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Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok "I guess we both could have handled things differently, but...I believe things happen for a reason." Sakura knows it's no use to dwell too much on the past and for most of the time she manages to follow through. Still, every now and the she catches herself wondering of the what ifs and maybes. Right now, as she watches the vacant look in Hoseok's eyes it's another of these moments as she's fairly certain he's wondering, too. But things happen for a reason and perhaps they are better off as simply friends. "You make it sound as if I was the only one enjoying them. I'm pretty sure I've seen you shed some tears at the end of some of those movies." Effortlessly falling back into their old playful yet gentle banter, she lightly nudges his side, her tiers curving into a teasing smile. "I'd like to inform you though, that recently I've started to enjoy other movies as well, especially the really scary ones. So if you ever need someone to hide behind while watching a horror movie, give me a call." It was one of the many things she had always liked about Hoseok, how easily he could make her forget about the boundaries of her comfort zone, how he always brought out a more playful and bright side of her. "It's sad, but inspiring as well. To survive even when the whale had no one else to rely on, it showcases real strength." Laughter spills from her lips, filling the room with its sound, before she shake her head. "I'm not that smart, I just like reading about a lot of random stuff. None of it is really that helpful applied to life." She regards him with a look full of tenderness, even some pride shining through. "You're smart in your own ways, Hoseok oppa. If not you wouldn't have made it this far in life. You even went to university, unlike me. So you're ahead of me when it comes to academics."
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura Hoseok nods with a small smile, happy that they always seem to be on the same page. "I feel the same...I'm excited to see you around more. And no hard feelings, Kkura...if anything, I just feel like an idiot for the way everything happened just because of some miscommunications..." he trails off as his mind wanders a little, back to what it would have been like if he wasn't so detached from his feelings, if he actually tried to understand the other...but he quickly pushed the thoughts aside. This was a new start for them, and he couldn't be happier. "That's true...a nice mix is good though, right? We cay have lots of different likes and opinions, but at least we always respected each other...like when I would go to the movies with you to see all those cheesy films you liked." The memory makes him chuckle, thinking about how their biggest relationship issues were always seemingly foolish ones like that, before excitedly listening to the other's words."I didn't know that..." He admits as the other finishes her story. "That's so sad though...to think that you're totally alone. God, where do you store all that knowledge, hm Kkura? You've always been way to smart for me~" Though the last part was a joke, he had to admit that at first, he wasn't so sure what the other saw in him. Maybe he had the look, but Sakura had that and then some, with her smarts and gentle demeanor.
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok Nodding her head as the male gives out suggestions, she grants him an open-mouthed smile of the soft and dreamy kind, tenderness reflected in her eyes. "Any place is fine, really. I'm just happy our paths have crossed again. And..that there are no hard feelings because of what happened." Not wanting to dwell too much on the past though, Sakura leaves it at that, despite the many words still sitting on the tip of her tongue, waiting to be spilled. "It's one of the few things we share in common. In everything else, we're like night and day. But perhaps that's what maintained our balance for so long." Actually she knows what many people think of her when seeing her face. Pretty, cute, innocent but without any depth. She's used to the surprise whenever she utters anything deeper than just gushing about cute animals and food, but somehow she had hoped that at least Hoseok knew her better than that. "They do, but the whale also stands for loneliness and solitude. Have you heard the story of the 52-Hertz whale?" She turns to look at the male, with a questioning look, still going on to tell him the story anyway. "It sings in a frequency much higher than any other whale, thus it travels alone through the ocean. It is also called the loneliest whale in the world."
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura Hoseok hums at the pleasant thought, his mind already swirling with places to go together. "Of course...maybe next time I'll bring you to one of those cute ice cream shops that make your ice cream look like roses, or a cat cafe? A nice little next time to make up for the lost time." It was a weird balance to strike with an ex love, to be close enough to be friends but far enough not to let himself fall again, but he was working on not letting his heart feel so unsure. They were friends, and if he pushed for more in the future, he would probably only end up heartbroken like the last time. "Aiyoo, we both like cute things, you know that well," He teases with a soft laugh, "That's why we mesh so well." He's a bit caught off guard by her answer, nodding a few times in understanding. "Wow...that's totally beautiful, Kkura...I never thought about it that way, though I suppose you're right. They feel quite serene, don't they?"
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok If she noticed the slight stutter, Sakura decides to make no comment on it, the only sign of acknowledgement the slight curve of her lips. "Next time?" She likes the sound of it, the idea that there will be other meetings following, the idea of Hoseok becoming a constant in her life once again. "Alright, next time then." Despite not having seen him for over a year, it's easy to fall into old patterns, her strides easily matching his as they walk next to each other. It would be so easy to reach out, to slip her small hand into his larger one, fingers intertwining, but Sakura keeps them carefully away by slipping them into the pocket of her coat. Her hand only stays there for a moment though, as she soon pulls it out to land a light punch on her companion's arm. "Aren't you just projecting your feelings and preferences onto me?" She grins in amusement, knowing for a fact that Hoseok is actually the one adoring cute and fluffy things even more than herself. "Whales. In symbolism, whales are often associated with wisdom, emotional rebirth and peaceful strength. There's just something truly magnificent and majestic about them, don't you think?"
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura The other's cute excitement just makes him hug her tighter, only pulling away to get a look at her as she eagerly spins for him. He was always such a er for innocent styles, something the smaller evidently still remembered well. Her innocent eyes look up at him and make Hoseok a bit flustered with the way she eyes him back, the fluttering of old lingering feelings something he had still not managed to completely crush. He wasn't really sure what he was to expect meeting up with a girl he never really got over, but part of him was hoping that they could at least go back to those days when they were close friends, being the trusted confidant for each other like before. "A-ah, thanks, Kkura...I'll totally have to pay you back somehow, hm? I'll just have to get us next time." He lets out a happy hum as they walk together, going past the entrance and into the main area. "What should we see first?" Hoseok stops a moment as he looks at the other as if analyzing her. "Let me guess...you seem like the kind to really like...otters? or sea turtles, maybe?"
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok The smile that forms on her glossy pink lips is wide and genuine, her eyes sparking with joy when she catches sight of her companion for the day. "Hoseok oppa!" She's not one to raise her voice, but excitement gets the better of her, her arm already up in the air to wave the male hello. Bubbly laughter spills from her tears, her arms easily finding their way around his body to return the hug, the little moment of contact enough to make her heart beat a little faster. It's the excitement, she reasons. Albeit the pink dusted over her cheeks, she still takes a step back to twirl in front of Hoseok, ending it with a victory sign and a wide grin. "Thank you. You don't look half bad yourself." Just for a second, she takes the time to admire his physique, how well the simple outfit seems to suit him before she snaps out of her daze, almost sheepishly pointing towards the entrance. "I already got us two tickets." It's her way to make sure that this is definitely not a date at all. "Let's go?"
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura Hoseok tries not to get too ahead of himself as he goes to meet Sakura once again, the thought feeling like such deja voo now. It had been so long now, and he tried not to freak out but, well, he was freaking out. Seeing her in a fluke at the coffee shop, gross, tired, and post-workout, he did feel a bit of a need to impress her, though he settles on a simple t-shirt and torn black jeans for the occasion. It's not even a date, so he shouldn't try too hard, he reminds himself as he finally gets out of his car, approaching the entrance. It takes a moment to spot the other (perhaps because he was looking for the pop of pink hair), but his eyes light up when they meet the other's own, shamelessly eyeing her up and down before coming over and pulling her into a warm hug. "Kkurachan...wow, you look so adorable..."
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok Carefully, she tugs at the sleeve of her coat, making sure that she looks somewhat presentable. It's not exactly a date, Sakura tells herself. Still, she's more dressed up than when usually going out, the pleated seam of her dress peeking out from under the coat, a neat little beret sitting atop of her newly dyed hair. It's more feminine than she is used to, a fresh breath from the usual comfortable hoodies she likes to sport, but Sakura doesn't mind. She's not doing it for Hoseok, but mostly for herself, wanting to become just a little prettier, a little cuter for her future husband. And who to better ask to judge her outfit other than Lee Hoseok?
The bottom of the coats fans out as she twirls once in front of the large glass panel close to the entrance, lips of the colour of cherry blossoms quirking into a soft smile as she takes in her reflection. Lovely.
[H] Ahn Hyejin [A] 1 year ago
@Kim Donghyuk The whole speeddating thing was a bit of a fluke for Hyejin and as she went through the applicants there was a lingering feeling of disbelief. Even after she had made her selection she somehow couldn't quite believe it and that sensation continued well into texting the man as well as setting up their meeting. Maybe she had come up with the whole thing in a daydream? She couldn't be sure but she was certain that either way she wanted to at least make a good impression on the guy.

Clad in her favorite pair of light denim jeans, a black oversized sweater, and her comfy boots she was ready to take on whatever adventure was before them. Well, provided she could answer the door. There was a nervous excitement that coursed through her as she paused at the entrance to her apartment, knowing that just a few centimeters separated her from what could potentially be a soul mate. A slow and uncharacteristically shy smile spanned her soft features as she opened the door and saw him there in the flesh for the first time. "Hey. I'm Hyejin."
Kim Donghyuk [A] 1 year ago
@Ahn Hyejin Donghyuk was surpised to see that the bachelorette for the speeddating event on the show had chose him, he was sure there were plenty of other candidates, and even though the public knew nothing of the bachelorette other than the three small facts that was given he was sure the girl was lovely. Upon chatting for a little bit and texting Donghyuk put his date, Hyejin's address in his gps and headed that way only after making sure he looked good enough to make a good first impression even if he stuck with dark jeans and a white tshirt.

Donghyuk arrived at the address double checking to make sure he was right before he got out of his car to greet Hyejin at her door, as it was courtesy to do so for any date.
Jung Nicole 1 year ago
@Madison Beer Nicole smiles happily as she was glad that it wasnt her eyes failing her. "Ohh...right." she quickly let go to let the other breathe as she smile happily. Her face fell as she notice Madison frown looking at a piece of paper. "Im......sorry Maddie...i didnt mean too." She panic as she stepped back a bit giving them space. "Im sorry. I should of.....known better. Forgive meeeeee." She rubs her hands together apologetically as she close her eyes.
[H] Madison Beer 1 year ago
@Jung Nicole "Nicole." Madison breathed out, eyes wide as she then quickly stood once the brunette (Nicole) had found herself in Madison's arms. Careful not to fall over from the sudden tackle. "Oof-- I can't breathe." Madison mumbled as she attempted to squirm away, only to realize her sketchbook buried between the two women and quickly took it out.

"Nicole! My sketchbook!" She breathed out shakily, pulling her body away and glancing over the crumbled paper with a small frown upon her lips. "Goodness... it's all crumbled up."
Jung Nicole 1 year ago
@Madison Beer Clipping back her hair, she quickly made her way into the aquarium as she swpre she saw a familar figure enter the place. It wasnt everyday that she would drive this way but for some reason, it drawn her. Nicole looks around almost forgetting to also slow down and enjoy the wonderful underwater life thats surrounding her. A little jelly fish stopped her in her tracks as she smile softly at how cute it was. "Why am I here today little guy???"

At the question, the jelly fish swimmed away making her eyes travel in the general direction. "Maddiieeeee." She instantly recognize her best friend, the one responsible for submitting the application for her to be in the show. "Madison Elle Beer." She ran towards her tackling her into a tight hug thankful that she was only an inch taller than her.
[H] Madison Beer 1 year ago
@Jung Nicole (( *snatches le ity of the room uwu* ))

Curling slender fingers through tendrils of copper hair, her gaze wandered upon the world of life in front of her. With the gleam and the darkness which surrounded her, she lived in her own world. Living through her own turmoils and drawing life from the very breath of the world itself. This was a place where she was safest. Where she saw the beauty life provided her. Alone, it was where she was able to breathe free. And indeed, it was her relief.

Brushing across the white of the paper in front of her, she trained her gaze upon a fluttering lionfish nestled within the caves of the tropical reefs. Nestled within the branches of the coral, Madison watched with intrigue. Noting every noticeable flick and fleck the predator produced, Madison's lips pulled into a smile as she produced another study of the graceful being.


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