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Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh "You are right,I shouldn't waste time on those type of people when I can be happy with friends and family." Soojin nods her head and smiles softly when Jessica mentions about the show that she is casted in,thinking about how lucky she is to be in the show." Yea,I got cast in the show.You are casted right? That's what I heard." She looks at her friend who is still trying to comfort her in her own way,only nodding her head at Jessica's question and smiles." I'm just happy to see,what haven't really have time to talk to each other since both of us have been busy with our own lives." Soojin is a little surprised that Jessica agree with her suggestion,her smile is even bigger now that she agrees to work with her."Great,we can talk about it back in my studio.And yea,let's take the drink to-go,I'm so happy."
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin "Yeah, don't waste your time moping over them. Think of happier things! Ah, I know... didn't you get casted for that show? The one where you get married at first sight?" Jessica asks, shifting the conversation to distract her friend from otherwise miserable thoughts. "How are you feeling about it? Seems pretty exciting," she says, genuinely curious on what prompted her friend to join. At Soojin's next comment, she can only shake her head as if to dismiss it. "No way. If you had just been here all alone by yourself in this situation, I would have been much more upset. My memories are faded. No worries." When the waiter comes back to place the iced matcha latte she's ordered, Jessica takes a sip before she nods to the dancer's suggestion. "That's not a bad idea, Soojin. I think we have older athletic and athleisure lines you can choose from. I can take the drink to-go."
Park Chanyeol 1 year ago
@Kim Byeongkwan With a small smile, he nodded and turned around; making his way to the counter. The queue wasn't particularly long, and it took him about ten minutes to bring back their order to the table. "Sorry, I hope I didn't make you wait long." Chanyeol flashed the male another smile, placing the plate of cupcake and beverage in front of Byeongkwan. "Here you go — anyways, I can't help but notice but are you a little worried at the moment?"
Kim Byeongkwan 1 year ago
@Park Chanyeol He let out a soft laugh when Chanyeol admitted to also being quite typical with his habit, watching him quietly as he got up from his chair, tilting his head slowly when the options of cupcakes are brought up, "Nah. No allergies for me, all foods are fine. Chocolate sounds perfect as well," He agreed with a slight nod of his head, his fingers beginning to play nervously with one of the napkins resting on the table.
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh "I know that,but I guess I'm just not worth her time...It just going to take some times for me to pass this stupid thing..But for him,I don't wat to waste my time on her either! " Soojin sighs she looks at her friend,holding onto Jessica's hand and smiles." I should've let you work and just be here by myself,and i'm sorry that it kind of bring your memories back because of what happen to me." She finally stop crying because of that stupid cheater that broke her heart,nodding her head and smile brightly at the designer." New collection?Are you sure,I mean I wouldn't mind to give you some opinion of my own.Maybe you can even be the sponsor for my studio? Like outfit and a little collaboration together? What do you think? " Soojin looks at Jessica and tilt her head,gently wipes with napkin before smiles." We can discuss this back at my studio,so we can relax even more,would that be okay with you? "
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin "Honestly, Soojin, I don't think there's any real reason why cheaters do what they do. Whatever higher being that may exist up there... they know I will never ever understand infidelity." Jessica says, mentions of cheating evoking some suppressed childhood memories. She clucks her tongue, obviously annoyed, but shrugs it off nonetheless. "Of course I came, Sooj. How did you expect me to continue working when I could clearly tell someone was off with your tone?" The call had come in unexpectedly right after she had gotten off a meeting, and the fashion designer had ran in her heels to come comfort her friend. She lets the younger woman find solace as she leans against her shoulder, letting a comforting silence envelop the pair before she talks again. "Me? Um... I've been working on a new collection. Maybe you could come in some time and give me your opinion?"
Park Chanyeol 1 year ago
@Kim Byeongkwan “That’s alright, I’m typical too.” He nodded, letting out a small chuckle before he turned to the menu board and decided upon iced americano as well. He would need at least two shots of espresso before he goes back into the office to work. “I think so too. It is easier for us to communicate and I think it would be great if we can become friends too, hm?” He tilted his head before he pushed his chair out and got up. “Okay, wait here, I’ll be back. Hey, you’re alright with cupcakes, right? Chocolate flavoured ones? Do you have any allergies? Like nut allergies?” He turned to Byeongkwan, stopping in his track.
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh "I...I just want to know why would she do this to me? Was I just a toy to her,care me and spend time with when she need it,and then just throw me to the side when she doesn't? " The dancer resume to the story and continue complain about her ex that cheated on her,taking another deep breath before looking at her friend.Nodding her head as Soojin use the tissue to wipe her tears more before taking a sip of her coffee,looking at her friend with a faint smile." I'm so happy that you can come,I really need a friend at a time like this.So thank you again for coming,Jessica." Soojin lean against her friend's shoulder a bit as she close her eyes,trying to forget what happen for the last few days before turning her head toward Jessica." So how are thing with you,anything exciting you want to talk about? "
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin "Ah... it's alright, Soojin. There's barely anyone around, and we have a booth in the corner. I'm sure no one can see you, so don't be worried and cry until your heart's content." Jessica reassures her younger friend, smiling softly at her in an attempt to comfort her. The older woman remains quiet as she listens to the dancer talk about the affair, and it saddens her slightly to know the only thing she can really do is comfort her. Every now and then, she squeezes her friend's hand to show her silent support for the ordeal she's dealing with. "Yes, an iced matcha latte will be fine. Thank you." As soon as the waiter leaves, she turns back to Soojin once more. "Do you want to talk about it? Or do you want to talk about happier things?"
Tiffany Young 1 year ago
@Kim Jisoo /i frown noticing a forced smiles, something that ive done so myself so many times growing up, but i let it slide by as i hold on to you, kissing your forehead as i rock us gently back and forth
Shhh....its okay sweetheart. /blinks back my tears cause ive never been good with listening to other cries, when i hear or see other cry, my heart hurts for them as well. I rub your back gently in a soothing manner closing my eyes listening to you
Hey youre not being stupid or ridiculous. Youre entitle to feel however you want sweetie. But....
//cups your face to make you look at me.
You are NOT unwanted. Dont you ever think that. You mean something to someone, rather if its your family, friends or customers. //uses my thumb to wipes the tears a bit
You are very precious okay. Dont forget that. And Tiff unni is always gonna be right here if you need me. Ill remind you everyday as well. //nods my head like a boss would do
So dont feel unwanted, baby girl. Just so you know, youre precious to me. Okay. //eye smiles happily at you
[H] Kim Jisoo [F] 1 year ago
@Tiffany Young finally manages a smile when my gaze lands on you, though it seems weak and rather forced, practically melting into your arms when you embrace me
it's just... so much more than i can deal with fany.
takes in a raggedy breath, my own arms wrapping around you as well as my tears begin slipping down my cheeks one after the other, becoming a constant stream
i feel so unwanted. so pointless here.
i've been debating leaving for so long now but i feel like i'm being stupid and ridiculous for feeling this way in the first place.
Tiffany Young 1 year ago
@Kim Jisoo /i quickly made my way there, thankful that i wasnt too busy with much work today as i parked the car.
/ive been meaning to meet you for a while now but havent gotten a chance to do so cause of traveling and all as i semi sprint into the store quickly looking around for you since in chat you made me worried.
Jichu sweetie??? /spots you as i sigh softly opening my arms for you as it seems like an embrace was much needed in this situation
Come her Ji /walks to you wrapping my arms securely around your frame
Baby girl. Whats wrong???? Tell Tiffany.
[H] Kim Jisoo [F] 1 year ago
@Tiffany Young sighs, bobbing on my feet with a long sigh, wanting this day and feeling to end so much more than i ever thought i would, feeling tears well within my almond-shaped orbs as i stare at the door; waiting anxiously for your arrival, knowing that this was my breaking point as i nibble continuously on my lower lip, barely holding back a sob as i stare at my phone, wondering if i should text you and ask where you were
Kim Byeongkwan 1 year ago
@Park Chanyeol Byeongkwans eyes turned to the menu board behind him, scanning it quickly before he slid into his chair and nodded, turning to chanyeol with a smile, "I'd love just an iced americano. so typical i know," He let out a light laugh, slipping his jacket off to hang over the back of the chair instead, "Ah.. Yeah it really is a shame, I was looking forward to it. But, you're right. This is probably a better way to get to someone right?" He shot another bright smile Chanyeols way, nodding his head slowly as his hand rubbed gently over his pants, trying to wipe away some nervous sweating, "Oh- sure, if you don't mind that I'd love it."
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh "Thank you Jessica,I just don't want people to see crying like this.It's kind of embarrassing with strange people looking at me like this....." Soojin tries her hardest to stop crying but her friend's just made her feel even worst,so the tears continue falling from her eyes." I shouldn't be like this,but she just did me like that I can't get over yet...." She sighs and look at her friend sitting across from her,takes the tissues and wipes her tears away and nods." Thank you so much for coming,I really truly appreciated so much." She offers some cake to her friend,knowing she got here in a rush" Want me to order something for you,I know you got here in a hurry." She waves the waiter to come so she can order something for Jessica,points at a ice latte for her friend." Is that okay with you? "
Park Chanyeol 1 year ago
@Kim Byeongkwan He smiled at the sight of a familiar face slipping past through the clear glass door and waved. It was a short gesture, and for anything, there was a wave of brief relief. Chanyeol wasn’t sure whether he would get to see the other or not that day. “No, no, it’s alright. How are you? Would you like anything to drink?” He quickly offered the other. Chanyeol didn’t know how to start a conversation with the other — not after the season tanked down to the ground. Even before the whole thing, they weren’t given plenty of time to get to know one another, which was unfortunate. “It’s a shame that the season flopped like that but hey, I guess, it gives us more time to get to know each other first?” Chanyeol smiled, flashing his teeth to the other as his nervousness kicked in. “Anyways, I can go and get us some drinks. Just let me know what you want — after that, we can chat a little, yeah?”
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin Jessica nods, but she lets go of her friend reluctantly before she proceeds to move her purse out of the way and sit down directly across from Soojin. "I'm so sorry you had to experience that, doll. Cheaters absolutely baffle me. You deserve so much better. Truly." Her voice is soft but there is an identifiable anger within it, and the older woman's heart is breaking apart watching her friend despair. Reaching into her purse, she grabs a pack of tissues and slides them across the table towards the dancer. There's not much Jessica can really do at the moment but offer the younger woman comfort. "You didn't interrupt my day. Don't worry about me," she coos, leaning over to tuck Soojin's hair into place. "It's not stupid to feel betrayed. I would too." The pain is evident in her friend's eyes, and all Jessica wants to do is to hug it all away. "You don't have to act in front of me. If all you want to do is sit here and cry, that's okay too. I'd hold you."
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh Soojin heard a familiar voice coming from next to her as she lifted her head up to look who it it,is none other than her friend Jessica who got her texts telling her she needed help." I...I trusted her so much,how can she do this to me? I'm so stupid.." Soojin continue sobbing as her friend comforting her,she looks at Jessica with her teary eyes.She take a small sip of her coffee and sit back up,gesture her friend to sit as well." I'm sorry,please sit down and let's talk about her....." Taking a deep breath as Soojin looks away to wipe her tears,looking back at her friend and shows her a soft smile." I have no one that I call but you,I hope I didn't interrupt your day because my stupidity over a stupid relationship." Soojin bites her lips as she sighs softly,she slowly stop crying before she take a bite of her cake."Anyway,how is your day Jess? "
Kim Byeongkwan 1 year ago
@Park Chanyeol Byeongkwan was nervous. He never really got to properly meet Chanyeol before their Season was entirely flipped on its head. He kept out of the drama though, opting to sit back and wait. And when Chanyeol had asked if he wanted to meet up despite what had happened he knew he did. Of course he did. It didn't ease the nervousness at all though, his palms were sweating as he approached the cafe they'd agreed to meet up at. Unfortunately, he hadn't had time to get dressed and was still wearing his clothes from practice, his hair still a little damp from sweat and he knew he didn't look his best. He glanced around the cafe before spotting someone wearing what Chanyeol had said he would be and quickly approached, offering a kind wave and a smile, "Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting, practice ran a little over."
Park Chanyeol 1 year ago
@Kim Byeongkwan It was unfortunate for them; it had barely started, and they turned back to square one. If Chanyeol and Byeongkwan had known each other for such a long time, Chanyeol was sure it would hurt more. But maybe friendship was intended to happen first, and God is just developing their characters in fanfic — we know that he hadn't been selling much with the previous one. Well, not that Chanyeol was rushing to find love. Byeongkwan could be his new friend, and he'll be happy nevertheless. He curled his fingers around the cup and took a sip of his coffee through the straw. Chanyeol glanced over to his watch and turned to the direction of the cafe door, hoping to see the other soon.
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
@Kim Jisoo Hoseok quickly shook his head to settle the other's worries. "Jisoo, you look great. A little flour isn't gonna take away from any of that." He let out a soft chuckle as the pulled away, looking down to meet the other's gaze before seeing the flour that had now transferred onto one of his work tees, dusting it off a bit but to no real avail. Yet his excited smile stays on regardless. "It was bound to happen sometime today, right? Better to get it over with, my little indoctrination into the lovely Jisoo's cafe." Once he had properly greeted Jisoo he was able to take a better look at the cafe, admiring how big yet cozy it all seemed. "This is all yours, hm? Damn...you've worked hard, Ji." The taller pauses for a second as he thinks. Croissants were always a go to in cafes, but they would be up into the middle of the night if they worked on something like that right now... "Do you like scones?"
Angelina Ryu 1 year ago
@Meng Jia While looking over the menu, the heiress, sat up straight again to shrug out of her black fur coat as the previously glorious heat and started to feel like she was an unfortunate Gretel in an unfortunate woods. She already knew her drink order, the same black coffee as always, but was heavily debating on a flaky strawberry pastry. Most places made it far too sweet when she preferred the muted, more natural flavors. Glossy lips pressed together in a firm, thoughtful line as Won tried to picture in her mind what the piece potentially looked like. She didn't try for too long though, glad that the picture was provided. "Oh good, I'm not nearly classy enough to just know what a peony looks like off the top of my head," she responded, only partially joking. She leaned against her palm again. "But it looks great! I'm sure the masses are totally losing their minds over it as we speak. Someone probably called it exquisite, another saying inspired."
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin It's evident that Jessica is in a rush; her heels are clattering against the pavement quite loudly and she's expertly maneuvering her way through the crowded streets of Seoul until she stops in front of a familiar café. The door opens with a jingle, and the woman has to stop and catch her breath slightly before her eyes land on her friend sitting at a booth in the corner in the almost empty store. Jessica's heart drops as she takes in her friend's appearance, tears evident in her eyes and shoulders so far sunken. "Soojin," the older woman calls out softly, quickly making her way over to place her purse down in the chair across from the dancer before she makes her way to kneel besides the younger woman. Jessica immediately pulls her close friend into her chest for a hug, her arms going around to cradle the former's head and rub circles against her back. "Soojin, baby... I'm so sorry."
[H] Kim Jisoo [F] 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok Jisoo had been to focused on her task to notice the man approach the cafe, the bell snapping her out of her entirely raptured being. She gasped none too quietly when she saw him, cheeks heating up in embarrassment on realising she must have looked like a mess right now, with her apron streaked with flour and her hair carelessly done. Nevertheless, she hugged him back, a sweet smile curling up the corners of her lips as she let out a tinkling laugh, "It's nice to meet you too Seok. And don't worry about it - if anyone should be apologising it should be me. I'm more than a little untidy right now."
Pulling away from his warm embrace, albeit grudgingly, the woman let herself scan his clothes - moreso to find if she had transfered any of her mess onto him - sighing but quickly dusting away at his shoulder when she realised she had. Flashing him a sheepish smile, her cheeks rosy once again, "What would you like to learn today young padawan?"
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh Soojin is sitting at the cafe all by herself as she rest her head on the table,tears falling from her eyes as she just found out that her girlfriend cheated on her with one of her friends.Even when the waiter brings her drink she still has her head down while sobbing softly,thinking all the hardship she went through with the girl.Just when she is going down the memory lane by herself,she thought about one person that will help her get through this tough time.This person was someone that helped before when she was heartbroken,even though they haven't talk for along time,this will be the opportunity to reconnect with her.Soojin takes out her phone and send the text to the woman she needs the most right now,taking a deep breath and looks through the contact list and finally found the name.Immediately she send her friend a text telling her to meet her at the cafe." Jessica,I..I need you help....I broke up with my girlfriend,I need a friend right now.W..Would you be okay to meet at the cafe we used to go? " She sends the text quickly hoping that her friend will come to the rescue,putting her phone back in her pocket before taking a sip of the warm drink she ordered.
Meng Jia [A] 1 year ago
@Ryu Won It was still surprising to Jia that she had ran into someone from her past at one of her art shows. Still trying to block most of her memories out from what happened in the past as it was still something that affected her to this day, and the small talk on the way to the coffee house had distracted her from it pretty well.

"Great." She said following behind the other to the table before taking a seat, also relieved to be off of her heels. Jia had glanced at the menu as the other moved it, and she contemplated whether or not to get something different this time for herself. "Oh right." Jia chuckled lightly. "It was just a peony flower shaped out of metal sheets." She said lightly grabbing her phone out quickly finding a picture of the peace before showing it to the other. "It was one of my more elegant pieces suitable for that art show."
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
@Kim Jisoo It takes him a while to get ready and over to the now closed shop, smiling softly as he turns a corner to see the girl's cafe, seeing her cleaning diligently from outside. She looked cute like this, he thinks with a small smile, taking a bit of a pause before actually going inside, a chime of the bells on the door eagerly indicating his arrival. "Hey there, Jisoo...nice to finally meet you, hm? Sorry, I'm still in my work clothes since I came over here so quick..." The tall boy lets out a soft laugh before pulling her into a friendly hug.
[H] Kim Jisoo [F] 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok Jisoo had been fiddling with her phone, opening up random apps as if that would make Hoseok reply any faster. Her lower lip was caught between her teeth as she nibbled on her lower lip. What if he said he wasn't free? She didn't want to seem desperate, he had his own life to live after all.

[to: seok]
- oh thank god. i was getting nervous heh
- sure that sounds great! see you in a bit :D

The girl was on her feet the moment she sent him the text, hurrying over to the kitchen as she pulled her hair up into a pony. She began putting dishes away, and wiping the counters, making sure everything was clean and ready for his arrival.
Angelina Ryu 1 year ago
@Meng Jia Stepping out of the exhibition venue, away from all of the stuffy aristocrats and into the cold night air was almost therapeutic to Won. She visibly relaxed, becoming lighter the further they got away and maintaining idle chit chat the entire way.

In the warmth of the cafe, she stretched her arms above her head to loosen the chill-locked limbs and looked to where the other directed. "Oh yeah, that's fine. A seat's a seat and these heels are hell," she said with a laugh, making her way over to the table and settling down. "So," she started, resting her chin in one hand while moving the menu into her view with the other. She briefly glanced up. "We sorta skipped out before I could see your piece. What was it?"
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Jessi Ho Soojin was just about to take a break when she got the message from someone,it was from Jessi which is one of her friend.Smile softly and read the message before replying to her." Okay, I will be there soon,Just finish my lesson with my student." Soojin put on the her phone and went to change her cloth to hangout with Jessi,telling all of her student to end today's lesson.She then get in her car and drive to the cafe,soon arrived at the said location.She open the door and search for her friend before waving at jessi." Hello,sorry I'm a little late because I just finish my lesson."


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