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⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤhirai momo。 [A] 1 month ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤmark tuan。 Uneventful. Most of her week had been so and most of what she did was just go through the motions of her day to day. Going on an early morning run, eating breakfast, attending a meeting or helping set or clean them up, working out again, lounging, and going to sleep to repeat it. That's what she'd been doing for the past few months in fact, but it wasn't until the middle of this week rolled around that something interesting actually happened. For the first time in months, they got a new member in the program that she actually knew—GOT7's Mark Tuan.

He'd been an old friend of hers from their trainee days and they initially hit it off because they were both foreigners with no one else to really relate to. And if not for obstacles like dating rumors and stalkers, the budding relationship they had probably would have had the chance to bloom into a full blown friendship. At least, that's what she hoped for then, but they each debuted in their respective groups and couldn't afford to tarnish the careers they didn't yet have. Seeing him now undoubtedly gave rise to those old feelings of wanting to be closer to him, though it felt... different. Weird.

The fact that they'd seen each other here at Sanctum, in a meeting for addicts of all things, made her feel a little ashamed. Other idols being admitted into this specific program was nothing new, but other idols she knew at least somewhat personally? Embarrassment aside, it was downright uncomfortable for her. It felt similar to her first week there, having to discuss what she viewed as her weaknesses with a group of people who might judge her for any and everything that'd leave her lips. And to make matters worse, she practically fled first thing once the meeting was over in the middle of him greeting her. But it'd be alright... right?

With a heavy sigh, she shakes the matter away. It'd be okay. She can just make it up to him next time she sees him and fortunately, that was now.

While curled up in a thick, fluffy blanket on the couch and watching an anime, her eyes land on his passing figure and immediately she sits up. This was her chance! "Hey, Mark?" she calls, the blanket falling from her head and shoulders just slightly and revealing a mess of raven locks as well as some of her silk, maroon pajama top, but she doesn't pay it any mind. Her focus is too occupied by her twiddling thumbs and lack of a proper followup phrase. "I just... Are you really here for... you know... the meetings?"


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turnips 1 month ago
hi save me both hwang hyunjin and lee felix for a friend? :(
sagittarius 1 month ago
let me in T_____T I go on spring break next week and need an outlet
can I get a kim taehyung
baepsae 1 month ago
windowsxp 1 month ago
dong sicheng por favor
lemillion 1 month ago
is this...open open or- is it not officially open yet
tartarus 1 month ago
purpleprose 1 month ago
mark tuan and gowon pls!
spotify 1 month ago
disrespect 2 months ago
hey bbs ♡ reserve lee taeyong for me
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