Plots 16 - 21


Plot Sixteen:

Flight of the Valkyrie 
Genres: Supernatural, adventure, action, drama, comedy, romance,

Muse A is an ancient valkyrie who has fought alongside Odin, slayed at least one dragon (he started it), had a girlish crush on Heimdallr (he never noticed), and wound up on earth as part of her never ending quest to find the best soldiers to bring to Valhalla. Despite her years, this immortal seems to enjoy everything the modern age has to offer and can often be found living her unending life to the fullest. During her days or maybe nights, she comes across Muse B and things get interesting.

Plot Seventeen:

Genres: Comedy, drama, angst, children, romance,

Muse A is a single mother of a beautiful but unusual and often headstrong toddler. Her marriage fell apart after her husband abandoned her during her first trimester for a much younger woman and she hasn’t had contact with him since. He never bothered to see the child and the child has no idea he exists but it remains a painful and somewhat sore spot for Muse A. Since then she has been devoted to her child and career so much that she has nearly forgotten what a fulfilling personal life could be until she meets Muse B (or reunites if we decide to give them a bit of a past). Once together, Muse A starts to realize just how full her life could be when she shifts just a little bit of that focus back to herself.


Plot Eighteen:

Yer A Hairy Wizard!
Genres: Supernatural, comedy, drama, action, noir, romance,

Set in the modern era in any major city, Muse A is a paranormal investigator trying to eke out a living in a world that either ignores or disbelieves magic. The sign in front of her office reads ‘Arcane Assistance Agency: We’re Ready To Believe You’ in worn black print. Other than that it seems like any other place of business, except that it’s hidden in a back alley and the books on her shelves are largely unreadable to the common person but it’s all part of the plan. Or is it? Regardless, Muse B finds themselves at the door for some reason and that’s where the adventure all begins. 


Plot Nineteen:

Dragon’s Dance
Genres: Supernatural, drama, angst, and more

Hatched on a melancholic and rainy autumn night some 300 years ago, Muse A never actually met her parents or any other dragon for most of her life. Her earliest years were rough, lonely, and full of fear as the hatchling struggled without guidance in a world unwelcoming to her and her kind. The young black dragon went through periods of near starvation as she did her best to keep her presence hidden from the largely human populace around her. While they were mostly afraid of the fully grown of her species, they were not above hunting down and destroying the young ones; a fact she learned at some cost as she nearly lost an eye to an mob formed to hunt her down as a whelp. Captured and nearly skinned alive, she also bears the marks of that encounter on both wrists and ankles she managed to evade death but was left with a nasty scar over her right eye, a trait she hides behind makeup while in human form. Captured and nearly skinned alive, she also bears the marks of that encounter on both wrists and ankles. At least that was the only physical toll on her, the shy and gentle creature would never be the same again. 

Whatever was left of the sweet and timid soul she had within her from that moment on was locked away and buried beneath ebony scaled armor and fiery breath. she became more cautious, jaded, and much more cunning as she spent the centuries callously gliding between the boundaries as she saw fit. As soon as she was strong enough, powerful enough, she began carving out her own little place in the world. She learned how to take human form eventually and found out she was attractive enough to charm and seduce her way into what she wanted. When that failed or simply wasn’t possible, her dragon form had enough brute strength to get the rest done.

A few hundred years later, she found herself sitting alone in an immaculate mansion in the very woods she remembered so vividly as a hatchling. All of the land was hers and so were the people on it but she was actually empty inside. Her vengeance was had, she conquered and won, and yet the victory was hollow. She had to ask herself ‘What do I do now that I have all that I thought I wanted?’

Days went by and there was little that brought her any joy or that spark of life which she used to feel. The best food and wine seemed tasteless. Music stirred no emotion, even when played exquisitely by top tiered artists just for her. Hunting game held no thrill and no number of well-schooled lovers could fill her with lustful desire. 

It was all dust. An empire of dirt.

Muse A promptly put all of her assets aside safely and made her journey to a new land, searching for the answer to that question she had previously asked of herself. As for what new journeys and experiences awaited her or whether she would find what she seeks, she could not answer but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then she met Muse B.


Plot Twenty

Chaos and Magic
Genres: Supernatural, Comedy, Drama, Noir

The American born witch known as Muse A might seem a bit like an ignorant child when it comes to the ways of the supernatural but the young female is anything but. A practitioner of ‘natural’ magics, she can trace her lineage back thousands of years to some of the earliest known shamans and totemists. Unlike many who use the ‘w’ word to describe themselves, she does not belong to a coven or order but rather a circle more similar to what most people know of as ‘druids’ or ‘primevalists’. 

Muse A’s power comes not from the arcane or demonic realms but rather from a pact made over a millennia prior to her birth with the forces of the earth herself. She is able to tap into the natural leylines or mystical lifeblood of the very universe as well as the powers of its various spirits and totems that live within the world magically cloaked from untrained eyes. It can be dangerous work though as many of those creatures can be inherently violent and irrational with some hating any fleshed beings residing with their realm.

Because of the potential hazards when dealing with the raw energies and spirits of the universe, witches like she often make pacts with knowledgeable lesser spirits to help guide and tutor themselves. These bonds give the witches familiars, spirits and elementals who take various physical animal forms when on earth to accompany their masters. The deals are mutually beneficial with details that often only those involved are privy to. 

In Muse A’s case, she came upon the spirit named JackJack really early in her life and the two have been together ever since. He takes the form of a fruit bat, probably because he was a fruit bat until his dying spirit merged with primal energies from air and fire elementals. As a familiar he is pretty helpful when he wants to be but he is also something of an agent of chaos, often being completely irrational.

That being said, they haven’t been together that long in comparison to the lifespans of other magic users and supernatural creatures. She herself is only 26 years old and she met JackJack when she was 6, so together they have had adventures for 20 years. Their relationship is often tumultuous and can move between that of a student and teacher, sister and brother, and even mother and child within minutes but there is always an undercurrent of genuine affection that can be difficult to explain.

Being sent to the island wasn’t as voluntary as Muse A makes it seem and she didn’t actually choose to go there on her own. The elders of her pact sensed an upheaval in the natural energies in and around the small landmass and sent her there to investigate and maybe bring back some kind of balance. In truth it’s partially a mission and some penance all wrapped into one but as to what she did for such a punishment? Only those she is close to will ever find out. In her quest for clues, she meets Muse B and things get interesting.


Plot Twenty-One

The Devil is the Details
Genres: Supernatural, angst, drama and whatever else we feel like

The exact origins of Muse A and her demonic powers are shrouded in mystery, a fact only to those who were around when it happened. What is known is that she is an ancient knight of hell who has served the princes and the devil as a loyal warrior for centuries. She has walked the earth and beyond for years carrying out her duties, often quietly, biding her time and gaining power and influence in Hell.

Despite the drama of her signature black smoke entrances, the demon is actually very subtle when she works. Rather than relying on brute strength or some grand and audacious show, she prefers to use her intellect to achieve the same effects. She is a master of the subtle directions and soft influences that somehow arrange perfectly to get what she wants. 

Hunting and stalking are among her talents as well as her primary source of fun during her spare time. She likes to learn about her prey, their nuances, and then lays a trap for them. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, or years as she slowly tightens the proverbial noose around her targets. Over that period of time, no matter how long it takes, she uses her powers to erode their innocence and virtues; corrupting their souls and encouraging them to give into their more base and primal desires. 

Her powers include:
Super Strength - She is much stronger than a regular human and many other supernatural creatures 
Super Speed - She is much faster than a regular human and many other supernatural creatures
Quick Healing - She can regenerate and recuperate from injuries and ailments faster than many other creatures.
Teleportation - She can teleport or appear anywhere that isn’t magically sealed against her and those like her; a cloud of black smoke often announcing her arrival.
Pheromones - She can emit a subtle energy in the area around her that acts like pheromones, affecting those within it by triggering their attraction, ual desire, and arousal. 
Psychokinesis(limited) - She can affect objects around her with her mind or will, usually having to touch the item first.
Tactile Telepathy and Emotional Manipulation (limited) - She has the ability to influence the mind and emotions of those she touches to various degrees. The effect is limited by time, usually running out after a few hours, and cannot push a person to go too far against their own mind and desires. (IE, she can’t turn someone gay if they have absolutely no inclinations that way at all.) 

For some reason, Muse B has been assigned as her target for corruption and now she had to figure out just what will make them fall. 

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