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jung taekwoon 2 weeks ago
@park chanyeol A delighted gasp parted Taekwoon's lips at the sharp blow to his . He hummed happily and wiggled his eager body. "Ugh, you're such a tease- ah!" He gasped again. The beast of a man was practically controlling his very breaths. He whined at the sheer thrill of someone else finally controlling him for once. He hoped that if he kept up an attitude he'd be spanked more. He smirked even around the mind-blowing sensation of being rimmed.

"Don't threaten me with a good time." With a defiant growl he propped his elbows against the bed. He reveled in the sensation of being filled to the brim. Then Chanyeol began to move and Taekwoon's lungs flattened. "Oh me-" He practically sobbed. "I-I don't know if I can handle it," he admitted with a groan. "You feel so good!" Then before he could reconsider, he pushed his hips back harshly and cried out. "F-ing pound me until I can't walk anymore! Please-" He held his breath and waited for the earth to shake.
park chanyeol [A] 3 weeks ago
@jung taekwoon The moonlight danced across Chanyeol's thighs; the rays of light crept across the ivory expanse and bathed the sinful encounter in a tranquil atmosphere. A humored chuckle fell from his brims as he slowly sauntered over to the vocalist that was spread out on his bed. The urge to mark up Taekwoon's milky thighs with marks that he would remember for weeks to come was overwhelming, but Chanyeol resisted, though he desperately wanted to ensure that Taekwoon would remember this ual encounter forever. "You're such a ing brat..." Chanyeol began, lowering himself onto his knees behind Taekwoon, hands splayed out on both of the elder's cheeks. "...we both know that I am more than capable. The real question..." He paused as he brought one hand down roughly onto Taekwoon's . "...is if you can handle this giant ."

Surging forward, Chanyeol's tongue circles around the rim of Taekwoon's entrance in an attempt to prepare the vocalist for the brutal pounding he was about to receive; he was rough, but he wasn't cruel, and preparation helped to prevent injury. The wet muscle pushed in and lapped fervently at the elder's entrance. ", if I knew you tasted this good, I'd already have made you just from my tongue." His fingertips slipped underneath his bed frame in search of the bottle of cherry lube that he had stashed from situations just like this. Spreading a liberal amount onto the crevice between Taekwoon's cheeks along with a generous squirt onto his own , still heavy in his hand, Chanyeol lifted himself off of his knees with a sly smirk. Smacking the into the valley of the elder's , Chanyeol relished in the sound of the squelch as the lube was pushed out of the way.

After teasing for a few moments with pseudo-s in between the cheeks, Chanyeol finally aimed the tip of his with Taekwoon's entrance and began to push in; he sheathed himself only an inch or two at a time before pausing, aiming to stretch the elder before his carnal instincts took over. His enamel sunk into his lower lip, and he released a guttural groan of pleasure. Lithe digits spread the cheeks so he could see exactly how Taekwoon took him in. "ing , baby--you take me so well." With minutes, he was fully sheathed in the elder, and his balls brushed against Taekwoon's own groin. "Tell me when you're ready."
jung taekwoon 3 weeks ago
@park chanyeol ( oof ; u ; )

The way that the rapper exuded dominance was almost primal. Leo could hardly stand it. He could probably without Chanyeol once touching him, for just the sight of the washboard abs and finely-chiseled v-line was ic. He had braced his hands on Chanyeol's thighs, predicting that the tall man would possess enough strength to knock him off his knees if he weren't careful, and a moment later he was glad he had. His lips stretched almost as wide as they could go, his tongue flattened by the girth of Chanyeol's hot , he did his best to stop his eyes from rolling backward in his head at the sensation of swallowing so much at once. He'd never met anyone who could as well as he, however, so he wasn't even worried... well, maybe a little. Maybe a lot.

Truthfully, he wanted to beg to mercy, but he had brought this upon himself. He was willing to take whatever this beast of a man had planned for him- or at least he thought so. But when the other's thick head pressed far past his soft-palate, he almost panicked. He couldn't breathe- not even through his nose. Still, he clutched helplessly at Chanyeol's meaty thighs and even pushed himself further onto his . If he were going to die of suffocation, he'd damn-well be happy. It seemed to be actual hours before Chanyeol's husky voice demanded that their actions change, and Leo practically tumbled backward, gasping. The sight of Chanyeol standing there in the bluish light cast from the sliding-glass door was enough to steel Leo again, and he slowly rose to his feet and then fell to the bed with a moan.

"Well? Are you going to make me wait all night?" His voice was hoarse, and he knew that in the morning it would be essentially nonexistent. His words were simply dripping with desperate lust. He let a hand trail down his own bare chest and to his impatient arousal. He hastily kicked his pants to the floor somewhere before sighing dramatically and rolling over on the comforter to prop himself and hands and knees, completely exposed for the other. He gave a wiggle and added with a purr, "or are you afraid you won't be able to handle this?" Now that he'd poked the bull, he was so. ready for the horns.
park chanyeol [A] 3 weeks ago
@jung taekwoon Heeding his warning, Chanyeol threw his head back in ecstasy and released a low groan, his fingertips digging into Taekwoon's locks raven locks. "...you really weren't lying.." Glancing down, the taller male took in the view of Taekwoon praising every inch of his --it was intoxicating knowing that it would be buried in the vocalist's here shortly. Though, he wanted to appreciate the talents of his mouth first. The delayed gratification tactic was teasing and far too slow paced for the lust accumulating in his core. Pulling his out of Taekwoon's mouth, Chanyeol chuckled and kicked off his faux-leather pants with a smirk before returning to his previous position, pressing the head of his into the smaller male's lips. "Good boy...so patient for me tonight. Let's appease your demand, shall we?"

Without hesitation, he forward and buried his in the vocalist's throat, pausing and holding it there momentarily, aiming to evoke a reaction from Taekwoon before he pulled out. Tightening his grip on Taekwoon's hair, Chanyeol gained some leverage and began to into his mouth with no remorse after he had gathered his breath. The wet cavern took him in so well, and the feeling of the tip pressing against the back of Taekwoon's throat pushed Chanyeol closer to losing his inhibitions. "A beautiful --all for me tonight...." His tone was laced with concupiscent exhales and groans of pleasure. "...let me your now."
jung taekwoon 3 weeks ago
@park chanyeol Taekwoon knew it wasn't just the alcohol and the lust to make his cheeks burn red-hot. He was used to being called beautiful online by obsessed fans, but not usually by the targets he'd pursued. His lips were still shimmering with strawberry chapstick as his thin tongue traced a thick line of saliva over them. When Chanyeol's torso was exposed entirely to soak in the cool rays of moonlight, Taekwoon let a lewd purr of satisfaction speak for how he felt. His fingers were shaking, though he was going to blame that on the liquor.

"Y-You know how to make a man feel special," he chuckled, a bit nervously. He felt... what..? Intimidated? Usually he was the one to exude stifling waves of confidence, but now it seemed he was stammering like a . 'That simply won't do,' he silently chided himself while his hands deftly ed Chanyeol's pants and his biceps flexed to yank them down to his knees. He gave a wicked grin at Chanyeol, chin tipping up until their eyes were level. "This is my warning to you. You'll never experience head this good again in your life."

Slicked lips parted to eagerly wrap around the biggest he'd ever seen in person- even bigger than the black ones he'd had before- but his hand took it first. He moaned simply from the sight of its length and curvature and knew that once he was pounded by this incredibly stunning man and his marvelous piece, he'd never walk the same again. He coyly kitten- the tip of the hot, pulsing in his hand, then let his sopping tongue slowly, patiently trace each little vein that prominently stood out against the flesh. He lowered even more to get a good angle on the other's sack, carefully stroking it with the underside of his tongue.

Once he had Chanyeol riled up, growling, hair-tugging, demanding more, then he'd take him into his hot mouth. That was the trick: delayed gratification. He used his flattened tongue to run over the thick shaft, halting each time just before the ridge of the pink head. When he heard Chanyeol's husky voice grunt impatiently, without warning, he leaned back, mewled, " my mouth- but don't . I want that pleasure for later," and then opened his mouth wide to take in as much of the giant as he could. He gagged only two thirds of the way up the shaft, but he was going to him, no matter what. So he patiently relaxed his jaw further until the tip was pressed firmly beyond the soft of his throat. Then he shot a dark glare at Chanyeol, challenging him to move. He could take it.
park chanyeol [A] 3 weeks ago
@jung taekwoon Following Taekwoon’s gaze, Chanyeol smirked at the proposition of the balcony. He couldn’t deny that it was his favorite place to . He had quite a few complaints lined up against him for making boys scream his name while getting their asses pounded on that balcony, their sinful nature on full display for any prying eyes that happened to investigate the calls of pleasure. “Perhaps that can be our round two, beautiful. As for the first, I have to agree. The prospect of ing you into the sheets is far too tempting. I bet you look even more gorgeous in the , legs spread out, sweat clinging to your forehead with your face pressed into my pillow, but I suppose there’s only one way to prove that theory...”

The brush of Taekwoon’s fingertips against Chanyeol’s hardening member produced a lustful groan as he pushed forward, grabbing the smaller male’s wrist as Chanyeol bolted for the bedroom in a lustful haze. His shirt was tossed to the wayside as he entered. The garment collided with his closet door and fell to the floor with an audible “thud.” Turning to face Taekwoon, Chanyeol lifted an eyebrow and gestures down towards the faux leather pants clinging to his thighs. “Claim your prize, beautiful. I want to see those lips around my before I taste you.”
jung taekwoon 3 weeks ago
@park chanyeol Having been jonesing for a thorough ing for the past week (while his poor was recovering from an exotic outing with a fresh-blooded African-American traveler), Taekwoon found that he was already aroused before they even arrived at Chanyeol's apartment. As strong, slender hands grasped at his backside he moaned out in desperation. His mouth was practically watering at the thought of having that massive bulge freed from its confines, and between his lips. A glimpse of the large windows on the balcony that peered over the neighborhood made his insides churn.

"Mmm... That balcony is calling my name... But for now, perhaps the bed would be best. I feel... How should I put it..." His lusting eyes raked over Chanyeol's silhouette, which was glistening with minuscule beads of sweat, illuminated in the moonlight. "Prissy. I want to be in your bed. I want it to smell like me. I want you to always think of me when someone else's face is buried in your pillows." He smirked and glided the few feet that separated them before reaching down to cup the hardening length, and give a mischievous squeeze. "Well?"
park chanyeol [A] 3 weeks ago
@jung taekwoon With the endless promotions, there was little time to enjoy one's self. Being a member of one of the biggest boy groups in South Korea offers its advantages, but the major disadvantage is a distinct lack of distance and time to reflect on one's self to de-stress from the high intensity life on an idol. Thus, after a particularly long evening of being grilled for a mistake, Chanyeol decided that it was time to indulge for once.

The atmosphere of the bar was typical: subtle wood tones to offer a sleek interior with plush leather cushions for booths along with a collection of individuals, all in search of entertainment. One particular attendant caught his attention immediately, and it appeared that the reverse was also true. There was little convincing needed aside from idle conversation laced with signature charisma and a few shots of whiskey to lure the other male out to his home.

Sinking his teeth into his lower lip, Chanyeol pushed his hips against Taekwoon's, a sly grin plastered to his features. "Exhibitionism is one of my favorite kinks, didn't you know? I bet you'd look so ing y on display for all the random people walking by, but perhaps that's for another time...." His tone was laced with concupiscent desire, one hand pinning the small male against the wall whilst the other d his as the rough brick scraped up his knuckles. Despite the minute pain, the handful of was worth it. "Tonight, I want to be greedy. That is only for me to see. Let's go." Gesturing towards the door, Chanyeol led Taekwoon inside and closed the door behind them, leading the pair into an open loft apartment. "Bedroom? Or couch? Your pick, handsome." An impish grin adorned his brims as his fingertips fiddled with his belt buckle.
jung taekwoon 3 weeks ago
@park chanyeol Just as soon as sleek, coal-black eyes flitted over the tall form of the muscled man against the back wall, Taekwoon knew he wasn't going home alone. At least not empty-handed. He was going to have his hands, mouth and full by the end of the night, or else his name wasn't Taekwoon. He'd already had two glasses of sazerac cocktails, paid for by the last man who thought he may get lucky. He was feeling quite buzzed indeed; quite encouraged. He had no problem striding over the twenty feet of dazzling grey floor to stand right in front of the six-foot-plus hunk who seemed to have noticed his arrival. His lips were curled at the ends in a trademark smirk.

"Well, well. It looks like someone crawled from the pits of hell. Tell me, what is a guy like you doing in a nice place like this?" He hadn't hesitated to close the distance between his own overheated body and that of the chiseled -god in a black wife-beater and chic leather jacket. His fingers flirted with the waistline of skintight faux-leather pants, and he teasingly dipped his index finger just deep enough to graze some flesh. "What do you say we find somewhere a little less classy?"

And that is how Taekwoon found himself pinned to the outer wall of a nice building, hands tangled in soft strands of greased-back hair and lips clashing with those of the hottest man he'd seen at that bar in quite some time. He laughed into the shared battle of dominance and gave the other's strands a gentle tug. "I'm all for public , but I thought you said you had a room. Can we get to it already?"
park chanyeol [A] 1 month ago


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