Plots 6 - 10


Plot Six: 

We Have All Of Time and Space
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Dr. Who

Muse A is the Doctor! A member of an ancient alien race from Gallifrey who stole a spaceship that can travel through time and space called a T.A.R.D.I.S. and she is looking for a companion to explore the universe with. Fortunately, she stumbles across Muse B and they hit it off so she decides to take him with her. Together they move backward and forward in history solving mysteries, defeating bad guys, and having a great time. They challenge each other, argue sometimes, and sometimes they don’t really get along but that’s how it works. Are they just friends or something more and can they survive a Dalek invasion?


Plot Seven:

The Ice Queen
Genre: Fantasy, Angst, Drama,

Muse A is a court sorceress who has a giant chip on her shoulder. She is a master enchantress in service to the late king right up until he dies. Most fear her and her unnatural powers because magic is not common and her chilly demeanor does little to help her case. Since birth she has become accustomed to those using her abilities to get what they wanted, sometimes hurting her and those closest to her in order to manipulate her into bending to their will so she built up a wall around herself. Her reputation is that of a cold and cruel killer which she does little to stop because it keeps everyone exactly where she wants them, at a distance. Muse B the the heir in line for the throne and he finds himself inheriting her but what will he do with her? Will he try to make her a weapon, slave, mistress, queen or something else altogether?


Plot Eight:

Genre: Fantasy, Anime, Action

Muse A is a meister, a spunky one with a lot of attitude and strength despite her size but she doesn’t have a weapon. At least not yet. Then all of a sudden there is Muse B at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a weapon looking for a meister to help turn him into one of the Death Scythes. Together they bond, fight baddies, sometimes each other and have amazing adventures as they try to reach that ultimate goal.


Plot Nine: 

Were-Hunter Alpha, the Last of Her Kind
Genres: Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Horror and
Based on the Dark Hunter/Were Hunter supernatural romance series. Kind of.

After Apollo cursed his children and their descendants for the murder of his wife, an alchemist who had married one of them crafted away for his children to avoid the premature death. He merged human with beast and created two new species were created. The creatures with the human hearts are born as humans and only can turn into their unlocked animal form when they reach puberty are called Arcadians. On the opposite side, the creatures with animal hearts that are born as animals and unlock their human sides at puberty are called Katagaria. Both types of were-hunters have their own species, clans, and customs as well as being at war with each other.
The war between the were-hunters started at their birth and carries to this day. Several of the clans have been decimated and thought to be completely extinct, as is the case with Muse A’s. She is the last of her kind; an Arcadian dragon alpha whose scales are deepest ebony which earned her the title of ‘The Dark One’. The dragonswan is the favorite of the god who oversees all of the weres and because of that she is given the privilege and protection of running the Sanctuary (A place where all harm is magically forbidden and all species are welcome) in hopes that maybe she can find a mate to bring her clan back from the brink.
In this plot Muse B can be just about anything you want: another were-hunter (Katagaria or Arcadian either way will be a good story), a dark hunter (if you are familiar with the series it makes a great option), a demi-god, a dream-hunter(again, if you know the series it is also a good option) or just a regular human. This storyline has a ton of options and I am willing to put in a lot of work whether you are familiar with the series or not to do something totally awesome so if you like the idea but are afraid because you are new to it, don’t worry.

Plot Ten: 

Bitter Enemies
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Angst,

They are both idols but at somewhat different points in their careers. Muse B is at his zenith, the very height and Muse B is just starting out but there is no denying her budding starpower. The agencies they both work for can basically print their own money if they get them both together on a project, there is just one problem; they don’t particularly get along. He dismisses her as another fad and she sees him as a soon to be has-been which causes ruffled feathers on both sides. Can the two of them hold down their egos enough to make some money and what more will happen if they can get past the drama?

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