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Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji With his question lingering in her head, Nana closes her eyes and takes a deep breath—allowing her soul to transcend the forces of time as she vividly recalls the milestones of her life that led her to where she was. Clasping her hands together and bringing them close to her chest, her lips part to utter a small prayer to the stars: may her untold feelings embrace the soul of the man she continues to yearn for. If all else fails, her comfort lies upon the universe witnessing a love she gave all of her heart to with no form of regret sprinkled on the trail. A surge of passion courses through her veins, and her vision blesses itself with the view of the city.

With a heave, her tiers curve into a smile as she shouts to the top of her lungs, “Thank you for sticking with me, Sen Mitsuji!”
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah He simply hums in agreement, soon standing beside her as they both shared the view. Sen glance at her and smiles softly. "It always have been..." He says softly, chuckling a bit to himslelf as he shook his head, moving to sit down on a grassy inclined portion near the edge, which still offered a great view of the canvas below. He leaned back on his hands, his orbs just gazing out onto the horizon, where the dark night sky meets the outline of the city. "Is there anyhting you want to say to the word?" He asked, not breaking his gaze off from the distance. "It's always listening they say... you just have to be brave and shout it out."
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji A wholehearted chuckle serenades the night as Jinah hears her dear friend's response, lifting what was left of her exhaustion as she led the race by at least three steps. Moments after, her honey-glazed orbs were greeted by the serene blanket of stars adorning the night sky—and below the heavenly view stood a kaleidoscope of city lights making up what may be deemed as the heart of Seoul herself. Gentle footsteps find themselves approaching the incomparable canvas that was ever-changing—the patches of varying hues blending effortlessly, hugging their innocence above all else that was chaos. "It's a lot more beautiful than when I last saw it," her voice was full of awe and glimmering orbs continued to marvel upon the blessing that only both of them shared. It was the little things that mattered, truly—and tonight was one of those.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah He could only grunt at her playful adress to him. Sen barely tried to keep up, going slower than his usual pace as he pants softly, his body feeling a bit warm from the sudden increase of activity he was doing. He walked up the steps, trailing behind her and he just shrugs his shoulder, smiling softly to her comment. He's simply enjoying the fact they she is enjoying their little wager, even if it's just for bragging rights between them. "I guess im not at my prime anymore." He simply responded, looking up to see they were only few steps away from the top. Few steps away from the breathtaking view Seoul has to offer.
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji "What a weird desire you have, Mitsuji-san," she playfully responds, her breathing starting to stabilise more as she matches his strides. It was a good thing that they were both tall, else Jinah would've experienced many difficulties in racing towards the top. It has been a long time indeed since they did this, and the longer the gap, the more exhausting it was. Quite frankly, it was a redeeming form of exhaustion, especially when it was caused out of good faith. "Shut up, Sen." Despite the speed they were carrying on, the number of steps ahead of them were making the race more challenging. Jinah could already feel the beads of sweat which were starting to form on the plains of her forehead, and she mentally took note of smacking her friend's head for subjecting her to this at such an odd hour. On the plus side, she was already ahead of him by two steps or so, and that alone was enough to have her look at him from above her shoulder with a smirk hanging by her tiers, "Those joints aren't cooperating with you, Sen? Poor you."
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah "It's not every day I get to race against you." He says with a playful smile, matching his strides with hers just ot be fair. "and last time I won like I always do." He teased just to pump her up. If anything, he knows Jinah doesn't like losing, and most especially not when you rub it on her face. Sen acted to run a bit faster but really, he wasn't even trying. He's also competitive, always have been but this time he felt like its only fair to give the female a chance of winning her first against him. "You should go faster than that. You're gonna lose again you know." He continued to tease with a soft chuckle, just urging her to run faster and ahead of him. They started to run up the steps, making it more difficult with the gravity working its magic.
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji "What do you mean I can't reach the—Sen Mitsuji!" She immediately gets his cue on the race and shouts his name while watching his lanky figure drift away. Of course, this is the only manner that her best friend can be playful at. She shouldn't be surprised at this point. With an exasperated groan, Jinah quickly catches up to him in a sprint before taming her footsteps for a brisk walk, keeping in mind to check on her breathing as she aims to beat this male in this race. "You've never changed 'no? Who won last time?" She casually asks while swinging her arms to get a good balance of her speed. "And really? Right after drinking? I can't believe you, Mr. Mitsuji." The annoyance in her tone was felt, but even so, she was smiling on top of it. It was one of the things she missed, truly. A breath of fresh air was what she needed—and Sen was that form.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah "Life happens. It's understandable." Sen commented as he placed the helmet on the bike's seat and turned to face her. "You're here now. That's what matters." He says with a nod, walking towards her then They've boon been occupied with their respective jobs and affairs but it's just good to know that there's this place they can always go to when they need to just take time off from everything. "Shall we? I haven't been here for a while myself." He started to walk to the entrance, looking over his shoulder towards her as a small playful smile graced his tiers. "Bet you can't reach the top first." He teased, suddenly igniting a race between them and started to walk faster than her, his long legs covering great strides as he walked, letting her catch up to him first.
Kang Yeosang 1 year ago
@Kim Sohyun "I don't believe I'm that of a genius but my friends and family think I am. I only believe that I'm good at staying focused." He said replying back as he took another bite of his meat. "But same though, I don't want to suffer more in that University they put me in. So much stuff to do, things to think of, balancing my schedule on the day to day things that I need to do." He let out a sigh remembering all those tough events that he had encountered when he was 17. "Let's just say luckily we survived that one, well some of us." He took the tongs from her and tried grilling one piece of meat on his own watching his little handiwork muttering a little 'don't get burned, don't get burned...' since he did almost burned one meat when he was in a sleep over with his friends one time.

"Sure call me anytime if you have any predicament on it. I'll be there on the job if you need me.. except for most days. I'll try to be open for you." He smiled and watched the meat cook until he flipped it. "Yeah, I noticed. Sorry if I don't listen to the radio as much as everyone does but probably my hyung or cousin have. I believe they are always on the radio but sadly I'm not sure which station they listen to, I never asked about it. But being smooth about your mistakes whenever you broadcast, very impressive." He said praising one of her and her cast's confidence knowing he has zero of that.
Jung Yoona 1 year ago
@Kang Yeosang She quirked an eyebrow at his placement in class and let out a chuckle, almost agreeing because she too sat at the back of the class and more often than enough, she would just crane her neck to catch what the teacher was saying instead of doing what the other did. "Were you born a genius? Half the times, i had to rely on my own notes because i can't catch up anymore. Good thing i have finished school," she let out a soft harrumph before gulping down more soju to calm down from all the choking earlier on.

"Mhm? It's okay. If you'd like to, you can try though. After this round..", she reassured the other, flipping the meat that was currently on it before putting enough on his plate and hers and handed the tongs over to the male. "Ah, interior designing. Can I call on you to help out if i am ever in a predicament from my planning of my interior designing? yeah, like when you're heading to work, that's when you hear me if you listen to the radio. Aha, about that.. Usually I apologize and laugh about it. But most of the times, i just smoothly glide over the mistakes like it didn't happen. More often than enough the listeners point it out on the comment sections and we all just have a good laugh about it. It's just better not to be flustered though.. because it will make me panic."
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Kim Heejung It was just another chill Friday night and she was not intending to sleep in early, despite knowing that she was about to return back to work and she needed to really set her body clock back to her regular regime. but gosh, she had been craving for some good ol' beer and she had never once a drop of it throughout the season she was filming for. If anything, it was pure torture for the female. after having gotten on the chat room, mainly broadcasted for the show as it seemed to be, she had managed to get a friend to join her on this wondrous evening and decided on bobby's bar as the rendenvous for the chill-out session.

One would question why she was dressed to come to a bar at this timing but she had never cared about anyone's judgements. Full decked in an grey oversized tee with Tokyo Ghoul's main character printed on the front paired with slightly loose sports pants. To finish the look off, she wore a black padded coat that reached all the way down to her ankles and a branded pair of slippers, gifted to her by her older sister. Emily took along just her phone and her long wallet, texting the friend about her impending arrival and how long she would be reaching.

[text to: Heejung babe ♛]
↬ I'm reaching soon in fifteen minutes
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji Hearing his question, Nana could only manage but smile to herself endearingly as she tightens her hold around his waist, shaking her head to dismiss the query. It was a shared secret between her and the galaxy that witnessed the long drive taken by long-time friends. Throughout the ride, her orbs found themselves lost in the blanket of stars dancing along the twilight's melodramatic stage. It was the little things that she should be thankful for if anything. Despite the unexplainable slump, she was subjected to after the show, it was nothing compared to what the rest of the world had to take into their hands. She was here: with her best friend, with the city she calls her home, with the breath of life she was willingly given—what else could she ask for? As the motor parked on a full stop, she finds herself missing the warmth of her companion somehow when she let go and hopped off of the vehicle. A soft smile finds itself carved onto her gentle visage as he takes off the helmet from her head, quickly smoothening her locks with her digits as she surveyed the serene park that has been her rescue for the past couple of years, "It's been a while since I last visited. I can't believe I was that occupied with work."
Kang Yeosang 1 year ago
@Kim Sohyun "It does, sometimes it makes me sleep in class. Good thing I'm seated at the back though. For some reason I can cope up with the lessons so it didn't bother me out much if I failed or not. After school, I go straight to bed that time." He took a small sip of his soju and set it down on the table deciding to finish it later. "Another whole routine again of that when my parents decide to transfer jobs again, Exhausting childhood years of my life." He sighed and watched her choke on her soju from his statement about his pants. He just nods in understanding, did he understood that reason? Yes? Maybe? Let's just say yes so no arguments will be made. How straight forward of him to bring up the topic towards her face to face. I guess he wasn't really scared if his pants was brought down or not, well you never really know. He watched her grill the meat until she finally finished.

"Sorry if I wasn't the one who cooked for us on the meat. How rude of me.." Yeosang trailed out silently feeling a tad bit guilty. "It's interior designing, oh radio hosting? Like speaking in radio stations and stuff like that? How do you guys pull that off like making mistakes when you guys said something wrong and smoothly correcting it as if it's nothing? I can't do that I easily get flustered!" He said and blew a bit of cold air onto his meat before taking a small bite.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah He glanced over his shoulder, making sure she got on properly before pushing down quickly on the starter pedal with his foot to bring the engine to life. Sen gave the throttle a few rev while in neutral, depressing the clutch after and shifting it to first gear as they drove out to the street. "Did you say something?" He asked over his shoulder, for he thought he heard Jinah spoke. He drove them careful out of the smaller street and into the main road as they make their way to their spot. The night sky was clear with few stars twinkling from a distance and he can already imagine the great view from the top. Not many cars were on the road and so Sen took advantage of it, speeding up smoothly and gained considerable speed enough for them to enjoy the night breeze against their skin. With the liberating feeling that night drive brings him, Sen hopes that it would offer the same comfort and release for Jinah. He has no power or other means of taking away the melancholy that she's in nor erase her memory of it just so she doesn't feel the way she does. He only has his companionship to offer and his undivided time for her to take whenever she may need it. Soon they reached the park, slowing down by the entrance and halted just a few steps from the main gate. "We're here." He announced, letting her get off first before he did and taking the helmet from her after unlocking the strap himself.
Jung Yoona 1 year ago
@Kang Yeosang "But earth is everywhere though. I just realized moving to every possible place you had been to; it would mean dealing with timezones. Does it to having constantly change body clocks because of it?", she genuinely asked, wondering what it was like to have to reset every time one would step into a different timezone. As she sipped her shot of soju, his question just appeared out of nowhere and she choked on the strong alcohol, coughing violently right after and thumping her chest to get the coughs out. "Uhm what?? I was just kidding! You know, just to break the awkwardness and all." She could only stare at him in bewilderment before bursting out in laughter at his boldness to actually ask that.

Using the tongs to lift up the meat at its edge to see if it was fully cooked, she moved it to place on his plate and continued to do the same for herself before putting more on his plate. "Mhm.. Interior designing, I assume? Or was it architect? That's a cool job! Oh I do radio hosting." Once the metal grill was cleared of meat, she placed more on top of it as well as some pieces of garlic and mushrooms.
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji Feline-like crescents glimmered in satisfaction as he gave her a hard stare, very much familiar with the message he was trying to get across. Now don’t get her wrong, it wasn’t in her nature to forget keeping track of her tabs. More so, being around Sen made her a little too comfortable, finding herself functioning in his life as a sister—and so, the supposedly reliable female becomes a little too laid back. Something that no other person would be able to evoke from her. Her gratefulness for Sen’s presence was further heightened when he made sure that she would be safe from harm as he prepared her for the ride. A soft chuckle escapes past her lips at the pats she received even if they were pretty much blocked by the thick skull of the helmet. As she hopped on the bike, positioning her body to face a side rather than have her legs do a full spread on either side, lithe arms find their way to hug her good friend’s frame. How nostalgic it was to be under his warmth that through their highs and lows, a ride was the only solution to their ever floating lost souls. “Ready when you are, partner.” She cheerily stated, leaning the side of her head by the small of his back—minute traces of worry from her face starting to dissipate under his spell. At the back of her head, she could only think of why he was sticking by her side if she only did nothing but to annoy him? With a sense of eagerness to ask the question, the female finds herself chuckling on her own—knowing very well that he would dismiss the question more than anything. Perhaps it was self-doubt that she didn’t deserve someone like him, but even so—she hoped that she did and that was why he chose to stay amidst everything they’ve been through. Her heart swells, finding utmost comfort through the calmness embracing her troubled being, and she whispers ever so softly like a secret gone with the wind before they storm off to their safe haven, “Thank you, Sen.”
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah The second meaning her words bared simply went over Sen's head. He was sometimes too innocent for his own good but it was the least of his worries around Jinah. Perhaps it was the reason he got easily comfortable around her company. She didn't exploit his ignorance on certain things unlike how others might have tried to use it to their advantage. With her, he doesn't have to let his guard up and constantly be on the look out of other people's intentions. Above all that, the female is just really good with reading him. It saves him from having to talk too much, which he clearly is not fond of.
"Im coming." He trailed after her, stopping on his tracks when the bartender called out to them. He has also forgotten about the tab and shook his head at Jinah. Looking at her, he somehow felt that she did it on purpose. Not surprised if it was the case, Sen went back to the bar counter and paid for the tab instead, even apologizing in behalf of her. He rejoined her after, giving her the usual stare he has specially just for her. She's the only one evoking such from him anyway. He lead them out and to his motorcycle parked not far from the bar's entrance. "Here." He grab the helmet that rested on the motorcycle's leather padded seat and wore it on her head, locking the straps in place and adjusting it to her head's size so it doesn't fall off. He gave the top of the helmet a few pats after and he turned around to grab his leather jacket next and wore it before getting on the bike. He simply motioned with his head for her to get on behind him while he kept the bike steady as she got on.
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji With a smug look on her face, the proud female raised her hands by the side of her face, palms facing upwards as though she had no difficulty in reading his mind at all. If there was anyone quick to read the ever enigmatic cues of Sen himself, Jinah would easily clench the winner's spot. Thinking about it, there was no other female that has managed to get herself this close to the male, and as the thought of her good friend joining the show looms, a meaningful smile paints itself on her tiers. Maybe it was about time someone else had the spot, but in the meantime, she would have to embrace it all to herself and make the most out of it. "Of course I am. Let me ride that bad boy of yours." She was too excited, and with that double-edged remark rolling off of her tongue, Jinah could only manage to shyly smile before she awkwardly pats his shoulder and jumps off the bar stool. "Come on, slowpoke. I'm getting impatient, heh." Her face turns to look at him from her shoulder for a moment, picking her steps as she proceeds to exit the bar only to be called out by the bartender from afar. "Miss! You forgot to pay your bill!" Dang it, just when she was sure of escaping the deed.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah He simply hummed not really taking offense from her teasing. He just wanted her to him seriously at this time. He can see how the situation was affecting her and he was simply trying his best to weather it with her. He doesn't like seeing her that way especially when she has been nothing but kind and warm towards other people. Sen felt like Jinah didn't deserve to be in such a situation.
Sen nodded his head, smiling quite proudly when the other quickly understood what he meant. "You read my mind." It may sound childing for the others but those places were witnessed of the worse and the best of the pair. For him, those places were more than a spot but a holder of memories both good and bad. "I think seeing the city lights would be most beneficial right now." He got off the stool, grabbing his motorcycle keys off the counter. "You up for a ride tonight?" He quirked his brow at her as if asking if she's taking the challenge.
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji "I was kidding. I'm sorry, Sen!" Her upper-tier folds itself to form a cutesy pout before she clasps her hands together as though she was asking for his forgiveness coming from her reckless words. Just then, she made a mental note to stop herself from teasing him any further. After all, there was no one else in the world who would have this much patience in dealing with her sporadic tendencies. Sen was a gem, and truly, Nana could only wish for his happiness as a friend he treasures, even if he doesn't tell of it so much. "Yeah, maybe we should. Do you remember that spot in the park where we had to climb through the stairs to see a good view of the city?" She knocks her head to the side, recalling their collection of safe spaces as they went along their friendship that would oftentimes be mistaken for a budding intimate relationship. But both of them were quick to note that nothing more could progress between them from hereon, and that alone was already enough for both beings. "Or wait, I think that parking space by the rundown grocery store is still open. Where are you leaning towards?"
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Im Jinah He grunted lowly at her continued teasing, knowing well she's doing it on purpose for she knows how well he doesn't like being referred to or associated with those kinds of adjectives. He would have easily let it pass if it were other people but Jinah is not other people. Despite their odd relationship, she knows more things about him than any other people they know or acquanted with. He is most comfortable around her and he doesn't have to worry about his indifferent behavior for she is well accustomed to it by now.
Her conclusion to what he just said earned her another frown from him as he shook his head in disbelief.
"Do you really think I would do that?" He asked, knowing well she knows the answer to it already. Clearly disappointed but only for a moment, Sen quickly finished his last glass of scotch and gently wiped his lower lip with the back of his index finger, running it along the edge of his tiers as he collected himself once more.
"I was actually thinking of getting out of here. Head somewhere you can let it all out without worrying about other people." He glanced around, referring to the crowd that has started to gather and fill the place.
Im Jinah 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji "Mr. Sen Mitsuji is extra sweet today, is all." A cheeky grin slowly forms on her face before she knocks her head from side to side as a rather cheery gesture—obviously satisfied with her getting in the /nerves/ of her good friend. "So what are you about to tell me then?" A curious query rings from her voice, head completely in disarray with the contrasting remarks that her friend was telling her. Sen was definitely the type to not beat around the bush, and so when he taps onto her ring finger, she could only manage to pull out a small pout—understanding completely what he meant only to be confused again a little after. "Hey, you're not planning to sell me off to some random guy here, aren't you?" She a brow under her playful tone, watching his expression turn sullen once more with her silly remark. But even so, she was still clueless. What could he have planned under his sleeve?
Kim Jiwon [A] 1 year ago
*listens to everyone's answers before looking up after hearing a new voice*
Ah, taehyung! *smiles at you*
I'm glad you made it, I'm happy to have a mfs veteran with me. have a seat. *pulls out a chair for taehyung*
Getting married and skipping the bs is a good reason to sign up for the show though, at least they try to marry you off to someone your compatible with.
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
*had heard about the gathering here and debated a little about whether or not i would actually come but i really wanted to meet some of the people i had spoken with in the chatrooms and i had some time to kill so here i was, dressed as flamboyant as always and probably sticking out like a sore thumb compared to all of you
*comes inside, glancing around trying to recognise faces from pictures amongst the chatroom, instead asking the waitress if she knows about where you all are, heads over to where she points out, biting my lip as i wave shyly when i approach all of you
umm, hello. hey. i'm taehyung- you can probably tell that though.
Nakamoto Yuta 1 year ago
"I wanted to be a professional piercer, but I'm better at working on cars and motorcycles anyway, and it's more money in my pocket with that anyway." Mark hummed as he patted Hoseok's shoulders again before plopping down beside him, his lips and looking up at the waiter with a raised eyebrow. He ordered himself a whiskey on the rocks with a wink, letting his eyes trail along as the guy walked away before tuning back into the conversation. "I was coerced by a friend, but it's not like I'm actively looking to date right now anyway, so why not get married and hopefully skip some of the bull, amirite?"
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
right, i had an eyebrow piercing back in my college days, but that was about it. call it the most boring 'rebellious phase' in the world, since mom wanted me to take it out as soon as she finally caught a glimpse at it, keke-
*laughs happily at the other's words, nodding eagerly*
for sure, dude. I'll send you a text later when we have a bit of free time, I'm always in the market for some gym friends, maluma.
*as the waiter passes by, orders a simple whiskey clean, listening closely to the others answers before pondering his own*
a divorce...damn, that must have been rough, I'm sorry dude. hopefully this show can get you the right person for you this time around, hm? you need a girlie to treat you right. and if you need a wingman-- cmon, you know I'm around. I love love~
for me...ah, this is totally lame, okay, but my mom told me to, like that was it. My mom is friends with donggyu's mom, so when he signed up for the show, she told me to as well. and then, well, hearing how excited bobby was about it as well...kinda made me think that maybe it could be time to give a serious relationship a try. I'm not usually into dating for long periods or anything serious...but hey, it could be something worthwhile. we'll see.
what about you, mark?
Maluma 1 year ago
i agree, mark looks way too good in real life. i wish i had that the ability to pull off piercings.
-he nodded in agreement, sending the youngest looking of the bunch a friendly grin before turning again to hoseok to continue the brief conversation of their gym life-
nah, dude. i would be the one who requires more. tell you what, send me your gym address and we could discuss it better, no?
-he chuckled and noticing how bobby had ordered himself a bottle beer, he leaned forward in his seat. he was usually the gin and tonic or jack daniel's guy but he was not about to pass the opportunity to indulge in korean beer when he was in the country, so he ordered one for himself too although he almost choked at the question posed. clearing his throat, he figured it was better to come clean to the boys-
well... it's my shot at a happy marriage, you could call it. was married once before but i got divorced. and growing older, i realise it would be nice having a partner. not that i lack girls coming at me or anything. what about you guys?
Kim Jiwon [A] 1 year ago
*takes a seat looking up when a waiter comes by, ordering a beer for himself and lets the others order*
*looks at everyone momentarily*
So - why'd you guys sign up for Married at First sight?
*asks curiously, actually wondering why guys as good looking as them were on the show*
Nakamoto Yuta 1 year ago
Mark moved over to Hoseok and patted his shoulders as he stood behind the other, looking around at everybody with a slight smile. "I'm glad you think so. I'm still a little bit of the nerd I was in high school, but I like to think I have thicker skin nowadays."
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
aye mark, glad to see you here as well. just like maluma, you look totally more badass than you already did in person-
*gives everyone a quick greeting as we all settle in, leaning into bobby's friendly affection as if it's second nature by now, before laughing at maluma's words*
training tips, if anything I should be getting those from you, dude.
but my whole job is making sure you don't hurt yourself when you're working hard, so if you're ever not feeling too hot, I'm around. I may not look like a doctor, but you can trust me well, keke-


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later guys,love,very much
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until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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