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Park Bogum 1 year ago
@Leanna Decker Bogum just finish his work for the day,and is invited by his friend to go to the club tonight after work.He wasn't really up for that but has no choice since he was dragged to the place by his friends,although he know he need to relax after few days of hard working.He is being dragged to the club by his friends when he doesn't really want to come even though when he can meet new people or maybe even hit up a girl to spend the night drinking.

Soon arrived at the club with his friends,Bogum decide to put up with his friends and goes in to the club.He walking straight to the bar to get something to drink to wake him up,but only thing on his mind is something strong to make him feel even worst.Bogum takes a seat at the bar right in the middle of the bar with friends and people around him,looking around the club as the music blasting from the speakers installed inside the club.

He rest his elbow on the counter while waiting for the drink to be served,he notice a group of people acting suspicious,so he pays attention to that group of people.Just when he was about to look away when a girl walks in the frame,she sat down where the group people were.A tap on the counter as the bartender served his drink,bogum takes a sip of her strong drink as he keep his eyes on that group of people.

He just that they were friends with each other but what he doesn't know is that are totally strangers, although he doesn't really care about them at all.He look back at his friends who is having a blast within themselves,he them turn back at that group when he saw something very suspicious.They walk closer to the girl who looks like a foreigner and continue chatting with her but one of the guy in the group slide something in the drink while the other distracting the girl.

Bogum didn't know what did they put into her drink,but what he knows is something bad is about to happen and since he is someone who will always in when something like this is going to happen,he will take no time to do so.So he decide to wait for it and see what will happen to the girl.
[H] Leanna Decker [A] 1 year ago
@Park Bogum Sticking at home almost 24 hours a day was like a special kind of torture for Leanna who already felt isolated and alone being by herself in a foreign country. Without her students and her co-workers to speak to, family to visit, friends to bother, or even much of a knowledge of the area that left the redhead with little to do besides sit in her small apartment. After a couple of days, she was at her breaking point and decided to do something a little bit wild and crazy with all of her cooped up energy; go clubbing.

Leanne put on a short white dress and her brand new heels that she had slowly been breaking in before seeing to her hair and makeup. Given that it was the club, she was a touch dramatic with her smokey eye but she left her hair down because she loved the way it moved as she danced. With her look set to go, she googled the nearest night club and followed the instructions to its doors and quickly found herself inside.

It was relatively late into the night, past 10 pm, as she made her way past the bouncers and into the thrumming interior of the club. Flashing colored lights and high-energy music set the tone and lifted her spirits immensely just by being there. The red-head found her way to the bar and ordered a drink that was primarily fruit juice and sipped on it casually, smiling at those who she caught looking in her direction. Eventually a young man came and invited her to sit with him and his friends, four guys and two other girls, so she agreed to join them. Between the loud music and the quickness of their Korean she was having a hard time keeping up but at least she wasn't alone.
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin perfect, i'm so glad we agree~
*moves to the side with you when you do, glancing around with a soft smile before i pour out my first shot, my eyes on you again as you talk
eh, champagne isnt as fun though, right?
although once im a little tipsy from this champagne might taste amazing. *grips and picks up the shot glass from the bar, raising it towards you
to marriage?
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung then, you shall be my best friend too!
/grins widely at you, only briefly rubbing against the spot which you punched/
/shows my id to the bartender as well, moving a little to the side with my shot glass and bottle and motioning for you to do the same/
yes, isn't that the whole point
i was originally planning that we should be drinking champagne to properly celebrate, but perhaps we could save that for later?
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin *smiles wider when you say we're already friend, punching your shoulder lightly
perfect , i'm glad we're on the same page.
i've officially decided that you're my best friend.
*shows my id to the bartender when he asks to double check it, smiling sweetly as i pull my shot glass closer to me
you want me to get drunk then? i can do that . totally can
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung /turns and lightly knocks my head against yours, a cheeky grin presented on my lips/
hey now, we're already friends.
you're not getting rid of me now!
/nods my head in agreement and turns towards the bartender, ordering a bottle of soju each/
that is the point, dude, this is your night
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin Yours right we will~ I hope I don't annoy you thought because I'd like to be your friend.
*follows you happily over to the bar, looking over with a cheeky grin before I nod my head eagerly
Yeah I love shots. Soju shots?
They get me going really fast though
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung you know, somehow you really don't strike me as "annoying", but i guess we'll see.
/looks around as well, keeping my arm around your shoulders as i steer our steps towards the bar/
i see that as a highly possible outcome of this, yeah, we're the cutest!
/laughs when you pinch me, swatting against your hand/
well, taehyung, do you drink shots?
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin You definitely wanna rethink I promise I'm the most annoying person on the planet.
*looks around once we're inside, grinning at all the people
Ah it's packed out. Must be a good place.
God we're gonna be dripping in uwu's aren't we?
Damn we're so cute.
*pinches your side playfully as I laugh
What's your drink of choice park Jimin?
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung well, if you're gonna be whiny and annoying, then i might have to rethink my decisions.
/nods my head, showing the bouncer my id as well, flashing a wide smile before i'm dragging you inside/
yeah, you did mention being a light weight before in the chat.
don't worry tho, i think i could match your levels of uwu if it comes to it
/snickers at that, grinning back in your direction/
nah, i think not.
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin That's a bit cute.
Oh gosh but I'll miss my husband if you kidnap me and then I'll be whiny and annoying. How frustrating.
*gets my id out, showing it to the bouncer before I stuff it back into my pocket, grinning at you
I'll warn you I'm a bit of a light weight and I bust out some huge uwu's when I'm tipsy.
Ooh I dunno I think you're done.
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung biggest fan indeed
and i guess we'll see, i don't usually kidnap people but sometime gotta be the first, right?
/rummages around in my pockets for my id once we approach the bouncer, sending you a displeased look when you comment on my height
i bet, married and stuff. i'm glad! i'll be happy too once i've gotten a few drinks in me
tiny dancer? pretty sure i haven't stopped growing yet
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin Ooh my biggest fan hey?
You're not gonna like kidnap me because you're obsessed right?
*grinning as I head towards the entrance with you, glancing up as I nod
Honestly I'm really good. How about you?
Youre shorter than i expected. Named you tiny dancer in my phone for a reason
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung /doesn't mind the hug at all, rather circles your shoulders with one arm to answer the hug, the grin only spreading on my lips
it's nice to see you in the flesh, taehyung!
i'm your biggest fan
/elbows your side a bit, jokingly, chuckling before i motion towards the entrance with my free hand, arm still slung around your shoulders as i lead the way
how are you doing?
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin *looks up with a grin when I hear you call me, stuffing my phone back into my pocket as I push off the wall, waiting for you to get across
*wraps my arms around you in a tight hug without checking if it's okay first
It's so good to see you!
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung /upon deciding on the location i had hurried to get ready, taking a quick shower before i changed into some tight jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, my favorite bomber jacket hanging off my shoulders/
hey, taehyung!
/i throw my hand up in the air, waving as i crossed the street, hurrying up before the lights would change, then stopping before you with a wide grin/
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin *arrives at the club first, dressed in a casual but nice outside, decked out with all my accessories as usual, and waits for you outside, leaning against a wall casually, my phone in my hands and i switch between texting you and hoshi and checking the time, knowing that i'm way too early but i was excited to have a night out after the honeymoon*
Angelina Ryu 1 year ago
the bass to the genuinely terrible, but rightfully hype edm song playing over the club's hi-def speakers throbbed in won's veins and rattled her bones as she pushed through the already thick crowd of people, second drink held high above her head to prevent yet another spill. the front of her fitted red dress already brandished a sizable, but drying stain that was thankfully covered by the much-too-large blazer of the party host. when she thought down to it, it probably looked like she was here with some guy. "good," she murmured the thought aloud, finding a pillar to post herself at. her free hand lifted to shove her long fringe, in desperate need of a trim, up out of her face. eyes scanning the lower floor for familiar faces, both to avoid and to hit up later, she tipped the contents of her glass past ruby tinted lips.


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carpediem 1 year ago
ciao, take care
12cf7f90d15ff7da4ebb 1 year ago
love you all. maybe some other time ♡
revblinks 1 year ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 1 year ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 1 year ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
8acc2c4735ff21ed4709 1 year ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
thelema 1 year ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 1 year ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 1 year ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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