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⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 1 month ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤmark tuan。 The voice surprised her, and Sooyoung answers it with a shocked look—she should’ve kept the lid on that, she should have known. The risk of her therapist hearing was high, and she was losing her grip. Her surprise helped shake the initial anger away, but the hot pin pricks of anger still warmed her neck. Hopefully the GOT7 members weren’t as loose lipped as her own bandmates.

“Uh, no—something just ended. Sorry,” she answers politely, watching him pluck up a fruit. She is reminded of her own hunger, the reason why she came here, when her belly lets out a persistent rumble.

“Gosh, that’s the worst first impression one can give,” she softens, and combs her hand through her hair in a fluid motion, flicking the tension away as she offers her own hand in greeting. “Ha Sooyoung. Nice to meet you, Mark.”
⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤmark tuan。 1 month ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 The halls are long-winded, intrinsically connected to one another, the air of which teeming with an oppressive cold that needles just skin-deep into the fabric of Mark's clothing. With walls conceding in a nondescript blue does Mark feel as though he were walking through something so clinical as opposed to merely assenting to douse the hunger beginning to imprint in his stomach. A tenacious hold upon the roamless thoughts coiling in his mind, he fails to divert his attention upon the discharge of fury shaping a woman's voice until he finds himself almost halfway through the threshold.

"Oh," the beginning syllable falters upon his tongue, a furrow nestling in the space between his brows. "Did I interrupt something?" He continues to say, per se, but still wounds himself into abiding the ache of his cravings. Desirous dexterity commits itself into the wind of his motions, thorough examination woven in eyes choosing from the exhibit of fruits on the table. A pluck and Mark's careful attention is again given emphasis to the fluster saturating the woman's cheeks in red.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 1 month ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤmark tuan。 “oh, yeah? go back to her— yeah, and go yourself while you’re at it!” there’s a resounding clatter that fills the kitchen as the phone is dropped onto the granite kitchen island. her blood boiled and she could feel her heart flutter against her chest in the least happy way. instead, she could feel herself radiating anger from every pore.

the silence was deafening. she had lost track of where she was and what she was doing as she stands against the island, elbows to the countertop as she holds her head.


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turnips 1 month ago
hi save me both hwang hyunjin and lee felix for a friend? :(
sagittarius 1 month ago
let me in T_____T I go on spring break next week and need an outlet
can I get a kim taehyung
baepsae 1 month ago
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dong sicheng por favor
lemillion 1 month ago
is this...open open or- is it not officially open yet
tartarus 1 month ago
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mark tuan and gowon pls!
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hey bbs ♡ reserve lee taeyong for me
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