⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlaundry room

laundry room。

laundry room。

laundry room。

⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 4 months ago

as taeyong was rather dense, he didn't realize the sheer disappointment that dawned on her face. instead, he focused on correcting her mistakes and better her performance. he was pleased that she took his place in the dance, but made it even more so urgent to inform her of any mishaps.

it was something he practiced tirelessly, again and again, so he knew every misstep, even those he tried to correct himself when he dances. when she requested to see it again, he nodded obediently. he did the same thing nearly identical to the last. his body arched below him, almost like he was levitating. "you support yourself with your feet like so." he pointed at his legs, perfectly balanced with his body leaning backward.

he sprung back up, feeling it difficult to explain without a mirror so thought it'd be better if he instructed in a standing position. "that one was a little bit rusty but- would you like to try it?" he asked, hoping to see some improvement. but with his nitpicking, it may be difficult to please him. first and foremost, he's a perfectionist so this may turn into a direction none of them would've ever expected. let's hope it doesn't come to that.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 4 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 [] YO I DIDNT REALIZE THIS... BUT THIS IS A TRUE FACT IF YOU WATCH THE LOONA COVER AGAIN. sooyoung had taeyong's position!!

sooyoung's first reaction was to preen at the praise; firstly because it was from taeyong and secondly because, in that choreography, she was in charge of taeyong's position. the beginning, his rap, his adlibs, his center and side positions: she was supposed to /be/ him in the formation.

her hand comes up to shield the way her smile falters, and she watches the way his body arches so beautifully. she knows well the strain that comes with something like that, and he conceals it like he was born to move like that. his question doesn't register as her gaze is fixed on the time loop that plays in her head, the way he rises effortlessly. the way he wills his body to bend and not break.

"teach me, i want to see it again," she murmurs from around her fingers, her pride diminished to ashes and her thoughts screaming about her failure. but the advantage was that she failed him to his face, she may as well learn, right?
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 4 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 really, taeyong thought nothing of it before he proposed the idea. he just really wanted to quench his undying curiosity and, whether or not, she would exceed what she's promised. performing in front of an idol, although not a new concept, must be nerve wrecking - he just failed to connect the two, thus still persisted a performance despite how inappropriate the venue really was.

still, he cheered on. he always felt empathy for idols, being one himself, and can understand the pain of getting every move right with precision. with a nod to his head to the beat, he recounted the steps in his head, watching with vulture-like eyes at her move, although he kept a pleased smile on his face. his expression was indistinguishable, but soon will voice his thoughts after she was completely done.

his face brightened, smile widened as he put his hands together and clapped at the final note. "very good. a little shaky here and there but adequate. when you do that body move in the chorus, make sure it has that impact. roll your body back a bit more and it'll translate well to the audience." he demonstrated, turning a bit to show her his arch. "you see?" he asked, blinking as he returned to a neutral position.

it was a good performance but wasn't up to the level of taeyong's criteria of perfection - which was undeniable hard to reach regardless; even he, still needed to get to that level.

(( weepsssssss hope she doesn't >< ))
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 4 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 it was a double edged sword, wanting this attention. it could make or break her whole day: she wanted so badly to hear how good it was, or how it was widely admired, or how good their dance was. but it also opened up her vulnerable self to anything less than praise. criticism was alright, but it still meant she wasn’t good enough, thus starting the cycle of self doubt.

through the thick of the beats echoing in the laundry room, through the clean cut dance steps, through the fluid transitions and powerful sweeps he created and she emulated... sooyoung decided this dangerous gamble for validation from taeyong felt worth it.

she’s breathless when the last note fades, standing before him as if the choreography led her back to the beginning. she hasn’t done that choreography in a few months, and the nagging thoughts and doubts of where she can improve begin to encroach on her confidence.

[] you can’t break her, dw. be honest.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 thank god taeyong didn't have to do much to persuade her into dancing, it'd make him feel even worse knowing how a bit selfish his request really was. but, with them now equally excited, all worrying thoughts melted away like it was a thing of the past. his focus was now on her, nevermind the small pile of clothes he needed to fold beside him. his mindset was consumed with all things performance-related; flashes of the stage suddenly appeared on his mind. oh, how he missed it.

as soon as he stopped daydreaming, he laughed a bit at the idea of being called teacher. needless to say, he liked it and fit right with what he was trying to accomplish. his hands flatten together in front of him, prepared to cheer on for the impromptu performance, but found a finger poking his chest. slightly embarrassed, he stepped back. "of course, naturally." he whispered.

with another smile lifting his cheeks, he stood in anticipation. his attention was entirely on her.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 ‘it'd make my day, i promise you.’

‘it'd make my day, i promise you.’

i could make his day, she thinks, his voice echoing in his head. she wants nothing more than to make his day—god with a smile like that? with expectations so high? but the reward seemed so sweet. she wanted to see more of that smile, more of his attention, and suddenly she found herself gathering her strength to do just that: dance for him.

“alright then— /teacher/,” she pulls out her other earbud and pulls her phone out from the confines of her back pocket. she sets it on the dryer, ear buds now unplugged, as she restarts the song. it doesn’t play yet though, she waits to play it; instead she first clears the few steps between them, prods his chest with a finger and presses him back, “i’m gonna need some stage room for this performance, sir.”

sooyoung tingled all over, knowing his attention was on her.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 being so one-tracked should be a skill for taeyong at this point. he was so focused on seeing her dance that he failed to realize where they were. the sudden stop of water whirling around soon registered in his mind. right, they were in the laundry room. as far fetched of an idea as it was, he still had an undying urge to find out whether or not she remembered as thoroughly as she promised.

a slender finger tapped rapidly against the side of his cheek, gave it a small scratch before he looked around for a brief moment. he hummed to himself. there wasn't anyone there and, besides, they had space to practice whatever dance moves she could remember. he failed to find a reason not to and, despite not what the room intended to be, he still insisted.

"well, why not?" he replied, simply put, with a knock to his head and starry eyes gleaming at her, begging her to show him her dancing. "it'd make my day, i promise you." his shinning bright smile dazzled.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 behind her, the rumbling slows to a gentle tumble, but it doesn’t register to sooyoung that her laundry is done. she’s focused on the way that grin grows. she’s focused on the way that a playful greeting drops to dead weighted dread in her stomach. it feels like the floor beneath her gave way: he was asking for her to dance those same moves he created.

her mousiness begins to show as her fingers interlace and as she bites her lip. she leans to one foot, looking around him. the one other lady that had been taking out her laundry had long since left and she was alone, without a tether. sooyoung wanted to please, and god, there was nothing like a challenge to please someone: never before did she dare feel the need to please another idol though. maybe her stupid boyfriend but... well, he didn’t matter now did he?

“i guess you have a point... but here? now?” she plays it off, wondering how serious he could /possibly/ be.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 taeyong shyly laughed into his hand. "honored? no, no. i should be honored that you've learned it. i know the members loved the cover." he reverted humbly as his head dipped. with the sort of traction he gets on the regular, compliments get him somewhat overwhelmed. he doesn't accept compliments very well knowing the work behind the scenes that made him as successful as he is now.

his smile widened. "oh, well, i hope you haven't because-" he paused for a second but had the decency to let her continue. "you're one step ahead of me! that's exactly what i'm going to do." he breathed one of the softest chuckles he could muster.

"i would be a bad teacher if i didn't get to see your progress, right?" he joked, although he took his role as a teacher very seriously when it really came down to it.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 “startled?” she starts, “more like HONORED!”

it was lame, and she quivered like a leaf in the wake of the legend that probably choreographed the same moves she merely hoped to emulate. nervousness flooded her system and a shy rouge dapples across her cheeks. her gawking was slowly subsiding, aware (too self-aware) of how silly it was: she was definitely fan-girling.

“i was, uh, actually just reviewing— i mean, i don’t think i forgot,” she wrings her hands, reigning back the bright excitement that keeps fighting it’s way to her too-big grin. “but you’re not going to /quiz/ me are you?”
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 seeing her dance made the pleasantly surprised taeyong's face brighten. just the thought of someone practicing dances his group has worked so hard to perfect made him feel a grandeur level of appreciation. "oh, i didn't mean to startle you but i couldn't help myself." he yelped as his face warped apologetic.

with a soft nod and a hand reaching his neck, giving himself a short massage, he answered back politely. "ah. yes. it's a long story but yes i'm here. it's really funny seeing others you recognize in this kind of a place, isn't it?" he breathed with uneasiness. he found a few people he was surprised to find but it was understandable when you really think about it.

he pointed at her earbuds for a split second, eyes then revert back to focus on her. "you're listening to cherry bomb? have you remembered the moves i showed you?" he chirped, hands clasped together as he silently clapped in enthusiasm.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 ‘arms up, roll— breathe, and—,’ with every count of the beat she moved, reviewing the steps until she’s interrupted by a tap to her shoulder. it was startling enough that she rips her earbud out, and before she can apologize for being in someone’s way, her voice gives out on her (and thank god, or otherwise she would have screamed).

lee taey— no, the lee taeyong. who didn’t recognize /the/ lee taeyong laughing so politely at her—but here? of all places? the words he spoke just barely register as she gathers herself, as if she was caught in some unspeakable act.

“o-oh my god, it’s— you? you know me? you’re /here/?” she stammers out, her thoughts all blending into a melee of confusion and shock.
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 taeyong let out a short hum as the phone in his pocket started to vibrant. just in time, he thought as he turned off the alarm. he let himself enjoy one last sip of his tea before setting the empty cup in a sink nearby. with steady steps, he started making way to the laundry room and, despite only drying a few things, he rushed as he didn't want to delay anyone else who also needed a dryer. his worries were short of reality once he arrived. with only one short glimpse, he let his thoughts rest as very few people were occupied with laundry.

naturally, he went straight to the dryer with his clothes, bending down a bit to check on them. he lit up as he heard a familiar tone as he grabbed the few items out of the machine, setting them on top. he knocked his head to the side, laughing to himself as he tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. "guess my lessons did help after all." he teased. "sooyoung, is it? it's funny seeing you here."

(( yess !! i figured it'd be like that. <3 ))
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 [] as *we go on dhdjdk
⸢ ⚘ ⸥ ㅤha sooyoung。 5 months ago
@⸢ ⸙ ⸥ ㅤlee taeyong。 four minutes early. she had four damn minutes left for the dryer to finish. the rhythm of her loose change tumbling loudly around the dryer with her clothes was still audible through the beats that fill her ears: a playlist tracks of popular title songs and earworms that sooyoung dog eared throughout the years. from the first bass heavy groove of cherry bomb, a small smile blooms across her lips. her initial impatience with the dryer evaporates as her focus shifts, and she pushes off the washer she leaned on.

“na-na-naa-na na,” she softly sing-songed, body moving to the music as it did all those hours in the dance room, as she had practiced with her bandmates mere months ago.

[] keeping this short so i dont get over ambitious
but im so okay with becoming over ambitious as he go on.


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