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v. lane

a serene neighborhood in the heart of the good place. vervain delicately decorates this section of our neighborhood, as it represents good health. vervain is a constant reminder that, although in the afterlife, we are all healthy and happy. this neighborhood is home to many of our residents。

threads are allowed in this room. this is for the people who have yet to earn enough points for their home, or want to have a thread situated outside their homes and on the sidewalk. whatever it may be, this room is for places within the neighborhood/street but outside your homes。

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-crescendo 1 month ago
hey, could I apply as the boyz's sunwoo, please? thanks so much.
shinyechan 1 month ago
i was yohan jungmo and yooyoung in the last sandbox and uh can i get kim shihyun please
zzzoso 1 month ago
applied + can't remember who I was in the last sandbox
zzzoso 1 month ago
chance perdomo please
goddamn 1 month ago
a&r lee jieun please
orionsbelt 1 month ago
Could you please add and reserve Kim Rowoon?
angelcode 1 month ago
hi can i get jeon heejin as a second? eheh
36a86d5fa68ea6eef214 1 month ago
huang guanheng please?
dirtylinks 1 month ago
hello im gonna apply tonight i apologize for the delay, we just got hit with a terrible storm and i had lost all access to WiFi ever since.
windowsxp 1 month ago
dong sicheng :o
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