people who found love.
minho x christian17/01/2020
taeyong x yeeun16/1/2020
jungkook x andy26/1/2020
lee minho [A] 4 months ago
jeon jungkook 4 months ago
Jungkook x Andy

2020 01 26
wu xuanyi 4 months ago
Yibo x xuanyi

2020 01 23
lee minho [A] 4 months ago
lee taeyong 4 months ago
Taeyong x yeeun
2020 01 16
[post deleted by owner]
christian anthony 4 months ago
lee minho [A] 4 months ago
heo yoorim [A] 4 months ago
Look at ussss
huang minghao [A] 4 months ago


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taexotic 2 months ago
i am dropping jungkook
BUT i will return after my muse break
so keep him reserved for me pls <3
fluffmeister 2 months ago
[comment deleted by owner]
taexotic 3 months ago
May I have a second pls? uwu
daddyslittleprincess 3 months ago
kim jongin pls
-lavelycode 3 months ago
chankyu10 4 months ago
Could I get seo kangjoon please
unbothered 4 months ago
Am I blind or is jennie avail?
DemonEater 4 months ago
idk who to be
taexotic 4 months ago
Jeon Jungkook pls?
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