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garden of eden
where the gods hang out during their spare time. it is recreated to replicate the gardens of esperades in olympus. beware of the dragon that guards the apple tree though.
coded by yxgurt
Ω kim yerim 1 month ago
@kim jongin After her class had dismissed, Yeri went straight here to calm her mind down from the school works that had been piling up for them. Although she knew enough of it, she had to keep herself low profile. When she felt she was alone, her wings slowly extracted out of her, her wings has its mind of its own. She hummed and sat on the bench and looks over the flowers that had blessed by Persephone, Antheia and also some for Hera as the peacocks are roaming around the garden. She saw one flower that she really wanted to pick from and when her hand was going to reach it, she saw a black figure appeared in the corner of her eyes, she tilts her head and saw the Egyptian god of death. She jumped a bit and her wings quickly retracted back, "Sir Anubis! It's you." Yeri chuckled and scratched her head lightly while giving a cheerful yet nervous smile.
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☥ kim jongin [A] 1 month ago
@Ω kim yerim [] sure!
Ω kim yerim 1 month ago
@kim jongin () can I reply this part owo?
☥ kim jongin [A] 1 month ago
A lot has been through his mind lately and not before long, the god of death found himself in the gardens of the gods. All manner of colorful flowers and heavenly trees adorned the place. Birds of all manner; both worldly and otherworldly were spotted in the treeline. Kai was even sure he spotted a few peacocks strolling around, counterparts of Hera, no doubt. It was all so beautiful; He was sure the female deities such as Demeter, Persephone, Antheia and others are managing this large part of the castle just fine. Death had no place here, amongst the living things.


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secretgarden 1 month ago
5hyuks 1 month ago
may i have choi jeonghoon as hermes reserved, please?
orionsbelt 1 month ago
Could you please add and reserve Lee Taeyong as Osiris?
shouto 1 month ago
hi, may i reserve oh sehun as adonis pls? ;;
67ab18f07b935392aa26 1 month ago
Aaron Bernards for Hades plz
FictionalTea 1 month ago
Can I have Moon Jongup as Ares
e93b3a26b7f9e3f7cb60 1 month ago
stationary 1 month ago
hello, can i apply for park chanyeol as ymir from norse mythology?
erigom 1 month ago
im a HOE for mythology HGDSJ
can i have uhhhh lemme try son hyejoo as loki from norse mythology?
ghidorah 1 month ago
I can reserve Park Sooyoung as Anat, Egyptian Goddess.
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