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Kind of like a wish list, but not exactly. Instead of wishing for faceclaims you want to see, you wish or ask for roles you want to fill in your character’s lives. If you don't get what that means, just keep reading, but if you do, and you want to make a request. Fill out the following form for us:

  • Type of Role being Requested: (ex: mentor, brother, best friend, etc)
  • Preferred Gender: (if not specified above)
  • Faceclaim Suggestions: (optional)
  • Age Range:
  • Details of The Role: (Details about the role would go here. If the character for the role you're requesting has a specific personality or something, also state that here. The more specific you are, the better it is for others.)
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 5 months ago
⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤwanted connections。
★ ( CURRENT FLING | MALE | 18+ ) — i'm thinking that taeyong has gotten around with some of the members but this member, in particular, enables taeyong's erratic behavior. he uses taeyong when schedules make them stressed and, being that they see each other everyday, it's only natural that this kind of relationship happened. could be a manipulative kind of situation, where taeyong's feelings are involved, or of genuinely love to one another. one thing's for certain, their relationship is very toxic like borderline sid x nancy levels - maybe they're in rehab together? details can be changed and added. but would like something based off this. // fc suggestions : any legal members of nct - johnny seo, yuta nakamoto, jaehyun jung, doyoung kim.

★ ( SCANDALOUS ONE NIGHT STAND | NO PREFERRED GENDER | 18+ ) — so taeyong's a addict and a one so i'd imagine he has gotten into trouble for it before. this could take place right before he was admitted to rehab where taeyong's been caught with someone ( could be of the same group, different group ) by the paparazzi backstage. it was a whole mess behind the scenes but his company had to do some really shady things to keep it under wraps. he was pretty traumatized by it that whoever this person he was caught with's relationship has been tainted. could've been a drunk encounter or something else entirely? // fc suggestions : no preference. any legal members of nct, twice, ateez, sf9, got7, bts.

★ ( BEST FRIEND | NO PREFERRED GENDER | 18+ ) — someone that taeyong likes to lean on and depend. they have a soft spot for taeyong for whatever reason, maybe they were the first person taeyong has really open up to one night. they'd defend each other, console when they get hate, and just be overall soft to one another. could've been trainees together and this person took time out of their way to help taeyong when he struggled? sees each other in the brightest light possible. kind of toxic but they undoubtedly have very deep love and protection for one another. // fc suggestions : no preference. someone in sm? nct, red velvet, exo.


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turnips 4 months ago
hi save me both hwang hyunjin and lee felix for a friend? :(
sagittarius 4 months ago
let me in T_____T I go on spring break next week and need an outlet
can I get a kim taehyung
baepsae 5 months ago
demonetize 5 months ago
dong sicheng por favor
cereza 5 months ago
is this...open open or- is it not officially open yet
tartarus 5 months ago
purpleprose 5 months ago
mark tuan and gowon pls!
spotify 5 months ago
disrespect 5 months ago
hey bbs ♡ reserve lee taeyong for me
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