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Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura He saw the glint of alarm in her eyes to which he quickly withdrew his hand after patting her head. "I didn't mean to scare you." He smiles gently. He wouldn't usually have acted rashly but his emotions overwhelmed him. It's been too long and honestly, he didn't really think they would meet again. Sakura was a big part of his life in Japan, a life he didn't really want to remember but the days he spent with the younger female where of bliss and happiness that made him realize that life wasn't so bad despite the situation he was in back then. Hearing her call out his name softly, he could only nod with a bigger smile as he let out a soft chuckle. "it is me, Sakura-Chan." He carefully placed a hand over her head once more, patting her softly. "You've grown so tall. You're not a little kid anymore." He teases her, chuckling softly once more, feeling quite relax around his good ol friend.
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji Despite the warmth in his smile, the familiarity of his voice, Sakura was still wary as she cautiously eyed the tall male. The many years working in the entertainment industry had taught her not to trust anyone, no matter how sweet and nice they seemed at first glance as those were often the most ruthless people. So when the male reached out, she unconsciously took a step back, fear reflected in her eyes as a hundred different scenarios popped up in her head, all ending not exactly in her favor. The gentleness of his touch caught her by surprise, though, helping her to calm down quickly, the sense of familiarity only growing stronger and stronger until suddenly memories of her childhood years came flooding in. Warm summer days spent by the ocean, gathering colourful leaves in autumn, snowy winter nights by a fire place, watching the cherry blossoms in spring. "Sen-nii..." She could only utter his name in a whisper, still trying to comprehend the situation as her eyes traced his features, from the expressive eyes, along the perfect angle of his nose before coming to a stop at the gentle curve of his lips. "It's really you."
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura Sen could only smile, flashing her that warm familiar smile he had for the little girl he so admires 10 years ago. He just couldn't believe he'll be seeing her again and he just felt really happy. "You don't remember me?" He asked amusingly, finally closing the gap between them, resting a hand on top of the smaller female's head, gently patting it like he used to do. "I knew you'd do great things..." He smiles quite proudly at her, seeing how far she'd become and the success she has doing what she likes, although he expected her to be involved in theatre for it was what she loved doing the most when she was younger. Nonetheless, he has simply joyed to meet a familiar and welcoming face after so many years.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Hwang Yeji [] no worries bud. Keep safe ayt?

Sen shakes his head, not satisfied with how she's performing. "No no no!" He snapped, the stress of recent events getting the better of him. The set fell silent not used to witness this kind of outburst from him. His voice would usually just raise or he gives out directions more than usual but not lash out like he just did. He rubbed his temple, trying to regain his composure and sighs. "let's take 5." He says, his tone calmer but still agitated as he orders the rest to take a break for some moment. He walks to his desk and grabs a bottle of water, downing it in just a few seconds. His eyes catching a glimpse of the young model who he unintentionally scolded just moments ago.
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji She nearly gave herself whiplash spinning around so quickly when hearing her last name being called, eyes dark and wide as if a storm was brooding in them. How could this happen? No one was supposed to know her name, especially not here in South Korea. There had been various reasons as to why she had moved to the country of fast growing idol industry. The fact of voice actors being fairly unknown to the broad majority and less hyped was one of them. It had allowed her to live a quiet and comfortable life for the past three years. Was that the end of it now? Staring at the male, she contemplated what to do next. Obviously, since she had reacted by turning around to face him, there was no use in denying it anymore. Maybe pretend to be busy and leave as quickly as possible? Quite a difficult task when her manager was still somewhere in the back taking care of things. So, in the end Sakura slowly nodded before clearing softly, summoning all her confidence to keep the tremble out of her voice. "That's me. I'm surprised anyone here knows my name. How?"
[H] Hwang Yeji 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji [] unu im sorry for the late reply! i got busy all of a sudden ;n;

'what does he mean by that?' is the question that popped out of yeji's mind. she raised one of her eyebrows, confused as she didn't understand his comment. she wants to ask why, so she opened to speak, but no words came out as her shyness took over. She just sighs, trying to figure out what he meant to say. 'should i smile? no, change my expression? probably look up or something? hmm.' her thought bubble snapped as he brings up his camera again. She poses again, changing her expression from fierce to beauty, slightly smiling for the photo.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura "Thank you for giving me this oppotunity, Sakutan. I'll be sure to send your management the photos right away." He says, bowing to her in return then proceeds to the monitors with the females manager so they can discuss which photos they'll be using and edit for production. After doing so, Sen excused himself for a moment as he heads to his small office by the dressing room to check on some work realted files he'll be need for the shoot that will follow. The day's quite packed for him so he had to do quick preparations. As he passed by the dressing room, he caught sight of someones reflection on the mirror and he stopped on his tracks, an image of someone from the past suddenly popping in his mind. Furrowing his brows, he slowly backed up to the dressing room's door and looked at the mirror only to see the face of an old and dear friend from his life in Japan. "M-Miyawaki?" He says softly, remembering a younger female who he had considered to be like a sister to him when he was younger. "Are you Miyawaki Sakura?" He asked as he approached the female voice actor, his eyes looking at her with such warmth and familiarity as he thought of fond memories he had with her.
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji Sakura was glad that the shooting was only set to be a short one, as it became gradually more and more uncomfortable under her fox mask, especially with the studio lights glaring down at her, the crown of her hair already hot to the touch. It was one of the few things that had bothered her the most about the theater, how hot it could sometimes get under all those layers of layers of costumes while dancing and singing on stage, especially during the summer months. As the photographer finally dropped his camera, she let out a soft, inaudible sigh before walking over to him. Leaning closer, she took a look at the screen, lips quirking into a faint smile when seeing herself and the fox mask. Even now, after so many years it was still strange to see herself covered up like that, but perhaps it was because Sakura rarely ever looked at her own work related pictures. "It's pretty. Thank you for your hard work and taking such beautiful pictures of me. I hope we can work together again in the future." Once again she bowed politely, a soft smile on her lips, before excusing herself, leaving the rest of the talking to her manager. Unable to stand the heat any longer, she reached up to pull at the end of the ribbon that held the mask neatly in place even before she had reached the dressing room, not really bothered by the fact that someone would see her bare face. She probably wouldn't see any of the people here again anytime soon and by then they would have most likely forgotten about her anyway.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Hwang Yeji Sen furrowe his brows a bit, not really satisfied with how the photos are coming out. He stopped and took a quick check of the photos, looking at the female model after. "You pose nicely but I dont see anything in there. I need to feel what you're trying to project." He comments, his tone a bit different, stricter when he said that. He didn't elaborate on it much and wants the other to deliver right away. It must have been the delays or just him being annoyed with everything lately but he was unusually dainty that time. He brings up his camera once more, proceeding with the shoot and was epectant that the female model would perform as he wants her to right away.
[H] Hwang Yeji 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji As she saw the photographer, she can't help but thought to herself, 'the photographer looks scary...' With that first impression in mind, she got more nervous than ever. She can't mess up her first photoshoot as a model. As much as she'd like to run away, she can't. The photographer is now in front of her, so there's no turning back now. She nods as she heard her name, "Hwang Yeji." She smiles, confirming that it is her name.After hearing his name, she took a mental note and hoping that she won't forget the name. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Sen." After it, she nods after the photographer spoke as she goes walking to the set. 'the photographer sounds kinda scary too... oof.' she thought to herself as she gets ready for the shoot. She faces the camera, and made some poses, her face making the fierce look, her eyes looking at the camera, waiting for the flash.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura Sen followed her movements closely, taking photos of what she does, zooming in onto the stuffed animal before zooming out to focus on the female's head just in time to capture her bright smile and upon hearing what she said, Sen somehow felt a warm feeling in his chest. It was as if distant memories of the past had spoken to him and he couldn't simply shake off the feeling. As sudden as that moment, they both seemed to quickly return to the job at hand, Sen momentarilly supressing the oddly fmailiar feeling he suddenly felt and continued to shoot the female. It was a quick shoot so it came to an end sooner. As they reached the laast part of the set and Sen satisfied with the photos he took, he dorpped his camera and smiles softly to the female. "That's it. You did very well, Sakutan." He says, moving towards her as he offered to show her the last of the photos he took. showing her the small lcd screen of the camera he was holding.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Hwang Yeji He was about to ask of the whereabouts of the model when he finally saw her coming to the set. 'Finally.' He thought, repsonding to the other with a slight nod of his head. He looked her once over, nodding oncem ore as she looks ready for the shoot. "Ms. Yeji, right?" He asked for her name just to confirm and somehow establish a form of familiarity between them. "Im Sen Mitsuji." He introduced himself simply and quite hurriedly as they didn't really have time to do any more formalities. "We can start now." He says plainly which made him come off as indifferent and a bit cold, and anyone who doesn't know him yet would really get a bit uncomfortable the first time working with him. He simply gestured the other to the set while he checked his camera once more, putting it on the right settings and soon took his position in front of the set. "Alright. Let's start." He says, bringing the camera up to his eyes and was just going to snap photos away, forgettig to reconsider that the model he has is a rookie and might not be up to his current expectation.
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji There was something oddly familiar about the tone of his voice, a comforting warmth carried by the baritone, wrapping around her like a cozy blanket. It immediately made her feel at ease, made her shoot a smile at the male when she felt his gaze lingering on her. It wasn't uncommon thought, for a strangers voice to remind her of someone else's, so she was quick to push that thought back as she only wanted to finish this shooting as early as possible. Carefully, she listened to his instructions, only responding with a nod of her head before she walked over to the set, curiously eyes wandering across the various displayed items, each holding a fond memory of her journey to become the seiyuu that she was today. Her lips, coloured in a soft baby pink to match the petals painted onto her mask, unconsciously began to tug into a tender smile, hands already moving on their own to pick up a stuffed rabbit with a big red bow tied around its neck. It was from one of her earliest works, the trusty companion of a little girl whom she had lent her voice. Without much thinking, as she had already immersed herself into the role, Sakura spun around towards the camera, the stuffed animal in her arms as she flashed a beaming smile. "Onii-sama, daisuki." Just as sudden as it happened, the young female was quick to put the prop down again, already moving on to the next part of the set.
[H] Hwang Yeji 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji It was Yeji's first time to be a real model ever since she was scouted for the next magazine they're planning to sell next week. And now that Yeji is in the dressing room, she can't help but get nervous and move her legs back and forth while her makeup artist is putting on makeup on her. Her hands became cold as ice, shaking. She closed them into a fist, and breathed deeply.

'you got this, yeji. don't get nervous now.'

The crew suddenly called her name, so the makeup artist closed its makeup kit and nods, ensuring that the makeup is good enough and she is ready to go. So, Yeji stood up and followed the crew member. She saw the photographer waiting for her so she ran up to him and bowed in respect. Her heartbeat is pounding more than ever, now that she's about to do her modelling, and now she's committed to do her work properly.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Miyawaki Sakura Recieving the proposal to do the shoot, Sen was actually delighted. For the longest time he's been in Korea, there's been only a few instances that he was able to work with Japanese personalities. It's been 10 years since he last came to Japan and despite his homesickness, he couldn't really go home for he has long been disowned by his family.Hence working with them makes it feel like seeing a piece of home. He was more focused and invested in this simple shoot comapred to the ones he had with famous magazines or models. Despite its simple theme, he'd still give it his best. As he was finishing up with the crew, for the last few dewtails of the set up, their esteemed guest finaly came out of the dressing room. He was informed with the peculiarity of her appearance but it was still quite suprising to see in person. "Sakutan." He bowed respectfully in return. " The honor is mine." He says, straightening up his frame after, his gaze somehow lingering on hers when a sense of familiarity came over him. He furrowed his brows sligthly and shook his head thinking that perhaps it was just because of the mask, something that embodies Japanese culture itself. "This is just a simple shoot and the set is a mixture of the characters you've done work on. Feel free to roam around the set and just explore as you feel like it." He explained, gesturing her to the set up they've made that composed of different themese fitting the characters she voiced. The crew kept their distance as per Sen's instruction while he followed her with his camera just a few steps behind her, capturing certain angles and movements of her from time to time.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Hwang Yeji "Just raised that light higher." Sen instructed, gesturing for the light pole to be raised a bit taller and after the crew did what he told them to, he nod his head in complacancy, signaling them it's enough. "Now the model?" He asked, looking towards the dressing room. It has been sometime since he arrived and the model was ecpted to have arrive earlier. He checked the time on his watch and they should be starting soon. "Can you please check up on the model?" Sen asked one of the crew who hurriedly went to the dressing room to call the model. With the delays that had been happening for the past few days, Sen would really like to have this one on time. He was trying his best not to show his annoyance for things havent been going according to his plan and that doesn't sit well with him.
Miyawaki Sakura 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji "And done. Looking dazzling as always, Saku-chan. It's a pity you're going to cover up your pretty face again." Laughing softly at her managers words, she took one last glance in the mirror, nimble fingers reaching up to carefully brush a stray lock of hair back into its place. Of course she wished she didn't need to go to such lengths, but it just couldn't be helped. Murmuring a quiet "Thank you", she reached for the offered object, fingertips brushing across its smooth surface, fondly tapping the elevation that marked the nose of the fox mask. Sakura had always hated her own weak mind, how she would become so nervous in front of other people that she had even considered giving up on her dreams. This mask, although not the most ideal solution, at least allowed her to keep on dreaming just a little longer. "Alright, let's go." With the mask now sitting in its rightful place, she pushed herself up from her seat, confidence in each of her strides as she walked out of the dressing room. It was only scheduled to be a quick photo shooting, nothing too fancy. Just a few hours before she could go back home and cuddle with Maruchan. She stopped next to the man her manager had earlier explained to her was the photographer, politely bowing to him for a greeting. "I'm really honored to be working with you today, Mitsuji-san. Please call me Sakutan. I'll be in your care today. Please treat me well."
Kang Baekho 1 year ago
@Park Sooyoung He shook his head, straw still trapped between his lips which curled up into his trademark tiny smile. "Not at all, don't worry. Like I said it was just a little unexpected, that's all." He nodded and put his drink down, tilting his head. Acting? That was interesting. It did remind him a little of a thing called method acting.

"Oh me? I don't know. Honestly I would only pose and smile for the camera. Or sometimes I will need time to get my head in the right headspace." He shrugged nonchalantly then asked something he was curious about. "And acting, huh? Do you have some experience in it?"
Park Sooyoung 1 year ago
@Kang Baekho Sooyoung was quite taken back by his compliment as she let out a chuckle. " Thank you. I hope i don't make you uncomfortable or anything right? Plus it was just one of my ways to get into the character of what the photographer want. Just like acting, you know?" It was true that acting make her got into the character easier so she thought maybe not everyone were doing like her. " So how did you do it? By getting into the concept? "
Kang Baekho 1 year ago
@Park Sooyoung "Excuse me~" he sang playfully as he stepped into Joy's room, putting the food carefully on a table before turning around to face Joy with a smile. "So, what you did back there was really good. No one has ever done that before. It caught me off guard, as you could see." He chuckled and nodded, taking a seat by the table. Dongho had felt comfortable enough around Joy to be this casual with the woman, taking another sip of his drink as he crossed his leg.
Park Sooyoung 1 year ago
@Kang Baekho Her manager walked out the room to leave Sooyoung, letting her get a rest before going back to the shoot. A faint knocks coming from the door after a few minutes her manager left the room. Sooyoung walked toward the door to open it. She was a bit surprised since it was Baekho with a box of pizza on his hand. She opened the door a little wider to invite Baekho in. "Come in." She thought maybe this could be a chance for her to prove she wasn't ice cold stone person like the rumor said. "The pizza is too big for me to eat it alone."
Kang Baekho 1 year ago
@Park Sooyoung Dongho was amazed by the results of their first shoot. They looked natural but he was a little bit embarrassed because of the shade of red tainting his ears in several pictures. Joy got him good.

He slipped on a black fitted t-shirt after getting rid of his outfit for the break and decided to check on his partner while sipping on his drink. "Knock knock. Pizza delivery." The male felt a little bit stupid after saying that as he knocked on Joy's door, snorting at his silliness, and waited for her to open it.
Park Sooyoung 1 year ago
@Kang Baekho Every pictures were taken smoothly as both Joy and Baekho followed the intructions by the photographer perfectly. Pose by pose they both did and finally it was the time to take a break. Joy walked toward the screen monitor to look the preview of their photos.

Her manager led her to her designated rest place to take a break. She turned to look at her manager and asked about next outfit. For some reason, she felt a bit awkward with this collabration. It wasn't Baekho's fault. The problem was this being her first time doing this type of thing. She shouldn't listen to her manager for that suggestion.
Sen Mitsuji 1 year ago
@Angelina Danilova [] no worries. I hope you are alright ^^

Good. He thought and proceeded with the shoot, pressing the camera's shutter one after another as he captures every angle and frame of the model's pose. For a moment, he stopped to review the photos in his camera, nodding a bit to himself then looked at the female before him. "You project well. Just do as you please and I'll keep up." He said, giving her the freedom to pose as she deemed necessary. Usually, Sen would direct a model's pose but seeing that the model before him is capable, he would let her freedom of posing, seeing that she can project and handle herself well despite the situation and the pressure of the shoot they are doing. He held up his camera once more and clicked away, capturing every frame of her pose, obtaining well-taken photos, with the model's feature and pose enhanced with the camera's angle and setting. Finishing the first part, Sen lowered down his camera and looked at the female. "You can change now. You can also check the photos if you want." He told the female while handing a crew his camera. He proceeded to the monitors to check the photos himself and started to pick out the best ones among the batch.
Kang Baekho 1 year ago
@Park Sooyoung Dongho quirked an eyebrow then raised his arms, exposing his bare torso more as the lapels of the coat stretched slightly. "Really? This looks good?" He chuckled then dropped his arms. "Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself, Miss Joy." He returned the compliment with a playful smile. Pink complimented Joy's complexion very well. The woman really screamed spring. She reminded him of the cherry blossom tree.

He happily took the rose from a staff after positioning himself just like how the photographer directed them to, smiling at it before taken aback by Joy. He was not expecting that at all. Flustered, he quickly regained his composure and hummed in confirmation as he held out the rose for Joy to take, flashing the woman his best charming smile while trying his best to look like a lovesick pup. His red ears probably helped.
Park Sooyoung 1 year ago

@Kang Baekho [[Joy's outfit.
https://i.imgur.com/tGDaJug.jpg ]]

White. He wore a white coat with nothing underneath and she wore a pink colored dress. Perfect for spring looks she thought. She walked toward Baekho and softly smiled, "You look great." It was Joy's way to make Baekho comfortable with her without him being uneasy for the shoot. Although this was her first time doing shoot together with other model, she did learn how to social and not to keep to herself. After all, she was on Joy's mood.

Both of them followed the intruction of the photographer as Joy took a seat and Baekho taking place to stand beside her. "For first photo, i want Baekho to hold a rose holding out to Joy and Joy to smile shyly for perfect spring date." As soon as the photographer finish his wish for first photo, Joy immediately bit her lower lip while looking shyly toward Baekho. Her eyes was full of shyness and love toward him. "Is that rose for me?"
Kang Baekho 1 year ago

@Park Sooyoung "Do I really have to wear this?" Dongho blinked as he stared at the white coat presented before him while ignoring some glances thrown at his way. He was still topless at the moment, but still. He could feel those stares burning his skin. "It's for the spring collection." The model narrowed his eyes at the photographer who flashed him an innocent smile, and huffed, chuckling lowly as he slipped the coat on. "Fineeee." He looked down at himself, he felt a little silly for wearing the coat with nothing underneath it but it was fashion.

Clicking of heels snapped him out of it and he turned to see his partner for the day approaching them. Joy looked amazing. She was born for this. "Hey. Ready for this?" He smiled, rubbing his thighs absentmindedly.

( his outfit; https://66.media.tumblr.com/ae99c4a447a9966845aeeda66da628ac/6c1d3076ad435e69-26/s1280x1920/5ca9b271e608e9c585226a584422c75cb7d90e3a.jpg )
Angelina Danilova 1 year ago
@Sen Mitsuji [] sorry for the late reply!!

she was surprised at the change in his tone and smiled awkwardly in response, bowing her head instead and got ready in position, awaiting any further instructions from the photographer. It was a first time working with him and she had wondered what he was like. If there could be possible further collaborations with him, she needed to know what his styles and preferences were like just so the shoot could go smoothly. In response to his question, she nodded silently, her shoulders relaxing and her back slightly arched. "Yep.. I was filled in on the way here," she mumbled softly, staring straight at the photographer. As if told to be relaxed due to the tense notions coming off her, she shook her head with a chuckle. "I'm actually not nervous but thanks for the tip, Mr. Sen," she mumbled once again, taking the side of her skirt and is getting ready in action. Once the photographer had clicked that button, she swirled the skirt to the side slightly with a slightly chic expression and her other hand pretending to tuck her hair behind her ear as her heel lifted off the ground slightly.
Park Sooyoung 1 year ago
@Kang Baekho Joy took a seat not far from Baekho and start getting ready with a little touch up of make up. The photographer of the day walked towards both her and Baekho to explained the concept for the magazine. " We will be going for spring look since you both will wear the spring collection from xxx's designs." She softly thanked him and walked to change to her spring dress.

It was only took for a few minutes for her to change inti the dress since she was a model and a model need to be fast in changing outfit yet she stayed calm. Her stylist fixing her dress before letting Joy walked to the shooting area. Heels clicked on the floor as she walked and making everyone turned to look at her.
Kang Baekho 1 year ago
@Park Sooyoung "Yeah, see you soon." The male flashed Joy a brief smile before she disappeared from his sight. He wasn't sure what to make of Joy just yet. The woman spared him little words and it was totally unfair how she looked even better in real life.

Unlike Joy, Baekho was familiar with collaborations. This kind of project was good to help models to connect with each others, it would pay in the future to have a great network. He hoped Joy could be a new addition to his.

Baekho was finally finished with his make-up, humming as he admired the reflection of make-up artist's work in the mirror and flashed her a smile when their eyes met. "Good work, as usual. Now I'm ready to kill it!" He grinned at her then paused, "oh, remind me again, what was the concept of this shooting again?"


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