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s yeeun! 4 weeks ago


I just found this song I ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
p jimin! 1 month ago
I am looking for a dp and keep seeing tongues so
m sana! ( sh ) 1 month ago
Thank you for saying that u w u
I just have some things I like to keep so I’ll be posting them here
m sana! ( sh ) 1 month ago
k chaewon! 1 month ago
you are always appreciated by everyone, sana uwu
m sana! ( sh ) 1 month ago
and twice
m sana! ( sh ) 1 month ago
Hm needs more sana
m lisa! 1 month ago

k junmyeon! 1 month ago

not me, but exo


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[comment deleted by owner]
tanchan 1 week ago
park yuri pls.
leashie 2 weeks ago
Kim jongin pls
navigation 2 weeks ago
can I have lee hayi soloist pls?
rubyjane 2 weeks ago
Is jennie kim avail?
SeHYUNG 2 weeks ago
May I get my suho back? <3
fridayschild 2 weeks ago
can i apply as one of the inactives?
-psycho- 1 month ago
Hi can i get Lee ji Eun please, thank you!
piixiedust 1 month ago
Could i get jessica jung?
ardenjin 1 month ago
ouo/ hhhi can I cc suji to Jennie :3
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