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Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Im Jinah Jessica can only offer a small smile and a nod to the well wishes, although they make her heart feel just a little bit heavy. She's never been one that likes to disappoint, so as time passed and more people informed her that they were rooting for her marriage, there was an excessive amount of pressure she was feeling to make it all work out. She hesitates for a bit, her roseate tiers parting to speak but nothing comes out and they close once more. She takes a deep breath, swallowing down a lump in before she's able to confess. "Honestly? I'm scared." Perhaps it was an understatement, but she refused to cave under the tension that's been weighing her down. "I don't know. These two seasons have been a bit eventful, you know? Spouses leaving in the middle of the honeymoon, pairs that never got to the wedding, all the love triangles and everything going on when the cameras aren't rolling. There seems to be only a select few couples remaining and there's so much attention on them, especially with the extended season and everything. There's pressure. Lots of it."
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Mackenyu Maeda Good idea. Same here. I'd like to think I'm still young and still have so much things to do and achieve. though i have no idea what they are... yet. facing you, i shrug nonchalantly with a mischievous grin plastered on my tiers. do i look that much older than I am actually? upon hearing your threatening warning. the corners of the tiers of mine turn down slightly and let out a small harrumph. Okay, Mack. letting down my guard, you know i have been asked that quite a few times recently.. and my answer is always a no.
Choi Daesu 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon Daesu had always been taking people in consideration - others before him. He took pleasure in it but whenever things spiral down for the lad, he would always feel like a burden. That kind of thinking led him to his infamous habit of masking almost everything that wasn't considered good, emotions and situations alike. At some point though, he became aware of the fact that more often than not, he was easy to read for some.

Finishing what was left of the crystalline glass, Daesu raised a brow at his statement, all the more amused at this frisky being he called Dong. In a way, he was happy not to be the only one in that boat. At least, he didn’t need to be hypocritical about it. "You know what, same. If i'm not mistaken, the last episode I've watched was one about Boa." His grin widened while ordering another glass which he may regret afterwards. "Man, you clearly don't know what you are saying. It's definitely a psychological thriller. Else, I won't be nuts. Horror too. The pile of poop-invaded diapers that I take out is no joke."

Eyes expectant of the drink he asked for, he could only manage a small curve on his lips. It may be the only thing the other can offer but he would gladly take it than nothing, thankful, definitely. "It's fine. I'm never really open about it to anyone but at this point, it's hard to keep it to myself. In a long while, she's the only person who managed to drive me to wit's end." a rather dry chuckle escaped his tiers, taking a sip from his glass as if to prepare himself for the storytelling he'd do.

"It started when Naeun's mother resurfaced from the dead after months of being away. To keep it short, I had to settle my past." He paused, thinking if his friend would even understand the story when he was shortening it as much as possible. Or rather, making it look as if it's not that complicated. "I just felt that it was wrong to keep her by my side to me when I have lingering issues. So we had a divorce."

"She had it hard but knowing Jinah, she got over it bit by bit. And my pathetic is jealous with some people who get too close to her when it's me who pushed her away." Daesu ended up downing the whole glass of whisky in hopes to drown the imagery of things.
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Lee Taeyong 1 year ago
@Nakamoto Yuta the moment they had stepped out of the event hall, taeyong had felt like he could breathe again. there were too many people, loud thrumming music and a sea of unfamiliarities that made it just a tad bit claustrophobic. so when yuta had suggested they dip and take shelter in a local bar, taeyong was more than elated.

now, they walked into the dimly lit bar side-by-side. taeyong's eyes scanned the room, lighting up when he noticed a booth just opening up when a couple took their leave. "yuta, there!" not thinking too far ahead, he gently grabbed the other man's wrist and weaved his way through the maze of booths until they were in front of their seats.

"this is good, right?"

unconsciously, his fingers still remained encircled around the gorgeous man's wrist.
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Tiffany Young "smile back at you and hugs you"
Hi unnie." grin"
The wife is doing well,she is lovely and amazing.
As for our wedding,we did some photoshoot at the beach in front of the sunset,so it was amazing. " smile and blush a little when i mention the wedding."
Tiffany Young 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin -eye smile happily as i gave you a big hug-
Omoo. Hello sweetie. -smiles as i take a look at you-
Wedding went well im guessing. -shows you my ring giggling softly- dont be sorry. Im glad you can make it.
Hows your wedding.....hows the wife??? -lets you sit down as i look at you wanting details-
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@[H] Choi Daesu “Homoual dog that is attached to me, got it”. He replied with a click of his tongue, his voice teasing towards Daesu.

He could only shrug, his bottom lip jutting out as a flurry of questions stirred in his head once Daesu mentioned about the exemption he himself had made. His eyes glanced down to the empty glass in his hand as he wondered to himself. Perhaps it was because he promised to go out for a drink – it was only natural for him to hold onto his words, serious or not.

Shaking his head, his lips become tugged into a half-smile, sensing the front Daesu put up. He was just all too familiar with using jokes to cover anything – everything up. Ordering another shot of vodka, he then reached his hand up to pat his friend’s back, clearing his throat so that the laugh he tried to suppress would become nothing. “I don’t know how to tell you this buddy, but I don’t really watch the show – I don’t know, you’re not a psychological thriller or a horror flick for me to tune in”.

“I’m genuinely sorry for being ignorant about your situation though. The only thing I could have offered for comfort is well, this”, he gestured to the bar, letting the suppressed laugh he had slowly slip past his lips. He could feel the sadness that the other had, probably an inaccurate guess as he does with most emotions, but in the end, it was something that made Daesu bothered, and in turn, somehow, bothered him. He couldn’t take it when someone he knew would be sulky or sad. It somehow made him feel like he had a part to play with such an outcome.

However, as he would quote from a Socrates: I know that I know nothing. Before he could even say anything about it, he should at least know what exactly happened if Daesu was willing to retell the experience. “I have no ing idea how you two broke up and nor do I know why you’re jealous, so I guess it’s story time, huh?”
Choi Daesu 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon Never was there a dull moment with this man in the chatroom and true enough, it holds still even in flesh. Although it was pretty obvious that the other had been drinking already, he couldn’t blame him. He was late after all. This only made him curious about the other’s tolerance because as gay sounding as it is, he gets intoxicated within 10 minutes or so.

Grabbing his own drink that arrived, he nodded in acknowledgment to the other’s statement. “Yes but... at least I’m your gay. I’m loyal as .” Surprised by how open and comfortable he was around the man he just met, in a way he was thankful too, being someone who doesn’t have much people to talk with.

Eagerly listening to his comrade, he failed to stop himself from actually staring at the dark circles present just right below his eyes, a sign that he was truthful in all sense. Small frown built itself along his brows, bringing a finger up to touch one of the darkened areas whilst taking a sip of his whisky. Of course, under such act was a worried human still. “I was expecting a gravestone walking in here to be honest. But I appreciate your gayness for me, making an exemption for my .” He grinned, forced to take another sip at the other’s question.

“The whole nation saw and you act like you don’t know? Let me install a TV in your office.” Trying to sweeten things up for himself with a joke, he shrugged, eventually giving in for honesty. “I’m trying to win Jinah back. But as I’ve expected it to be, its not that easy and I cant seem to control my jealous side. It’s killing me.”
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@[H] Choi Daesu Only one person could have had the audacity to suddenly just touch him out of all the people available in the bar. Right – he was waiting for Daesu. By the time the latter arrived, he was already on, perhaps, his ninth? Tenth? Drink. In any case, he wasn’t able to sit so idly in such a place, he had to occupy his mind with more drinks if he was to wait. Else he’d end up being so irritated by the enthusiasm that surrounded him.

In this case, it was Daesu. Literally an entity of positivity invading his personal space. Not that he had a problem with it. Still a bit startled by the arm slung around his neck, he turned his head to the other, raising his glass of vodka. “That amount of gay can only come from one specific man. Hey, bro”.

Drinking the contents of his glass, he then settled it back down with a clink on the wooden surface of the counter. “Dead inside, what did you expect?” He retorted back; face still unchanging with the empty expression he wore with his hand forming a rock ‘n roll salute just below his face. “Work has been… busier – now the “dead inside” is manifesting and I find myself out of energy to socialize at all. Of course, you as an exception. Anyway, what has gotten in your these days? I can feel you were down like a kid who dropped his ice cream”.
Choi Daesu 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon He was in a hurry, acknowledging that he is quite late for this long overdue meet up. It didn’t help that his daughter was having a hard time letting go of him, a usual tantrum of hers. She was a clingy little ball of sunshine and he wouldn’t have it any other way. After making sure all was settled for his little one, he disappeared through the door.l

Dressed in a plain shirt and denim jeans, Daesu stepped on the gas, zooming through the streets. It was about time he threw himself out there after being a mess himself. And what better way to start it off but with a bro he had been meaning to meet for ages it seems. It didn’t take him too long to reach the place they agreed upon, exiting the vehicle, making his way to the entrance.

His eyes darted from side to side in search of that goof ball only to see a tired looking man at the bar albeit the back facing him. Who would even go to a bar with that kind of energy? Dongwoon, yes. Chuckling on his own, he went closer to the silhouette, enjoying the loud atmosphere that fed his fun side. Arm wrapping around the other’s neck, he joked around. “My Dongwoon, the love of my life. Yo, bro!”

Daesu settled beside him, eventually letting go of his hold on the other, ordering his usual whisky. “Boy, you look dead as ! Look at you.” A smug grin formed on his lips.
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@[H] Choi Daesu The familiar smell of alcohol was the first thing Dongwoon recognized the moment he entered the bar. Unusually comforting for his restless mind, and it had been a while since he last went to one. Ever since the show started, his time had been put into actually managing his life for once.

Taking a seat on one of the stools, he was clearly in a daze from the lack of sleep he'd been having after agreeing to the 24-hour shift plan he changed into. He just finished today, after all. He only snapped out of his thoughts once the bartender asked him for the drink he wanted, and suddenly, all the noises around him became more audible. From the clinks of the glasses and the chatter of others, it made his mind become more distraught.

"Right, uh, just give me the usual—", he uttered out, tired eyes glancing up to the other as he leaned towards the counter, his only support being his arms that rested before him. Now, he only needed to wait for his friend.
Mackenyu Maeda 1 year ago
@Emily Mei i don't want to think that far ahead just yet... i'm happy with the number 23, thanks. laughing a little, i lean an arm comfortably on the bench top, peering at you from beneath thick lashes. i didn't realise we were the same age, huh. funny, that. this 'adorbs macbook' thing has to stop, you're seriously asking for trouble, miss. with one last shake of my head, i swivel around in my seat with a raised hand to signal a bartender over, promptly placing our order for a cass beer, sprite and a share of fried chicken. i turn to face you again shortly afterwards, a brow arched appearing somewhere between determined and displeased. you're always up for a challenge, it would seem. is there ever a moment you let your guard down?
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Mackenyu Maeda ah— I apologize. I mean when we will be so old to even have teeth. i'm sure even when you're 43, i hope you will remain the same. oh I'm 23. i guess we're same-aged. i let out a small chuckle and shakes my head, waving my hand dismissively. It's okay to ask me about my age, I'd be happy to say! even if i do call you 'adorbs macbook' even on the regular, mr. adorbs macbook and it enable an abrupt exit on your part... i will still call you that! heh. you can't put me off just yet. not so easy, mr. adorbs macbook! i wag my right finger back at you and juts out my tiers in teasing before mouthing a thank you back and takes my seat. I'd be having Cass beer. And sprite for you, right? Will fried chicken be okay with you?
Park Bogum 1 year ago
@Margot Robbie Bogun just finish his last shooting for the day for the his sponsorship book cover as she thanks the staffs and the photographers that helps him finish his work for the day,he decide to go the bar for a night out all by himself to release some stresses from the busy schedules for the past few days.He drives himself to the bar he always go to for few years now even when he was in college with his friends,now all of his friend are in different career paths but they still keep in touch with each other even after college.Just in a short time he arrived at the bar since the place is not that far from his shooting location today.

Getting out of the car as Bogum drags his tired body to the bar without even caring anything around him,slowly walking toward the counter before sitting down on one of the stool,ordering himself a strong whisky to forget everything that happen for the past few days.Looking around the bar to see if there is anything interesting happening,but nothing really happen until he saw a familiar figure sitting at the end of the bar.

Just before he is about to get up from the seat the bartender gives him the drink,Bogum take his whisky and slowly walking to the said figure when he realize is someone that he hadn't seen for a few years.Siting on the stool next to her as he slowly puts down his drink and chuckle,tapping the female's shoulder before shout a little since the music is kind of loud in the bar.

"Margot,is that you? "

He questioned a little at the figure as he waits patiently till the girl turning around to look at him,resting his elbow on the counter and look at the direction of the girl siting next to him.Blinks a few times and taking a deep breath as he tries again.

" It's me,Park Bogum"
Mackenyu Maeda 1 year ago
@Emily Mei elders in twenty years time? that's a bit harsh, huh. in twenty years time i'll be 43, that isn't old by my standards... how old are you? i know that's a taboo question to be asking a lady, but purely out of interest. if you call me 'adorbs macbook' on the regular i can guarantee you an abrupt exit from my part. i a single brow to test you equally, seeing as though you love a challenge. i wouldn't call it '', you're full of surprises. that's all. be kinder to yourself. a short bout of laughter breaks from between my upturned pairs observing you curtsy politely before entering the bar, following behind you in toe, undoubtedly looking lost as i feel out of my element. right, i'm trusting your opinion. approaching the counter i pull a chair up for you to take a seat before retrieving mine, taking the spot next to you. so, what beer are you having?
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Tiffany Young "taking a deep breath as the wedding approaches in just a few days,looks around the bar as I walk to the counter before sitting down next to you"
Hello unnie,sorry I got ere a little bit late.
"smile softly as i order myself a simple cocktail to drink,looking over at you."
So how is the wedding planning so far?
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Mackenyu Maeda get used to it, macbook. i'm going to still call you macbook even when we are elders in like twenty years' time. lets out a small hum and has a few moments to think about what you said. then should i call you as adorbs Macbook every time? That way, you will get used to it. I don't know why I am always challenging people like that but i guess it's a way to see if they can tolerate me and my s. surprises. I'm also interested in what I can do and will do because sometimes i startle myself with words i never thought i will say sometimes. as you usher me in with a swift wave of your hand, i decide to get silly by pausing before the door and curtsying back in response, laughing softly with my hand covering my mouth in a slight demure way. yes, hopefully. you have never been to here? great! you will get to experience everything good in here. they have great sides though.
Mackenyu Maeda 1 year ago
@Emily Mei macbook, geez. i'm going to have to get used to that one. your gentle giggling brings a smile to my countenance, although a part of me wishes to retort your playful comment. i don't hate it, per se... i guess it's something else for me to get used to. you're definitely challenging me and we're not that long into meeting each other, i'm interested to see what other surprises you have in store. approaching the bar, i extend forth an arm to hold the door open for you, ushering you through with a swift wave of my free hand. then hopefully we won't encounter any trouble. i'm relieved to hear you like it here, i've honestly never been before—not being much of a drinker and all.
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Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Mackenyu Maeda that is a very high probability, Macbook. should you check it out by a specialist? *looks up to see you crinkling your nose and she let out a small giggle in response* Uh huh, you hate being addressed as adorable huh? but you're still adorable to me. Please do. I'm actually a heavyweight so it isn't easy to get me drunk but i will definitely get tipsy if i drink more than what i can which is like maybe once in a blue moon. *merely moves along by your lead and notices the familiar exterior coming up in her line of vision* Hey it is where i usually drink when I'm free. Good choice, bud! I love this place.
Mackenyu Maeda 1 year ago
@Emily Mei fair enough, aha. my short-term memory also fails me nine times out of ten, in fact, my memory in general. adorable, of all things? my nose crinkles at your perception of me, ridding of the thought with a brief shake of my head. sounds like a deal to me, i'll be sure to keep you in line. are you a lightweight? reaching a hand down, my digits coil their way round your lithe wrist closest to me, gently tugging you alongside me and in the direction of a bar i recalled hearing of through the grapevine in town; mostly famed for it's cosy atmosphere to my favour.
Tiffany Young 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin -walks into the bar a little nervous because of the wedding thats coming up, as i take a seat-
-waist patiently for you since i wanna celebrate with you to congratulate you as well on your marriage-
-orders a strawberry daiquiri, humming as i tap my foot against the rail on the bar stool-
Choi Daesu 1 year ago
@Kim Jisoo Late night bike rides had been a habit of his ever since. He loved the harshness of the cold breeze, and the stillness of the night when not many vehicles were around. It had been long though ever since he had company for his mini escapades. It wouldn't hurt to spend time with other people. After all, they could help ease so much of his thoughts. But as much as he enjoyed the time they were going around the city, it was a no-brainer to tell that it's the contrary for the female. No lies though, it was amusing how her hold on him went tighter with every turn he made. It came to a point where he would turn sharply in purpose. Yes, it was a little bit mean considering it's her first time, but he had no regrets.
Coming to a halt, his legs supported the weight of the bike on each side. The man chuckled at her sudden pull from him. Daesu took his helmet off, beads of sweat evident around his forehead. Turning his attention to the woman behind, he couldn't hold back a beam, clearly entertained at this first timer's dilemma. Holding the protective gear in between his arm and torso, he held out a hand for her. "Hold my hand. Step on the foot support and you shall be fine. Congratulations, you survived!"
[H] Kim Jisoo [F] 1 year ago
@[H] Choi Daesu Jisoo could feel shivers running down her spine as they finally reached their destination, clutching her thin jacket around her petite frame as her eyebrows knitted together. It had been her first bike ride ever but all she could think about was how cold it had been the entire time. That and she was terrified that she could have fallen every single time Daesu took a turn. It was slightly pathetic. Especially considering how excited she had been at the very thought of driving a bike herself one day.
She could only hope her desperate clinging on to the man hadn't weirded him out - her arms immediately retracting from his torso in shock of her own realisation.
The woman eyed both sides of the pavement, debating how to get off this thing without bothering him further by asking for assistance. She could just jump off, but she knew her ridiculously unathletic body couldn't manage doing that. Sighing she tapped her company's shoulder, voice an embarrassed murmur, "Dae, how do I get off?"
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Oh Sehun she grimaced at how intoxicated he seemed to appear just like her friend, jinhyuk. it must be a trend among the soldiers to get as drunk as possible once out of uniform. with a quick sweep of the entire group of men, they all exhibited the same signs; pink-tinted cheeks, languid poses, unfocused gazes and slurred speech accompanied with hiccups and giggles. letting out a sigh of defeat, she looked back at jinhyuk and sighed even more, wondering how she would ever be able to get this enormous man home as well as his comrades. Further more, she didn't know anyone there other than her friend. When the tipsy man next to her begun to recount his experience at the barracks, she turned fully to face him and hummed thoughtfully, for a moment wondering why he was enrolled differently from the others. was it because of the connections and influence he had? the sight of the drunk mutual friend leaning over to pour more into the other's mug snapped her out of her thoughts and quickly reached out to grab the bottle of alcohol to stop pouring any more into the glass, tilting it back and settled it down on the brown wooden surface. "Alright, alright. you guys has too much—", she reassured, patting the big ol' friend on the biceps and and nodded at how he would be addressed as. "Sehun then. I think you're drunk as well. oh here's my glass. Time to take a sip." With a reach, she picked her mug up and gave a good solid gulp of the cold beer and lets out a happy sigh. "Such a good draft beer it is. though.. do you like being a soldier? I see that being one would just mean a lot of tough trainings and intense, packed schedules every day. Not to mention that it will be the same thing each day with a little change here and there." She asked the captain, looking on while awaiting his answer. Then again, would he ever be able to answer her question since he was starting to look tipsy like the rest.
Oh Sehun 1 year ago
@Heo Yoorim "No problem, it was my pleasure. " Despite the concise crippled with intoxication and his movements executed with unusual exuberance, Sehun's politeness remained intact as he even took the effort to bow down to the point that his forehead met the cool surface of the countertop, grunting when a solid 'thud' followed thereafter. "Damn", he groused as he lifted his head, presenting a squinted grin. His initially rimrod spine had transformed into more languid posture, the glass handle of the beer mug firmly grasped by slender yet calloused fingers. There is a distant look in his dusky irises when his mind gallops back in time caught in a nostalgic trance, "My experience was much different from theirs. Most of the cadet knew each other since they joined and trained together. I struggled to get along with them at first since I was admitted directly from the academy and got promoted quickly which felt unfair to be honest. Like I didn't deserve the title. " He confessed emptying the reminents of the mug and set it down, concluding he had just enough. But Jinhyuk is already leaning over to refill his mug, "This brat." he spoke with fondness shaking his head. Canting his head sideways, his left hand settled on the juncture of his neck and shoulder to massage the stiffness forming in that area. A bunch of loose strands fall to caresses his flushed skin which his brushes away impatiently." Captain Oh Sehun at your service madame. " He straightened himself to graciously accept the handshake. "But Sehun will suffice and the pleasure is all mine. " Slowly releasing Yoorim's hand, he turned to accept the beer and napkin from the server, muttering a 'thank you're at the male before placing them down in front of the woman within a comfortable reach.
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Oh Sehun Once the male had helped her order a mug of beer and even some serviette, she bowed her head in thanks silently and rested her hands on top of her lap. "Thanks for helping to order.." Shifting her focus back on her friend, the only thing she could do at the moment was to sigh; he looking so silly and wasted that his cheeks and nose was now turning red. How was she ever going to help carry him home on the request of his girlfriend who have placed him in her care since she wasn't invited when Yoorim asked whether she was coming. While still keeping him on a lookout in her radar, she shifted the attention back on the male besides her and hummed thoughtfully as well. "Hardly classified as an exciting scenario..", she giggled softly at the thought of all the sweaty men in one room and shook her head out of amusement. "Well, Jinhyuk has told me quite aplenty of funny stories regarding the barracks. Surely it is fun if not physically training?", she looked on, her eyes full of curiosity and a spark of realisation lit up in her mind. "I didn't catch your name. You might know me as Yoorim because this damn Jinhyuk just announced my name earlier. But i'm Heo Yoorim. Pleasure to make your acquaintances." With a mental sigh, her hand reached out for a handshake, a sight that was hard to see especially she could be quite reserved and shy. But this action could also meant that she was trying to open up a little especially considering how many years she had really closed up on regards to social conversations.
Oh Sehun 1 year ago
@Heo Yoorim Sehun craned his neck, searching for the server once he received an affirmative answer. "Can I have another beer and napkin here?", he requested after having successfully gained the awaiting staff's attention. Setting his glass down, his propped up his right elbow to craddle his chin taking a perfunctory glance at the crowd then hummed thoughtfully. The warmth expanding within his system took a physical manifestation, a faint roseate imbued his flesh even extending to the tip of his nose. His weakly founded composure came crumbling down from Yoorim's questions which he found to be quite funny. "To answer your question- yes, Yoorim. This is generally how soldiers behave when they are in presence of an attractive woman. Living in the barracks with other sweaty men can hardly be classified as an exciting scenario. " Sehun confessed whilst rubbing his intoxicated eyelids with his knuckles.
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Oh Sehun "No problem, Yoorim. Would you like a beer or anything else?"

Another wave of awkward chuckles escaped passed her plump lips as she slowly took her overcoat off, feeling a little stuffy and hot probably owing to the fact that more than twenty men in here maybe emitting too much body heat being packed together like this. She nodded once, still keeping her eyes downcast somewhat and her fingers fumbled with the sleeves of her coat. "Uhm, why not? A big mug of cold beer will do."

Shifting her attention to the man of the party, she simply glared at his half-drunk friend and let out a soft sigh upon realizing that he might invite her here with a good intention behind it. She then took the time to look around the table, trying to remember the faces and somehow was only greeted by nervous looks of soliders whom had never came across women like her. Wondering if it was the norm, she turned to her friend and remembered that he probably couldn't answer her fleeting question before slumping back against the seat and puffed up her pink-tinted cheeks. "Are soliders usually like this once they book out? Are things so difficult in there?", she asked, her last question pertaining to work inside the barracks and the training.


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ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
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later guys,love,very much
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until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
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hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
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could you add jorge lopez for me
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Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
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