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A hotpot restaurant owned by kris wu

Lee Siyeon 10 months ago
@Kwon Hyuk Siyeon was super excited to get her tattoo finally, and she had messaged Hyuk with the design so they could meet up to talk about the details. She wore a rare crop top with her black jeans, wanting Hyuk to at least see some of the ink on her sides and to see where she's prefer to get the tattoo on her body done—on her stomach. When her phone went off, she was just arriving to the restaurant they were going to meet at, and her usually cold exterior melted into a small smile when she spotted the semi familiar man sitting on his own. Nodding to the waiter and motioning to the taken table, she slid into the booth on the other side with a small wave at Hyuk, lifting her phone up.

"I was going to text back, but I was already coming inside, so I figured I'd just join you." Siyeon laughed quietly, knowing that her accent was something that wouldn't have been thought to exist when speaking online in a chatroom. "It's really good to meet you in person Hyuk, before the entire friend group meets up and we all get super chaotic."
Kwon Hyuk 10 months ago
@Lee Siyeon it was too early to function properly. and by too early, it meant it was around the so called busy lunch hour. hyuk was honestly not the one to be up early. in fact, he would often stay up late either adding another couple drawings to his creative gallery or simply catching up with the couple friends he had managed to hold onto through his twenty seven years. it seemed absurd to some people, even to his mother who always claimed he was throwing away a valuable part of his day by getting up after one pm. but he didnt care. those sleepless nights lead him to become the person he was today, to stand where he stood and he was quite proud of himself. his fingers carefully ran over the sheet he had brought with him, excited to be able to work on such an amazing project. heck, he barely knew siyeon but the effort she put into the drawing he had printed made him understand that maybe their worlds werent that far apart. he had thought of widening the color scheme for that small demonstration of art but that seemed something personal, something that called out her existence more than anything he could ever come up with – that didnt keep him from fooling around with the file on his laptop, though.

the food scent floating in the air had him snap back into reality, eyes growing large as he realized he had probably spaced out for longer than he should have. he quickly reached for his phone, just to send a small text to the female informing he had arrived. he was quite excited to discuss the details of this small project, he wanted to perfect any detail she could possibly point out.
Kris Wu 10 months ago
@Jung Wheein Im sure they all know you show them lots of appreciation and love. -reminds you as i set up the dishes to the side to put in omce the broth is ready- momma knows she means a lot to me. So actual urging me to stop helping. -laughs softly-
-looks at you at your question- mmm. We can do that. Just make sure im always down to split the cost if its yoo much. -gives you a soft nods-
Have you had hotpot before????
Isabella Peschardt 10 months ago
@Christian Yu *squinting in confusion, i look between the directions on my phone and the restaurant sign hanging above my head a few times to really be sure that i'm at the right place. the glances from a few people exiting the restaurant are enough to make me realize i'd been standing in the way and i exhale a steeling breath before entering after nodding my head in thanks at the man that decided to hold the door*
looks like he's not here yet...
*i mumble to myself, eyes scanning the moderately busy eatery. in any event, i'm glad to be out of the biting cold and shrug out of my coat while going over to sit at an empty table away from the door. little menu cards detailing all of the options are already waiting and i start to scan through one, ignoring the english in hopes of recognizing some words*
Jung Wheein 10 months ago
@Kris Wu "Awh, thank you for that. I try my best to show them my appreciation and love," she said and watched him with a smile. "Really? Ah, you're so sweet! I'm sure she's very thankful to have such a wonderful, hardworking son." She felt a little bad for asking that question and tilted her head some. "Maybe next time we get together, I can treat you to something?"
Kris Wu 10 months ago
@Jung Wheein -hums as i turn the fire on for the hot pot- you really care for your friends. Thats a very good quality.
-pours the two broth into the two seperate compartment-
My day is definitely better. Im here helping momma so its a good things.
And i get to feed a friend so thats even better.
-looks at you as i shrug- its going. So I'll update you along the way
Jung Wheein 10 months ago
@Kris Wu She took a seat and hummed in appreciation, crossing one leg over the other. "I'm glad to hear it! Always happy to know that my friends are doing well," she nodded while tucking a few loose strands of her dark locks behind her ear. "My day has gone extremely well, and it's only getting better now. I'm feeling better than I was before. Still a little stinging, but it isn't much. I've had my mind preoccupied most of the day.. How are you and your wife?"
Kris Wu 10 months ago
@Jung Wheein -chuckles helping you take off your coat as i hold the chair for you- ive been well. Its a little better. Thank you for asking. -smiles as i sat across from you- hows your day. How are you feeling???
Jung Wheein 10 months ago
@Kris Wu Wheein smiled and gave a wave to Kris as she entered the restaurant, bowing to the other workers and making her way over. "Hey, oppa! Thank you again for inviting me," said Wheein as she removed her coat and hung it on the back of the chair. "Have you been well?"
Kris Wu 10 months ago
@Jung Wheein -heres the door chimmed as another customer walks in- hello...welcome in.....hey Wheein. -waves in to let the staff know youre with me since i was prepping our table for us already-
Come on in.
Im Jinah 11 months ago
@Im Jaebum When I see your figure emerge from the restaurant’s entrance, I jokingly scoffed at the sight of you arriving later than what you promised. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised at all; I mean, when was the last time you arrived early on something I’ve organised? Either way, my heart was filled with warmth after finally seeing you three months after your trip to the Bahamas for a project. As you sat across from me, I arched a brow and folded my arms, knocking my head to the side before giving you a rather revolting eye roll with your question, “You dumdum, it’s Valentine’s day. Of course the place will be filled.” To my surprise, I quickly gaped in an exaggerated manner with a hand of mine covering my mouth, “Oh my God, don’t tell me you just broke up with your recent girlfriend? What was her name? Jiwon, was it?” It wasn’t like you to forget such a day like this, considering how you would at least make an effort to make your partner feel loved even if it wasn’t really in your nature to do so.

Slowly, I straightened my posture, raising both my arms as I take pride in my decision-making skills which probably has saved us more than we have ever imagined. “I mean, does that still surprise you until now? You know much of a forward-thinker your sister is, Bummie.” I flash you a cheeky grin at the mention of your embarrassing nickname which I obviously have taken a liking to no matter how many times you’ve been asking me to stop calling you the name. “Also, even if you did take me out to burritos, I’d still love that. Boy, you’re late by ten minutes. Got occupied with a project again?”
Im Jaebum 11 months ago
@Im Jinah Grinning as I saw your message of having already got there and typed up a response i know you won't believe but it was worth a try. I Immediately left after saving my latest draft for the project i'm working on, grabbed my coat and keys before slamming the door behind me and headed to where you are. To say i'm not looking forward to this would be a big lie, I haven't seen you in so long, well mainly that was because of me, and seeing my sister will always be one of those things i will never decline. It took a bit longer than I expected to find parking around the restaurant not realising what day it was and why it would be a good idea to get there earlier. Cursed to myself as I trudged from the next street over to the restaurant, entering it without joining the queue, ignoring many angry and baffled stares from the line. Quickly recited your name as the reservation and without needing the staff, i know where you would be and hurried over.
"Why is it so crowded today? Is it not a weekday?" I immediately grumbled as I sat down in front of you, skipping the pleasantry greetings, because that is just how I am with you, a younger brother. "It is a good thing you made a reservation, sis or else if we have to line up, I'm taking you to eat burritos." I grinned cheekily at you while also subtly scanning your face to see if you're mad that I'm way later than the 5 minutes I promised.
Im Jinah 11 months ago
@Im Jaebum Coming from a three-hour-long meeting, I immediately scurried out of the building with a goofy smile on my face as it was quite a long time before we got to see each other given the line of your job. Not that it was a problem or anything, but you were the closest figure of a family to me and as toxic as it may sound to others, my attachment to you was a notable thing. Quickly tapping through my phone's screen, I sent you a text that I'll be in the hotpot restaurant in the heart of the city in five minutes. "Would he be there by now?" I mused, knowing very well that there are chances that you might be late, as usual. But even so, that didn't matter as much as the fact that I was seeing you, so even if you were late--I'd let it slide. My feet took me to where the restaurant was, and instantly, I gaped at the long line outside--still a little baffled with how capitalism works on events like Valentine's. "Hi, I'm grabbing the reservation under Im Jinah." I uttered with a pleasant tone, wanting to ease the exhaustion drawn on the server's face even for a little bit while he leads me to our favorite spot in the restaurant.
Kim Taehyung 11 months ago
@Jeon Jungkook that's... really sweet. so you're a photographer then?
i like to take photos and videos, but it's more of a hobby than anything. there are a few things i enjoy doing, but all hobbies.
*reading over the menu slowly while we talk, shaking my head when you ask if i decided
truthfully, no.. what are you thinking of getting? what do you recommend?
Jeon Jungkook 11 months ago
@Kim Taehyung /notices you looking at the menu then makes a slight o shape with my mouth, realizing that we still need to order.
a little surprised? hm, well i guess that’s how anyone would react. but i’m glad you don’t mind because i appreciate looking at anyone’s art.
/a grin rests on my lips as i look over the menu, deciding on getting something spicy then i divert my gaze back towards you.
have you decided what you wanted to order yet?
Kim Taehyung 11 months ago
@Jeon Jungkook [] no need to be sorry.

right ! thats so true.
*smiles across at you again before turning my gaze to my menu, my eyes quickly scanning over everything on it*
oh? i mean, no i don't mind at all. just a little surprised.
Jeon Jungkook 11 months ago
@Kim Taehyung [] sorry about the late reply, i had to do some stuff today.

mhm, it’s memorable especially when you eat something new with that person.
/piquing my interest, a brow perks up after hearing you’re a florist, a small smile appearing on my lips.
oh really? i might have to come around and take some photos of your work. that is if you don’t mind?
Kim Taehyung 11 months ago
@Jeon Jungkook honestly,i completely agree with that- food and talking you cannot go wrong with at all.
*does the same with my coat after you do, hanging it over the back of my chair before looking at you again*
I am an apprentice florist
Jeon Jungkook 11 months ago
@Kim Taehyung yeah, but no worries let’s just get to know each other more while we eat. actually, bonding over food is one of my favorite pastimes.
/takes a seat at the table the hostess led us to then shrugs off my coat to lay it beside me.
so whaddya do for a living?
Kim Taehyung 11 months ago
@Jeon Jungkook *looks over when your arm moves around me, smiling and following the hostess over to our table, my eyes still darting around to look at everything*
ah.. Of course. My name is Taehyung. We did this a little backwards.
Jeon Jungkook 11 months ago
@Kim Taehyung /flashes a small smile then enters in after you, basking in the aroma of the spices.
mhm, it does smell pretty good, hopefully it’s good too.
/turns my attention towards the hostess and tells them a table for two then gently wraps my arm around your shoulder to grab your attention so we can follow the hostess.
so i never caught your name? mine’s jungkook by the way.
Kim Taehyung 11 months ago
@Jeon Jungkook *nods my head in agreement, stuffing my hands into my pockets* yeah i get that. im usually pretty early but you still beat me, hm? ah, yeah. good idea. *smiles and thanks you before heading inside first, looking around* ah it smells so good, oh my gosh
Jeon Jungkook 11 months ago
@Kim Taehyung /notices your approaching figure then waves back with a friendly grin on my countenance, shuffling around i start to get up from the seat then let out a slight chuckle at your words.
yeah, i guess i did. i get to things early so i don’t have to let others wait on me. anyways, let’s get inside since it’s a bit chilly.
/proceeds to open the restaurant’s entrance door, allowing you to go in first.
Kim Taehyung 11 months ago
@Jeon Jungkook *arrives shortly after you do, glancing around before smiling as i spot you, waving when i come over to you*
Hey, you beat me.
Jeon Jungkook 11 months ago
@Kim Taehyung walks up to the hotpot restaurant’s entrance then takes a seat outside the place awaiting for your familiar face to pop up.


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until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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