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☥ kim seolhyun 1 month ago
jung gunjoo (actor), rowoon (sf9), kang minhyuk (cnblue), seo kangjoon (actor), seungyoun (former x1), seoham (knk)
☥ kim jongin [A] 1 month ago
Ok now we need more males ;;
ᚨ bae joohyun 2 months ago
christian yu, kwon hyuk, some old time idols like nichkhun, yunho, lee jieun, minatozaki sana, seo joohyun and all of red velvet!!
☥ kim jongin [A] 2 months ago
we need more females !
☥ kim jongin [A] 2 months ago
Egyptian goddesses you can consider:
Nut, Isis, Bast, Hathor
☥ kim jongin [A] 2 months ago
Egyptian gods you can consider:
Thoth, Set, Osiris, Horus, Ra, Sobek, Geb, Khonsu
☥ kim jongin [A] 2 months ago
Greek goddesses you can consider: Artemis, Hera, Hecate, Demeter, Athena, Nemesis, Aphrodite
ᚨ mark tuan 2 months ago
minatozaki sana.
☥ kim jongin [A] 2 months ago
Greek gods you can consider: Hermes, Hephaestus, Ares, Hades, Zeus, Dionysus, Helios
☥ kim jongin [A] 2 months ago
we need more nordic gods like thor, loki, odin, njord and hel.
☥ kim jongin [A] 2 months ago
wishing for more exo members, lee jieun (IU), mamamoo, twice & nct (esp. taeyong, johnny, lucas, jaehyun, yuta & mark)


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secretgarden 1 month ago
5hyuks 1 month ago
may i have choi jeonghoon as hermes reserved, please?
orionsbelt 1 month ago
Could you please add and reserve Lee Taeyong as Osiris?
shouto 1 month ago
hi, may i reserve oh sehun as adonis pls? ;;
67ab18f07b935392aa26 1 month ago
Aaron Bernards for Hades plz
FictionalTea 1 month ago
Can I have Moon Jongup as Ares
e93b3a26b7f9e3f7cb60 1 month ago
stationary 1 month ago
hello, can i apply for park chanyeol as ymir from norse mythology?
erigom 1 month ago
im a HOE for mythology HGDSJ
can i have uhhhh lemme try son hyejoo as loki from norse mythology?
ghidorah 1 month ago
I can reserve Park Sooyoung as Anat, Egyptian Goddess.
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