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Miyawaki Sakura 3 hours ago

@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- that's all that matters to you? lol
- oh no, that bear emoji is so scary I might start crying
- oof it's 3am and Maru just decided to get stuck on the curtains again. silly boy is robbing me off my precious sleep ; ; but he's just too cute > <
[file attached: https://66.media.tumblr.com/42934bf80f8c3e68666fbd922b1c6f41/tumblr_olrpfwkL8C1teaz25o2_1280.jpg ]
Kang Baekho 4 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- WELL at least you still have that flower on
- yes, I'm a big meanie raaawrrrrr fear me ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ
- yeah that's better uwu
Miyawaki Sakura 4 hours ago
@Kang Baekho [ text to: Kang Baekho]
- do you really see me that way? I'm more like this, though ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨
- so admit to being a meanie?
- big squishy meanie bear. better?
Kang Baekho 5 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- flowery human, like this (✿^‿^)
- whoops, you caught me heheheh
- dummy bear???? I'm not dum dum ene
Miyawaki Sakura 5 hours ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- what's that even supposed to mean xD
- but you were insinuating it
- stop calling me that you big squishy dummy bear :<
Kang Baekho 5 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- flowery human eue
- ummm I didn't say that-
- pft, yeah yeah whatever you say then, you flowery human. cute uwu
Miyawaki Sakura 6 hours ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- well yes. but still, I'm a human ono
- so actually you're a meanie most of the time
- a frown is just an upside down smile, so in some kind of way I'm actually smiling! lol no problem, I'd do anything for junior uwu
Kang Baekho 6 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- no, you're sakura
- yeah, s o me t i m e s eue
- awww don't frown, smile! C: okie dokie, thanks for the offer!
Miyawaki Sakura 7 hours ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- last time I checked, I'm pretty certain I'm a human
- they emphasis is on the word "sometimes" though
- never said I'm a fun person anyway unu if you need any help, please don't hesitate to message me, though!
Kang Baekho 7 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- you're not a furry, you're a flower
- no, because I'm not mean and can play nice sometimes :p
- oh boooo that's not fun unu I know I will <( ̄︶ ̄)>
Miyawaki Sakura 7 hours ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- but you did not not say it either
- aww because you like talking to me that much? ouo
- that's for me to know and for you to find out :P good good, I hope you'll be a good papa
Kang Baekho 9 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- I didn't say you are :P
- hmph foine, just for this time
- eh? do you still like kisses from your parents or are you talking about a different kind of kisses? O 3 O and ofc I won't
Miyawaki Sakura 10 hours ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- uhm...no. I'm not a furry o_o
- be nice or I'll stop talking to you!
- why? I'm grown up and I still like kisses uwu just don't force yourself on him
Kang Baekho 12 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- wait I read that wrong, I thought you said you had a crush on Chopper and I was about to explode with laughter
- hehehe nooooo :p
- huh? sounds like hooman kids. I'll make junior get used to affection so he won't reject me once he's all grown up agdhajf
Miyawaki Sakura 12 hours ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- I think everyone had a crush on Robin. for a while I was really obsessed with Chopper. collected his plushies, figurines, everything uwu
- don't be mean, big guy :<
- take any chance you can get. some cats start to push you away when you try to kiss them after growing up
Kang Baekho 17 hours ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- ah I see.. I never watched one piece hahah but I used to have a crush on robin-
- only for now :p
- hah I don't mind doing that, it means I'll have to kiss junior more :b
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- I prefer One Piece over Naruto tbh ouo
- thank you, that's very gracious of you
- so. kawaii. uwu
- you do realize that you will have to do that from now on until the day I can give him his goodnight kiss in person, yes?
Kang Baekho 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- same here, I used to watch Naruto religiously smh
- awww alright alright, I won't tease you about it anymore xD
- thank you, just gave him another kiss and told him that it was from you hahah
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- I love animes, but sadly I don't have much time to watch them. I only get to see little snippets here and there
- I just can't help it, okay? at least I'm not the type to start crying when scared
- just imagining it is too cute for me to handle. sleep tight junior, hope he will have sweet dreams
Kang Baekho 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- lol yeah, I don't watch animes that much but this one might be my fav. I don't care about the rest hahah
- awww your mama is pretty rad, that's actually a MVP move right there. but it's funny how somehow you still end up as a scaredy cat :p
- oh wow, I just punched my pillow bcs that's cute as heck TT I can't wait too! junior is sleeping right now after I fed him, he has a big belly uwu
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- omg, that one was so funny! my favourite will forever be that chick who speaks half English, half Japanese. Best. Character. Ever!!!
- I think it's cause my mama knew I'd demand to sleep in my parents' bed when scared and she really didn't want to have to deal with that so I got night lights and teddy bears to protect me from any monsters
- I showed him the picture of junior and he kept gently poking the screen as if trying to pet him ; ; I'm waiting for the days to quickly pass so they can meet uwu
Kang Baekho 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- that vid gave me flashbacks oh my gosh, I love-hate that dang series. I still can't move on from the laser ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
- lucky you hahah but yeah, I'm actually thankful bcs at least I got to experience the joy of sleeping early lol
- really? aww he's just a softie then. can't wait to meet him!
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- you did? omg, I love the series! I got a good laugh throughout all of the episodes! still watch some clips occasionally when having a bad day cause they're just so funny
- lol your mom sounds fun. luckily mine never did anything like that
- Maruchan is pretty chill. he gets along with everyone, whether human or animal. maybe he's a capybara in disguise
Kang Baekho 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- um, duh? my mom used to scare me about them so I'd go to bed early.
- hmmm will maruchan be nice to him? maruchan isn't territorial or something like that, right?
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago

@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- what about this kind of kid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyRm75gO6cs
- oh? so that was what you were scared of as a little kid? what about monsters under your bed?
- that would be really nice. once junior becomes accustomed to your place, I'll come by for a visit with Maruchan to introduce them to each other!
Kang Baekho 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- hahah well kids are naturally curious after all. can't really blame them.
- woah woah, don't bring up old nightmares unu
- awww I hope so too! I want him to become best buddy with maruchan too uwu
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- no I wasn't saying that > < just that sometimes being ogled by a kid can be troublesome
- how can you just stay calm in a situation like that? what if a monster came creeping out of your closet? would you still only try to sleep?
- good good! hopefully junior will grow up just as strong and handsome as is papa
Kang Baekho 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- excuse you, are you saying that I look like Shin-chan?? ene
- I guess so but I'd definitely just close my eyes and try to sleep-
- yep! I went to the vet then got everything she recommended to me. I'm so excited to be a dad ><
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Kang Baekho [text to: Kang Baekho]
- it is. like....would you feel comfortable being ogled by a kid like Shin-chan?
- so what? wouldn't you get scared if you ceiling suddenly stared back at you?
- will he be alright? have you bought enough supplies for him? all the essentials?
Kang Baekho 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [ to: Sakura ]
- that's not troublesome at all- ohohoh yay! virtual high-five! xD
- ah, so you are a scaredy cat eue
- yes, yes we shall keep junior safe from me hahah


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can I have Zhao Yue as my fourth please?
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If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
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hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
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could you add jorge lopez for me
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Hi hi okay, can I get rid of Ten and have Hong Jinyoung instead? Thank you!!
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