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song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san hums faintly just looking at you anused for a second before my eyes are falling shut to focus. Finally taking you past my lips I easily lower my head giving your shaft a rough before starting to slowly bob my head.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Caresses along your jawline, humming as I was admiring your beauty for a moment.
I just know how good your mouth is on my body and that it won’t be any different around my
Shudders at the grazing of your lips against the tip, your tongue making me flutters my eyes shut.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san raises a brow letting my head fall to the side amused
You most love being able to into my mouth, huh?
Mutters teasingly as I shift myself a bit to hover my lips over your tip. Tongue darting out to swirl around the pink head.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi F-...
Takes a sharp inhale, holding myself up on my forearms as I watch your hand grabbing on my throbbing and stroking it painfully slow.
Show me what your mouth can do, baby..hm..
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san Hmm
hums softly as I bite down on the flesh giving it a rough afterwards. My hand sliding up to take your shaft i to my hand stroking it slowly.
what do you want me to do baby..hm?
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi You’re right..It surely won’t be stopping us
mumbles under my breath with a sneaky smile, huffing softly at your rough handling as my came springing out and hitting my lower abdomen, your body parting my thighs before feeling the tingles of your lips against them.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san To bad
mutters while swirling my tongue around your navel. Giving a rough tug to take off your underwear and jeans tossing them to the ground before im sliding down lower to press my lips against your inner thighs.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi The makeup artist will definitely hate you on this one...
mumbles, letting my eyes trail down to witness the many deep red marks against my skin, your touch making me shiver underneath you before arching my back to help you take my pants off.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san Mhm?
hums faintly in reponse as I continue to let my lips trail against your skin wanting to mark every little bit of it. My hands caressing over your sides gently before they shift down to grab hold of your jeans to tug them down.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Looks down at you with half opened eyes, biting down on my lower lip.
Runs my fingers through your hair, tugging on your soft locks a little.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san hums softly as I look down at you with a small smirk
hm good
mumtters dipping my head down to prezs kisses against your chest creating many marks across your skin
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Mewls faintly under my breath at the feeling of your teeth tugging harshly on my abused lips, raising myself a little before letting you take off my shirt and pull you into me.
You’re lucky, I like it
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san I cant help it
grins a bit as my lips move against yours lm your lower lip roughly before I'm sliding my tongue past your teirs. Hands moving to push the shirt up your torso in an attempt to get it off.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi You’re so cheeky...
chuckles a little at your teasing at my previous words, arms wrapping around your broad shoulders while kissing you back hungrily
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san Looks over at you amused and turns so I'm hovering above you and lowering myself to press my lips against yours
That first part I can definitely do..
whispers teasingly
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Lays back down on my spot as to watch you strip off your shirt, tongue over my lips at the gorgeous sight in front of me.
me..you’re so handsome
mumbles mostly to myself, shaking my head a little at how whipped I was for you.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san Of coursr I am.
mutters softly as I let my eyes fall shut for a moment before sitting up to shrug off my shirt.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi what about you? enjoying yourself?
Raises a brow at the feeling of your hold tightening around me, giving you a playful wink while still working on the buttons of your shirt.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san lets out a faint hum feeling you start to unbuttom my shirtn my hands gripping onto you a bit tighter.
I can tell
mutters softly slipping my hands under your shirt.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Gives you a small nod before carrying on kissing down your neck, undoing one button of your shirt with a sheepish smile.
I am ~
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san Hmm
hums softly as I grip onto your waist gently. Sighs out in bliss at the feeling of your tongue against my skin.
Having fun?
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi We can certainly do that...
voice falls almost silent as I nibble on your skin, playfully over the red marks to soothe them down.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san Mhm then we can look at some places
mutters softly as my arms slide around your waist and rubs your back gently. Eyes falling shut letting you kiss and mark my skin as you please.
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Oh..I never went to the Bahamas either..that could be fun. Anywhere would be fine by me, as long as I’m with you
Whispers loud enough for you to hear, slowly starting to kiss down to your jawline and neck lovingly and marking your skin.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san Oh hawaii sounds nice...or the Bahamas or Bermuda? One of those have the huts on the water-
mutters softly before letting out a small hum as I kiss back before chuckling softly
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Hmm...Hawaii?
Hums, a soft smile tugging on my lips as I bring myself closer to your body and leans into the kiss, giving your lower lip a le.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san nods my jead a few times while over my lips a bit as I let out a small hum.
Okay then, do you know to where you want to go?
mutters curiously before smiling at the kisses. Hand raising to tilt your head up so I could press our lips together
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi I don’t know....
Smiles down at you lovingly, fluttering my eyes shut as to bask into your kisses further.
The sooner the better? As soon as we get things worked out we shall go
Holds your head close to me as to press kisses all over your skin.
song mingi 2 weeks ago
@choi san my hand continuing to caress over your abdomen gently and I let out a small hum at your words thinking them over. Nods my head a few times with a hum.
sounds perfect to me baby...when should we go?
mutters just resting my chin on your shoulder as I pause my kisses for a minute
choi san 2 weeks ago
@song mingi Bites down on my lower lip at the feeling of your hand over my stomach, humming.
Imagine..just a little house house on the beach, good food, us all day if we’d like haha the dream
Runs my fingers through your hair and keeps you close to me.


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cocksloth 1 hour ago
reserve jeong yunho please
beoseot- 11 hours ago
my i cc haein to woo dohwan
thanks heaps
Sabito 1 day ago
hewo...i miss you guys. tell baby kinowo that he’s the cutest cute, and i’d risk it all for him. pls & ty

-yanjuns rper
CherryCoke 1 day ago
Matthew Kim from Kard please?
HeroinBentoBoxV 1 day ago
Can I have Jung Dongwook, please?
NiniiBlue 1 day ago
Sorry I don’t mean to bother but could you please a&r Byun Baekhyun for me pls?
Lan_Wangji 1 day ago
Hello, might I have Kim Jongin as my second, please?
NiniiBlue 3 days ago
Hmmm... I want in but Idk who to be (my usual character are taken) any suggestions?
senkai 1 week ago
could i get ab6ix jeon woong as a second
jigabachi 1 week ago
Can I get Zhang Yixing please
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