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chae hyungwon 1 month ago
@choi jiwoon /has a bit of a pout on my face until you speak up, then visibly brightens up and gives you a beaming smile
Am I? Ah, I'm glad! That's real nice to know, Jiwoon, thank you.
/can feel your throat working when I kiss it, and takes that as a sign of encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing
/swipes slow circles into your sides with my thumbs and keeps on kissing your neck up to your jawline and down to your collarbone
/a sudden little urge comes over me then and I open my mouth a bit wider to gently press my teeth into the junction of your neck and shoulder
/more pressure than actual biting at this point
kang yeosang 1 month ago
@chae hyungwon Who says you aren't making me feel amazing already? Not everything has to be black and white.
*I respond, a kindness dripping of understanding clear in my voice as my jaw falls slack and I release a silent breathy moan into the air as plush lips begin to work their way at my neck*
I'll like anything you give me Wonnie, don't think about it, okay?
chae hyungwon 1 month ago
@choi jiwoon /squeezes your hand as we move to your bed, more out of nerves and trying to steady myself than anything else
/takes a seat on the bed and gets comfy, holding on to you as you climb into my lap, petting at your sides a little
/flushes pink clear up to my ears as I duck my head a little
I uh... thank you? Thank you!
I wanna make you feel good too!
/peers up at you, a bit unsure of myself
I hope I can make you feel good, anyways.
/takes a small step of courage and presses a kiss to the front of your throat
kang yeosang 1 month ago
@chae hyungwon *blinking at you for a moment, a somewhat bashful smile falls upon the bows of my lips, and my eyes glimmer slightly beneath the twinkle lights behind the bed in my room. Squeezing your hand once more, I pull away a little further but keep our hands firmly clasped together before leading you to the bed*
K-kissing may be more comfortable, if um.
*chuckles and ducks my head down, motioning for you to sit before climbing into your lap, my hands coming to rest on your shoulders*
I want to make you feel nice Wonnie.
chae hyungwon 1 month ago
@choi jiwoon /gives your hand a gentle squeeze once our fingers are all aligned nicely, swiping my thumb down by your delicate wristbones, my other hand coming up to rest at the back of your head, fingers burying themselves in your hair as I let out a happy little hum at all the sensations going on
/lips give a little quiver as you speak, then spread into a smile before going back to as neutral as possible so you can enjoy them to your fullest
/gives a quiet whine at the le and tenses up my shoulders, keeping my hands relaxed
/pulls away a little and blinks my eyes back into focus, giving you a reassuring squeeze to your hand and petting at your hair too
Ah... sorry, that just... felt really nice.
/looks askance and my bottom lip into my mouth a bit, embarrassed at my reaction to something so small
kang yeosang 1 month ago
@chae hyungwon With every inch closer, my lashes slowly brush against my cheeks, lips warm as your own brush fleetingly against mine. With every second that passes and the pressure builds, fingers lacing with your own, my other hand coming to rest on your waist, the material bunching up against my fingers.
You have nice lips. *I say softly, almost a whisper into the kiss as I gently le your bottom lip, wanting to experience the fullness for a moment*
chae hyungwon 1 month ago
@choi jiwoon /quickly looks down at our hands and smiles, gently curling a second finger around after a beat or two, giving a big slow blink and then a little sigh of my own
Ah... okay~
/crowds against you a little bit as I go for the kiss, a little tentative at first, a little brush of lips before I commit to it and kiss you properly
kang yeosang 1 month ago
@chae hyungwon *there's a twitch to my fingers as I let my eyes roam over your face, a question lurking in their depths as to what should be the next move. When you speak, I release a sigh of relief, nodding along as I listen to you, before one of my fingers curls around yours*
Yeah, you can kiss me. *I say with a crooked smile on my lips, leaning in a bit myself to encourage you to come back into my space*
chae hyungwon 1 month ago
@choi jiwoon /takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, fingertips lightly tapping against my belly before i reach out to carefully brush my fingers against yours
I'm not a very brave person, and I've not done somethin' like this in a while, but I hope I can help out?
/gives you a small, shy little smile and leans in close, but stops myself
Um, is it okay if I kiss... you?
/pulls away a little and blinks at you
kang yeosang 1 month ago
@chae hyungwon *fingers twitching against the hem of my shirt, I fight the urge to tug at it, a nervous habit I was trying to break*
For all my bravado... I'm not really the best at getting stuff like this started. I'm good at finishing it though.
*I say in a soft tone, peeing up from beneath my fringe to look at you curiously*
chae hyungwon 1 month ago
@choi jiwoon /I peek in and look around, keeping my hands clasped in front of my tummy
Ah, no! It's a lovely place you have here!
I'm not bothered, I'm the opposite of bothered.
/shuffles around in the entryway, making sure to take my shoes off and set them neatly to a side
kang yeosang 1 month ago
@chae hyungwon It's a little um, very pink. Hope that doesn't bother you.
*I say softly, opening the door to my room*


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smilax__ 3 days ago
can i have jung jaewon plsss
baby-groot 5 days ago
hi, I dont know if it's yuzu or jisoo but can I have my notifications turned back off?
cocksloth 6 days ago
reserve jeong yunho please
beoseot- 1 week ago
my i cc haein to woo dohwan
thanks heaps
Sabito 1 week ago
hewo...i miss you guys. tell baby kinowo that he’s the cutest cute, and i’d risk it all for him. pls & ty

-yanjuns rper
CherryCoke 1 week ago
Matthew Kim from Kard please?
HeroinBentoBoxV 1 week ago
Can I have Jung Dongwook, please?
NiniiBlue 1 week ago
Sorry I don’t mean to bother but could you please a&r Byun Baekhyun for me pls?
Lan_Wangji 1 week ago
Hello, might I have Kim Jongin as my second, please?
NiniiBlue 1 week ago
Hmmm... I want in but Idk who to be (my usual character are taken) any suggestions?
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