A room of all our wishes. Grant our wishes please.
jennie kim 5 months ago
christian yu, seo kangjoon, song mino, kim hanbin, park seojoon, wong yukhei, kim jongin, kim myungsoo, rv and suzy
andy blossom [A] 5 months ago
Me want
Woo Dohwan
jeon wonwoo 5 months ago
the rest of seventeen, pristin kulkyung, twice nayeon, anyone to give lots of affection to tbh-
lee jeno 5 months ago
red velvet to baby me
and nct to annoy
and more cute girls to baby me
sana cute banana :D 5 months ago
Seo Kangjoon plssss
christian anthony 5 months ago
ma bois- clinton cave, mitchel cave, jesse boyle, pat wilde
and xavier mayne
park chanyeol 5 months ago
i need my exo bros here (ot12) esp baekhyun, sehun & suho
and lee jieun, lily maymac, all of nct esp lucas, kun, mark, taeyong, johnny & yuta <3
huang minghao [A] 5 months ago
complete bts and skz pls
kang seulgi 6 months ago
christian yu, kwon hyuk, complete rv, sana minatozaki ♡
huang minghao [A] 6 months ago
I need someone to let me sit on their lap and cuddle
lee minhyuk 6 months ago
all of monsta x,twice,red velvet,blackpink
huang minghao [A] 6 months ago
give us a dejun to hold jiyeon because she's in love uwuwu pls


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taexotic 4 days ago
may i come back?~
taexotic 3 months ago
i am dropping jungkook
BUT i will return after my muse break
so keep him reserved for me pls <3
fluffmeister 4 months ago
[comment deleted by owner]
taexotic 4 months ago
May I have a second pls? uwu
daddyslittleprincess 4 months ago
kim jongin pls
-lavelycode 5 months ago
chankyu10 5 months ago
Could I get seo kangjoon please
unbothered 5 months ago
Am I blind or is jennie avail?
DemonEater 5 months ago
idk who to be
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