⤿ ❛ request


only request if you truly intend to use the room you want to add。

please tag janet or michael to request the room。

❛ sana m。 1 month ago
@❛ michael。 Hello! Can a plot room/connections be added? Or is there alr one and im just blind hskdkdfj


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-crescendo 1 month ago
hey, could I apply as the boyz's sunwoo, please? thanks so much.
shinyechan 1 month ago
i was yohan jungmo and yooyoung in the last sandbox and uh can i get kim shihyun please
zzzoso 1 month ago
applied + can't remember who I was in the last sandbox
zzzoso 1 month ago
chance perdomo please
goddamn 1 month ago
a&r lee jieun please
orionsbelt 1 month ago
Could you please add and reserve Kim Rowoon?
angelcode 1 month ago
hi can i get jeon heejin as a second? eheh
36a86d5fa68ea6eef214 1 month ago
huang guanheng please?
dirtylinks 1 month ago
hello im gonna apply tonight i apologize for the delay, we just got hit with a terrible storm and i had lost all access to WiFi ever since.
windowsxp 1 month ago
dong sicheng :o
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