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Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Tiffany Young [] hm? what do you mean? ouo

The other's words make her laugh quietly. "That's a nice way to look at it. I like that." For a moment she stays quiet, her expression softens as she looks at the older woman, before she quietly whispers. "Thank you for finding me and staying by my side." She nods to agree with Tiffany. And even though she sometimes wishes she had more friends, she know that the other is right. Immediately, as there's a shift in mood, she becomes alarmed, her eyes growing wider in panic when her mama duckie disappears from the screen and she hears the muffled sniffles.Unsure what to say though, she remains quiet, still holding onto the cat in her lap for support. The worry remains in her eyes, even when Tiffany appears back on screen, her big smile not fooling her at all. "If...if you want, you can come over to my place. I can make you something to eat while you snuggle with Maruchan. You shouldn't be alone at times like this."
Tiffany Young 1 day ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [No worries. I see whats going on ;)]

Tiffany relaxed more as she notice the baby duckie relaxed a bit. "Im thankful you were lost for me to find you baby duckie." She lets out a long hum as she stare out at the view from her balcony listening to her. "A small group of friends in the long run will be more worth it than a big group that is kinda fake." She eye smile softly. "I need a furry friend as well..." Tears starts to glisten over my eyes as you asked if i am happy. Holding the phone away from my face, i buried my face against my lap as the tears fall as i wipe them against my pjs. Snuffling, i wiped my eyes before clearing my throat. "I'll....I'll be okay baby duckie." She tried her best to give her a big smile
Miyawaki Sakura 1 day ago
@Tiffany Young []alright! also sorry for the late reply > <

"I'm happy to know I'm one of those people." She smiles back at the older female, feeling far more relaxed now. "You too, mama duckie, I'm glad I started talking to you and that we seem to click so well. I haven't found that many people like that yet. Really, I'm so happy to know you." Although she's never been the best to express her feelings this freely, it's much easier with Tiffany as there is just that feeling of unconditional love and acceptance coming from the other. "To you, I might be not. But to other people? I'm not too sure. But...it doesn't really matter. I've come to realize that I don't need a big group of friends around. Just you, Maruchan and a small group of close friends are enough." As if to agree, the feline in her lap meowed, eliciting a soft chuckle from Sakura. "It's hectic...but are you happy, mama duckie? That's all that really matters."
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Ahh. I was thinking that he was also a californian.
How fun would that be.
-eats happily as i look at you as if you're crazy-
Ani.....ill be the worst. If anything....ill need a few drinks. Haha
Then it'll be more calm but honest
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole Nah he's from Korea. He just wants to visit, I suppose. Haha.
*shrugs a little* I'm not sure just yet. I haven't planned it yet. It's just a thought right now.
*sips my wine again and laughs* You'll be okay, I think.
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -crisscross my legs on the couch as i look at you-
Mmm LA. -smiles- and a little bit of San Diego.
Baekho.....i dont think i meet him yet....is he from Cali too????
-ask curiously- whens the trip. Ill have to look.
Book and movies. -nods- ill be surprise if i can even say any vows without messing up.
-thinks back to mine taking a big drink out of my wine.-yikes.
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole Ah, I love spontaneity!
*giggles over at you for being cute before pulling my legs up on the couch*
Mm, so Cali is your home, too? That's awesome, actually. I know Baekho wants to go with me when I visit, but you should also come sometime, if you want?
*presses play on the movie* Right?? Like, damn- they're so smooth with those vows. Hhh when will I ever? Oh, right- Never haha. I'll live out the romance in movies or books
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Mmm. We can do spontaneous days. Dont havento plan ahead at all.
-takes a nice long sip at mine humming happily as i miss this drink-
Wahhhhh -giggles- one of my favorites.
Im always here if you need an ear. I miss home in California too.
-smiles happily- yes to the corpse bride. Thw vowssss... -smiles- and the song...
-stir the pasta before rolling it on the fork eating it happily-
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole Sounds good to me!
No problem. Thank you for pouring my drink *smiles and sips on the wine*
Mm, I really appreciate that. Sometimes the feelings just really hit me hard, you know? I'll be okay, though.. I think, hahah.
Corpse Bride! Are you okay with that? Or should we choose a different one?
*asks before taking a bite of the food, humming at the taste*
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel How bout twice every month????
I think thats good. A way to destress???
-smiles- thank you for making my plate.
I didnt want to make korean food since you seem go be missing home.
Definitely. We should cook together for sure. -smiles- food is life.
What movie did you pick???
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole No worries, I'm not complaining. I love food.
*smiles sweetly at you as you pour our drinks*
I must! It'll be great. Or if you want, we could always cook together? I think that would be fun, too!
*sets your plate in front of you*
We definitely need more nights like this.
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Hehe. Sorry. I cook a lot when im meeting friends. Especially a great friend. -hums happily-
Ill pour us the wine. -smiles as i open the lid grabbing your wine cups-
A great night with my favorite witch.
Ahhh. Dont worry bout treating me next time. I dont mind.
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole Waahh, you really went all out, huh?
*giggles a little*
Next time I will treat us, okay? It's the least I can do. Everything looks and smells amazing
*opens the container of alfredo first, smiling widely* ugh, I'm so hungry.
*Grabs the silverware and first fixes your plate then mine*
Tonight is going to be great, hahah. Food, drinks, and movies with my fave
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Hiding is what i do bestttt. -eye smile happily-.
Im not cute. I look bummy -giggles-
Ahhh. Okay. I made two dishes..... chicken alfredo with -pulls out the black box red sabgria brand- sangria....
And then spaghetti with drum rollllll -pulls out pinot noir- tadaaaaa.
-smiles excitedly- oh...and for after wards with dessert and gummmy bears.... -shows the vodka bottle- vodka. Organic vodka brand. With your dessert.
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole Not a bother at all. I haven't been doing too much anyway hahah. Just kind of hiding away. Thank you for visiting me♡
*sets the food on the coffee table after shutting the door*
Not at all! I rather you be comfy. You look cute no matter what anyway.
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -giggles happily as i let you carry the foods since its lighter-
Aweee thank you for letting me come bother youuuu ♡
-smiles coming in as i take off my shoes- i hope you dont mind me pjs. Hahha.
I like being comfy. Ehehe.
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole *hugs you gently and helps carry some of the stuff you brought*
Ah, you flatter me with that name haha. Come inside
*holds the door open for you and smiles*
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -looks at your text before hearing you-
Zzzoooooooooeeeeeee -semi run oover to you carrying the foods and drinks-
Zooeeee gives you a semi hug balancing and avoid hitting you with anything-
My queen
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole [To Precious Coley *purple heart emoji*]
> I'll meet you at the door. No worries about being late Haha

*walks out the front door and hums a little, smiling as I see you* Hey, Coley! *waves to you*
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -arrive at your place 5 minutes late due to a wrong turn- okay
-parks the care grabbjng everything as i text you-

[To Queen Witch *crown and broomstick emoji *]
-Immmmm hereeeeee.
-sorry. I made a wrong turn haha. Clumsy me.
-Should i just come up and knock????
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole *looks through netflix for something for us to watch when my phone lights up again* Ah.. She'll be here soon.
*hums a little and grabs the wine glasses and plates, setting them on the coffee table and kissing Annalise's head*

[To Precious Coley *purple heart emoji*]
> Okay! I'll be waiting!

*Walks outside to stand on the balcony, enjoying the breeze while watching and waiting for you to pull up*
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -packs the Pinot noir, Black Box Red Sangria, and the vodka as a surprise along with the Tupperware of chicken and shrimp alfredo and spaghetti, wraps the garlic bread in the foil to keep it warm before stuffing the gummy bears into the side pocket-
Okay.....thats everything. -smiles switching into my pajama pants and a tshirt throwing a hoodie on before grabbing my keys and phone texting you after 30 min-

[To Queen Witch *crown and broomstick emoji *]
-OMW. Will be there in 15 minutes.

-goes to my car setting the bags of food to the passenger seat happily as i start the car before driving to you following the gps-
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole [To Precious Coley *purple heart emoji*]
> Be safe on your way here. See you soon

*Sets my phone down and tidies up around the place before you arrive*
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel [To Queen Witch *crown and broomstick emoji *]
- okayyy...i shall be there in 45 min.
-ohhhh dessert. I cant wait to try it
Zoë Hoetzel 1 day ago
@Jung Nicole [To Precious Coley *purple heart emoji*]
> Hey lovely! That all sounds amazing. I can't wait to try it. I fixed some carrot cake for us. I also have ice cream in the freezer!
> -insert address here-
Jung Nicole 1 day ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -finishes cooking as i text you-

[To Queen Witch *crown and broomstick emoji *]
Hey beautiful, can you send me your address. Im almost done. Chicken and shrimp alfredo and spaghetti along side garlic bread and 2 types of wine
Tiffany Young 2 days ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [Since the honeymoon is over and theyre back home, ill move the location setting to her balcony]

Tiffany hums softl smiling as she notice she got quiet from her confession. "Its easier to be happy and outgoing behind a screen...a camera. Somehow though, i know with certain people i can click better and still be happy me. You included baby duckie." She admits. There were many that shes afraid to meet in person because she felt that she wont be loving up to their expectations of happy go lucky Tiffany. "Its okay sweetie. We all have our ups and down. Thats what makes us human." She reassure her as she kept an eye on Sakura and the kitty. How she wish she can have her own little fur baby. Maybe now since shes on her own she can adopt one. "Youre not forgettable. if anything, ive enjoy seeing you when you pop into the chat. Its bee kinda hectic for me with the season so i havent been on much."
Moon Byulyi 3 days ago
@Jung Wheein There was a sense of pride as she watched the blush spreading on Wheein's cheeks, turning them a lovely shade of pink. When met with such an adorable sight, how could she not tease the younger woman, throwing in little innuendos here and there? Mirroring the grin on the shorter woman's face, she pulled her shoulder up and into a shrug. "I suppose. Would you perhaps give me a helping hand in achieving that soon? Maybe today even?" It would be the first time for her to invite the younger one or anyone actually to stay the night, but honestly, Byulyi didn't mind. Seeing Wheein right there in the kitchen, next to her, it almost looked like she belonged in there, had always meant to belong there. "That's good, I'm proud of you." She let out a chuckle when being pulled closer, her hands automatically coming to a rest on Wheein's hips, eyes focusing on that cute grin, made a million times cuter by the little dimple that accompanied it. "Don't get too stronk, though. I still want to feel needed by you." There was just something inherently irresistible about the way Wheein's eyes seemed to brighten up whenever food was involved, the latter's love for eating so endearing, that she just wanted to spoil the younger woman, give her anything she desired. "Anytime, baby girl." Smiling softly at Wheein, she then reached for the can of whipped cream to put a dollop onto her ice cream. "Want some too?"
Ji Changwook 4 days ago
@Park Minyoung Changwook could see the crimson hues dusting across the apple of her cheeks, thankfully Minah was far enough to not catch any of the adult's exchange, the lewd yet intimate memories perhaps making their current relationship far more complicated if it was to be explained to a kid. Though, those nights kept repeating themselves in his mind often, his subconsciousness perhaps longing for the intimacy, the gentle touches, languorous kisses..- snapping back to reality at the sound of her laughter trying to ease up the tension that could be cut with a knife, Chanwook flashed Minyoung a faint yet sorry smile, deciding to keep quiet for now.

Indulging in a big gold of his drink, he soon settled the half empty glass back down on the surface of the counter, taking a closer step to the woman as to carefully grab on her hand, their fingers naturally threading together as he spoke up again. " I wouldn't be offering if it was a bother. It,s been a while since we didn't hang out just the two of us..and you clearly need a break. As much of an angel Minah is, taking care of a kid while working your arse off must be tiring...so? what do you say? want me to accompany you?"
Park Minyoung 4 days ago
@Ji Changwook Minyoung was silent for a moment before laughing to lessen the awkward tension in the air, her cheeks a deeper shade of pink now. The memories flooded her mind. The nights with him, both spontaneous and intimate, were something she would always keep with her and cherish, but it was also accompanied by the fact that they were simply hook ups. Her heart ached as it had always yearned for him, even when they were younger, but he had always been in love with another. "It's.. okay. Really.. Don't dwell too much."

Though she struggled with those feelings, she still smiled and did her best to count the blessings she had. At least he has remained in her life. He loved her daughter as if she were actually his. He cared for them and they cared for him. That's what mattered, right? Of course, but Minyoung was no fool. She knew she would be up thinking about the what ifs later that evening. Her eyes wandered over to meet his, her expression softening. "Are you certain? I-I mean, I don't mind, but I also don't expect anything in return when I do that for you, you know. Don't feel obligated, okay?"


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yexian 1 day ago
can I have Zhao Yue as my fourth please?
crust_of_summer 2 days ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
xtracheezypizza 2 days ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
zzzoso 5 days ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 5 days ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 6 days ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
piixiedust 1 week ago
Xin Yuan Zhang please
alkylation 1 week ago
kim jongin/kai please <3
buffalosauce 1 week ago
Xu Minghao please ghvuklivg
inSUHmniac 1 week ago
Hi hi okay, can I get rid of Ten and have Hong Jinyoung instead? Thank you!!
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