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Please post below roles that you would like to have in your characters life. Provide as much detail as you can.

Jamie Park [A] 9 months ago
-jamie's connections-

↠ ii. singing friends (m/f) - as jamie grew up, she took more and more of an interest in her father's work than in actually becoming a singer. she didn't give up the singing dream altogether, but she didn't want to pursue that as her main career goal. instead, she became a talk show host where she gets to present rewards on her fathers stage and interview musical artists in her own studio. on the side, she creates her own music that she releases on platforms such as soundcloud and youtube. she also has a singer friend (you) who occasionally features her in songs as either background music or for duets.

↠ iii. friendly rivals (m/f) - you and jamie are friendly rivals. this can either be in music because you are an artist, or it can be in hosting because you are a host as well. either way, you are always in friendly competitions and challenging each other.

↠ iv. drama friends (m/f) - other than her interest in music and hosting, jamie also likes to dabble a little in acting. she does this more in theater than on the screen, and she decided to take up theater acting classes. you are her friend in these classes, and you two often put on performances together.
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Cha Hakyeon [A] 9 months ago
-hakyeon's connections-

↠ i. shooting range buddies (m/f) - hakyeon is a skilled gunman, and his father even owns a shooting range that many people like to visit. once a week, hakyeon even teaches gun safety glasses at the range. you are a regular at the range (it's up to you if you just visit to practice or if you took some of hakyeon's classes) and you have become something like a friend to hakyeon. although you might text sometimes, he never asks to spend time with you outside of the shooting range, preventing the friendship to go any further. it's also up to you if you pester him to try to hang out or not.

↠ ii. dog groomer (m/f) - hakyeon has a dog. a very well-trained doberman by the name of hitman. he often takes him to the groomer, which is you. there are always small little conversations that happen between you two when he drops hitman off and picks him up.
Wang Yibo 10 months ago
-Yibo's connections-

The forgotten friend (s/he): This character basically had known Yibo since his rebellious day back in London. They are not close friends; at most they are more suitable to be called acquaintances. S/He basically knows a little bit too much about Yibo’s past which makes him feel threatened as he does not wish anyone outside of his circle to know about this. Even though he rejected their presence at present but he gradually warming up to them and slowly open his heart to a new friendship.

The ex-fiancée (she): His late brother’s ex-fiancée. The accident that had claimed his brother’s life not only rendered Yibo to eternal guilt but also cause someone to lost her most beloved person. She loathed Yibo over the death of his fiancé, doing everything in her power to twist the knife in his wound when he could never overcome the trauma from the accident.

The physician (s/he): Although he had recovered from the accident, he still suffered from trauma caused by the accident. Though he hated the hospital, due to his sister’s pressure, he would obediently drag himself to meet with his physician at least once a month for therapy as well as counseling.
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Park Minyoung 10 months ago
Minyoung's connections, PM if you're interested:

~ **Slot Taken** Babysitter: [Female, long time friend or a family member preferred] Being a single and hard working mother is a huge responsibility. Min Young works Monday-Friday from 7am to 6pm. Her daughter is in daycare from 7am to 2pm, so Min Young is in need of a babysitter who can pick her daughter up from her daycare at 2 and is willing to take care of her until Min Young returns home. She would also love for said babysitter to be a little flexible on the weekends in case Min Young wishes to go out on Saturday evening. So, not only do you get to spend time with a precious child, but you also get paid quite a bit! **Slot Taken**

~ Best friend: [Male or Female] Min Young is in need of a long time best friend. She needs someone who is reliable, truthful, responsible, and full of life. She needs them to be up for anything, such as going to the club or to the bar for a few drinks, going to a cafe for lunch, spending some quiet time in the park, and even spending some time with her and her daughter. She just needs someone to let loose with for a little while and enjoy life with. Sleepovers are a must. Baking is a must. And of course, the occasional dress up with her daughter is a must!

~ Office buddy: [Male or Female] The days at the office can either be long and boring, or they can be hectic and tiresome. With that being said, Min Young is in need of someone who can make her days at least a little more manageable. Working as a secretary for one of the most well-known entrepreneurs is tough work most of the time, and it's very frustrating, especially when the boss is a huge douchebag. She needs someone to remind her why she is working there, why it wouldn't be a good idea to whack him over the head with a chair, and why it's good to laugh some stuff off when she is wanting to rip her hair out.

~ Photographer: [Male or Female] Both Min Young and Min Ah do some modeling. Min Ah is a sought after child model, and Min Young would love to hire a personal photographer to help with her modeling portfolio. She needs someone reliable and with some experience in photography. With that said, she will need to see a photography portfolio and will need to know the expenses. If there are no set expenses, this can be discussed based on your work and how many hours that will be put into it.

*Will add more later!*
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[H] Kim Kibum [A] 10 months ago
*~* Kibum's Connections *~*

A. Drinking Buddies - Male or Female - Due to Kibum’s profession, crazy hours, and intense stress, he regularly goes out after he closes the restaurant to grab a drink and a bit to eat that he didn’t have to prepare. Whether because of similar hours or happenstance, he keeps meeting up with the same people as he does so and they strike up a conversation. That conversation becomes friendship after a while and by now it’s sort of like a ritual with the two of them meeting up at least weekly to catch up with one another. PM for further details! -OPEN 0/3-

B. Chefmates - Male or Female - The two happen to be in the same profession and might even specialize in similar or opposing culinary trades. They know of each other, maybe trained together, went to school together for a time, possibly worked together or simply just heard about one another through mutual contacts. How close they are is up for discussion. PM for further details! -OPEN 0/2-

C. Regulars - Male or Female - This person is at the restaurant a lot and probably knows all of the staff by sight and they know them. Over the course of some time, friendships have even developed between this person and the kitchen staff including Kibum. They probably talk whenever this person is there and the restaurant isn’t busy, this person can order things that are not and never were on the menu, and generally likes to challenge an often bored Kibum to make something different. PM for further details! -OPEN 0/2-
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 10 months ago
*~*Boa's Connections*~*

A. Personal Assistant - Male or Female - Boa is looking for someone to be her personal assistant and secretary. She is an Executive Director at SM Entertainment, an entertainment company that produces and manages talent in the form of idols, actors, emcees and other personalities. From training, writing, recording and producing albums, developing and producing television shows and dramas, as well as web-series and more, there is a lot to do under the umbrella of SM in regards to entertainment. For anyone looking to get into the entertainment business, working for Boa would be a foot in the door. She generally likes to promote from within the company and help those who are passionate about making SM Entertainment better and stronger. The assistant job is temporary until promotion, pays well, provides a first-hand look at the entertainment industry from basically all levels, and comes with full insurance benefits for the assistant as well as their immediate family. Please send a pm to inquire about the position and we can set up the interview! -OPEN 0/1-

B. Co-Executive Director - Male - This character technically shares the same job as Boa but for whatever reason, he hates it. His father owned the company before and he was next in line to take over but because of his disdain or ineptitude, the position was split with Boa taking the bulk of the work. The relationship between him and Boa is nebulous at best, especially after his father tried to cement a bond by attempting to arrange for him and Boa to be married. He is very much akin to Jisung’s character Cha Jiheon in the beginning of the drama Protect The Boss. PM for further details! -OPEN 0/1-

C. Workers, Staff and Talent - Male or Female - These are the people that Boa works with on a relatively regular basis within SM Entertainment. Singers, songwriters, producers, choreographers, dancers, photographers, costume designers, models, actors, actresses, directors, accountants, and basically any profession that can be linked to either entertainment or running a business. I am trying to build up the company and fill it with others like an actual company that would exist. PM for further details so we can work out the right scenario for you! -OPEN UNLIMITED-
Jung Jaehyun 10 months ago
connection a has been taken!
Lee Jooyoung 10 months ago
〘 lee jooyoung's connection board 〙

↠ a. the fake boss - for some reason, joo always stumbles upon you whenever you're in trouble and it annoys her. given the many situations you find yourself being rescued by her, you try to convince her to be your protector in exchange for... well you can't really offer anything other than your companionship which she doesn't really need at this point. she does help you out though, for a price that is. (any gender)

↠ b. the pest - knowing how cool she is with just about anything, you find yourself wanting to shatter that image and create your own silly agenda of making joo soft in many ways you could think of. the catch is: you're in the receiving end of her daggers, but that doesn't bother you in the slightest. (any gender)
Jung Jaehyun 10 months ago
〘 jung jaehyun's connection board 〙

↠ a. annoying ex-student - you were one of jaehyun's adamant visitors in the guidance counselor room back in college just because you've grown quite fond of how reserved he was and there was this need for you to know what lies behind his stoic nature. stumbling across him in the show was something you've never imagined would happen, but here we are with a newfound goal of annoying him once more and probably getting yourself a taste of the real Jaehyun outside the school. (any gender, younger)

↠ b. the influencer - jung jaehyun hasn't been quite a carefee man with how he carries his lifestyle. your ultimate goal is to have him step out of his comfort zone, and what better way to do it than get yourselves drunk in numerous parties and teach him the ins and outs of nightlife? (male, no age preference)
Tiffany Young 10 months ago
Im looking for an exboyfriend plot...one where she realized she wasnt into guys but into girls. He'll know a secret from her past and will stay friends with her and be protective.
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
the fan; you’ve followed Miru through her work and are actually getting to talk to her without the restrictions that she had on her fan accounts – getting to know the real girl and person behind her work. Will you two become friends?

co-workers; you work for with the game company or webtoon company that Miru draws for and often have to go to her house to pick up physical copies or remind her in person that she has deadlines due. You two form a friendship and Souske kind of sees your character as an aunt/uncle.

all of these are free and up for grabs! plus just any other general plots or ideas for plots for miru are welcome too! :D
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Oh Yeonseo 10 months ago
the ex; you and yeonseo dated a for a long time and at first the relationship was really great – but all throughout the relationship there were toxic elements from jealous and possessive behavior, cheating, and manipulation – yeonseo finally broke down from everything and you got kicked out, lost your job at flower shop, and literally threatened to death by whom you thought could be your father in law – but now you two are on the same show, seeing yeonseo thrive with someone else and meeting again does it bring up old feelings or how do the two deal with this. *read more of yeonseo’s background for more details

part-timers; yeonseo is scared to always hire part timers at the flower shop of the bad experiences she had letting others in to her family’s treasured business – but you convince yeonseo to hire you and thus a best friend type relationship comes from this.

just a bunch of anime weebs; yeonseo is pretty big into anime and manga in which she likes to spend time at the manga café when she’s not working at the flower shop or watches a ton or reads a lot while working on arrangements or working – so she’d love to have some other nerds to fangirl with.

volunteer buddies; yeonseo likes to volunteer at the child center a lot, so you two meet there and work with each other – or you assist yeonseo as she puts on gardening classes for the kids and the community and become friends that way

all of these are free and up for grabs! plus just any other general plots or ideas for plots for yeonseo are welcome too! :D
[H] Yoon Jeonghan 10 months ago
jeonghan's connections, all free and up for grabs!

— i. the rebound: you were there when jeonghan's boyfriend—now ex, the only man he has ever truly loved—left him. you were the one who comforted him, and you fell in love with him. but he didn't. even when he was with you, all he could think of his ex. you two broke up on bad terms two years ago. now you meet again. [any gender, male preferred]

— ii. the friend with benefits: you two were flings before you became inseparable friends. it started a little near two years ago. you wanted to , he wanted someone to his stress away. soon enough, you two became friends by shared woes and similarities in interests. now you just hang out and just for fun sometimes. [any gender]

— iii. the sugar baby (kind of). just a really, really close friend that jeonghan loves to baby and spoil a lot. has been friends since the two were very young. knows each other like the back of theor palms. [preferrably younger, also any gender]
Staff 3 10 months ago
open plots of any of my current and futures muses

Plot 1:
Muse A and Muse B are at a party, they're both slightly tipsy -unsurprisingly- and end up getting locked outside on the balcony of a three story house together, just them. Slowly as they wait for someone to notice where they are they start to grow closer to each other and soon as it gets colder both muses end up having to embrace each other to stay warm....

Plot 2:
After a one night stand, the next morning isn’t pretty. muse A and muse B turn out to hate each other on the way out the door, but just as muse B attempts to leave in a huff, a blizzard has trapped them inside. no power, little food, and no way home, both muses are stuck with each other for another night.

Plot 3:
Muse B asks Muse A for kissing lessons, their excuse is they are trying to impress someone experienced but in truth Muse B are interested in Muse A.

Plot 4:
Muse A had always been the type to help someone without anything in return. And Muse B takes that to his/her advantage, using Muse A to make his/her ex jealous. Muse A willingly agrees, knowing that it wouldn’t hurt him/her anyway. But what Muse A never expected is the fact that he/she would fall for Muse B in the whole process. He/she knows that Muse B would never feel the same way, but Muse A doesn’t regret falling for Muse B, even if Muse B is still in love with his/her ex lover.

Plot 5:
Muse A is a world famous hitman, never been caught and is know for killing several large political leaders. But his next hunt is after a (Muse B) -insert job here- adored by the world.

Plot 6:
Muse A and Muse B don't particularly like each other so they've made clear, unfortunately for them luck is not on their side. On a cruise stop at a small island both of them somehow end up falling asleep or getting distracted- completely missing the cruise ships departure. Left on a tropical island with no cell reception, a bar, lounge chairs, a beautiful beach and only one cabin with one bed until the next cruise ship makes a stop at their destination which is in about... 1 month. How will they survive? Well more importantly how will they withhold from killing each other? But that's where things start to turn, with two flirtatious hormonal teenagers anything can happen. There's a thin line between hate and love.

Note: All "falling in love" obviously angsty because they can't be together.

but these are just ideas tbh.
Kim Jisoo [M] 10 months ago

- A soccer fan or someone who would like to come see Jisoo's games from time to time. I would be a growing friendship. You don't need to be a soccer expert, it's mostly to create a partnership over his work and someone who also gives work advice.

- manager role, to keep jisoo in place and help him develop his skills. Wanting jisoo to move to a big league and play with the best in the world.

- a probably ex-crush / ex-lover, trying a bit of angst in here but also a decent amount of romance before the angst. to decide if angst all the way, or a mix.
Choi Minki 10 months ago
Minkis connections -

In a brash act of confidence, you try to pick Minki up while he's shopping at the mall- how were you supposed to know that the long haired, skirt-wearing person in front of you was a guy? Good thing he has a sense of humor. This can turn into romance anyways, or maybe you guys just end up bonding over the awkward moment and become friends. [Any biual/straight male]

Being a traditionally feminine boy has always been difficult for Minki's parents to understand, perhaps that's why they're always quite adamant about bringing a girl back for the holidays. Luckily he met you in university, a lesbian/bi woman with a similar issue, and a mutually beneficial 'romance' for the parents began [any lesbian/biual woman].

Minki is also looking for coworkers in their software firm - accountants, bosses, hr, interns, or other programmers like himself to get to know. [Any]
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
Soojin's connection,just pm her if interested.

Looking for a film director who knows how to make video amazing,and pretty/ since soojin is a choreographer she need to film some videos for her lessons as well,so she can look back and seen what need to be changed, it will be more appreciated if you know how to edit the videos.

I also need a stylist/make up artist for the videos and choreography,and even for photoshoots. I need someone who can make look good as well,outfit and what concept fits me,give me advice when i needed to.

So if anyone s interested please contact me.[ pm me for more information ]
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
yukhei/lucas's connection, if interested, just pm! (prolly going to add some more if I got some more ideas lol)

looking for his right hand man/best friend -> lucas is a mafia leader, and he needs his right hand man/childhood friend/rant person/story-teller/brother. you help lucas and hang out with him sometimes, and you were the one who signed lucas up in the show because it either looks fun or you want to have someone with you in the show. lucas considers you as his brother and trusts you wholeheartedly, and he's very thankful for you! [preferrably a man]
[H] Kim Dahyun 10 months ago
dahyun's connection uwu, if interested, just pm! (prolly going to add some more if I got some more ideas lol)

looking for a travel buddy -> you and dahyun loves hanging out until late at night from trying out cafes and their menus that catches your attention. you and dahyun are literally best friends for life, you support each other, got each other's back, always there when something happens. you sometimes help dahyun think of captions for her instagram posts about the food that you two ordered, and have fun after it. [any gender will do!]
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Nakamoto Yuta 10 months ago
Mark's Connections

— I. You live next door to Mark, and he's just moved in. He plays loud music at odd hours, there's always random thudding and people over when you're busy, and he only gets louder every time you leave a note on his door. You finally go over one day to knock on the door, but you weren't expecting him to be so.../hot/! [Male Only]
— II. You remember going to high school with Mark, and he was a mousy little nerd then. Now, you're getting your personal vehicle fixed (car, motorcycle, etc.), and you run into Mark again, except he's very different from how you remember in high school. Still, you want to keep in touch with him. [Any gender welcome]
— III. You were Mark's first (and last) girlfriend before he realised he was gay. You don't regret your relationship and have become his best friend and mentor. You actually convinced him to sign up for the show, and now he's waiting for you to go first so he can see if it's worth it. [Female Only]
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
Donggu needs:

- his partner-in-crime aka co-owner. French Pressed Records was a team effort, with Donggu focusing more on the music side and his friend focusing on the cafe aspect. having met in college and having gotten close over the years, they make a great team.

- his new hire(s). in the past year or so, French Pressed Records has been steadily growing as a business and, until recently, the two owners have been able to handle everything themselves, from securing new records and dj-ing, to being the barista and cooks, and booking live performers. they're now in need of one barista and one cook to help keep up with the demand.

- his older sister. the one in line to take over the cosmetics company when their mom steps down. Donggu is really close with his sister; they tell each other everything and he looks up to her a lot.
Kim Taeyeon 10 months ago
Taeyeon is looking for a personal photographer. They can be any gender or age. She just needs someone reliable, has a flexible schedule, and is willing to go just about anywhere to have a photoshoot. She would also love to have a nice friendship with this person. She will happily upload the images to her social media and give proper credit to you and your work and promotion for your business. If you are interested, PM me!! I only need one person.

Taeyeon is looking for a close friend, one she has known since they were children. She needs someone who will go on late night food runs or late night walks with, someone who will go on shopping sprees or go wine tasting, or perhaps someone who will take a vacation with her to another foreign country. (Any gender)

Taeyeon is also looking for a younger sibling (preferably Korean) that she can love and protect while supporting him/her throughout this show. She would love to have a sibling who looks up to her and often seeks comfort in her.
[H] Leanna Decker [A] 10 months ago
Leanna's connections:

1: Neighbor - 0/3 - Male or Female - This plucky Southern belle has basically just landed in South Korea, barely speaks the language and is slowly learning the ropes. What she needs is a few people around her to guide her in the new country and help her to find her stride.
2: Co-Worker - 0/2 - Male or Female - You work at the same school as Leanna so you see her around from time to time. Whatever happens from there; friendship or something else is up in the air.
3: Stateside Connect - 0/2 - Male or Female - Spend any time in East Texas? You might have run into this woman and struck up a friendship that has lasted for some time and now she's in South Korea so you have the opportunity to reconnect.
Lee Siyeon 10 months ago
Siyeon's Connections!

— I. You and Siyeon dated for some time, but broke up after you graduated college and Siyeon took over her family business. You haven't talked in a long time, since the break up, but you find out that you're both on the show and you both realise you're still in love with each other. The only problem is, you're both vastly different people than you used to be, and maybe that love is just for who you used to be rather than who you both are now. [Any gender welcome]
— II. You have only been to one funeral in your life, but you were endlessly fascinated with the morbid beauty of it and have grown up wanting to work in a funeral home. Not wanting to be on the dirtier side of working in one as an embalmer, you went through college, gained a job you don't love, and have been wandering aimlessly hoping to find a career you'll enjoy. Then, you find the job opening for an assistant planner at the Lee Funeral Home, and realise that maybe you'll finally be able to live out your dream career of helping someone through a tragic time in their life. [Any gender welcome]
— III. You ran into each other once during Black Friday at the mall, Siyeon kicked you in the side and you punched her in the face, but after all was said and done, you ended up becoming best friends just because of the sneakers that you two both ended up buying as they had both of your sizes. You don't always understand her being a practicing witch, and she doesn't always understand your interests, but her dog loves you and if she's away or working late hours, you always make sure to take care of her sweet fur daughter Pippa. [Any gender welcome, preferably male]


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