 months ago
@park jinyoung *silently allows you to have more share of the ice cream, mostly because it’s a delight watching you be so enthusiastic about it. a loud laugh bubbles forth and spills past my ice-cream smeared lips, beaming at you
are you trying to be a meme now? oh wait, i forgot, you don’t need to try—
snickers at you playfully
park jinyoung 2 months ago
@lee taeyong *nods my head in agreement, my lips in delight as I scoop more ice cream into my mouth, wiggling excitedly in my seat as I munch of a cookie piece*
We made a really good sundae! The combination of flavors?
*lifts my free hand to my mouth to mimic a chef’s kiss, laughing afterwards*


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thanks heaps
Sabito 1 week ago
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-yanjuns rper
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