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Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Park Minyoung Soojin continued to cry her eyes out as she become nervous and worried about this ceremony since she has been waiting for this day for a long time,she didn't want what happen last time happen today as she got up slowly from the floor wiping her eyes with tissues given by her friends.She looked around to see if her bride to be is here with her daughter but Minyoung was no where to be found at this moment,she took a deep breath as she calms herself down to deal with the situation when she heard a familiar voice coming from the back of the room,it was none other than her beautiful bride wearing a beautiful white dress running towards her.Soojin screamed her name as high as she can to cry out for help,she ran to Minyoung to meet her half way."W...what should we do? We need to find someone to marry us...." She hugged her bride to be and start crying again,tears falling from her eyes and on to the white wedding gown that her partner is wearing,closing her eyes as she hugged the woman tightly in her arms.

"What do we do,I want to get marry with you so much....I had been waiting for this day for so long...." She stuttered as she looks at Minyoung who is beside her calming her down,sobbing and slowly stopping from crying she pulled away to look at her bride to be."Sorry,I will be okay and we can get through this together.We just need to find someone to help us with the ceremony." Soojin took a deep breath and holds both of Minyoung's hands as she lead her back to the altar,smiled softly as she looks backing at her bride."Are you ready to do this,and where is Minah? I want to see her in a little cute dress too." She asked her to see the little girl that Minyoung has been talking about,looking for her in the room.

Soojin squeezed her bride's hands as she looking at her in the eyes and smiled at her as well,looking around the room to see all the people that came for them to celebrate this special day with the both of them."How about we just let someone from our friend here to marry us away,what do you think about that? "

She looked around the room to find the best person to do this,and she just had an idea that Soojin's best friend can do this. The person she had in mind is none other than her instructor that works in her studio,she leaned in whisper to Minyoung." I think Jihye can do it since she went to so many wedding before and even performed in some of them as well." Soojin asked for Minyoung's opinion on Jihye being the officiator for the ceremony.
Park Minyoung 1 year ago
@Seo Soojin Like Soojin, Minyoung was in her own room getting her hair and makeup done. She was nervous about this large step she was taking, but she was also more than excited to finally experience the married life. The woman she was marrying seemed like such a delight with the little interaction online, and she hoped that her daughter would like her as well. It was a huge deal for little Minah to approve of Soojin because she would be her second mommy if this ended up going well" "Honey, sit still so grandma can take care of your hair."

"Can I have some blush on my cheeks like mommy?" Minah asked, pointing towards the soft pink blush on the vanity.

"A little bit, but you have to be still, okay? We have to go out there soon, and you don't want to look like you just woke up, do you?" Minyoung asked, giggling a little at the look on Minah's face. "Didn't think so. Be good and still."

Standing from her seat, Minyoung was helped into her long white wedding gown, one that looked like it belonged in a Disney movie, as Minah would say. As she was zipped up in the back, she smiled at herself in the reflection of the mirror, her long deep brown tresses hanging elegantly over her small shoulders. She felt really nice about herself. She thought she looked beautiful, and she couldn't wait to see what Soojin looked like in her wedding attire. Soon, there was a knock at the door, and her mother opened it to receive the horrible news to pass onto Minyoung. Her heart stopped when she heard what happened, but she was more concerned about her crying bride. She grabbed some tissues and rushed down the corridor and into the room where there was quite a bit of chattering. With a couple excuse me's, Minyoung was finally with Soojin. "S-Soojin, honey, it's okay..." she said in a soft tone, carefully dabbing the woman's tears away. "We'll figure something out, alright?" Minyoung said, trying to give the gorgeous woman a reassuring smile.
Bang Chan 1 year ago
@Emily Mei Chan pouted at Emily and laughed along with her as well feeling happy that she's feeling a bit comfortable with his friends. Well apart of them, his group was a bit too busy at the moment and can't attend because of their manager's decision. It pained all of them to hear it but at least two could go and one of them made it a little bit creative to say the least. The two watched the couple as they finally wore their rings. "Finally, like I always suffer whenever I attend a wedding.. takes hours and hours." Ryujin sighed and shakes her head. "That's only in your imagination, Ryu. How's marriage last time then?" Ryujin took a small glance at Yeosang who had his arms crossed in front of him. "Not as long as this one, but rather a bit fun because I get to tease our Channie!" She said squeling now for the new couple. Berry barked happily and jumped around after it recieved some kisses from Emily, feeling excited to bond with her.

Chan took her hand in his and took a small look at it. "A bit shaky but cute." He cooed and a bit. He placed the ring on her gently and held it tight around his. He smiled at her and placed a chaste on the back of her hand and smiled. "Since we're done here can we please get something to eat, I'm starving." Yeosang mentioned and walked towards the couple along with Ryujin. "Do you guys have something in mind?" She followed up a question after Yeosang's statement.
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Bang Chan she pulled away still chuckling and pointed at his side of the hall where most of his friends and family gathered, most specifically Yeosang and Ryujin. "They're so hilarious. I can't help but to overhear what they was saying about you and then the things you said in response," she inhaled deeply as if to catch up on all the lost oxygen during the time she was laughing. "— yours is just equally funny. Oh god." Her finger moved to wipe away at the tears out of the corner of her eyes and sniffled. When everyone was pinpointing the poor pup as the supposed animal to have the rings, it just happened to save the day by dragging the cushion with the rings resting atop.

"Oh Berry, you cutie! I can't wait to hang out with you," she knelt down to press another kiss on top of its forehead and fawned over it for a while before standing back up and took the ring that was offered to her to place on Chan's before extending her left hand out, letting out a shaky, nervous sigh that it was happening all over again, at least for her.
Bang Chan 1 year ago
@Emily Mei "Eh? What's so funny?" Chan who was busy hugging her earlier tilted his head a bit to the side much like a dog confused with his owner. He didn't caught onto the conversation of the two cousins earlier and their questionable yet silly conversations as always. He knew they were like that a bunch of times when he first met Ryujin and had played a game with him and Yeosang once. The other cheated in the game and pretended to be innocent about it making the two create a short banter about it but all is good and its great that the two united in such an odd timing. Chan loved playing video games on a lazy day after workout or producing a song. The two cousins had stopped clapping and got startled about the mention of the ring. "Wait, I'm pretty sure Berry has it. Don't look at me.", "I know its with Berry, maybe it dropped it?" Ryujin took a guess and looked around. Berry had stopped running around in circles around the couple and ran off beside Chan's feet, it bit on the pillow again and nudge Chan.

"Oh.. it was right beside me.. haha." Chan laughed nervously as he took both rings from the pillow. He gave the other to Emily and waited for her to extend her hand to him to have him place it around her ring finger.
Seo Soojin 1 year ago
@Park Minyoung Soojin become nervous as today will be her big day,she is on the show again but it's a whole different feeling from last time.She sits on the chair as she is getting her makeup done for the wedding ceremony,taking some long breaths as she wonders what is her partner doing at this moment;smiling happily as the stylist ask her about how is she feeling,she can only smile before answer the question." Well,I'm definitely nervous,but i'm also excited." She sits up straight so they can do her hair,and make her look pretty for her soon to be wife,a lady who is more than stunning to say the least.Closing her eyes,Soojin holds onto the hem of her dress to calm herself down before the big event later.After a long time she is all done ready for the ceremony,gets up from her chair as she takes a finally look at herself in the mirror to make sure everything is perfect for Minyoung.

Taking a deep breath as she walks out the backroom of the chapel,taking small steps as she approaches the hall that holds the ceremony.Looking at the people who is here for the wedding,their friends,family members and just some staff member from the chapel.Slowly walking to the altar as the guests smiles and cheers for her.Soojin stands on the altar as she waits for her soon to be wife to arrive,rubbing her own hands together as the nervousness is getting to her.

Just when she thinks that everything is ready just need to wait for the other half of this ceremony to be here,but one of the staff member tells her some unfortunate news that the officiator won't be here to host the wedding,so they don't know what to do if there is no one to married them.Soojin has to wait for partner to get here to tell her the news,now she is even more nervous because this,and add that to the whole anxiety that this whole wedding is causing,she can't help that tears start to fall from her beautiful eyes; the good thing about it is that her makeup will be protected since is all water proved,but she can't stop crying.Everyone is worried and runs over to her,calming her down after learning the news." What....should we do? Can we even get marry now?" Soojin questions about this whole thing with husky voice,looking around at everyone." Would anyone help us with this ceremony? "
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Bang Chan she couldn't help but to smile down at the dog and continued to tickle it under its chin, even going far to press a chaste kiss on the forehead of the pup. Just as the pup moved into her arms, she quickly pulled her hands away from his to hold it firmly in her arms and heard the applause later on and turned half way, bowing her head towards the clapping audience. "Oof-", she let out a huff when Berry jumped off her and was a tad surprised at the hug the male was giving. In response, she awkwardly put her arms around him before patting softly on his back. If there was anything that surprised her, he wasn't that tall and was pretty comfortable to hug without having to tip-toe.

Hearing him whisper into her ear tickled her so much that she could only giggle at that. "I do feel nervous but if anything.. it's more of fear. but all's good," she nodded reassuredly before pulling away from the hug only to be tugged back into his arms once more. Her ears perked up at the words of his friends and she can't help but to laugh aloud at this silly trio. The pastor once again cleared his throat to catch the attention of the young couple. "Lovelies.. you forgot the exchange of the rings. Seems like you two are too caught up in the moment to remember that." Emily had to take the initiative to break the hug and looked at the older man in confusion before coming to a realisation. "OH! Where had the rings gone to? Did Berry carry it earlier on?"
Bang Chan 1 year ago
@Emily Mei Chan smiled at her still giving a warm energy around Emily as he took her hand in his and rubbed his thumb across the back of her hand. He tried to make her feel at least comfortable around him. Berry barked softly and cuddled into her closer. The only applause came from Ryujin and Yeosang which filled the whole chapel as the two smiled proudly at the married couple. Yeosang giving a thumbs up towards Chan as he smiled back. Berry leaped off Emily's arms as Chan fixed her hair behind her ear. He brought her closer to him as he engulfed her in a warm hug. Kissing her would be too soon since they hardly knew each other. Berry barked happily as it ran around circles around the newly wed. "Chan's first wedding, I wonder when will mine come." Yeosang commented. "Right, oh I don't know... After a thousand years! Why did you became a fan in the showwww. I'm gonna hook you up with someone if that's the case.", "Sure you will." Yeosang replied back and rolled his eyes.

Chan whispered something in Emily's ear which only the two of them could hear. "You feel a bit nervous darling. It's ok I felt a bit nervous too." A light chuckle was heard as he let go of her and smiled.... And then he hugged her again. Ah, Chan famous with his warm hugs. "Chan, you aren't Olaf!" Ryujin commented and shook her head, laughing. "Don't let your dreams just be dreams!" Chan replied back.
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Bang Chan The way that the male said yes to being her lawful husband had sent shivers up her spine. It was definitely making her having goosebumps. Avoiding his eyes out of shyness, she turned to face the pastor and moved her hand away from his dog, gulping all her feels that threatened to spill out of her pores down. The pastor nodded solemnly and yet smiling at the same time, he turned to face the female. "And now for the lady.. yall better hold onto your horses," the older pastor gestured to the audience to get ready to applaud if she ever say yes. "Ms. Emily Mei. Do you take Bang Chan as your lawful husband to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

For a moment, she wanted to say no but at the same time how could she when she had yet to know him well and she had not even tried yet? To say no at this junction just seemed too mean and although she wasn't ready for the next marriage both mentally and emotionally, she could always give it a try again. after all not all good things had to come to an end. there were some who lasted forever. "....I do." She glanced sideways to look at him out of the corner of her eyes and let out a small sigh, wondering if it would be better than the last she had.
Bang Chan 1 year ago
@Emily Mei "I told you it was a good plan to bring Berry along with us for Chan's wedding." Yeosang whispered feeling proud of his achievement making Ryujin roll her eyes playfully and nudge her cousin lightly earning a small chuckle from the male. The two watched the couple at awe with Chan's dog and laughed a bit when the pastor found Chan's dog adorable with it's little tie on it's neck. It was tied not too tight or too loose for it to breathe properly. Berry felt happy with Emily's continuous attention from her as it stuck it's tongue out occasionally feeling relaxed under Emily's grasp. Chan felt her gaze and looked back at her smiling warmly as he looked back at the pastor feeling confident as ever after seeing his dog appear out of nowhere, taking a mental note to thank Yeosang for bringing in Berry with him.

"I can never agree more, dude." Ryujin murmured into Yeosang's ear making him shake his head at Ryujin's antics. When she was 5 she attended a wedding as a flower girl and grew really bored of the opening themes and ceremonies thinking that marriages would be super short just like in movies where they just say 'I do' and be done with it. Chan looked towards Emily, lovingly and nodded his head. "I do."
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Bang Chan she quirked an eyebrow as to why he was not admitting he was good looking but had to give props for being as humble as he was now. sensing that he had trailed off, she followed his line of vision and looked down as well, surprised to see such an adorable puppy at their feet. Pushing down the urge to squeal at the sight of the furry companion, she merely reached out to tickle it under its chin which earned a bark. "B-Berry? Like the fruit? Awww she is so adorable... let me hold her too," she volunteered, opening her arms to hold the dog when the pastor came onto the stage, clearing his throat as if to announce his presence.

"Now, the to-be couple.. are we ready for the wedding? And awwww", he fawned over the pup in the groom's arms. "Look at it! It's so cute..." Emily scoffed at how easily turned the pastor seemed to switch from the professional mode to a melty one just at a mere glance at the dog. Just as if the switch got switched on, the older male cleared his throat and opened up the Bible, resting it on the book stand to support it while he could read out a loud from whatever he wanted to say. After a few minutes of reading some verses off it, he then asked. Emily merely continued to distract herself by petting the dog and occasionally glancing at the husband too. All at the same time, not paying attention to what the pastor was saying.

"And now for the exchange of the vows... I bet the audience is excited to hear the vows being exchanged. Mr. Bang Chan...", the pastor shifted slightly to face the groom and smiled warmly, giving a firm nod in his way. "Do you take Emily Mei as your lawful wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"
Bang Chan 1 year ago

@Emily Mei The trio watched Chan's bride to be walk down the aisle. Ryujin smiled and watched the scene play along with Chan who's confidence ran off to the hill but still keeping his composure on as he did so. He smiled at her as she finally came taking in her features well besides his tired, workaholic eyes. While the marriage is pushing through Yeosang felt a small nudge on his leg making him turn towards his cousin in confusion. "Ryujin, quit disturbing me.." He said whispering off towards her making the other look at him in equal confusion. The nudging continued again making Yeosang sigh and turn to his cousin. "Ryu.. I-.", "Stop pestering that it was me, I wasn't-." "Woof!" Both cousins looked down and saw a little dog wearing a black suit just like Chan. It had been bitting down a pillow where there laid two silver rings. "Berry?", "Oh.. I forgot he's here." Yeosang said and watched the little pup walk towards the couple and nudge Chan on his leg as it wagged it's tail.

"Me? Handsome? Ahaha.. not really I-." He stopped in his tracks and looked down at his dog, Berry who seemed surprised to see it here, in a suit, and with the rings. "Oh hey, you're here! I didn't expect to see you here, Berry." He grinned and took the pillow where the rings laid. He pet it and looked back towards his bride to be. "Emily, this is my dog, Berry." Chan introduced her to the lovely pup as it barked in a friendly manner.

here meet his dog uwu:
Emily Mei 1 year ago
@Bang Chan Emily had gone through this before and the fleeting sense of nervosity had long disappeared. Despite being so used to this routine, she wondered just what her new husband was like. Was he nice? Would he be talkative enough to carry the conversation as she herself wasn't a great talker unless touching on topics she would find relatively easy to talk about. Standing before the closed doors, staff walking about to get ready for the walk down the aisle. Puffing her cheeks out while her hands rested in the pockets of her wedding pants, she tiled her head to the side and pondered once again.

"Alright, Ms. Mei. You're all set to walk down the aisle," one of the staff rested her hand on her shoulder to jot her out of her trance and the female feebly nodded in acknowledgement. The heavy oakwood doors opened up to reveal a hall half-filled with the bride's side relatively empty. She had told her family many times over and again not to attend since it was already her second wedding and it was taking away all the novelty of having her family over again. With the nod from the same staff, she just sauntered down the aisle, owning the walkway like her own fashion show and yet looking unabashedly confident. She took a glance at her new husband and boy, was he looking cute. Upon arriving at the altar, she smirked at the male and gave him a lookover. "You're looking handsome today.. and must i dare to say.. cute too?", she complimented in a somewhat awkward tone before breaking out in a full grin.

wedding dress: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/445926800606564131/
Bang Chan 1 year ago

@Emily Mei Chan had his suit neat and well dressed, checking in the mirror for almost pt. 26849292 in his head. He wore something in opposite of Emily's dress code color which is black. He felt in the need of doing a pair like color of monochrome for the occasion of his first wedding. Yeosang checks discreetly from checking his phone on his hyung's looks and placed his phone down after talking to Ryujin. "Not bad. Pretty well cut on your first marriage." Chan laughed nervously and checked his hair one more time. "Are you sure? Do you think my teeth is.." He grins in front of the mirror in his phone to check if he has any left over food in between. "I don't have any left over food in between my teeth? And.." Chan fake gasps making Yeosang roll his eyes in amusement. "What if she sees a little speck of meat in between my teeth and then decided to not marry me??" Yeosang laughed at his friend's imagination and pats his shoulder. "Don't worry, you'll be fine and you don't have any, well.. hopefully."

"Hopefully??? What does that mean?"

"Nothing, trust me, Chan now let's go don't keep your bride waiting on you."

Yeosang walked Chan towards the altar and later on rejoined with his cousin Ryujin at the church bench at the front rows. "Did he think he has left over food stuck between his teeth again?" Ryujin took a guess making Yeosang chuckle lightly. "As usual, he's bouncing again." Yeosang pointed out towards their friend making Ryujin laugh quietly at Chan's antics as he bounced a little on his two feet, either feeling nervous or excited at the same time.

Andy Blossom 1 year ago
@Kang Baekho I giggle softly as you tap my nose looking. “Mm we do!” I nod at the comment. “Yes my love, I am your majesty.” My eyes brighten up as I run my fingers through your hair carefully. “Can we stay up here for a few minutes. I’m kind of nervous to see everyone.” I mumble hugging your waist and staying in your arms as I keep my chin perked up so my eyes stay locked on yours.
Zoë Hoetzel 1 year ago
@Jackson Wang Zoe silently wondered how this man had not been married already - or at least stayed married. He seemed like a nice man with the little interaction they had online and even in this little moment now. However, she did her best not to decide what kind of person Jackson was based on just that. First impressions are great, but what's to come also has to be considered. She didn't doubt him, though. She had much faith in him, in them as a couple, in their marriage.

Feeling his thumb rubbing over the outer part of her hand made Zoe relax. Now was not the time to lose composure, so she stood there with a sweet smile on her face, her back straight, and her head held high. When she turned to Jackson and took his other hand in hers, she got a much better look at his physical features. His skin was soft and smooth, eyes as dark as the night, and a smile, though subtle, was breathtaking. She had seen some very attractive people before, but Jackson? It were as though he came straight from a fairytale.

He was so confident when he spoke, and it made her heart do a flip in her chest as his voice rung in her ears, the sweetest melody. Finally, it was her turn to speak up, and without any hesitation or anxiety, she said, "I do." Her excitement was quickly replacing all the nerves again after she spoke. She was a married woman, and soon she would be off on her honeymoon, getting to know this promising man who she now has the honor of calling her husband.
Jackson Wang 1 year ago
@Zoë Hoetzel It was impossible to miss the rosiness that slowly appeared on Zoe’s cheeks, contrasting with the natural paleness of her skin and the brightness of the snow-white dress she chose to wear for their wedding. This might sound cliched and he would never dare to utter this single thought of his out loud, but with her blond hair falling on her shoulders she resembled an angel in his eyes. Somewhere admin the emotional chaos that swirled inside him, Jackson found a second to wonder how deceiving his soon-to-be wife’s features were. He was at least excited to test that on his own later.

Somehow, this short exchange with Zoe helped him to calm down a little. The initial nervousness that accompanied him since early in the morning made a room for curiosity and anticipation, for complete concentration on the beautiful woman who was standing by his side, whose hand he was holding in his own, feeling her own restlessness through the touch. His thumb delicately the outer part of Zoe’s hand, assuring her that from now on Jackson was there for her.

It was finally about time to step in the essential part of the wedding. He attentively listened to the officiant’s words, reminding himself what he already agreed on, knowing that what he was about to do was nothing if not insane, but he was ready. Jackson was determined to give this relationship a try. Facing Zoe and holding both of her hands in his own, with a subtle charming smile decorating his lips he eventually said: “I do”, loud and confidently.
Yoon Donggu 1 year ago
@Bae Joohyun Donggu chuckled again, finding her reaction incredibly adorable; so much so that he even mumbled it. "That's okay," he said, gently squeezing her hand in assurance as he stood up. "I can be pretty dense too." As they made their way to the space created to be the dancefloor, he continued speaking. "I'm bad at dancing, like I said before, but it's times like this that I really appreciate being able to at least ballroom dance. I took it as an elective in school." He paused to face her and rest one hand at the small of her back. "So you can rest easy, okay? I promise I won't step on your feet"
Bae Joohyun 1 year ago
@Yoon Donggu „I guess we have some time before we have to go on it.“ Upon realizing that he knew it already, her cheeks warmed up and she glanced away for a moment. „Oh.. Gosh, I can be dense sometimes..“, she chuckled lightly in embarrassment, looking back at him before taking his hand. „But yes, I‘m ready, Mr. Yoon.“
Lee Hoseok 1 year ago
@Meng Jia *i'm pleasantly surprised as you pull me into a soft kiss, kissing back briefly before pulling away with a dazed smile*
pleasure to finally meet you, miss Meng Jia....or should I say Lee?
*laughs a bit as i take your hand, walking us down the aisle as our friends and family cheer, attention turning back to you*
I can't wait to get to know you these next few weeks, love.
Kang Baekho 1 year ago

@Andy Blossom For our reception my moms picked something casual for me much to my surprise. Listening to them, I put on the beige freesia classic shirt with matching pants. Then my mom convinces me to wear a little something on my neck to just spice up my appearance. I think I clean up pretty well for a casual look, grinning at my brown shoes.

The hug catches me off guard and I whirl around to face you, laughing softly. "Ah, there you are. Huh. Should I call you Your Majesty now?" I grin, playfully tapping your nose while eyeing your tiara. Only then I notice that we're kinda matching. "Oh! We match!"

Andy Blossom 1 year ago
@Kang Baekho I giggle at your dazed expression. “Indeed we are.” I hummed happily. A smile growing on my face as they announce us husband and wife. I reach out and take your hand, walking back down the aisle.

The reception comes fast, my father insisted on letting us a hold a reception in one of his halls that he owned which came in hand for that expense. My stepmother bought me an off the shoulder dressed that reached above my knees and puffed out after my waist lining, trimmed with floral designs. They took me away from you to re touch my make up and curl my hair putting it up into a bun leaving strand in front of my face and back of my head, they placed a small tiara on my head. Going back to you I saw you standing in front of a mirror, taking this chance and going behind you as I hug your waist.
Yoon Donggu 1 year ago
@Bae Joohyun "We go on the honeymoon when they've got the details squared off for us, whenever that is,' he responded with a soft laugh before shrugging. "I don't see why we wouldn't be able to take an hour or so to do something else." He then blinked at her explanation before bursting into laughter, the effort causing his shoulders to shake. "I know what the first dance is, Joo," he finally said. "I was being facetious and I guess it just didn't land." He smiled and offered his hand nonetheless. "Are you ready for our traditional floor opening dance, Mrs. Yoon?"
Bae Joohyun 1 year ago
@Yoon Donggu „Oh? But don‘t we have to go on.. our honeymoon? Or do we still have some time before that?“, she blinked a few times in surprise before taking a long sip from her water, nodding her head. „It’s tradition that the newly married couple open the dance floor for the guests with the first dance.“
Kang Baekho 1 year ago
@Andy Blossom Heat crawls up to my face as we kiss especially when I feel your soft lips moving against mine and it feels like my first kiss all over again. Much to my embarrassment.

"I uh, wha-?" I blink and that is the only response I can give you at the moment, still dazed by the kiss, and finally snap out of it when the minister pronounces us husband and wife. "Oh, heh. We're married now." I grin at you sheepishly.
Meng Jia [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Hoseok *glances at the ring you had picked out for me, smiling st its beauty*
Oh, y-yeah.
*says a but takes the initiative to close the gap between them, lips pressing against each other*
*stays there for a brief moment for the cameras before pulling away, giving you a soft smile as the offiater annouces us husband and wife*
Well I guess we should be less awkward now, right?
Tiffany Young 1 year ago
@Sana Minatozaki Tiffany hums happily at her response cause she was right. It was starting to feel less lonely now that she have someone to call her own. She was just so used to being abandoned and left behind that for once in her life, someone cared enough to remind her she have a place. Her arms tighens around Sana's as she nods in response. "Deh...i won't no more." Tiffany eyes catches Sana as she blushed a bit before pressing her lips gently against hers as well. "Thank you for loving me." She whisper softly against her lips. "Ill learn to love you to the fullest that i can." She cups her fave, thumbs gently caressing her cheeks almost forgetting about the cameras that was recording them. She chuckles at her. "Lets get to know all about one another, my wife." She leans her forehead agaisnt hers closing her eyes as she closed out a chapter of her life to start one with Sana.
Sana Minatozaki 1 year ago
@Tiffany Young Sana giggled while listening to her. "Don't worry honey , now that I'm here, you won't be feeling the loneliness. " They dance gracefully as the song continuously playing. Suddenly, Sana hugged her tightly. "Please don't feel lonely. " She looked at her in the eyes then they dance again, feeling the harmony in their ears. She tucks Tiffany's hair behind her ears. She stopped then kisses her softly. "I love you, I love you" she said.
Yoon Donggu 1 year ago
@Bae Joohyun "Ahh," he vocalized, nodding in understanding. It was a sentiment he fully understood; it was the main reason he took over his original position without much lip or protest. Though their situations were a bit different, he could certainly relate. He offered a smile, looking up when he noticed a staff gesturing in his peripheral and holding up a sign that said 'first dance soon.' "It's open 24 hours, so maybe we can go after this?" he suggested before gesturing to her plate. "Once you've had your fill, I think they want us to dance or something," he added with a light chuckle.
Bae Joohyun 1 year ago
@Yoon Donggu His reaction brought another chuckle out of her, nodding her head once. „I was, but time changes people and I changed when I graduated. I realized my status in my family was important too as well as my well being“,she took a sip from her glass before asking one of the waiters to refill it, thanking them afterwards. „I‘m glad to hear that and I really look forward to visit your work place.“


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thelema 1 year ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 1 year ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 1 year ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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