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comment bellow who you'd like to see around。

p yuri! 2 months ago
jennie, bona, yeoreum, shuhua!
k taehyung! 2 months ago
kookie and hobi to complete bts please
m emily! 2 months ago
noh daegun of Bursters(krockband), more people.
c san! 3 months ago
urgent af
m lisa! 3 months ago
do kyungsoo
m sana! ( sh ) 3 months ago
Lee Taeyong
m lisa! 3 months ago
bambam please i need my bestie
w jackson! 3 months ago
the rest of got7 member pls and more people to join!!
l taeyong! 3 months ago
taeyong, doyoung, mark lee, cha eunwoo, mino, jinyoung, mark tuan,
a heeyeon! 4 months ago
Kang Haneul, VIXX's Ken, Mamamoo's Moonbyul, B1A4's Sandeul and Baro, the rest of EXID, BtoB's Hyunsik, and Super Junior's Heechul
w kunhang! 4 months ago
Hani, Mijoo, Yura, Nana, Bona, Krystal, Somi, Kyulkyung, Chaeyeon
k seolhyun! 4 months ago
yang sejong
k seolhyun! 4 months ago
woo dohwan
k seolhyun! 4 months ago
zico :/
m byulyi! [A] 4 months ago
khh tbh
c jisoo! [A] 4 months ago
trei, kim donghyuk, txt, skz and itzy!!!
w yukhei! 4 months ago
also would like kim chaewon
h seunghee! 4 months ago
oh my girl members (esp yooa, hyojung, and mimi), lee hi, sandeul, eric nam, ailee, and winner (esp yoon and hoony)
w yukhei! 4 months ago
mark lee, hendery, lisa
k namjoon! [A] 4 months ago
– updated
s yuna! 4 months ago
loona and snsd pls
m sana! ( sh ) 4 months ago
Txt, the rest of bts, pentagon, seventeen, wanna one, clc,
c san! 4 months ago
rest of bp and pls a song kang c:
k taeyeon! [A] 4 months ago
lee joongi pls.
p chanyeol! ( h ) 4 months ago
this is my only wish. please, por favor, god, please send doh kyungsoo
k yerim! 4 months ago
mamamoo, please!
k jisoo! 4 months ago
black pink if its not complete, more ppl so things can be even ouo
k taehyung! 4 months ago
bts suga hyung & jin hyung, shinee hyungs, and sungjae
i jaebeom! [A] 4 months ago
i want youngjae so i can baby him. : ((
i changkyun! ( h ) 4 months ago
need my monsta x fam especially kihyun the hamster


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iloveboba 1 month ago
sana minatozaki please
[comment deleted by owner]
daisuke 2 months ago
park yuri pls.
leashie 2 months ago
Kim jongin pls
navigation 2 months ago
can I have lee hayi soloist pls?
unbothered 2 months ago
Is jennie kim avail?
SeHYUNG 2 months ago
May I get my suho back? <3
fridayschild 2 months ago
can i apply as one of the inactives?
-psycho- 2 months ago
Hi can i get Lee ji Eun please, thank you!
piixiedust 3 months ago
Could i get jessica jung?
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