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Momo Hirai 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon "You're not a burden to me and I don't think you'll ever be a burden. And okay, I'm always up for random hugs hehe." Momo said as she smiled at him as she did the same, digging a fork into one of the chips and eating it. "I will, and just know that I'm always here for you too." She said after eating a fry and smiling again.
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@Momo Hirai "I didn't say it was bad, please. I actually like that fuzzy feeling, and uh, cheering me up- I don't want to be a burden but if I just hug you out of nowhere, you know what's up", he replies in a lighthearted tone, letting out a small laugh. He failed to notice the incoming waiter though, putting the plate of cottage fries in front of them- it had him grinning once more, digging his fork into one of the chips for a bite. "I guess that's the appetizer. And if you need anything, Momo, just know I'm always just here, okay?"
Momo Hirai 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon Momo nodded and smiled before taking his hand in hers. "Fuzzy feelings aren't bad things either. And if you're ever thinking lowly about yourself, tell me so I can cheer you up. That's one of the many reasons why I'm here." She said as she gazed at him. "Yeah, so thinking of the worst sometimes isn't a bad thing." She replied after listening to him.
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@Momo Hirai "I really have no words to express what kind of fuzzy feelings you give me, geez", He replied with his hands cupping his cheeks, giving them a few pats before squishing them to distract him from the growing smile he had coming. But everyone only knew the tip of the iceberg - or so he'd like to assume and think. "Yeah- the anxiety did help me stock up food for a year even without a pandemic happening. But jokes aside, you're right. I'll do better".
Momo Hirai 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon "Well, I can always help you try to see all the good in everything, including yourself. I am your wife after all, so I'd be honored to help you see just how much of a fantastic husband you are and for you to see the good in certain things." Momo said with a smile. "I love you because you're you, woonie. And seeing the worst in things isn't always a bad thing... it could also be a good way to protect the people around you, yourself included." She said before taking a sip of water.
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@Momo Hirai "Mm, sweet tooth?" Dongwoon guessed. Listening on, there was only a feeling of embarrassment surging through him, leaving hues of red dusted across his cheeks. No, he couldn't really see in him whatever Momo did. It made him feel smaller, and he wanted to sink down into his seat just so she wouldn't see how he was. Instead, he smiled at her, not before he gulped down the water in the glass in front of him in an attempt to calm himself down. "I just try to be— I mean, you're like the nicest, most perfect woman. I don't know, I just feel like you're all the good things. You deserve it. Thanks for thinking that I am like that though. I'd like to think I'm a work in progress", he trailed off, meeting her gaze. "I love you for that. You always see the good things, but me? I just see whatever that worst is that could happen".
Momo Hirai 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon "Oh I'm a pig with desserts." Momo said with a giggle. "I found you to be the most interesting guy I've ever met. I don't think we would ever end on a bad note. When I first saw you, I saw a gentleman, a kind gentleman who I was sure would treat me right. And I was correct on all my assumptions." Momo said as the waiter brought them complimentary water before leaving the table. "No I wasn't weirded out, I was impressed actually. The fact you're so cool in the chat with all of the memes and weird stuff you'd say and then in reality you're a humble gentleman who is constantly in his own mind, thinking about things. But there's nothing wrong with any of that and I love you for all of it, flaws included even though I can't find any flaws with you Woonie." Momo said with a smile as she gazed into his eyes.
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@Momo Hirai "Oh please, eat your heart out. I have no problems at all with eating because I'm a pig myself- but uh, maybe just with meat?" Chuckling with a shake of his head, he raised his hand to call for a waiter. Fortunately, one was near enough to take their orders in a moment, adding wine to their orders for himself. Returning his attention to answering the question, he tapped on the fabric of the table, trying to organize what his thoughts had pulled out. "Uh, honestly, I thought you were this really soft girl- and well, I wasn't wrong. You're soft as . And I couldn't help but think just how much of me do you need to know before we end in a show". His voice became softer at the end, clicking his tongue in an attempt to dismiss it. "Mm, what about you though? With the amount of bull I pulled in the chat, I'm surprised you aren't too weirded out".
Momo Hirai 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon "Mmm that sounds good. I think I'll have the filet mignon and a salad with a side of cheesy toast. Ooh and I'll also have some soju." Momo said. "What can I say? I'm hungry." She said with a grin. "Oh and the cottage fries sound delicious." She added. "So, I never did ask you this before but... what did you think of me when you first saw me? Just asking out if curiosity and conversation." Momo asked.
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@Momo Hirai Locking the car and leaving it on park, he had walked inside with Momo, fortunately arriving in the place late enough to have only a few people being served. Taking the seat across from her, he takes a skim at the menu before looking up to give a reply. "I'm gonna get the glazed slab bacon for sure. Also thinking of trying the cottage fries- what do you think?"
Momo Hirai 1 year ago
@Son Dongwoon "Yeah let's." She said with a smile as she took his hand after getting out of the car. She walked in with him and the place wasn't too crowded, so it didn't take long to get a table. "I wonder what yummy stuff they have on the menu?" Momo asked after sitting down and opening the menu.
Son Dongwoon 1 year ago
@Momo Hirai As they reached the restaurant, he took a quick look at the mirror and fixed his hair once more before he got out of the vehicle, opening the other door for Momo. Flashing a smile, he reached out his hand. "Mm, let's go?"
Min Yoongi 1 year ago
@Cha Eunwoo Oh, could he be a more swoony heart eyed school boy whenever Eunwoo gave him an ounce of affection. It was so silly but his heart pittered and pattered all the same. He took the flowers in his hands and stared at them with wide eyes--it'd been the first time he'd been gifted flowers on his birthday. "Yes, thank you Eunwoo this is by far the sweetest and most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. You're truly my angel." he smiled at his lover-- a radiant smile filled with warmth and adoration. His cheeks looked liked squishy marshmallows with blush dusted over them. "You know how to pick all the right things for me..." he said softly as he sat down. He bit his lip to hold back another smile but it was impossible not to smile in the presence of his Eunwoo.

Yoongi couldn't help but try to make himself smaller over Eunwoo's touching toast. His face was a complete tomato and he squirmed in his seat before he clinked his glass with his husband's and mumbled a soft "Thank you." He sipped it quickly and his lips. "I hope that we get to celebrate so much more beyond today. Oh, yes lets have dinner--you've been working all day so you must be hungry--wait gifts? There's more--oh no thats too much Eunwoo you've done so much already." Yoongi flustered and shaked his head--Man, why does he have to be so cute? "Lets eat first angel."
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Kim Sohyun Soojin arrive at the restaurant soon after she go the text from Sohyun who is also a few minutes away from the said location,parks her car in the parking lot behind the place and rush in to the restaurant to meet with her friend.Opens the door as she begin searching for the girl only to find her in front of the front desk,walking behind her and gently taps on Sohyun's shoulder." Hello there beautiful,sorry i was a little late.Let's find ourselves a table and then we can order,yeah? " Taking her hand and lead her to table that she previously reserved for them,smiles happily as she got to see her friend after a long week of practicing and lessons.
Jung Yoona 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin Since the news of nullification of the season 5 and her involvement in the show coming to an abrupt halt, she had no idea how else she would have spent the remaining block of leave she had applied for earlier for the show. After chatting for a while in the chatroom, she had managed to seek out an acquaintance in need of some food and accompaniment in which Sohyun willingly volunteered for. She stepped out of the apartment complex she stayed in and took a moment to look up at the slightly gloomy sky, letting out a small sigh before vibration from her phone alerted her to an arrival of a text message in which she was prompted to take it out of her crossbody bag and slided her thumb across the screen to read it. She replied back as such:

[Text to: Soojin ✩ ]
- hey girl! I will be reaching in a few minutes too. See you there!

The text was sent and she quickened her walking pace to get to the rendenzous, reaching it in only half a hour which usually took her a hour if she was to walk and yes, she ran all the way. Perspiring despite the cooling weather, she pushed open the door and panted as her gaze roamed over the restaurant to seek out the girl she could only spot by a display picture of.
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Kim Sohyun Looking at the mirror as Soojin gets ready for a lovely dinner with her friend,putting some light makeup before going back to the bedroom to grab her purse.Just when she about to walkout the house,she runs back to the bedroom to grab her phone then head out of the house again.Soojin gets into her car as she drive to the said location,humming to the music on the radio and smile happily.She texts her friend when she was at a stop,telling her that she will be there in a few minutes.
Jeon Somin 1 year ago
@Min Yoongi When he saw his darling husband, he stood up and took his hand in his, kissing over his knuckles. "My love," he said in a soft voice as he handed him the bouquet and brought him closer to him. "I'm so happy you like it. The workers here did wonderfully, didn't they?" With a soft chuckle, he pulled Yoongi's seat out and helped him sit down before he seated himself across from him. "You look so stunning, kitten. That color truly suits you the best." Eunwoo couldn't take his eyes off of Yoongi. He looked like an actual prince, a real angel who was sent down from the Heavens just for him. In his family, it was only right to have an extravagant celebration of some sort, and he wasn't going to change that now. Yoongi was now his family, too, and he would make sure this special day was celebrated well.

Soon, a waiter came over and presented a bottle of champagne before popping it open and pouring them each a glass. "Thank you, sir," said Eunwoo and lifted his glass. "Cheers to you, my sweet husband. May we spend many more celebrations such as this one together. I hope you enjoy your evening with me and feel so cherished and loved because you are. I thank the Gods above for allowing you to come into this world and for allowing us to find one another," with that, he clinked his glass with Yoongi's and took a sip. "Would you care to have some dinner first, or would you rather open your gifts?" Eunwoo asked with his charming smile pulling at the corners of his lips. "I want this to go however you'd like it, honey."
Min Yoongi 1 year ago
@Cha Eunwoo Birthdays were never a big deal in Yoongi's family so he hadn't felt the need to celebrate. He only wanted to spend the night together with his husband--maybe order some take-out and watch a movie while cuddling. So, he is throughly suprised to see the note and the suit Eunwoo picked out for him. Yoongi read it and feel a swarm of butterflies unleashed in his tummy fluttering about happily. Yoongi smile a little to myself before taking the suit and going off to shower and get ready. Not, long after his hair is fluffed and dried, he's dressed imaculately thanks to his angel-like husband. He dabs rose oil on his lips and a soft lavander oil on his wrist and neck. Once he's ready he step out and let your men take him to our destination--excited to see his love.

At last they arrive and Yoongi is nearly terribling with excitement and a bit nerves--he couldn't help it surprises could be so unsettling. Though he trusted whatever Eunwoo had planned. He was ushered into the restuarant and looked around with wide eyes--it was all so fancy and nice he could hardly believe it. "woah..." he was glad he was dressed so nice but again that was thanks to his husband--who knew him well enough to pick out the perfect outfit. He reached the host's stand and began to speak but they only smiled and led him towards a table. Yoongi first sees his husband and feels his heart swell up instantly with warmth and ache--he wanted to be closer. "Eunwoo," he said softly as he appoarched the table and saw how lovely it was set up. "This is beautiful..." he murmured softly and reached for his husband with a smile. "Thank you."
Jeon Somin 1 year ago
@Min Yoongi It had been a busy couple of days since they arrived back in Seoul and moved into their new home, but they wouldn't keep Eunwoo from celebrating such a big day: Yoongi's birthday. He had dressed himself in a nice pastel blue suit after a photoshoot and had a couple of his men drop off a lovely lavender suit for Yoongi with a note that read, "My darling husband, I'm so sorry for being busy most of the day. Allow me to make it up to you this evening, okay? I picked out this suit myself and would love to see you wearing it tonight. Get dressed and allow my men to drive you to your destination. I love you and will see you soon. xx Eunwoo"

He had already made the reservations earlier that morning, so everything was readied for them. Stepping out of his car, he smoothed out his suit and made his way inside the restaurant where he was led to the back and shown his table. It was decorated beautifully for their romantic dinner together just as he had asked. He noticed the gift bags placed neatly next to his own chair where the bouquet of white and pink peonies and red roses lay. Quickly, he took the bouquet and smiled to the waiter. "Please have the candles lit soon. I can imagine he will be here in no time. Thank you for working so hard," with a bow, he headed outside to wait for his handsome husband.
Isabella Peschardt 1 year ago
@Kwon Hyuk i sure do~ who exactly are you gonna report me to, narc?
*grins cheekily, idly sticking my hands in my coat pockets before laughing and removing them to hold up a couple of fists as well*
let's go, hyuk. i ain't afraid of you, bro
*without looking up from the menu, i nod and accompany it with a hum*
it's totally good news, my guy. don't worry~ if it was bad news, i'd be totally upset and serious about everything
*glances up at you, chuckling*
burgers on the mind, ah? then get one! i'm getting one, one-thousand percent. just gotta decide what kind...maybe a teriyaki pineapple one...
*purses my lips, brows furrowing a little*
Kwon Hyuk 1 year ago
@Isabella Peschardt /snorts even going as far as rolling my eyes to pretend I'm annoyed with your words.
so bella fella is the one to tease people? that's no good, I'm reporting you– /clicks my tongue, raising both my brows playfully just to stop to look at you/ who you calling psycho? you wanna fight? /playfully holds up my fists only to drop them back to my sides, peeking around for a vacant table
/takes a seat across from you, peeking st the menu as well, head nodding a couple times to you/ you're making me curious though, are they good news? /scrunching my nose, I read through the menu even though I'm not exactly paying attention to what I'm reading through/ ever since you mentioned the burgers I cant stop thinking about them. it's kinda stupid. /mumbles under my breath, tapping my fingers gently against the table silently
Isabella Peschardt 1 year ago
@Kwon Hyuk i am one-hundred and ten percent teasing you
*i confirm through a laugh, nodding firmly and then tilting my head a bit, a natural listening quirk, as you continue to speak*
you ran? dude, that's wild. i could have waited a little longer, you psycho
*scoffs another laugh, shaking my head*
yeah, i'm lowkey ravenous. i ate the bare minimum all day with my running around.
*happily claps my hands while we walk in*
but yes, the news! i'll tell you as soon as we're settled, i promise
*finds an empty table and sits down, my hands immediately finding the menu to begin scanning for choices*
Kwon Hyuk 1 year ago
@Isabella Peschardt /accusingly points my finger at you before gasping quietly at the teasing you brought up for my tardiness/ are you teasing me, bella? /squints, arms crossing over my chest for a couple moments before I snort knowing I am nowhere near offended for such behaviour./ it's an accomplishment that I wasnt that late, believe me. with all the way i had to run back– /mutters to myself, shivering upon recalling how long I walked the wrong direction for
hm, let's go then. food shall never wait. and I'm also really curious over what it is that you have to tell me /hums, pushing myself towards the door/ alright bella, come on, I'm starting to get really hungry.
Isabella Peschardt 1 year ago
@Kwon Hyuk *not too keen on standing the entire undetermined wait time, i lean against the restaurant's storefront and decide to keep myself replying to emails and other messages. with all of the people milling about, i don't notice you approaching until you're right within my peripheral and i glance up at your voice*
oh! you made it~
*i shake my head at the apology, pocketing my phone in instead to offer a light round of teasing applause*
good job, congrats on only getting a tiny little bit lost
*gestures up to the restaurant while standing straight once again*
i read that this place has pretty good eats, so i figured why not give it whack
Kwon Hyuk 1 year ago
@Isabella Peschardt /takes in a deep breath to stop myself from panting seeing I have ran all the way here upon realizing I was following the wrong directions until deciding to actually get the gps going. my eyes quickly scan the surroundings having me frown as I look for someone alike you by what I've seen on social media.
oh! /I mutter to myself once i manage to find you, quickly making my way to you as i shove my phone in my pocket./ hi! /calls out as I stand in front of you with a rather soft smile, hoping not to make things awkward/ I'm really sorry for the wait, I managed to take the wrong way while looking at the directions you provided. did you decide what you're having yet?
Jung Nicole 1 year ago
@Kim Kibum [[Shall continye after the pairings]]
Keith Powers 1 year ago
@Naressa Valdez If he had the ability to blush, his cheeks would have reddened right then and there; but Keith wasn’t the shy type at all. His tongue clapped against his teeth in a tsk sound, playing her musings and compliments off coolly even though his tummy ruptured with butterflies. Despite all odds, it was nearly impossible to hide the grin on his face so he gave up altogether when it came to cheesing.
Dude, hell yes! Their spicy chicken burger is good but I’ll be honest and say I love their pulled beef and bacon one. Think we should have just ordered instead?
He thought out loud, appreciating how willing she was when it came to indulging into food. She sounded as ic as he did and he found that funny as well endearing. When she mentioned having mustard with her fries, he raised his eyebrows, wondering just how that combination worked when the slight mischief in her twang rang in his ears. His expression of wonder relaxed into a mild smirk.
Girl, you bet. I may be a Cali boy but you know I got that creole spice, what you mean lil mama.
He laughed, swagger so easy as he relaxed back in his seat and watched the waiter place their food down, rim of his glass of wine against his lips so he could take a sip and nodded.
Eat well, princess. And thank you for coming to this date with me.
Naressa Valdez 1 year ago
@Keith Powers You’re already being wonderful, no need to change a thing...
She assured Keith, charming smile still present on her features as her eyes observed the way his thumb gently caressed over her small digits, his enthusiasm about food —and pretty much anything he seemed passionate with, making her chuckle along in adoration.
Have you tried their spicy crispy chicken burger? That thing is the bomb, I’m telling you !
At the puckering of his lips, Naressa couldn’t help but to give his hand a gentle squeeze, appreciative over the fact that the male was genuinely thinking about a good answer, his response confirming that perhaps the two could be one hell of a good match.
Good answer, I even sometimes go for mustard— when feeling a bit..spicy
Her last word lingering in the air for a moment as she had flashed him a playful wink, reluctantly pulling her hand out of his grip once their food was brought to the table and placed in front of them.
This smells so good, wow..Bon appétit, Keith
Keith Powers 1 year ago
@Naressa Valdez he wasn’t lying when he said he felt like she was a fellow spirit, her tone loving and gentle as they slowly got to know each other. Keith hadn’t expected such empathy and even the semblance of recognition but here they were. Nodding, his tongue laved at the corner of his mouth, a somber grin on his tiers.
You’re right, we got time for that . Let’s enjoy tonight, okay? And I’ll try being the best date I can be, I promise.
He laughed, his thumbs brushing over her dainty one in distracted patterns even as he spied her cheeks flushing and kept up the close proximity.
Aw yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! People don’t talk enough about their fries, bruh!
The excited chimes caused him to chuckle again, her own zealousness when it came to the similar tastes they had causing his own heart to skip a beat in his chest. But her question was serious, at least that’s how he took it; a pensive pout later, after seriously contemplating both choices, he shrugged and shook his head.
Both, to be honest. Mayo for when I want that greasy and thick feeling and ketchup as a classic and light one. You?
[H] Kim Kibum [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Nicole /takes a seat across from you, arching an eyebrow as I see you so busy on the tablet/
All work and no play? What are you doing over there? I mean, if I may ask.
/watches you with the soup, grinning to myself before i take out my spoon and absentmindedly stir the contents of my own bowl
It's not a problem. Besides, what are friends for? Also, that is only the starter


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carpediem 1 year ago
ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
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later guys,love,very much
shoshin 1 year ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 1 year ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
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hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
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Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
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