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Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein Yein smiled as she looked at Wheein, her fingers tingling as they did when she played. It was her famous piece, the one that won awards. She sighed as she smiled, and chuckled at the small claps. "Thank you. Are you up to try to the first few notes? I can walk you through it."
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein Wheein listed closely to the beautiful but heart wrenching piece that Yein was playing for her. It nearly brought a tear to her eye as the melodies seemed to wash over her mind, but when those melodies stopped, Wheein was brought back down. She let out a soft sigh and offered Yein a smile. "Wow.. Honestly, that was so beautiful and somber. I love it!" Her smile grew as she gave soft claps to her friend's little performance.
Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein "Yes, sure that sounds great!" Yein nodded, smiling as she looked at her new friend. Yein smiled, and placed her hands on the keys. With every small touch, a chime echoed out in a string of music that filled the art studio with soft, lulling tunes, almost sad, but beautiful. Yein could easily lose herself in the music, and she got into a rythm as she played. When the piece was over, she looked at Wheein and smiled. "What do you think?"
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein She dusted her hands off and nodded, "I will definitely let you know when the trip is near! You could stay at my place the night before, if you'd like? I think the flight is around 4am." Wheein mentioned and opened her water to take a sip. "Mm, please! And if it's okay, I would love to hear a small piece from you. I can already hear the beautiful music.."
Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein Yein nodded, eagerly excited as she chewed. "Yes, it sounds so big too, like a real adventure!" Yein smiled, setting her chips down, and nodding. "Central Park, oh yes! I love the statues there!" She beamed, letting out a small breath. "I'd love to be your honorary sister, Wheein. Shall we start with a few notes on my keyboard?"
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein Wheein happily took one of the chips and popped it into , humming at the salty flavor. "I really want to try some of the food over there! I was told they have some really nice cafes and big restaurants over there. Oh! And Central Park! We have to go there," she nodded and wiggled where she sat. "Mm, I think we are secretly sisters, and we just weren't told," she laughed into her hand.
Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein "Thank you, Wheein." Yein said as she hugged her, pulling away with a smile. "Oh my, I'd love to! It would be so fun!" Yein beamed, softly clapping her hands as she met the girls eyes. "It'll be so fun, and we can see the city together." Yein said, taking a bag of chips off the table and offering Wheein one, as she popped the chip in . "It's like we were meant to be friends! We're even both Jungs!"
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein "You don't have to go alone now. Just let me know the address, and I'll be there." Wheein promised the other, hating to hear she was going by herself. "You don't sound silly by any means! Wanderlust is real. Perhaps when I got to the art gallery in New York you could come with me as my guest. I'm going to be showing some of my art there, and it would be great to have a friend come with me. Of course, that is if you aren't in a season!" Wheein gladly accepted the hug, giving the younger a gentle squeeze. "It'll be really fun, don't you think?"
Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein "Really? Oh thats great! I was kinda bummed because I was going alone, ya know?" Yein smiled a bit, turning to look at her. "I'm kinda the same, I'm young but my life was spent indoors. I want to adventure, to see the world." She chuckled. "I probably sound silly." Yein held Wheein's hand, her fingers curled tightly. "Really? That would be awesome, I'd love to." Yein reached out to hug Wheein, and felt a little teary eyed at the thought.
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein "That's so nice. I'm sure they'll love the performance." She paused for a moment and furrowed her brows a little, nodding at Yein. "Of course, I would love to come! It'd be an absolute honor. I empathize with you, really. I was so busy with art and family problems as I grew up, so I didn't have just too many friends, and my dating life was nonexistent," she mentioned. "But hey, I'd be happy to be your friend, Yeinnie~" Wheein smiled and placed her hand on the younger's to give it a reassuring squeeze before pulled away again. "I would love to be able to go to the symphony to better support you! If you'd like, I'll even treat you to a yummy meal afterwards. How does that sound?"
Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein Yein finished setting up just as Wheein returned with treats. She accepted the bottle, taking a sip and smiling back at her. "Yes, I do! And yes, it's in seoul. Its for a birthday of someone, I don't remember. Would you... would you maybe like to come?" Yein asked softly, her dark hair falling from behind her ear. "I don't have a lot of friends, you see. I get isolated a lot because of practice." Yein admitted, her gaze downcast. "Only if you wanna... i mean... yeah." She smiled faintly.
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein Wheein waddled over to the machine and got a couple bottled waters to hold them over for a little while. She also decided to get a couple of snacks from the other machine nearby just in case they needed something to nibble on as well. She was soon back with the younger, setting the beverages and snacks on the table and out of the way. "So, you have a symphony soon, you said?" Wheein asked while crossing her legs. "Is it here in Seoul, by chance?"
Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein Yein set her keyboard down, stretching her sore shoulder, and smiled as the older replied. "I'm happy to see you too!" Yein beamed, taking a seat, looking up at Wheein with the cute dimpled smile. "A water would be lovely, thank you." Yein nodded, taking off her mask and pushing her hood back. Yein busied herself with ping her keyboard bag, and turning on the classic piano settings.
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein Immediately, she smiled when she saw the text and set the phone down, shaking her legs in both anxiousness and eagerness. When she heard a voice call out to her, she stood up and waved with both hands before offering her a bow. "Hey, yes I did! I hope you got here alright, too. I'm really happy to see you," she admitted and pulled out the nearby chair for the younger. "Can I get you a bottled water or anything from the machine over there? I'd be happy to," she offered with a dimple smile.
Jung Yein 1 year ago
@Jung Wheein Yein was on her way with her keyboard in hand, slung on her back. She had her mask and hood, looking very antisocial than her usual light, airy style. But the young woman had a plan to see Wheein and she was going to do so.

Her phone beeped as Yein got off the bus. She smiled, texting back:
(Text to Wheeinie)
- Hey! I'm just outside, i'll be right up!

Yein jogged up to the studio, pushing open the door and spotting the older woman. She smiled, but realized her mask was on. She tugged it down with a laugh, and smiled. "Hey! Glad you made it. Did you get here okay?"
Jung Wheein 1 year ago
@Jung Yein It didn't take long for Wheein to make her way to the art studio and find a free area to sit. The place was rather empty, and rightfully so with everything that was happening. She pulled down her facemask a little as she set up her art supplies then proceeded to pull her phone from her pocket to text Yein.

[Text to: Yeinnie]
-Hey! It's Wheein. I got your number from the staff. I'm here at the art studio as planned. :) Hope to see you here soon!

Wheein set her phone to the side and made sure she had everything set up as she needed before sitting back and relaxing in the chair to wait for the other young woman. It had been a little while since she had left her apartment to actually go out and do something, so to say she was excited was an understatement.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh With a defeated sigh, Sen nod his head slowly, agreeing to both of her proposition. "Alright. I'll try pottery and accept your offer of dinner." He would want to try not to worry too much about things and simply live in the moment. it would be a new experience for him and a chance for him to be out more. He wouldn't want to burden people with his awkward socialization and would like to actually start to be a bit more friendly and outgoing. With a small smile, he went on to hooked his pinky finger with hers, believing that that's how you're supposed to do it.
Humming softly, he gave her suggestion a thought. "That sounds wonderful. I might also consider that." He said, nodding his head a bit as he contemplates it more. "I've never tried it but It might just be what I needed." He nods once more. With all the workload he's been getting lately and the stress that comes along with it, he might just need such healing. He hasn't really had some time to himself for as long as he can remember. With that, he was already saving a mental note to search more about it when they get back to the city. He enjoyed listening to that particular music and somehow continued to enjoy the rest that played after it, although his head wasn't moving as much and his hum not as loud. After a few more catchy tunes, Sen finally turned down a gravel road going to what looks like a private area. Tall trees lined each side of the road with their branches crossing over towards each other, providing a nice shade on their path. A few meters in and they were on a clearing amidst the forest. There stood a one-story wooden villa with a mixture of modern and traditional architecture, it's width going as far as the clearing. In front of it was the designated parking lot with a few cars already parked and Sen took the vacant one nearest upon their entrance. "Well we're here" He announced as he peeked out the window and see someone coming out of the villa's entrance to meet them. He recognizes the person and offered a respectful nod as he got out of the Jeep, grabbing his camera bag before getting out. He waited for Jessica to join him by the front of the Jeep before he proceeded to walk to the person who awaits them. "Didn't expect to come sooner, Mr. Mitsuji. It's nice to see you again" The male greeted Sen as he approached, the other offering his hand for a shake and Sen took it with a soft smile. "Likewise, Mr. Tai." Sen then turned to Jessica, gesturing towards the other male. "Jessica, This is Mr. Tai. He owns the pottery." He said, introducing him to her. "This is an acquaintance of mine, Ms. Jessica Oh. She saw the photos I took from here and would like to try joining a class today." "Welcome then, Ms. Oh. I hope Mr. Mitsuji offered you a pleasant company on the way here." He teased Sen with a smile, his smile warm and welcoming to the female. "You came just in time as we're just starting another batch of class today. Now if you'll just follow me." He leads the way down the hall and Sen gestured for Jessica to go first as he followed suit.
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji "I know I do," she jokes, a soft chuckle leaving her lips as she says so. "But is that a yes I'm hearing? That you're down to try?" Jessica is hopeful that he'll say yes, mainly because she truly does believe the man can enjoy the art even if he isn't the best at it. She's definitely not a potter herself, but the calmness it brought to her whenever she would get time to attend the sessions did a wonder for her mental health. "Whatever that something is, they're right. I wouldn't like to hear a no," she confirms, nodding her head but pauses to think about it. "But I'm also not the type to force you to do something you wouldn't want to. These are merely suggestions, of course." She's already trying to persuade him to try ceramics, so it'd be too much of her to force a dinner upon him. Besides, there's no fun in doing something if it's not something you actually want to do. "Whatever you decide on, I'll respect your decision. Promise!" The woman states, holding up her pinky finger with a cheeky grin on her face. It might seem childish, but it was her way of reassuring Sen that there was absolutely no pressure. She would support him either way, just thankful enough that he took time out of his day to drive her out to the art studio. She nods, turning her head to look at the male as a sign that she's attentively listening to what he's saying. If there's anything Jessica has learned about networking, it's that active listening certainly helps. She's learned from experience that it helps the speaker feel validated and motivates them to speak more often and for longer periods of time. "Personally, I'd recommend a temple-stay. It's actually pretty popular in Korea. I've tried it and I really enjoyed it." Whenever she's stressed, Jessica normally flees from the hustle and bustle of the city. She'd book plane tickets to the first flight or buy tickets for the first trip that was offered, and she'd just leave. It was a weird mechanism, but it seemed to work for her. "If it's just for a few days, you should definitely consider it. Temple-stays help you recharge mentally and physically, improve your ability to control your emotions, and help you really connect with yourself on a spiritual level. I think it would help you find yourself again." She shakes her head at his question, brushing off her own amazement, and watches as he proceeds to raise the volume of the radio. She smiles softly, her own fingers drumming against the leather armrest to the tune.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh "You make a compelling point." There's no harm in trying after all. He can even get a better insight into the craft and perhaps imbue it in his own work. He doesn't expect great results though as he has no confidence in doing such activity. The least he could do is try as Jessica said and maybe, just maybe, he would find joy in it amidst his doubts. "You don't have to treat me really but something tells me you wouldn't let it go." if there's anything that he learned with socializing, it is to accept other's gestures of thanks even if he doesn't require or think it's necessary. If it was him, he would also insist on doing the same thing. Noticing the female's reaction from his periphery, Sen cleared his throat and easily regained his composure. He wondered if it was really a unique sight for him to laugh or smile. Perhaps he should be less uptight and be more unbound with his actions and demeanor. He came to establish connections with other people after all and his reserved personality wouldn't help as much. Thankfully, Jessica is offering him the chance to do so and he would like to try of being more open to other people other than himself and a few select. "I'm not quite sure yet..." Sen hasn't given his break much thought as he was simply trying to get free days off his schedule for now. "but I'm thinking about going out of town for a few days away from the city or maybe go fishing or hiking." He shared his options. He might just do any of those things or end up doing entirely something else. He was the type to sometimes rely on spontaneity if given the chance. With the song coming to an end, Sewn glanced at the stereo's display taking note of the station it was in. While doing so, he noticed the female looking his way and he ended up looking at her too. "What?" He asked cluelessly, wondering if he did or said something wrong. Soon another music plays and Sen eyes grew in recognition as St. Lucia's China Shop started to play. "Oh I actually heard of this song before and I like it." He reached for the volume knob and slightly turned it to raise the volume, slightly swaying his head once more to the tune.
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji Jessica nods at the male's answer, acknowledging it with a small hum as her eyes watch as the trees lining the freeway disappear and take their shade away to make way for the expansive blue sky. "It can't hurt to try," she states softly, trying to envision Sen sitting down at a potter's wheel. "Best case scenario, you're able to make something viable enough to survive the kiln. Worst case scenario, we leave with clay stains on our clothing and have something to laugh about over dinner." She tries to persuade him to venture out of his comfort zone slightly, already convinced that it could be an experience he actually enjoys. "It'll be my treat, of course. As a way of thanking you for all the trouble you've gone through today. Even if you insist it's nothing." She doesn't know him that well yet, but she feels like she now knows him enough to expect that he'd just brush it all off as an act of kindness. Which it was, of course, but there was a nagging in her conscience that wouldn't let her be if she didn't try to make up for it all one way or another. Her fingers drum along the arm rest as she hums and shakes her head to the tune of the song, only to stop in surprise when she hears the male next to her chuckle. Her eyes widen just a bit and her lips part slightly, not having expected that reaction from him. It's her first time to hear Sen chuckle, and there's a slight warmth that bubbles in her stomach when he proceeds to smile at her. Although it might have just been a trivial detail for other people, Jessica feels accomplished. It's a baby step, sure, but it's still a step towards getting to know him better. Unable to contain her joy at the feat, her lips stretch into a wide grin but she tries to play it off by continuing to drum her fingers to the beat of the song. "That sounds like a smart move. What will you be doing on your break? Anything in particular you're looking forward to?" She asks in an attempt to get him to elaborate more, genuinely happy that he's comfortable enough to tell her more about himself. Pretty soon, she hears him start humming along to the radio as well and she smiles softly as she watches. It's slow and steady, but yet progress nonetheless.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh Sen shook his head to her query. "It's safer for me to just look than actually make one." he explained. Apart from cooking and photography, Sen is never really good with his hands. More often than not, he'll simply end up breaking or destroying things even without meaning to. He may be interested in different forms of arts but he didn't try making one on his own, not after an incident years ago where he ended up damaging an art installation after trying to check its tag. Thinking back to his own childhood, Sen can only remember having to go through tedious hours of studying, not really able to enjoy life as a child should have but he does understand the feeling of doing something yourself. "I know the feeling. Ive been there in some way." He remembered that moment where he first got fond of photography, not really taking the photos himself but rather enjoying looking at photos other people took. It may not seem like it, but Sen actually enjoys conversations but unfortunately, it's mostly him listening and doesn't do much talking. He's actually thankful for Jessica for making an effort despite his short responses, which makes him think that he should really try to at least reciprocate her efforts.
With her next statements, Sen can only look at her in surprise for even remembering those details about him, earning her a soft chuckle from male as he shook his head at her in amusement. "I didn't think you would remember any of that but thank you for the concern, Jessica." He looked her way, sporting a soft smile before focusing back on the road again. "I've been actually trying to clear my schedule for the next few weeks. I'm planning to take on a short break just to recover my old self." He has been working too much indeed and lately, he wasn't feeling quite well. He's not sick or anything but he doesn't feel like he's in top shape to work continuously even if he wants to.
Humming softly, He gave the music a listen, gently drumming his fingers on the steering wheel along with the beat, soon he finds himself humming along with it, somehow having the melody stuck in his head.
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji "Yeah? Have you ever considered actually... doing pottery, though?" Jessica asks, genuinely curious about the topic. She's aware that Sen's not really that keen on speaking too much and was a man of very few words, and she hopes that her persistence to hold an actual conversation isn't annoying him too much. Rather than getting put off by his taciturn nature, Sen's tendency to keep to himself more often than not only intrigues Jessica and fuels her desire to befriend him. "I took ceramics once, back in high school as an elective for art. I didn't think I'd enjoy it much, but it really was fun. Growing up and 'adulting' has been a bit hectic, though, so I never really had time to actually delve into the art further," The woman explains, glancing out of the window with a fond smile on her face as she reminisces her childhood. "I do buy pieces at local art markets if they ever do pop up, but it's different from making it yourself... you know?" She actually doesn't know if he knows, but adds it in for safe measure. "Ah, thank you... but it wasn't just me. It couldn't possibly have happened without all the lovely ladies that work in our offices with such dedication," she explains, but nods at his advice nonetheless. "You too, Sen," she starts off, turning to look at the male once more. "I hope I'm not overstepping any personal boundaries by saying this, but do practice what you preach and take better care of yourself as well. I haven't seen you around much, but when I do, all I've been hearing about is your back pain that you went to check out... or the neck pain from falling asleep on your desk after working." She frowns at the thought, slightly worried for his health. "It's wonderful that you can make such magnificent art, Sen. Truly," she compliments in admiration. "But don't burn yourself out, yeah? And the coffee you rely on daily -- I hope you're also eating meals and drinking water alongside that! Take care of yourself too, Sen." Throughout her life, Jessica has seen too many of her friends exhaust themselves out and it's not something she particularly enjoys. She hopes that Sen doesn't take it the wrong way, and that she's not coming off as overbearing. "Hmm..." she thinks, pausing for a moment as she thinks about what to put on. "I usually drive with some upbeat music in the car. Keeps me awake, and has me in a nice mood." She explains before she reaches for the dial on the stereo, switching stations until she hears one playing the acoustic version of 'Chill' by John.K. "I think this is fine."
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh "I've been meaning to return to that place anyway. I had a few more things I wanted to take photos of." He reassured her, sensing that she might still feel that she had taken time off him from work. To be honest, he didn't really think her invitation through and simply thought of it as a way for him to go back to the ceramic studio and help out an acquaintance in need at the same time. He forgot about the part of the trip where they'll be spending some time on the road and it only dawned on him that he's social skills are still lacking. The closest he got to conversing with everyone was through the chat room and text messages, having to socialize in person was still a bit difficult and different for him. He's just glad that Jessica is passionate about sharing about her work. He didn't mind if she talked on and on, cause it would be better than have them both sit through awkward silence for the rest of the drive.
He hummed softly at the mention of the contract. He remembers her talking about it a while back. "Congratulations is in order then. I knew you can manage to close that deal." He smiled gently her way, simply happy for the other's achievement. He caught sight of the certain look in her eyes when talking about her business and Sen could only admire such dedication. "Just make sure to take a breather when you can. The industry can be really draining." He advised, his eyes now focused back on the road, somehow increasing their speed as they now drive on the expressway.
Thinking for a moment, Sen shook his head as no particular genre came to mind. He usually drives in silence, sometimes turning on the radio only to have the volume turned down. When he's feeling like it, he would just let the radio play and listen to whatever is on. "I listen to all sorts of music. I enjoy listening to new tunes every now and then. Perhaps you can put on something that you might want to recommend?"
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji Jessica shuffles slightly in her seat, placing her jacket and her phone onto her lap as she listens to him. “That’s a relief. I know how much you enjoy your work and was worried I was taking away time from your already busy schedule.” Jessica admits, still feeling just a tad bit guilty even though Sen had already told her he had some free time today. Truth to be told, this whole situation made the woman slightly nervous. It wasn’t her first time encountering the photographer, but it was her first time to be alone with him and interact with him on a more personal level. Sen had always been a bit more reserved than others and it hadn’t helped that both of them were very passionate about their respective occupations, leaving little room to be in the MFS chat at the same time. However, Jessica truly hopes this little trip will be just what they need to get to know each other a little better and form a friendship. “Me? I’ve been busy, actually. And I know it seems like I’m always working, but this time... it really is busy.” She tells him with small chuckle, glancing out at the window briefly before focusing her attention back on the male. “You know that investor’s meeting? We managed to actually secure a deal and now we’re going global. There’s also a new collection I’m hoping to release sometime soon... in honor of the show.” A giddy smile graces her lips just then, and it’s evident how excited she is about it. “So, yeah... It’s been back-to-back meetings and shoots, but I know it’ll all be worth it in the end.” There’s a twinkle in her eye that appears whenever she talks about her company, and she feels slightly sorry for rambling off to him like that. However, she feels a bit more comfortable talking given the fact that they’re conversing in English since it’s her native tongue and she knows how to express more with the language. “Do you have a preference, Sen? Of music,” she asks, genuinely curious as she watches him drive. “We can listen to whatever you usually do on slightly longer drives like this one.”
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Jessica Oh Sen was actually planning to head out when Jessica inquired on the pottery photos he took. He would have gone to do his usual rounds of the neighborhood to take random photos but figured it would be a great chance to take more shots of the rest of the ceramics studio as he wasn't able to do so the last time. As he was already dressed, wearing a simple black shirt paired with denim jeans and his go to beaters, all that was left for him to take was his camera and car key along with the denim jacket that hanged on the rack by the door. He drove to the adress Jessica sent him and soon he arrived, pulling his Rubicon Jeep over to the side and put on the hazard signal as he waited for her. Sen actually recognize Jessica's figure approaching and unlocked the doors for her to get in. "Hello, Jessica." He greeted back with a nod and waited for her to get settled in, making sure she's all set before locking the doors once more then headed to the streets.
"It's no problem. I've been meaning to return there anyway. My day has been good so far. How about you, Jessica?" He took the highway heading south, his eyes focused on the road, sometimes glancing over to his passenger as they talked. "Be free to put on some music if you like." He offered, turning on the stereo for her.
Jessica Oh 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji By the time Jessica received Sen's follow-up text announcing that he had arrived to pick her up, she was ready to go and had already been waiting in the lobby of her condo. She's wearing a black turtleneck tucked into some jeans, white slip-on sneakers on her feet, her hair tied up in a pony tail and a leather jacket adorning in her hand. She trusted Sen and didn't bring much, just her phone and her wallet that were tucked safely into her pockets. When she spots his car outside her building, she heads out with a small skip in her step and knocks softly on his car window to announce her presence before she lets herself into the passenger's seat. "Hello," she greets enthusiastically, sending a sheepish grin his way before she buckles her seat belt. "Thank you for making plans on such a short notice. I really do appreciate it! How's your day been going, Sen?"
Min Dohee 1 year ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *face flushed and a dizzy haze settling over me, another moan leaves my lips as your core meets mine and I roll back against you. my hands start pushing your shirt up before they find the hem to pull it up and over your head, reluctantly breaking the lip lock to do so and tossing it carelessly. i go back to exploring your torso and press a light, but feverish kiss to your lips*
Jeon Wonwoo 1 year ago
@Min Dohee *your cute sounds only spur me on further as our tongues teasingly glide against each other, bodies pressed impossibly close and shivering as I feel your hands against my bare skin, hips rolling against yours experimentally as I lean against your touch in silent permission*
Min Dohee 1 year ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *heart thundering in my chest, i find an incessant want, a need for you growing more and more as the kiss progresses. a soft moan escapes as i part my lips to grant access, the combination of sound and vibration from your groan causing heat to begin pooling in my lower abdomen while my hands continue to roam, slipping under the hem of your shirt to trail along your lower back*
Jeon Wonwoo 1 year ago
@Min Dohee *breath hitches as you pull me in for another kiss, much rougher this time, nipping on your lower lip as i pull you against me and let out a soft sound of want against your lips as the kiss deepens*


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