⠀༄ bar.

BAR. Drink, dance, Have fun. But be safe.
min yoongi 3 weeks ago
@jeon jungkook pours out another shot, knowing i'm probably starting off too fast but right now i dont care, i know ill slow soon im not a messy drunk usually just anything to clear my mind for five minutes, my gaze flicks back up to you again, thinking quietly over it to myself before i shake my head, downing the shot quick, resting my glass down again
i wish i knew as well, jungkook. im usually good at reading things, and i guess i got so caught up on what i wanted i didnt realise i was seeing things wrong.. he didn't say anything at all. i think that's what hurts the most. the silence is killing me, i swear..
leans into you when i feel your arms moving around me, but the affection has me crumbling and i inhale a long shaky breath
because he doesn't want to see me right now. i can tell when i'm being avoided, jungkook. i'm not blind.
jeon jungkook 3 weeks ago
@min yoongi my entire attention is focused on you, umber orbs quietly picking up the way you look much tireder than usual and it has my heart aching, wanting nothing more than to get rid of whatever troubles you and it has me feeling useless, my gaze briefly shifting to the drinks before us, nimble fingers curling around the glass and a down a shot whilst scrunching my nose before putting it down.
I know hyung, I can imagine how you must be feeling. it’s not the best situation to be in and I would- I would want nothing more to know what’s going though his head. you guys were doing so well, did he- did he not say anything?
furrows his brows, eyes shifting back to you as I move closer, my arm wounding around your waist and draws you in for a hug.
why can’t you hyung?
min yoongi 3 weeks ago
@jeon jungkook *picks up my glass, having a slow sip as you talk, setting it down with a quiet sigh before i turn my tired gaze on you again, the shadows under my eyes probably obvious by now
i've tried, i've tried so hard and i've done all i can and the ball is in his court now, you know?
i'm... just confused. i'm so confused. and i'm lost. *turns my gaze off you again, blinking a few times as i have another sip from my drink, playing with the rim in my finger tips once i've set it down again
i keep almost going to see him and then remembering i can't.
jeon jungkook 3 weeks ago
@min yoongi /quietly follows you in whilst nodding my head and makes my way towards the table that you had motioned towards, settling down and leaning into the seat whilst umber orbs follow your movement, only moving closer to the table when you finally return.
I— please don’t cry hyung, I might just start crying if you do hh
never give up hope, try your best. I understand that it’s hard but life has never truly been easy, there’s so many uncertainties and I guess we’ll only know what’ll happen by trying.
min yoongi 3 weeks ago
@jeon jungkook *brings you inside, finding somewhere quiet for us to sit and have our drinks, motioning for you to take a seat
hold that thought.
*heads up to the bar, ordering us our first couple of drinks, bringing them back to the table and setting them on their coasters before i look at you again
first of all you are way too sweet, do you know that? you'll make me cry if you keep it up..
you're right though. if i just gave up is it something i really wanted? we don't give up for the things we want. it's just hard you know? the waiting and the unsureness. i thought i read things correctly.
jeon jungkook 3 weeks ago
@min yoongi /a sheepish grin lingers onto my lips, feeling rather shy at the look of affection on your visage directed towards me and I loop my hand around your arm, whining under my breath.
it’s a given when I have so many smart and talented hyungs around me, I’d hate to see any of you sad. would do anything to see a smile on your face hyung.
it’s okay to hope, don’t give up. try your best, after we are where we are today because we hoped, and believed we could do it.
min yoongi 3 weeks ago
@jeon jungkook *heads down to the bar with you, still listening at you talk, shooting an affectionate gaze across to you before I smile
Seriously where are you getting your wisdom? Watching too many dramas or something?
I've not given up hope just yet, kook. It may sound like I have but it's not like that at all. I'm going to hold on till the very last second.
kwon eunbi 3 weeks ago
@kim jennie "walking in the bar after a long day of schedule,ordering myself a bottle of beer and sit down on the stool while waiting for you to come.sending a text to you asking where you are."

To Jennie:
I'm already at the bar,you will see me when you walk in.

"send the text as I take small sip of the beer before putting the phone back into my purse,looking around the not so empty bar with some people screaming and some people humming and dancing to the music."
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kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol Yes, it left. I don't even... Nevermind. Strange child..
*picks up my refilled drink sipping on it again while recalling the hike*
Oh! Yeah, so the ranger led us back to the entrance out of kindness but when we came back the next day to repay him. The head ranger told us that no one like that had been working there for years.
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop So in the end that bobcat left? I thought the story would go to the two of you adopting it.. but whatever it's a little bit thrilling. So what happened after that? / Fills my glass and yours also/
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol Uhm, I don't know maybe because I didn't want to end up a statistic.
*shrugs nonchalantly* Maybe. No, we ended up meeting the park ranger that scared it off with gunshot sounds.
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop Blank stares / why would you throw rocks to it? You're really mean you know that? So did you and your friend left a snack?
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol Well, I suggested we throw rocks at it to chase it away. But my friend thought leaving a snack would be be better.
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop / chuckles at that cute plot twist / okay? A bobcat.. ao what happened?
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol Well, it was great right up until we were going on a hike and we ran into bobcat.
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop /Face lits up when you started the story. / Don't cut the story, im expecting.
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol I.. Well, once I went on a road trip
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop eish.. impossible. Come on, tell me anything. Even the non sense ones, we'll make a sense of it.
/ stares
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol *gulps down the rest of mine before shaking my head*
Just a minute.. Maybe I don't even have one?
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop / drinks my first glass in one gulp /
c'mon i'm waiting, you're taking too long, it should be really something interesting./ leans my face in my hand , staring expectantly/
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol *slides my wallet back into my jacket*
Says you..~
*hums mildly while trying to think of some interesting story to tell, picking up my glass and sipping on the alcohol*
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop / rolls my eyes when you paid for it /
you got me this time but i'll make sure to get another bottle and i'll pay for it. / says and pours the alcohol in our glasses. /
anything, anything interesting.
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol Oh, you don't know me and alcohol then.
*fishes out my card to pay for the bottle before I forget, then leans with my elbows resting lightly against the counter*
What story?
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop / chuckles
Just one huh.. let's see. A bottle wil always not be enough when we got good stories.
/ Orders the bottle and we're given our glasses
So Ahn, tell me story.
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol Yeah, I know~
*slides onto the stool directly to your left, facing the bar*
Just one vodka
park chanyeol 1 month ago
@ahn hyoseop scrun ches my face/ y ou Don't have to drag me.
/ Sits / soooo, what should we get? Vodka still?
kim hyojong 1 month ago
@park chanyeol *drags you inside, moving to settle at the bar*
moon jongup [A] 1 month ago
@cho seungyoun /snorting and taking my shot, lays my head down on the bar
I love you too bro. You are my brotonic bromate
song kangistan [A] 1 month ago
WOW no invite I see how it is


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kang seulgi for me pls
doritoes 15 hours ago
shin ryujin pls!
senkai 1 day ago
dropping seulgi :' )
bunani 1 day ago
h hi?
-INOSUKE- 2 days ago
Noah left!
Thank you all for the amazing time and I hope to see you all again soon :))
Crixus 2 days ago
Are bi characters allowed? I mostly stick to , but like what happens if I end up with a girl? I won’t be kicked out, right- just curious
PinkMatcha 2 days ago
I wish to grab a second but don't know if I should go girl or boy-
Sugarly 3 days ago
ello again
SpearBin 4 days ago
Nakamoto Yuta for second faceu pls
almightykeytten 4 days ago
Dun dun dun.

Can I get SHINee's Kibum? uwu
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