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in case you need a place to chill; same rules as the main chatroom apply in here。

k taehyung! 1 day ago
stretches quietly
k taehyung! 6 days ago
ah.. nah it isnt!
l taeyong! 6 days ago
k taehyung! 6 days ago
I'm ok
k taehyung! 6 days ago
Dancing around the kitchen so I didn't check my phone oops.
k taehyung! 6 days ago
Sorry I was cooking some dinner
l taeyong! 6 days ago
you ok
l taeyong! 6 days ago
wb taeh ?
k taehyung! 6 days ago
im back.
k taehyung! 6 days ago
I guess I'll just go shower
k taehyung! 6 days ago
drops onto the couch
k taehyung! 6 days ago
k namjoon! [A] 1 week ago
oh wait lmao THIS NOT SPAM
k namjoon! [A] 1 week ago
joo jooooo
k taehyung! 1 week ago
Sits here
k taehyung! 1 week ago
sits down on the floor
p jimin! 1 week ago

/I follow along with you, slightly oblivious to the current situation but giggling nonetheless when you keep your fingers over my eyes
How long are you gonna keep my vis--
/blinks rapidly for a moment, taking in the sight in front of me. immediately gushing and preening at the sight of everything to where my eyes couldn't just stay on one thing for two seconds, wanting to be able to remember every detail of the loving act you did for me with tears sitting at the side of my eyelids
Yuk! That's... so cute oh my god I-
/looks at the cake with doey and adoring eyes before bringing that gaze to you
from scratch? You know-- it's a cake that isn't perfect but like-- you know it's still gonna be good-
/follows where your hand points with my eyes and stares for a moment, lower lip beginning to tremble as I am extremely moved by your words when I listened to them, not even focused on what's in front of me though the next thing I know my hands are in yours and I am facing you, squeezing your hands while mine were in yours and staring at you with the most tender gaze, overwhelmed by the love you filled in my heart
If I did this you wouldn't have been able to get into the room baby...
/leans into your face to press my lips against yours while I let go of your hands to hold your cheeks before whispering against your lips
I'd eat it all even if I think it's gross just because you made it for me, how about we eat together? I want to stay in your mind and heart as long as I possibly can so I can take care of it and make you be able to show love and feel loved, words can barely describe the way I feel and how you affect me... I can't wait for our forever, I love you... yukkie... thank you so much I... didn't even expect anything...
w yukhei! 1 week ago

@p jimin! https://i.imgur.com/0GSdoaS.jpg
I mean it looks okay right? haha You said your favorite food is desserts so I thought a cake should be made by me and i can just order chicken. Which is what i did *points to the box of chicken wrapped in pink and red craft paper just so it can match the theme of the room* We're a month together now and maybe before I even asked you out, i loved you. But i know for a fact i love you now. So I thought about why I love you, or when you cross my mind all day. And i put a balloon in my pocket every time. Then when i got home I filled them up and filled this room with them. So those balloons are my every thought of you in 24 hours. *chuckles bashfully looking up to them blocking out the light of the room and transitioned to another topic* I just wanna say, i value the space you occupy in my mind, and the place you fill in my heart. *holds your hands and kisses the back of them* Let's have many more anniversaries together, Mochim.

[ you dont have to reply to all of this if you busy. Just say i love you and try my cake lol ]
w yukhei! 1 week ago

@p jimin! https://66.media.tumblr.com/315beba31ca20e94fd6011afcf22e744/tumblr_navtg9xBAe1tsmv15o1_400.jpg

*Leads you into a room in which the ceiling was covered in balloons, my hands covering your eyes at first as i step in behind you and close the door* Okay so baby you can look now haha. *drops my hands from your eyes and just stands start explaining everything, because... I'm nervous* So I spent today learning how to bake a cake for you so i hope it actually tastes good because i didnt try it yet.
k taehyung! 1 week ago
bed time.
k taehyung! 1 week ago
full baby
k taehyung! 1 week ago
ah.. food
k taehyung! 1 week ago
sighs and stretches out on the couch
k taehyung! 1 week ago
slides in
k seulgi! 2 weeks ago
@k namjoon! as long as i can keep my seulgi akldajlda
s yeeun! 2 weeks ago
@k namjoon! Looking forward to it, dad
p chaeyoung! 2 weeks ago
@k namjoon! this is noted. I can't wait for the details :o
w yukhei! 2 weeks ago
@k namjoon! Okies thank you
k namjoon! [A] 2 weeks ago
@w yukhei! oui you get to keep your character, cc if you want
we will be matchmaking yes
i am trying to figure that out yet
not really? maybe some if they aren't being used.

i'm still waiting for the admin team to come around before anything tbh so i can only answer any further questions once we all sit down and talk.
w yukhei! 2 weeks ago
@k namjoon! So 1. We keep our same characters right? Recently this rp revamped and snatched all our characters away and let them get taken. It was ed up
2. Are we not matchmaking anymore?
3. Are we getting new admins?
4. Are rooms gonna be removed


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tanchan 1 week ago
park yuri pls.
leashie 2 weeks ago
Kim jongin pls
navigation 2 weeks ago
can I have lee hayi soloist pls?
rubyjane 2 weeks ago
Is jennie kim avail?
SeHYUNG 2 weeks ago
May I get my suho back? <3
fridayschild 2 weeks ago
can i apply as one of the inactives?
-psycho- 1 month ago
Hi can i get Lee ji Eun please, thank you!
piixiedust 1 month ago
Could i get jessica jung?
ardenjin 1 month ago
ouo/ hhhi can I cc suji to Jennie :3
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