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Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru nodded as she looked at Soojin. "Yeah, Sou really like getting out outside and hanging out with people. He's really a friendly kid," Miru said as she patted Sou's head as he smiled at them as he was just drinking his juice. Miru took the juice as she opened it up. She took a sip as she nodded. "It's really good. I have to buy some of these juices for Sou and me," Miru nodded as she looked at Soojin just offering a smile. She nodded as she listened to Soojin speak as she was finishing setting up the food for their picnic. "You better be taking care of yourself and stuff 'cause both of us wouldn't want you to get sick," Miru said as she shrugged a bit.

"Yeah, things are a little crazy out there - but I work from home already so I am pretty used to this. Although, it is hard when Sou and I want to take a walk or go to the park to play," She said as she looked at her. "I hope that this all ends as well, so everyone can get better and no else gets sick," Miru said as she shrugged again. "I had a lot of free time to make some stuff, and Sou helped me a little. It is just some fruit, carrots, sandwiches, kimbap, and rice balls," Miru said as she had finished opening all the containers. Miru placed Sou's bib on his neck as she made him a plate of a couple mini sandwiches, some fruit, carrots, and a couple of pieces of kimbap. "Get as much as you want, Soojin," Miru nodded to her
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Watching Sou enjoying the time they get to spend together makes her even more happy since her rarely have these kind of fun especially she is keeping herself busy with her own business and now she is even working with people for collaboration for her studio."I think this little guy really enjoy this kind of hangout huh? I can see his excitement in his eyes." Soojin chuckles softly as she nods her head when Sou said he likes the juice that she prepared for them,handing one bottle to Miru as well for her to taste it as well." You try this too,is not that sweet and all natural nutrition too."

"Don't worry,I always take care of myself~ Although with everything that's going in the world right now is kind of bored but at the same time is a good thing,since everyone is staying at home." Soojin smiles happily as she sits down on the blanket with her legs crossed with each other,looking into the sky and sighs in relief." Hope this whole thing will be over soon,so everything will go back to normal..." She looks back at the two sitting next to her,open one of the bottle as she take a small sip before speaks again." What is all this,Miru? You know I can bring some food as well right? "
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru shook her head as she looked at her friend. "No, you weren't late at all," She said as she looked at her. Sou nodded at Soojin as he picked up another fruit from his bowl as he stuffed in his mouth as they walked into the park to find a spot to sit down and eat. Sou looked up at Soojin as she spoke just smiling at her. "'Kay, noona," Sou said as he held his fruit bowl to save some for them to share as he walked in between Soojin and his mom. Miru turned to Soojin as she spoke. "You need to not work so late all the time - but I am glad that you got some decent sleep. Both of us are excited about this meeting too," Miru said as she looked at her.

Miru looked at the spot that Soojin found as she smiled. "This spot is great, let me lay down a blanket," Miru said as she pulled their picnic blanket as she laid it out as Sou sat down on it on just patting on it as he looked at Soojin. "Sit, sit," He babbled just stretching out his legs as he set his bowl of candy fruit in his lap as he reached up to his shoulders just pulling his backpack off his shoulders as he held out to Miru as she took it. Miru smiled as she watched Soojin and interacting as she placed Sou's backpack next to her. She was focused on taking out the different food and snacks that she had prepared for them to have for lunch. Sou turned to Soojin as he was handed the fruit juice as he smiled. He took the juice from her as he took a sip from it just smiling and doing a little dance in his spot. "Good, noona," Sou took another drink just holding out is candy fruit to her.
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Soojin smiles happily at the both of them as Sou share his candy with her,the cute boy is making her day fee a lot better especially she just had a really long day at work yesterday in the studio making new routine till the middle of the night." Thank god,I was afraid that I will be late for this.And thank you Sou,noona will eat it later,okay? " She pats the boy's head gently and look back at Miru,nods her head and holds the juice in her hand until they can find a good spot to sit." But for now,let's find a place to rest then we can eat the candy together,okay?" Soojin speaks softly at Sou as they walk side to side with each other." My day has been okay,just a little tired since I was working till midnight last night.But I'm okay now since I got some decent sleep in me,and i'm really excited for today's meeting as well."

Soojin finds a spot under the big tree where they will have a lot of shades to rest,so it won't be hot for the little Sou.She lead both of them to the spot as she carries some of the bags with Miru,smiles softly at them as Soojin set down the bags on the grass as soon as they reaches the spot." What do you think here?Is cool and not that hot because of the tree is blocking the heat." Soojin sits down on the grass and putting her bag next to her before open the fruit juice bag for Sou,handing one of them to him before smiles." Here you go,dear. I hope you like this one,this is one of my favorite kind of juice."
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru looked up from her phone as she smiled as she watched Soojin walking up towards them as she waved to the girl as Sou was busy showing fruit in his mouth to notice her right away until she started speaking. "Hey, it's fine - we haven't been waiting long. Besides Sou has a snack so he's been occupied so he didn't even notice," Miru laughed as she tapped the boy on the head. "Soojin got something for you," She said as Sou looked up. He wiped his hand on his shorts as he waved to Soojin with a mouth full of sugar and strawberry. Sou jumped in his spot as he looked at the fruit juice.

"Noona, candy!" Sou held out his bowl of sugar sprinkled fruit as at her with one hand as he carefully took the juices from Soojin as he couldn't hold them all and his fruit. Miru bent down just taking the bag as she took one juice out just handing it to Sou. "What do you say?" Miru said as she looked at him. "Thankie," Sou babbled out as he still held out his bowl to Soojin. He kind of shook it at her just beaming up at her. "He is trying to share his snack with you," Miru told Soojin as she chuckled a bit. "Come on, Sou - you can share later. We need to find a good spot so we can eat," Miru patted his head as she gently moved him along. "So how has your day been so far?" Miru asked as she looked at Soojin.
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Since today is her day off from all the dancing practices and lesson teaching she make plan to meet up with Miru and little Sou for a picnic at the the park near their house,she dressed in casual cloth since it's a hot day outside today.She grabs some fruit juice bottles on the way out knowing that Sou love juices,lock the door as she walk out the door before getting into her car.She looks at the address again as she start driving to the destination,humming to the radio with excitement.Still remember the last time they hangout at the coffee shop together,it was a great memory for Soojin for sure.Just when she drowns herself in the thought of that she arrives at the park,parking in the car on the side of the road before getting out of the car.Right when she about to lock the car she realize that fruit juices are still in the car,so she immediately grabs them from the passenger side and then locked the car after.

Soojin has the juices in one hand and her purse in the other hand,happily walking toward the park before she saw two figures standing at the entrance of the park.She tries to wave at them but both of her hands are busy carrying stuffs,so she run toward them instead." Miru and little Sou~ Sorry if I came a little late,I forgot something in the car." She apologizes to them as she hands the juices to Sou,smiles happily at him."Here,I got something for you,noona knows you love fruit juices so i got some of my favorite ones from the house."
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru was walking down the sidewalk to the park small park that was located near their apartment as they had plans to meet up with Soojin today to have a picnic and hang out with each other. Sou was walking in front of Miru as he was holding the straps of his backpack with one hand as he brought along his crayons, sketchbook, and whatever else the boy wanted to bring with him today. With his other hand, he was holding his water bottle just sipping on it as they walked because it was hot-hot outside already. Miru was holding the picnic basket filled with their lunch and other snacks to share with everyone. "Are you excited to see Soojin-noona?" Miru asked Sou as he nodded just having a snapback on backward to protect his head from the sun.

"Yay, Soo-noona!" Sou waved his hands just spilling some water on the ground. Miru reached out and snapped the mouth piece of the waterbottle closed as she stopped Sou from walking just putting it the side pocket of his backpack. "You can have some more later when we eat," Miru told him as he took hold of her hand just pulling her along. "Slow your roll, little one. We won't be late. We have to wait by the entrance anyway fro Soojin or how will she know where we are in the park?" Miru walked behind Sou as he still held onto her hand with his as they walked. Miru stopped by a street vendor on the way just buying a small bowl sugar covered strawberries and other fruit for Sou since he was starting to make that whiny 'I want food face'. "You have to share when Soojin gets here," Miru took the fruit Sou handed to her as they stood by the entrance of the park just waiting for Soojin.
[H] Maxence Danet-Fauvel 10 months ago
@Lee Jooyoung "putain," maxence cringed. he felt like he could almost feel the distaste in his mouth. his acting coach was going to be so disappointed in him if he was to learn about this absolutely terrible aim. he stood at the side, eyes slightly unfocused as he revelled in the feeling of having hit a person outside of acting for the first time. then he came back into focus at the violence that unfolded in front of him—jooyoung almost ripping the man's skin off by dragging him along the rough gravel floor. all of these combined had maxence feeling an adrenaline rush, and he was back on his feet, running towards the man struggling against his friend's hold before he slammed the bat against the man's midriff with a grunt, getting a shriek in return. he repeated his swings a few times at different locations on the man, and swore he heard something crack in him.
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
@Cha Hakyeon Miru shook her head as she was starting to slowly catch on to what his profession was as he said he was meeting up with someone but they had canceled on - and he was too focused on his phone. I mean, he could have been actually meeting a friend or a date - but she had seen these types of signs with her father and his men that would come around all the time to drop off stuff for Sou and her. The was a pause on her face as she heard his name, but played it off like she had gotten distracted by Sou watching them. "It's nice to meet you, Hakyeon," Miru answered as she watched him crouch down to get on eye level with Souske. She knew that Sou understood him but he wasn't quite to talking just yet. He babbled a lot and would say one-word things of things he knew. She was working on it with him.

Souske nodded at Hakyeon as he smiled at him. "Yes!" Sou chirped in Japanese, smacking his sticky hand ontop of Hakyeon's just squealing a bit. Sou also quickly picked up one of his strawberries and placed in Hakyeon's hand just pushing it at him as he clapped his hands.
Cha Hakyeon [A] 10 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Distracted by the fact that he had already failed this mission, Hakyeon hadn't been paying attention to Miru. Now, with his phone put away and his decision to give up on the mission, he realized how rude he was being just after she thanked him for helping. "I'm sorry," He said, deciding he could at least introduce himself. He felt as if he had offended her, and that wasn't his intention. "That was rather rude of me. The name's Hakyeon."

In his line of work, they were often advised not to use their real names on a regular basis. In most circumstances, Hakyeon didn't bother coming up with a fake name on the spot - as they were also advised not to use the same names again and again. Keeping up with multiple identities was exhausting, and Hakyeon only bothered with it when he felt the need.

He knelt down so that he was as close to eye level as he could reasonably get to the boy. "And you take good care of your mother, young man," He said with a soft smile, holding out his hand in hopes that the kid would at least give him five or something.
Chou Tzuyu 10 months ago
Tzuyu let out a soft hum as she walked around with Jiyong secured in a carrier around her chest. Diaper bag hanging off her shoulder. She smiled as he made little noises as she walked. "Ah... I know... Three months old today~. Aren't you, Jiyong~?" She hummed, kissing the baby's hat covered head. "Mmm... It's a nice day for a walk... You need the fresh air~."
Lee Jooyoung 10 months ago
@[H] Maxence Danet-Fauvel in the midst of her desperate attempt to break free from the man's hold, the string of curses breaking free from her tiers were put to a halt as she heard the loud cry that was quick to embrace the stillness of the night. Despite meeting each other for the first time, Jooyoung was quick to note that this level of stupidity would only come from Maxence himself. More than anything, she was terrified of her friend ing things up—as one futile attempt could bring her straight to hell. Figures, heaven's doors weren't made for her after all. A grunt pushes itself past her system once she was released rather abruptly, "ing hell," rubbing the back of her head which may or may have not acquired a few scratches. Disregarding her own recovery for a quick minute, Jooyoung quickly gets up from the ground and runs towards the disoriented male—pouncing right at him for a headlock before screaming a tantalizing roar. With the adrenaline pumping through every fiber of her being, she pulls her weight along with his to the ground, locking his neck around her joints as tightly as possible—her ambers shooting daggers towards her baffled friend staring at the violence in front of him, "Beat him to sleep! Now!"
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
@Cha Hakyeon Souske just smiled at Hakyeon as he squealed a bit as he waved at him thinking that he was hi to him or just waving at him. Souske finished the container of ice cream as he picked up his sippy cup again Miru hugged the picnic basket that she had as she shrugged a bit. Miru handed Souske an open container of strawberries so he wouldn't get up and wander off or get cranky. "And, I am grateful for it - but I can take care of myself since I've been doing it all my life - but so much Korean at one time got me overwhelmed a bit as it's not my first language," Miru shook her head a bit as she looked at him.

"I mean, you didn't have to have to help me so it is kind of a big deal to me. People usually don't like to help single moms around here because of the stigma or some crap," She shrugged as she then laughed a bit. "I mean, I don't blame you - most of this food is steered to Sou. Plus I am not good of a cook," Miru said as she looked at him as she nodded. "It's nice to meet you too, uhm?" Miru trailed off as he hadn't said his name as he was busy looking at his phone. "Oh well, don't you hate when that happens. Hopefully, you can reschedule with whoever that you were supposed to meet," Miru responded as she had been wondering why he looked so familiar as she couldn't quite place it at the moment.

"We will, and don't worry - he's taken care of really well. He's only got me but we get by," Miru said as she looked at him. "I mean, if you have nothing else to do - there is really good street food on the left side of the exit of the park - I used to eat there all the time when I partied and spent all my money on booze if picnic food isn't your style," Miru teased a bit as she waved bye to him. "Thanks again, and have a good rest of your day," Miru told him as she sat down back just taking out some diaper wipes just cleaning up Sou bit as he was shoving a half-eaten strawberry in his mouth.
[H] Maxence Danet-Fauvel 10 months ago
@Lee Jooyoung the ringtone came from somewhere near him. and had it not been a dire situation, maxence would have laughed out loud. he gathered himself together and stepped out from hiding, quickening his pace towards the direction of the sound. there, he heard some commotion, followed by a familiar voice cursing out his name. it didn't take a genius to know jooyoung was in danger for real now, because of the text he'd sent without thinking it through. but now wasn't the time to blame anyone, he figured he'd just explain himself later and beg for forgiveness. maxence adjusted the dense bat in his palms, the fighting lessons from his acting classes coming back to him all at once. "just swing at his back, you got this," maxence mumbled to himself, his heart beating in his throat as he rushed forward. he let out a loud cry as he pulled his arms backwards and swung his bat violently at the man, missing his back by a mile due to miscalculation and landing the smack on the man's nape instead. he skidded to a stop to watch the man wince loudly, losing his grip on jooyoung as his hand flew to clasp at the source of his pain.
Lee Jooyoung 10 months ago
@Maxence Danet-Fauvel The female was occupied with hugging her knees close to her chest while her orbs continued to aggressively scan the vicinity spread in front of her, only to have her jump out of her hiding space as she got her friend's text. Remembering to mentally curse and drag Max's soul later on, the Super Mario theme song serenades the stillness of the night and it took her quite a long while to immediately grab her phone from her pocket and shut the notification. Soon after, the crickets hummed along with the deafening silence embracing her already mortified soul—someone was behind her. Marking her foot on the hardened ground, Jooyoung was ready to plunge for a sprint when she was yanked violently from behind by her enemy—her body falling backward as she was dragged along rubble. And there were only two words that she managed to let out, "Goddamnit, Maxence!"
[H] Maxence Danet-Fauvel 10 months ago
@Lee Jooyoung maxence doesn't know who or what he's about to face. the only thing he knows is that his friend shot him a panic text, and he needed to move fast. he pocketed his phone and jogged down the hallway to his kitchen to take his trusty burglar bat. the idea of going for the knife did cross his mind for a split second, but he i) doesn't know how to fight with one and ii) figured that he didn't want real blood on his hands... for now. he continued out the door and took quick strides towards the park, looking around for signs of jooyoung. his footsteps slowed and came to a halt behind a tree after failing to spot her. fishing his phone out, maxence shot jooyoung a quick "im here wya?"
Cha Hakyeon [A] 10 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Hakyeon smiled down at the little boy who was trying to offer his ice cream, and he shook his hand as if to say "no thank you." He looked behind himself to make sure the bullies weren't going to decide to come back, and he frowned when the girl assured him that she could usually handle the situation herself. He knew that her thanks sounded genuine, and it probably was, but he didn't do this to get thanked. Not to mention, this whole event probably caused him to miss his target, which was going to cause him to fail his mission. That was something he'd have to deal with at HQ later. "I'm sure you could have handled yourself," Hakyeon agreed, not trying to sound rude, but that's probably how it came off. If not sarcastic. "It just didn't feel right to turn a blind eye when I noticed you had a kid with you."

He was a little surprised as she grabbed the picnic basket and offered him something in return for the help. If a fight had broken out or Hakyeon had put himself in harms way for the situation, he might have accepted the offer. He didn't feel as though he had done anything to deserve such a treat, so he cleared his throat and shook his head. "No thank you," He said. "It wasn't that big of a deal." He took a quick glance around to see if his target was anywhere in sight, but he had lost them. "It's very nice to meet you, Miru," He said. His phone pinged with a message at that time, making him forget to introduce himself as he pulled it out of his pocket to check it. "I was supposed to be meeting someone here," Hakyeon lied without looking up from his phone as he typed out a response. "But they just cancelled on me."

He slid his phone back into his pocket, and looked at Miru again. "Enjoy your picnic," He said as he started to step away. "And take care of that boy of yours."
Lee Jooyoung 10 months ago
@Maxence Danet-Fauvel The rebel could swear that the universe was out for her this time around. Four years of peace perhaps was the end of her bargain ever since she got herself caught in between what may be the most hazardous consequence of her own recklessness. Chuckling to herself as she hid behind a party of tall bushes, Jooyoung felt small for the first time—and there was admittedly a feeling of wanting to just give up and offer her life to relieve her of her sins. Patches of discoloration painted atop the pure plains of her skin glimmered under the moonlight, and her orbs continued to be on heightened alert with her surroundings. In a matter of seconds, she was sure that her enemies would jump on her and as though praying to the saints she never believed in herself, the injured rogue clasped her hands together while keeping a close eye on the scene that embraces her, "What's taking you so long, Max?"
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
@Cha Hakyeon ( It's okay!)

Miru had held Sou close to her as she glared at the individuals saying things to her. "I am sorry you all feel this way - but life happens you know. I love my job and my family are extremely proud of me and if you would maybe look into the person that you are actually talking about I can speak Korean, fairly decently and I did finish art school," Miru spat back as they had stepped on the blanket as suddenly a taller frame was walking their way as she could tell he was familiar but so far away she couldn't really see his features. Was he another person coming to rip her to shreds? She could take it all - she grew up defending herself. She was really all she had when growing up since her parents were barely ever home.

Suddenly, though the tall frame was standing in front of her and Souske as a way to protect them as she watched the crowd disappear as she finally breathed for real as Souske squirmed from her lap as he sat back down legs sprawled out just going back to eating his treat as if he didn't know what had just happened. Miru glanced up to the man as she finally got a real study of his features as her college smacked back int her face as she in a breath then nodded slowly. It was clear that he didn't quite remember her or maybe he didn't by his face - she wasn't quite sure with his more poker typeface. She recognized it up close as many of the guys around her dad bared the same persona even in more normal clothes.

"Yes, we are fine. Thank you," Miru stood up as she looked up to him even why standing. She sighed a bit as she watched Sou shake his container at them. "No, that's yours, Sou, eat it. He doesn't want any of your ice cream," Miru leaned down just ruffling the boy's hair as he squealed at them just looking back down at his container and stuff the spoon his mouth. "Sorry, he likes to share everything with everyone if he can," Miru laughed a bit. "Thank you again, usually I can deal with es and antis like them - but I just overwhelmed with everyone speaking at the same and time - and Sou being there," Miru laughed with a small bow, covering Sou's ears at her curse.

Miru lifted up her picnic basket as she held it out to Hakyeon. "To thank you, would you like some rice balls or fruit snacks? Or maybe chopped up fruit?" She asked as Sou squealed at them again at the word fruit just setting down his spoon in his cup as he made a grabby hand motion for it. "Finish your ice cream first," Miru spoke as it dawned on her that she had introduced herself. "Oh, gosh. I'm Miru and this is Souske. I should have probably introduced myself before offering food to you," Miru hugged the basket as she shook her head
Cha Hakyeon [A] 10 months ago
@Shiroma Miru ((Sorry for the late reply.))

Mundane missions like the one he was set out on today were Hakyeon's least favorite. He hated missions carried out in open areas like this, like the park, where suspicious behavior was obvious to anyone paying the smallest amount of attention. In the days of smart phones and facebook, it became a little easier, but it still took some effort to avoid drawing attention to himself.

For one, he had to wear regular clothes. Which he wasn't very accustomed to, but no one went to the park in a suit unless they were up to some fishy business. So, today, he was sporting a pair of shorts that went just past his knees, and a top that exposed his biceps. On a sunny day like today, he was fortunate enough to be able to get away with a pair of sunglasses and a hat, too.

After a quick jog around the park, keeping an eye out for his target but coming up with nothing, he found an empty bench to sit on while he surveyed the area. He pulled out his phone to look a little less suspicious, but he kept getting distracted by a mother sitting with her child. Normally Hakyeon could stay reasonably focused on his job, but there was just something about the two that kept catching his attention, and he occasionally found his eyes drifting over as if to check on them.

The next time his eyes drifted in that direction, he saw a new group of people gathering near them. At first, he didn't think anything about it until he noticed that this particular group of people wasn't there for a friendly gathering. They appeared to be harassing her, which Hakyeon couldn't allow to happen right in front of his face. Even if it meant losing sight of his target, there was a child involved in the scene unfolding before him. He had to say something.

He stood from the bench, and he slid his phone back into his pocket. He casually made his way over to the group, and he tapped one of the strangers on the shoulder. "Hi, there," He said as the person turned around to look at him. He pushed through the group to stand between them and the mother, and he put his arms up to create some distance between them. "As you can see, she's only trying to enjoy time with her son." Without a kid there, he wouldn't try so hard to avoid getting in a physical fight with them. But he wasn't about to throw punches in front of a child, so he'd handle this like a civilized person. "So if you would, back up and give her some space."

Hakyeon liked to thank his shirt for being showy enough for them to see his defined muscles, but they backed off fairly easily and left them alone. Once they were out of the picture, he turned around to look at the woman who now seemed somewhat familiar to him. He just couldn't place it. "Are you two okay?" He asked.
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
@Cha Hakyeon Miru held Souske's hand as they were walking through the park on a bright sunny day just enjoying their together was their Souske was jumping about as they walked just doing his usual waddle, so they were having to go at a slower pace than most kids - but then again Souske was still little. She smiled as she said something in Japanese as Souske stopped jumping around as she spoke mostly to him Japanese - but also would speak to him in Korean. Japanese was just the most comfortable. She was carrying a small picnic basket as they hadn't lunch yet and Souske wanted to go outside snice it was nice outside then Miru thought it would be a good day to do so. She made her way to nice spot as she let go of Souske's hand, "Do not move a muscle little bear, let mama put down the blanket," Miru laid a blanket for them to sit on as she was not about to sit on the grass so that they could get grass stains that were hard to get out. Even though, Sou would probably get food all over himself. Miru smiled as Sou plopped down next to her just smacking his hands on the blanket as he was handed his sippy cup of water. Miru bopped his nose as he squealed just smacking her hands away as to tell her that he was busy drinking. "Hold still for a second," Miru was trying to put his bib on as he was squirming around just feeling the squishy grass underneath him. She got on him as she tickled his sides as he squealed again just laughing as he laid on his side on the blanket just watching his mom layout the simple containers of chopped up sausages and mini rice balls with crab filling that Sou loved. "Sit up, baby," Miru switched to Korean as people were glancing at him as she had been speaking Japanese before.

Sou sat up just dropping his sippy cup on the blanket as Miru picked ti up just setting his small box of food in front of him as she had the same thing just bigger sizes. She ate quickly as to make sure that she could help Sou with anything that he needed and whatnot. She also checked that the ice cream she had bought earlier was still cold as she had pressed together with two ice packs in a small cooler. She would wipe Sou's face if he got food on it just eating the bits or cleaning up after him.

Once they were done eating, Miru pulled out the small ice cream up that she had gotten. She grabbed Sou just moving him closer to her as she opened up the ice cream just making sure it was soft a little bit for that they both could eat it easier. She stabbed it a couple of time just mixing it around so it was easy to be scooped up by an almost toddler. "Okay, small bites - or I'm going to take it away from you," Miru told Sou as he clapped his hands as he took his spoon while scooped some up just sticking it in his mouth as he bounced up and down enjoying himself as Miru was cleaning up but watching him at the same time.

This is when a small group of people were coming over to them as Miru blinked at them as she figured that they were just coming over to google at Sou - since he was amazingly adorable. "Hello," Miru bowed her head as Sou copied his mother just waving his ice cream up at them and babbling out words that sound like a mix of Korean and Japanese. Miru knew that second that the gave Sou an odd look and dismissed him as he just went back to eating - that they clearly weren't here for anything good. Before Miru could speak, they were throwing some harsh words at her about how a girl like her shouldn't have a kid, were her parents proud of a tramp daughter who can barely draw to save her life, and maybe it would be best for her to move back to Japan. Miru's Korean was okay - she had been speaking it since was nineteen but the so fast comments and some slang she had never heard of rattle her brain as she opened but couldn't speak. She first picked up Sou and put him in her lap to protect him as he whined a bit so Miru made sure he could sit eat. "Please, leave - I am trying to enjoy a little picnic with my son," Miru finally got out.
Staff 3 10 months ago
@Miyawaki Sakura As promised, Christian came to the park wearing some comfortable shorts and a tank top, he wasn't alone as Lori came with him. He knew the little dog would love a run through the whole park, but he wasn't sure if Sakura would approve of the idea. Either way, he was walking around the park while texting his friend.

[text to: Saku chan]
Hello! I'm already at the park, I'm with Lori, I hope you won't mind my puppy. :D
Let me know when you arrive.

He smiled while sliding his phone back in his pocket, watching how Lori was enjoying herself playing in the grass and trying to play hide and seek with Christian.
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung "Most people don't deserve the bad things that happen. Bad is part of life as much as the good and without the bad, we don't realize just how precious and important that these small, good moments are." The woman reminded him, her tone warm and compassionate as they walked slowly along the path. Hudu was happily smelling everything, tail wagging the entire time as he too enjoyed being outside. "When I get overwhelmed I go to places like this. Or anywhere that makes me feel small. Well, smaller than I am already. It helps to put things in perspective for me."
Choi Daesu 10 months ago
“I’d be honest and say I’m in a right now. But work is good, my daughter is healthy so I couldn’t ask for more still.” Taking another swig of the drink, he found it ironic to be back in the same spot that ruined things for him in the first place. Daesu eyed the other two. “And you ladies? Anything up with you guys?”
Nadech Kugimiya 10 months ago
“Women power!” Seemingly cheering for the ladies, he simply nodded at the suggestion Heejung made, deeming it a good one. Turning to Siyeon’s question, the male hummed. “Im doing good, nothing much happens in a day for me. You guys?” Genuinely curious, he leaned his elbows on the table in support.
Lee Siyeon 10 months ago
"I'm a strong, independent woman who can treat her friends if she wants to." Siyeon hummed softly as she nodded in agreement with Heejung's suggestion. She fiddled with the top of the soju bottle in her hand and closed her eyes for a moment, setting it down and using her free hand to lean back on the table. "So, how's everybody doing recently?"
Kim Heejung 10 months ago
‘Alright alright, I ordered! First one that gets his card to the deliver guy’s machine wins’ she chuckles, shaking her head slightly before settling her phone aside, her full attention now back on her company. ‘Let’s do what Nad suggested. Dinner at someone’s place next time; we can all bring something and the one that paid this time around doesn’t need to bring anything at all at the dinner?’
Choi Daesu 10 months ago
Playfully frowning, he clicked his tongue in protest. “Im ready to throw tables. Okay maybe not, how about i chip in? Come on! I feel like a useless bloke if i dont. Cant just concede like this brother.” Teasing Nad, he ruffled the other male’s hair, downing almost half of his bottle
Nadech Kugimiya 10 months ago
Seeing how everyone of them wanted to pay, Nad raised his hands as if in surrender, laughing at these people. “I dont mind not paying for now. You guys are way too generous.” Shaking his head, his eyes darted from one person to another. “But ill make it up to you guys one day. Like dinner in my place. Or some sort”
Lee Siyeon 10 months ago
"Oh that sounds yummy, and neither of you are paying, I'm going to pay all of it." Siyeon clicked her tongue as she narrowed her eyes at both Daesu and Nadech, reaching into her back pocket to pull out her small wallet for her card. "And don't think about telling me no because I'm fired up enough to throw hands."


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