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Miyawaki Sakura 9 months ago
@Kang Baekho //turns to take a closer look at the interior, letting out a soft chuckle// I've seen man caves before, yours isn't that bad. it's rather nice actually //shrugs with a sheepish smile on my lips// maybe I do. but that's just because they're all really lovable beings. right, junior? you're one cute, adorable kitty, aren't you? //lightly taps his nose, before looking up at you again, nodding// alright, that should be an easy task //returns the smile, watching you head towards the kitchen with an amused grin before putting all my attention back on junior, quietly talking to him and petting him as I take a seat on the couch// so how's life with the big guy? is he being a good papa? I'm sure he is, right? I can see, he's already head over heels for you
Kang Baekho 9 months ago
@Miyawaki Sakura sooner or later you would have come over, huh? I'm kinda surprised that you would want to visit a man cave.
*chuckles, eyes sparkling with mirth mixed with amusement- a playful smile on my lips before focusing on how gentle you are with junior and nods in approval*
I have a feeling you say that to all the kitties you meet.
*throws you another jest, still grinning, and shakes my head at your question*
nah. luckily for you, I just need to chop up some katsu then dinner will be ready. just distract junior for awhile then I'll get his dinner ready as well.
*nods and smiles at you one more time before skipping towards the kitchen and leaving you with a talkative junior who's peering up at you curiously still*
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Kim Taehyung Miru nodded as she looked back at Taehyung as she watched him step out of the elevator. "Alright, sounds good. You can take up as much space as you'd like Taehyung. This is going to be your home too for some time too, so I want you to feel comfortable and like you have space to your own that you can go to when you need it," Miru lead them down the hall as she stopped in front of a door as she pulling up the lock pad just entering the passcode into the house as she opened up the door. "My manager won't mind at all. He doesn't decide anything for me or anything like that - just help me with work and events and sometimes with things like this," Miru shrugged as she set Sou down on his feet.

"Sou take your shoes off and then go play in the living room or watch tv, okay? The big hyungs will be bringing in Taehyung things and you need to stay out of the way," Miru called to him as the little boy nodded just pulling off his shoes and setting them down before disappearing around a corner to the apartment. "Sorry about all the anime, art prints, figurines, and baby stuff lying around. You'll get used to eventually - but I can always take stuff down or move them if you aren't comfortable around them," Miru added as she motioned for Taehyung to come on inside.
Kim Taehyung 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru His eyes continued to scan his new surroundings as he was led in through the automatic doors at the front of the building, he followed Miru across the pristine floors to the elevator, he was almost scared to touch anything. He took his place in the elevator beside her, his gaze moving across to watch as she spoke to him again, almost thankful that the seemed to be rambling quite a bit, filling up any empty spaces he couldn't with his own words. Once she was done he nodded his head, once again offering a small timid smile.

"I didn't bring the bed.. So, it should all be fine. I don't take up much space either, don't have a lot of things. I should be able to make it work.." He laughed weakly, rubbing at the back of his neck gently as he stepped out into the hallway, waiting for Miru to lead him in the right direction again, "No that should be fine - As long as he's okay with me being there too."
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Kim Taehyung Miru could tell that Taehyung was holding a lot back at the moment as she nodded to him. "Hm, yes - just follow me," Miru spoke to him as she picked up Sou. She placed the boy on her hip as she leads them to the building. The building had automatic doors so they opened up. Miru stood off tot eh side just waiting for Taehyung to pass through, and as he did she started to make her way towards the elevator. She knew that this would be hard for Taehyung, and she couldn't fathom what he was doing through right now. She just wanted to make sure that he was safe and had a roof over his head - that he actually wanted to be in and wouldn't hurt him any more than it already had. She held her arm out for the elevator make sure that Taehyung got on safely. She pressed the right number for her apartment room's floor.

"So, you'll be in the back bedroom. It's pretty big - and should fit all of your things if not then I move somethings in my studio into my bedroom and we can share it. I don't know if you brought along a bed, but the room already has a full-sized bed inside so if you did then I'll just get the guys to move that full size somewhere else in the apartment. It's got nice window on one wall that lets in some night natural light, but there are curtains on it block out the sun if you want to close them," Miru rambled on a bit a she looked at him. "I'll also write the house code for you when we get inside. Also, don't worry if the door opens randomly in the morning - sometimes my manager comes over to get a manuscript or drops off boxes of printed copies for me to sign. I can tell him to come at different times if you'd be more comfortable with that?" Miru added as the elevator dinged as the doors opened as Miru held her arm out again as she let Taehyung go before them.
Kim Taehyung 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Taehyung kept his gaze out the window for most of the ride back to Miru's apartment, his eyes were aching and seemingly dry of tears for now, although he had a feeling they would start up again at any moment. His fingers toyed gently with the wedding band he had attached to a necklace chain and hung around his neck as they arrived, and he silently got out of the car, only vaguely aware of Miru's questions towards him as he looked over the building that was to become his new temporary home. It seemed nice, and he was sure the inside would be even nicer.

It took him a few moments to realise he was yet to answer Miru's question and he quickly gathered his thoughts together before taking in a deep shaking breath, "We can just go up.. I'm sure they'll be able to bring it in.." He agreed, his voice softer than usual, more timid and unsure sounding. He was trying to put up a brave front and he didn't know why, all he wanted to do was curl up and cry his eyes out, but he was trying to be strong in front of Miru and little Sou, he didn't want them to feel burdened. He moved around to the back of the taxi, thanking the driver quietly as he removed his bags before he turned back to Miru, forcing a smile, "Shall we?"
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Kim Taehyung Miru smiled over to Taehyung as the taxi from his place arrived at her apartment building. "This is it," Miru handed the money to the taxi driver as she looked at Sou, who was placed in her lap playing with a toy he had brought along. She opened the door to her side as she placed Sou on his feet before getting out of the taxi. "Do you need help with anything of your things that you brought along in the taxi - my manager is with the truck so he'll text me when they arrive," Miru said as she looked at him. She was glad that she was able to help her friend out - as she knew that staying in that big house all alone without Hoshi would be hard on him, and he didn't seem to want to move out back to his family's farm.

"We could also just wait here for her truck if you'd rather bring everything up at one trip to make it easier? They usually have guys that will carry everything up to the apartment." Miru added as she looked at her friend. She held onto Sou's left hand as she swung it back and forth a bit as he hugged his toy with his other arm just jumping around a bit.
Miyawaki Sakura 9 months ago
@Kang Baekho //turns around just for a moment to look at you, head slightly tilted// of course. I mean, I'm mainly here for junior, but sooner or later I would have come over too, even if you hadn't gotten him yet //barely suppresses another squeal when feeling junior's little head rub against my hand, immediately following his request by gently tickling his ear// thank you! //finally scoops him up with one hand, holding the tiny feline close to my chest while fully turning back towards you with a wide, happy smile// I love him already. //shakes my head in response to your question// not yet, you promised me homemade ramen after all. do you need some help in the kitchen?
Kang Baekho 9 months ago
@Miyawaki Sakura *chuckles silently while watching you two, eyes darting between you and junior as he cautiously approaches your offered hand then takes a sniff*
oh yeah? you're happy to finally meet me? not only junior here?
*grins at you teasingly as junior finally decides that he likes you and headbutts your hand for some pets and scratches- smiling at the action in amusement*
congrats, he likes you. heh. by the way, have you eaten yet?
Miyawaki Sakura 9 months ago
@Kang Baekho //unsure what to expect, the anxiety quickly dissolves when the door opens and I'm greeted by your grin, my tiers unconsciously curling upwards as well// Hi there, big guy. //enters with a quiet "thank you" and a little bow of my head before I take my shoes off, carefully placing them at the entrance// Oh my god! //gasps when catching sight of the tiny little kitten, a little squeal leaving my lips// hi, little guy! //slowly inches closer towards the feline until being an arm's length apart// hi, junior. your papa has already told me so much about you. you're even cuter in person, do you know that? //slowly extends my arm to hold out my hand for junior to get used to my scent, all the while softly talking to the animal// I'm so happy I finally got to meet you. both junior and you.
Moon Byulyi 9 months ago
@Jung Wheein Her tiers immediately curved into a wide smile when she noticed the sparkle in Wheein's eyes, once again realizing how much joy she got simply from seeing the most important person in her life being happy. Even more when she knew that she was part of the reason for the other's happiness. "I hope you won't mind sharing the bed though. Daebakkie and Haengwoonie like to sneak in for a cuddle at night. Tilting her head, Byulyi looked at the younger woman, letting her eyes wander from head to toes and back up again. "I mean...I would have lent you some of my stuff as well. We're almost the same size." She let out a soft chuckle at Wheein's display of affection, hand moving up to lovingly pet the woman's hair. "I'm sure you'd still be able to do just fine on your own, even without me. But I'm glad to know." Unable to hold back a giggle when her cheek was peppered with little kisses, Byulyi had to gently push the petite woman away, keeping her at barely and arm's length. "Wow, you really love sugar, don't you?" Spraying a small dome of whipped cream onto the second bowl, she then pushed it towards her lover, an impish grin on her lips. It was a matter of mere seconds, her swiping a little dollop of cream with her index, quickly putting the fluffy white treat onto the tip of the other's nose. "Heh, so cute."
Kang Baekho 9 months ago
@Miyawaki Sakura *my head pops out of the neck of my sweatshirt just as I hear the knocking and brushes my dark locks back with my fingers as I make my way to get the door- pulling it open with a grin adorning my face*
Ohoh, isn't it the flowery human. C'mon in! Welcome to my humble abode.
*opens the door wider and steps aside in invitation before closing it gently once you're inside- junior prancing across the living room before you like he owns the place- which he does*
hey, junior! look who's here!
*calls out to junior with my baby voice, unashamedly, and the calico pauses and stares at us*
Miyawaki Sakura 9 months ago
@Kang Baekho //stares up at the building, nervously twirling the cord of the hoodie I am wearing between index finger and thumb, trying to calm down again// it'll all be fine //whispers to myself before entering the apartment complex, the hollow echo of my footsteps and the rustle of plastic the only sound as I head straight for the elevator, avoiding making eye-contact with anyone. Lets out a relieved sigh when finally reaching your floor without any incidents, quick strides leading me right to your door// ganbatte! //rings the bell after taking a deep breath, patiently waiting for you to open the door//
Jung Wheein 9 months ago
@Moon Byulyi Wheein's eyes brightened at the thought of spending the night with Byulyi. She hadn't slept over at someone's place in quite some time, but she was more than happy to stay with this beautiful woman before her. "I'd be delighted!," she laughed a little before adding, "but I'll have to run back home to gather some jammies to sleep in and some clothes for tomorrow." The shorter woman couldn't help but to snuggle against the other, instantly nuzzling into her neck and sighing in content. "No worries about that. I'll always need you no matter what, silly." When the other began to put whipped cream on the ice cream, she quickly nodded and pulled back some. "Yes please." Wheein replied and leaned up to press a few small kisses against Byul's cheek. "Thank yooou~"
Miyawaki Sakura 9 months ago
@Tiffany Young [] hm? what do you mean? ouo

The other's words make her laugh quietly. "That's a nice way to look at it. I like that." For a moment she stays quiet, her expression softens as she looks at the older woman, before she quietly whispers. "Thank you for finding me and staying by my side." She nods to agree with Tiffany. And even though she sometimes wishes she had more friends, she know that the other is right. Immediately, as there's a shift in mood, she becomes alarmed, her eyes growing wider in panic when her mama duckie disappears from the screen and she hears the muffled sniffles.Unsure what to say though, she remains quiet, still holding onto the cat in her lap for support. The worry remains in her eyes, even when Tiffany appears back on screen, her big smile not fooling her at all. "If...if you want, you can come over to my place. I can make you something to eat while you snuggle with Maruchan. You shouldn't be alone at times like this."
Tiffany Young 9 months ago
@Miyawaki Sakura [No worries. I see whats going on ;)]

Tiffany relaxed more as she notice the baby duckie relaxed a bit. "Im thankful you were lost for me to find you baby duckie." She lets out a long hum as she stare out at the view from her balcony listening to her. "A small group of friends in the long run will be more worth it than a big group that is kinda fake." She eye smile softly. "I need a furry friend as well..." Tears starts to glisten over my eyes as you asked if i am happy. Holding the phone away from my face, i buried my face against my lap as the tears fall as i wipe them against my pjs. Snuffling, i wiped my eyes before clearing my throat. "I'll....I'll be okay baby duckie." She tried her best to give her a big smile
Miyawaki Sakura 9 months ago
@Tiffany Young []alright! also sorry for the late reply > <

"I'm happy to know I'm one of those people." She smiles back at the older female, feeling far more relaxed now. "You too, mama duckie, I'm glad I started talking to you and that we seem to click so well. I haven't found that many people like that yet. Really, I'm so happy to know you." Although she's never been the best to express her feelings this freely, it's much easier with Tiffany as there is just that feeling of unconditional love and acceptance coming from the other. "To you, I might be not. But to other people? I'm not too sure. But...it doesn't really matter. I've come to realize that I don't need a big group of friends around. Just you, Maruchan and a small group of close friends are enough." As if to agree, the feline in her lap meowed, eliciting a soft chuckle from Sakura. "It's hectic...but are you happy, mama duckie? That's all that really matters."
Jung Nicole 9 months ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Ahh. I was thinking that he was also a californian.
How fun would that be.
-eats happily as i look at you as if you're crazy-
Ani.....ill be the worst. If anything....ill need a few drinks. Haha
Then it'll be more calm but honest
Zoë Hoetzel 9 months ago
@Jung Nicole Nah he's from Korea. He just wants to visit, I suppose. Haha.
*shrugs a little* I'm not sure just yet. I haven't planned it yet. It's just a thought right now.
*sips my wine again and laughs* You'll be okay, I think.
Jung Nicole 9 months ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -crisscross my legs on the couch as i look at you-
Mmm LA. -smiles- and a little bit of San Diego.
Baekho.....i dont think i meet him yet....is he from Cali too????
-ask curiously- whens the trip. Ill have to look.
Book and movies. -nods- ill be surprise if i can even say any vows without messing up.
-thinks back to mine taking a big drink out of my wine.-yikes.
Zoë Hoetzel 9 months ago
@Jung Nicole Ah, I love spontaneity!
*giggles over at you for being cute before pulling my legs up on the couch*
Mm, so Cali is your home, too? That's awesome, actually. I know Baekho wants to go with me when I visit, but you should also come sometime, if you want?
*presses play on the movie* Right?? Like, damn- they're so smooth with those vows. Hhh when will I ever? Oh, right- Never haha. I'll live out the romance in movies or books
Jung Nicole 9 months ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Mmm. We can do spontaneous days. Dont havento plan ahead at all.
-takes a nice long sip at mine humming happily as i miss this drink-
Wahhhhh -giggles- one of my favorites.
Im always here if you need an ear. I miss home in California too.
-smiles happily- yes to the corpse bride. Thw vowssss... -smiles- and the song...
-stir the pasta before rolling it on the fork eating it happily-
Zoë Hoetzel 9 months ago
@Jung Nicole Sounds good to me!
No problem. Thank you for pouring my drink *smiles and sips on the wine*
Mm, I really appreciate that. Sometimes the feelings just really hit me hard, you know? I'll be okay, though.. I think, hahah.
Corpse Bride! Are you okay with that? Or should we choose a different one?
*asks before taking a bite of the food, humming at the taste*
Jung Nicole 9 months ago
@Zoë Hoetzel How bout twice every month????
I think thats good. A way to destress???
-smiles- thank you for making my plate.
I didnt want to make korean food since you seem go be missing home.
Definitely. We should cook together for sure. -smiles- food is life.
What movie did you pick???
Zoë Hoetzel 9 months ago
@Jung Nicole No worries, I'm not complaining. I love food.
*smiles sweetly at you as you pour our drinks*
I must! It'll be great. Or if you want, we could always cook together? I think that would be fun, too!
*sets your plate in front of you*
We definitely need more nights like this.
Jung Nicole 9 months ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Hehe. Sorry. I cook a lot when im meeting friends. Especially a great friend. -hums happily-
Ill pour us the wine. -smiles as i open the lid grabbing your wine cups-
A great night with my favorite witch.
Ahhh. Dont worry bout treating me next time. I dont mind.
Zoë Hoetzel 9 months ago
@Jung Nicole Waahh, you really went all out, huh?
*giggles a little*
Next time I will treat us, okay? It's the least I can do. Everything looks and smells amazing
*opens the container of alfredo first, smiling widely* ugh, I'm so hungry.
*Grabs the silverware and first fixes your plate then mine*
Tonight is going to be great, hahah. Food, drinks, and movies with my fave
Jung Nicole 9 months ago
@Zoë Hoetzel Hiding is what i do bestttt. -eye smile happily-.
Im not cute. I look bummy -giggles-
Ahhh. Okay. I made two dishes..... chicken alfredo with -pulls out the black box red sabgria brand- sangria....
And then spaghetti with drum rollllll -pulls out pinot noir- tadaaaaa.
-smiles excitedly- oh...and for after wards with dessert and gummmy bears.... -shows the vodka bottle- vodka. Organic vodka brand. With your dessert.
Zoë Hoetzel 9 months ago
@Jung Nicole Not a bother at all. I haven't been doing too much anyway hahah. Just kind of hiding away. Thank you for visiting me♡
*sets the food on the coffee table after shutting the door*
Not at all! I rather you be comfy. You look cute no matter what anyway.
Jung Nicole 9 months ago
@Zoë Hoetzel -giggles happily as i let you carry the foods since its lighter-
Aweee thank you for letting me come bother youuuu ♡
-smiles coming in as i take off my shoes- i hope you dont mind me pjs. Hahha.
I like being comfy. Ehehe.


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ciao, take care
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later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
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