00) info sheet

winter-week info sheet
please refer back to announcement 13 for more informaton.

⤑ winter week will last from 12/29 - 1/04
⤑ the dp event (day 01) has already been unlocked for everyone. 
⤑ day 02, aka 'riddle spiddle' will be unlocked either 12/31 or 1/01. i know. this is new year's eve & day. however, in order to unlock this event, at least 15 users have read the announcement, 20 people participated in the dp event, & 5 people participated in game day/night. IF these aren't fulfilled then this day's event will not be unlocked. 

⤑ day 03, same as day 02, there are requirements that neeed to be fulfilled: the rp must have 90 upvotes, 30 people have done the dp event, & there are at least 3 posts in the soft hours' padlet.

soft hours appreciation in brief is just a space for people to share their appreciation for each other. lets end the year off with a positive note! the padlet will not be unlocked until 10 users read the announcement, & 15 people have participated in the dp event. 


game day's description is already out to for everyone to read bcs  i want everyone to know what we plan on doing! with that said, make sure to leave a comment in this room of: 
-- y/n (& other charas) availability (tz & time)
-- what games you would like to play (e.g. Uno)
12/31: updated the room & created a padlet. please go there for details. 

⤑ If you have any questions about the event, the days, game day, padlet, don't hesistate to post it in here or pm jjk. 

jung wooyoung 3 months ago
Wang yibo: gmt -8
available on and off throughout the day
uno, hunger games, tod, mafia
kang hyunggu 3 months ago
kang hyunggu/cho seungyoun; gmt -8
available sporadically throughout the day
skrib ouo
na jaemin 3 months ago
na jaemin
- GMT+8 (I'm not sure when I will be fully available due to my final exams but I will try to join the event games and activities whenever I can! )
- any games that I happen to pop in? But might not be good in it;;
hwang hyunjin 3 months ago
choi yeonjun (gmt-8)
available typically around 2 pm - 2 am ( a bit iffy, as i'm on and off )
paranoia, hunger games simulator, t/d or any variation of it
christopher bang ˢʰ 3 months ago
christopher bang & lee jihoon (gmt -5)
depends on the actual date tbh and depends if i have to work
lin yanjun 3 months ago
lin yanjun (gmt -5)
available evenings (after 5pm) + mornings occasionally (3am-11am)
kim dongyoung 3 months ago
Always available
uno shoma 3 months ago
GMT +11
Available Afternoon/Early evenings. Other than that most of the time on my days off.
Will play anything tbh
choi beomgyu 3 months ago
available 3-9 p.m
[post deleted by owner]
kim dongyoung 3 months ago
GMT -5
Paranoia but I’ll play any game
park jimin 3 months ago
park Jimin (gmt-5)
choi beomgyu 3 months ago
choi beomgyu (gmt -8)
hunger games simulator
lee dohyun 3 months ago
willem + gmt-8
idk any games aside from truth or dare ; ;
lin yanjun 3 months ago
lin yanjun + kang daniel (gmt -5)
hunger games simulator


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smilax__ 3 days ago
can i have jung jaewon plsss
baby-groot 5 days ago
hi, I dont know if it's yuzu or jisoo but can I have my notifications turned back off?
cocksloth 6 days ago
reserve jeong yunho please
beoseot- 1 week ago
my i cc haein to woo dohwan
thanks heaps
Sabito 1 week ago
hewo...i miss you guys. tell baby kinowo that he’s the cutest cute, and i’d risk it all for him. pls & ty

-yanjuns rper
CherryCoke 1 week ago
Matthew Kim from Kard please?
HeroinBentoBoxV 1 week ago
Can I have Jung Dongwook, please?
NiniiBlue 1 week ago
Sorry I don’t mean to bother but could you please a&r Byun Baekhyun for me pls?
Lan_Wangji 1 week ago
Hello, might I have Kim Jongin as my second, please?
NiniiBlue 1 week ago
Hmmm... I want in but Idk who to be (my usual character are taken) any suggestions?
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