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please do not spam in here.
comment down below if you need a room. your roommate will be decided based on first come first serve. we will notify when your dorm is ready.

101 - name & name 
102 - name & name 
103 - name & name 
104 - name & name 
105 - name & name 
❀ moderator [A] 2 months ago
@₀₂ mina otomonai I apologize for not noticing this asap but yes ofc! You're assigned to room 101 :)
₀₂ mina otomonai 2 months ago
Can I get a dorm?


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wonholic [A] 1 month ago
--- not accepting ----
5hyuks 1 month ago
song mino for me, please!
purpleprose 1 month ago
mark tuan or jung jinsoul hhh
jaded_bastard 2 months ago
Could you add and reserve Kim Taehyung, please?
he_LIos 2 months ago
May I have wang yibo please?
self-love 2 months ago
May I have Lalisa Manoban please
tonkotsu 2 months ago
im nayeon please!
Lynnixo 2 months ago
kim jennie please?
_cutiepieren_ 2 months ago
Can I have Park Chaeyoung
Captured 2 months ago
Im Changkyun please?
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