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Choi Daesu 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon As soon as the door opened, they were met by Boa, exuding such warmth from her cheery tone to that bright smile that effortlessly laced her lips. In his thought, he had thought of her as someone as such but seeing her in flesh only made that though a profound one.

“Hi! Pleasure to finally see you in person! Choi Daesu, and this is my princess, Naeun.” Daesu returned a smile to the other, taking hold of his babbling daughter’s tiny fist only to shake it, mimicking a wave, just like what he always did. Acting upon her invitation and also to keep the young one safe from the cold breeze, he immediately went in her house, head dipping as a sign of thanks. He then turned towards Boa. “Not at all. A good 10? 15-minute drive, perhaps”

Being inside, Daesu allowed his eyes to roam the place quickly out of habit. He enjoyed noting details as a past time, something hard not to regardless where he is. All in all, it was a well-kept place, as expected from the woman, a place anyone could call ‘home’. “How about your husband? Will he be joining us?” He inquired, curious to see the man as well.
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon Settling himself beside his wife comfortably, Jaehyun admired her for a few moments as she divided the food equally for them. Her long, disheveled locks gently covered the side of her face, as though they were a curtain that allowed little to no sunlight to peer through their being. As a man who preferred basking himself in the wonders of the sunshine, Jaehyun calmly slid his hand through his trousers' pocket, lacing his fingers through a hair tie which he always kept to himself out of habit. That's what you develop for living with five sisters, after all. "I would've swept you in my arms instead and carried you right back in the room for being hard-headed, my queen," he calmly answers before chuckling to himself. The image of his wife freely roaming the hospital's halls wearing the hospital gown bringing merriment to his heart than frustration.

"I missed you, too, I was worried you found a handsome doctor to replace me with," Lithe digits lightly run themselves through the back of her head—collecting as many strands as they could. And when his work of art refines itself thread by thread, Jaehyun expertly ties her hair up into a ponytail, making sure that it wasn't too loose or too tight for her own liking, "It wasn't too hard. I just got too occupied with choosing a viand you'd want for lunch," with a dented smile adorning his features, he leans in to press a gentle kiss on her nape before shifting his attention back to the food spread in front of them, "Did I do a good job with picking your meal today, Mrs. Jung?"
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Jaehyun Seeing Jaehyun again allowed her to breathe an intense sigh of relief and she smiled most warmly at her husband as he came in. "Yes, they came. It's why I am not basically wearing a bag and have a blanket." She explained before trying to cover up her fears and anxiety with some of her typical humor. "Aren't you glad I didn't wear this down the aisle? I don't know how you wouldn't have jumped me right then and there. It's seriously y." Boa took the opportunity to strike a very model-y pose, one shoulder raised with her eyes flashing and an affected pout on her lips. The whole thing lasted only a few seconds before she started to laugh and shook her head at her self. "I missed you like crazy. Or went crazy. Maybe both."

Boa scooted over on the bed to make room for him and positioned the tray attached to the bed so that it would be in easy reach of the both of them. She put the bag of food on there as well and began digging through it, dividing the contents equally. "Was it hard to find your way around?" the woman asked earnestly, having no idea of what happened outside of the doors. "I was a bit worried you had gotten lost and I would have to come find you."
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon In as much as he tried his best to forget the little encounter with his brother, Jaehyun couldn't seem to shake off the worry that was starting to bud in his chest. What he planned was to get back to Seoul as discreet as possible and spend a peaceful time with his wife, but who was he trying to fool? The number of his siblings alone could attest that peace was beyond his reach, and with his parents being influential leaders of the medical industry, there was no doubt that he'd be spotted wherever he was. An exasperated sigh escapes past his already dried tiers, and even if it were temporal, Jaehyun gently shook his head as he neared the door towards his wife's room. He stood frozen in front of the towering mahogany, breathing in deep to compose himself and soften his visage before he enters and meets eyes with her once more.

With a gentle turn of the knob, he pushed the door open slowly only to see his wife settled on the bed while watching formulaic shows on television. "I'm sorry I took so long, my queen. Food's here." He softly announced, raising the paper bag by his face as he flashes a wide smile at her, definitely a desperate attempt to cover his anxiety with what was about to come. Gentle footsteps approached her as he placed the bag on the bedside table, turning his attention once more towards his wife to give her a kiss on the forehead, "I missed you. What happened while I was gone? Did any of the nurses arrive?"
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Jaehyun While he hadn't actually been gone for very long, it seemed like an eternity to Boa who was waiting in the room by herself. Shivering slightly from the cold, she carefully hoisted herself back up onto the hospital bed and covered herself with the blanket that the nurse had provided. Out of habit she began to him a soft nursery rhyme to herself as she rocked gently back and forth, a soothing technique she had learned as a child which she carried with her through into adulthood. It didn't eliminate all of her fears but it did help her to breathe which eased the stress on her body just enough that she was able to settle down once more.

Idle and alone, her active imagination began to prey upon her as all manner of worst-case scenarios flashed through her mind. Not willing to let them win, Boa opted to try and distract herself and escape from her current situation at least mentally. She found the remote for the television not far off and turned it on before she began flipping through the channels for something to watch. Boa didn't spend a lot of time actually watching programmed television so she wasn't even sure what she was looking for but the motion, distraction and the sounds were enough to make her feel less isolated and alone for the time being.
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon "Hyung? I wasn't expecting to see you in this branch," He casually answers as he turns his head to completely face his brother. It has been quite a long time since they last met, primarily caused by the demands of the show. Jaehyun felt his heart swell as he was met with a living sign of his family during what may be the toughest of times he has been experiencing. Love was unfamiliar to the male if anything. And if given a choice, he would have had ran to the arms of his siblings, all nine of them, and have them help him in getting through this intricate idea that not one sitting could help a person master. Before he breaks the silence in between them, the male was met with a paper bag containing the fruit slices and was assisted to place their lunchbox in it too. "It's been a long while, hyung. You look extremely tired," footsteps shuffle closer to the elder male and he tries his best to keep his cool despite the exhaustion bore on his visage.

"It has been a while, Jae. Father and mother missed you, and of course, we did too. When are you paying a visit?" That question alone corners the male and he could only so much but stutter. "Uh, perhaps in a few days or so. I'm here with my wife." He answers, gently waving the paper bag to give him a clue of the meals he was tasked to deliver upstairs. "I see," His brother muses, reaching out to him to place a gentle pat on his shoulder, "Then please go to your wife, Jae. And when things do get better, pay us a visit, yeah? Have her tag along too. I'm sure with everything that has happened, our parents have been dying to see the fruits of your participation in that show." Knowing that the last statement was utter bull, Jaehyun simply offered a dented smile and dipped his head. His siblings were the most genuine people in the world, but as for his parents, they were a mystery. His happiness did not matter and his life was controlled. "Yeah sure, I'll need to go now, though. My wife needs me. It was nice to see you, hyung."

Bowing his head, Jaehyun quickly turned his back on his brother, forgetting that the encounter happened. He need not think about his family. Boa came first, and he was sticking with that through and through.
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@[H] Choi Daesu The sound of the doorbell sent a thrill through Boa like a bolt of lightning that ignited the center of joy in her entire being as she realized that Daesu and Nauen were there. A warm grin lit her features as she pulled away from the hot stovetop, turning the burner down low so that the meat inside wouldn't burn while she turned away. She grabbed a towel from the counter as she moved towards the entrance of the house and wiped off her hands with it to make sure they were both clean and dry by the time she reached for the doorknob. Her fingers closed around the metal knob and turned slightly before pulling open the door to get her first look at those on the other side.

"Hello, you two. I'm Boa and I am glad to meet you." She greeted the pair warmly, lips pulled into a jovial smile and her dimple flashing in her cheek as she stepped aside so that they could enter and escape the cold. "And welcome to my home. Please, do come in and make yourself at home here." The woman's gaze darted between man and daughter, unsure of which to give the bulk of her attention at that moment before settling on Daesu. "Was it hard to find or a long drive?"
Choi Daesu 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon Upon returning from Cartagena and everything that went down after that, Daesu couldn’t remember the last instance he went out to socialize. His friends had been calling countless of times, wondering if he was still a living being. On the other hand, all he ever did was declare a ridiculous self quarantine. Just a little more and he would’ve been an expert fabricator of alibis for such. It was better that way, he deemed. Things had been tough for the male. Juggling work and raising a child was a challenge in itself and with his divorce added to the cart, he was barely making it through the day. But did his world need to stop? No. Not when he has Naeun. It was about time he threw himself back into the world, he thought to himself. Keeping his phone in his pocket, he made his way to the room adjacent to his.

The relaxing mix of pastel colours greeted him. A familiar scent of mildness lingered. Cute animal murals covered each side, windows draped with white. It was a safe haven for his little one; almost everything in it came into existence by his labor. Whenever he would step within the four corners of the room, it gave him reassurance that he wasn’t as bad of a person as he deemed himself to be. It made him think that even if he committed mistakes here and there, with Naeun, he must be doing something right, and that his heart was capable of loving someone that much.

Threading towards the wooden crib where his princess was, he smiled in awe at the sight before him. Naeun being awake, gently throwing her limbs in the air. Daesu took her in his arms and lifted her high up in the air, something that earned an adorable laughter from the angel. “Hi there, love! Guess what, you’ll get to meet another auntie today!” He spoke, as if she could understand him. Bringing her closer, he hugged his princess for a few more minutes before calling in the nanny, giving some instructions as he himself needed to prepare.

It didn’t take him long to prepare, choosing a plain black v-neck shirt and jeans. Of course, he dared not to leave a spare shirt for emergency purposes. Learning from experience, it wasn’t so nice to go unprepared. Going to where his daughter was, he cooed innards upon seeing his little princess in her little blue dress matched with a head band which she most probably would throw sometime soon. Slinging the baby bag over his shoulder, he took Naeun in his arms, kissing her cheek out of habit. After further instructions to the nanny, off they went.

Naeun was babbling a lot, settled in her car seat as she watched baby videos through the monitor attached to the rear of the head rest. Daesu could only chuckle, seeing how his daughter appeared to be more expressive than he ever was. And he find it funny how his playlist had changed from pop songs to nursery rhymes. He wouldn’t have it any other way though. Soon enough, after a few minutes on the road, they arrived, parking at the front of the house. With Naeun in his arms, he pressed the door bell, excited to meet a new friend.

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[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Jaehyun The minute the door was closed and she was left alone in the silence, the fear that she had felt throughout most of her life regarding hospitals wrapped itself around her like a cold, wet blanket. A chill ran down her spine as her heart rate skyrocketed and she could feel the beginnings of a panic attack which she quickly tried to mitigate with deep breaths. The tightening in her chest made it difficult to either inhale or exhale but she forced it through anyway, not wanting to let the terror she felt take control of her.

Boa had just begun her breathing exercises when a nurse came in with a gown and blanket for her and then excused herself so that Boa could change. At first she hesitated but she willed herself off of the bed and stripped out of the rest of her clothes to wear the flimsy fabric dress they provided which, was not that difficult given that her pants were already off and she didn't have to move far. Even more so than before she felt isolated, small, and vulnerable as she looked around the sterile room wondering if her husband was doing well.
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon Shutting the door behind him gently, Jaehyun slowly made his way to the familiar space of the hospital's building. He wasn't mistaken with the fact that the hospital was one of the many institutions that his family owned—at least his eldest brother and father did. Select visits from the past earned him that sense of awareness with how the purity of the walls and the floor hasn't changed even by the slightest bit and with how the hustle and bustle of each employee went on through disciplined actions—faithful to the teachings of a Jung himself. He wanted to tell her of that small fact, but knowing that it wasn't going to contribute anything positive to her condition, the man decides to keep it to himself and save the story for another time. Rushed footsteps flew their way down the flight of stairs towards the hospital's cafeteria—one of the country's best, admittedly. No matter how devoid his father was of emotion, he knew how to take care of people that belonged outside of his family spectrum. The hospital alone was already a condescending space to be in, and with food as the sole healing light for every situation, there was a need to deploy a well-crafted experience made just for a human being.

Arriving in the cafeteria, Jaehyun felt his heart tighten—as though there was a foreboding nearing his way. Calculated steps made their way towards the simple buffet, and knowing how long he has taken since he last visited the hospital, it was a given for the workers to not recognising him by face. Calling for a plastic container to place his wife's food in, the man decided to have them dig in one of the best beef and broccoli dish there is topped on fried rice. "Please do get me two containers of fruit slices, too," he softly requested, surveying the food choices once more should he find the need to add another dish onto their containers. A few moments after, Jaehyun finds himself freezing in his place at the voice of his eldest brother that called out to him, "Jae? Is that you?"
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Jaehyun A small smirk had formed on her features, curling her soft pink lips upward playfully and crinkling at the corners of her sparkling eyes. "I think one order of Jung Jaehyun is both delicious and nutritious but I might have to read the label on his backside just to make sure." Boa joked back, feeling lighter when she could diminish the severity of the situation with humor and surround herself with the love that she had for the man beside her. Things were just less scary when he was around and that was something she could fully appreciate. "But if I must do actual food then I would like something meaty. Something unhealthy and just comforting." She replied as she leaned against him to enjoy the small moment between them before she knew he would have to leave.

"I know and I love you too, Jung Jaehyun." she answered as she pulled back to look into his eyes, a long deep exhale giving her inner strength to go along with those bolstering words. When he pulled away she was fully expecting him to just leave but as he handed over a photo, she visibly melted into a soft glow of smiles the moment her eyes caught a glimpse of the treasure. Her fingers held onto the picture quite delicately as her gaze moved from it to him, beaming affectionately at both. "Thank you, Jung Jaehyun, my king. Please take care and be safe, okay?"
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
"Ah, I figured you did meet some of them. I've been living under a rock, god forgive me," He mutters under his breath, a little regretful that he has gotten rare chances to at least build his network within the show. Keeping his positive spirit, no matter how invisible it may seem to the eye, Jaehyun in a deep breath and gives his wife a brief nod. "Better late than never, I guess. I'd love to meet the people whom you treasure, Mrs. Jung." Pulling back from the hug completely, he watches her delicate figure trail along with the bouquet of flowers that complimented her entire existence as though she was a flower on her own. Slow footsteps make their way through their own humble abode, and at the living room stood individuals he has never seen nor interacted with which only places him stone cold by the edge of the room. With a stoic face, the man awkwardly raises his hand for a wave and shyly flashes a smile at his wife's guests, not knowing what to do with a small group that already challenged his socialising skills, "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Jaehyun, Boa's husband."
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon "Are you implying that you want to have me for lunch, m'lady? That's rather bold of you to say, huh." He softly states, trying to lighten the mood with a remark that he never imagined would freely release itself from his lips. An uncharacteristic pout forms on his tiers as he watches his wife wipe her tears away—his heart melting along with the sight of her walls being lowered fully just for him, "I'll see what I can pick up from outside, okay? No diet restrictions for you today?" His fingers tucked themselves in between hers, squeezing the entirety of her hand tightly before he gets an answer from her, not wanting to disrupt the patterns he set for herself for the past couple of years. Mentally noting his wife's earlier request on something meaty and unhealthy, Jaehyun gently pushed his weight off of the ground and used his free hand to cradle the back of Boa's head—pulling her closer to him once more for a gentle forehead kiss, "I know it's impossible, but don't miss me too much, okay? I'll be quick."

Little did he know that the aggressive buzzing of his phone was already a signal disrupting the peaceful bubble he immersed himself in. "I love you, Kwon Boa. I really do." He hoped those words were enough to reassure her and strengthen her heart despite the difficult time they were in. Embarrassed with what he was about to do, Jaehyun calmly pulled his wallet out of his pocket—staring at it for a few moments before he flips it open, sliding a photo out of the container to which he handed over to his wife bearing a curious look. "Here, don't laugh. I know I look entirely different to my baby self, but I figured it's not so bad of a reminder that I am with you while I get us some food." A shaky explanation embraces the room, and Jaehyun could only do so much but flash her another shy, dented smile while he rubs his nape rather slowly. Chuckling shyly, she turns on his heel and makes his way out of the hospital room—stealing another peek at his wife through the door before parting ways momentarily, "I'll miss you, my queen."
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@[H] Choi Daesu After a long and crazy night filled with endless paperwork, phone calls, and bills Boa had been ready for a day that consisted of more of the same. The professional that she is, she was just going to slug through it and keep her nose to the grindstone until an opportunity that she had been waiting for weeks had presented itself. First she couldn't believe her eyes and she scanned the screen at least thrice before it was confirmed and she cleared a large chunk of her morning schedule; she was going to meet Daesu and his daughter in person.

A sense of purpose gave her actions haste as she picked up Hudu and quickly drove to the modest family home that the show had given her with Jaehyun. Her husband was nowhere to be found though, probably at work and she texted him a quick update about what was happening just so that he would know what went on at the house when he wasn't there. She was sure that he wouldn't mind or think anything untoward but she wanted to make sure to include him in everything out of respect.

Boa practically dove into the shower and washed with a hurry, getting soap into her eyes when she opened them prematurely as she thought maybe she heard the doorbell ring but it turned out to be just in her head. Once clean and rinsed, she dried her hair and got dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a plain black sweater before heading into the kitchen to whip up a meal. Fortunately for her, she still had several sauces and marinades left over from the family dinner she had that weekend as well as a plethora of side dishes so she didn't have to do too much.

The woman set some beef in a quick marinade as well as a bit of chicken, not quite sure which he would prefer but opting to give him the choice before she went about making something for the little one. He had mentioned in chat that she seemed to be favoring green things so Boa got out some peas and placed them in the steamer before checking her messages. She made sure to give him the address and then set the device aside to plate the side dishes and heat up the other pans she was going to need. Once that was good to go she checked the peas to make sure they were nice and tender before tossing them into the blender with a bit of water and pureeing them until nice and creamy. Ideally she would have preferred formula or milk to water for the youngster but without easy access to either she simply made due and placed the final product off to the side to cool.

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[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Jaehyun The hug from her husband didn't really come as a surprise for Boa who had learned time and time again that there was a depth of caring and compassion to Jaehyun, a well of affection within him that she was only beginning to understand. Her head nestled comfortably against his chest as she let down all of her walls within his embrace and simply enjoyed the comfort and the company of her husband during a small hour of need. The fact that he was still there, still her partner out of choice and not some silly obligation or grab for power meant all of the world to her and that he was so supportive was a blessing beyond anything she could have hoped for. His declaration of love, that reassurance that she would not be alone nearly brought her to tears as little pools of the salty liquid formed in the corners of her eyes as she pulled back enough to look up at him once more. "If you're going to be crossing mountains then you had better take me too. I'm not letting you do something so dangerous by yourself." she informed him rather confidently.

Everything about Boa was soft, warm and fragile as she gazed down at him with her dark chocolate colored orbs still glistening from her stirring emotions. The woman was somewhere between laughing and crying as the strong affections she carried for the man before her threatened to boil over and spill out in any way that they could. Her hands and lower lip trembled while listening to him, wanting to argue but not having the will to interrupt his earnest confessions. As their lips touched, several hot tears rolled down her cheeks as her love for him could no longer be contained in her corporeal form and she returned the kiss with maybe a bit more fervor than he intended. "Something close so that I don't miss you too much." She was quick to respond as she lifted her hand to try and wipe away any excess moisture still lingering there. "Anything you want. I just want you right now and I don't want to be left alone here."
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
The feeling of his strong arms encircling her once more filled her with warmth and delight beyond that which she could ever hope to express. Once more with Jaehyun she was complete and the fact that she had been missing him so seemed to ebb away with each and every heartbeat within his embrace. Her countenance flushed a pale rose as an expression more than contentment made its way to her soft features as she looked up at him once more. This was her home. Not the house or the land or anything else that she could think of to name; it was Jaehyun.

"To be fair, it is my first time meeting two of them as well so you're not entirely alone there." She reminded him as she slowly pulled back, grinning from ear to ear as soon as she caught sight of the flower. Boa held them carefully and dipped her head to get a whiff of the flowery fragrance before glancing back up to her husband. "Thank you for these but there is nothing to be sorry for. Now let's get you settled in and fed, okay? Everyone needs fed."
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon Having dealt with a multitude of personalities, Jaehyun knew exactly what his wife meant as she started to become vulnerable around him. Reassuring words were easier said than done, if he were to be frank. Oftentimes, the string of words that momentarily lift off the worries of the heart falls short of its own promise once its owner decides to focus on himself more than anything. After all, when all else fails, a human’s soul retracts to its own embrace—knowing very well that it only has itself to rely on. And Jaehyun was no stranger to knowing that feeling, so much that he closes the distance between him and his wife, enveloping her in his frame as he gently allows her head to rest by his torso. “Don’t blame yourself for what you currently lack, m’lady. The current version of ourselves are shaped by reasons that make us even more beautiful,” he calmly starts off, caressing the back of her head gently while he gazes upon the wall in front of him, “And I know it’s a long way to go, but for you I will cross mountains until time decides to cut me off of the face of the universe.”

Gentle pair of hands find their way on her shoulders as he leads her body backward slightly, giving him enough space to kneel and gaze upon the beauty that was her. With the back of his hand, he brushes off the curtain of strands that covered her ethereal visage, tucking them behind her ear as he flashes another dented smile, “I have yet to be worthy of the love I’m receiving from you, but know that I’m working hard to deserve every bit of you. I would’ve never imagined I’d reach such a beautiful moment in my life, and if being with you would be the only defining moment, I’d relive this over and over.” His orbs glimmered with love, full of fascination for the woman shining in front of him. As he plants a soft kiss on her lips, letting it linger for a little while, he pulls back and knocks his head to the side, “Now, what kind of food is my queen craving for?”
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
His strong pair of arms raised themselves to welcome her delicate frame meeting with his. Oh how he missed her presence. The past few days felt as though he was about to lose his sanity, solely for the fact that she did not deserve to be left hanging around for matters that he could’ve shared with her. A regretful smile paints itself across his face before he leans in to place a gentle kiss on her forehead, wrapping his arms around her rather carefully so as not to damage the gifts he was carrying. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. After all, I have to meet the children you so kept speaking the world of,” a light chuckles escapes past his lips—raising an eyebrow at her question before his smile turns into a rather shy one that allows for a dimple to peek, “You know how much I’ve been living under a rock, my queen. Unfortunately, this is the first time I’m meeting them. Oh, and before I forget—” he trails off, leaning back a little to shift his arm by her side where the bouquet of flowers makes its entrance, “These are for you. I’m sorry.”
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
Although she had let him know that there was a gathering at the house, she wasn’t entirely sure of her husband would be able to make it in time. Upon seeing him walk through the door, she could do little else but stare and smile for a few moments before she finally rushed to his side. Her arms found their way around his strong frame as she embraced him tightly. “I’m so glad you could make it, Jaehubby.” She whispered. “Have you met our guests?”
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Jaehyun There was a small part of her that thought maybe he would be upset with her, embarrassed or disgusted with her condition; her fears slowly eating away at the back of her conscience and self-confidence until he assured her otherwise. A gentle sigh escaped her parted lips and with it the weight that had begun accumulating over her heart and making her spirit heavy. “I know. I guess I need to realize that you actually mean what you say when you say these things. I’m so used to people that say something like that, something serious, but when faced with the reality they are quick to abandon ship.” She explained, flashing him a nervous smile as she unburdened herself just a little bit in his presence. It was hard to share her insecurities, especially so soon to someone, but for him she would make every effort. “And I love it when you’re around so please never doubt it. Also, never leave me.” Boa chuckled softly as she reached for his hand, thinking about what kind of meal she would like to get. “You think we can get carry out?”
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
A few days have passed ever since he set forth in their own home after being confined in the dreadful company of his own family. A week's worth of a company trip turned into something more unimaginable as he was cornered by the sudden interruption of his parents towards his married life. Quite ironic when they were the first people to sign him up for the show only to find themselves regretting the decision that Jaehyun never wanted to be a part of. He in a deep breath, his hands each holding a present for his wife and the companions that he were to meet in the flesh for the first time around: a bouquet of flowers and a box of assorted chocolates. Gently, he pushed the door open and was greeted with the merriment tuck within the space. His dented smile was showered upon every soul present in their humble abode, only finding itself stretching further at the sight of the woman he missed the most, "Better late than never, right?"
Jung Jaehyun 1 year ago
@Boa Kwon With folded arms, he listened to what the doctor initially deems his wife's condition to be and to his relief, it was as though a thorn was gently lifted off from piercing his heart at the note of her possible illness. Having a bigger family himself, Jaehyun was no stranger to the sound of arthritis as his own parents and a couple of his older siblings did share the same thing. Frankly, it wasn't something that he should be happy about, but as a man who had barely known anything deeper to the story that shaped the woman he admired—this revelation gave him more chances to function as a better husband. Gently, he dipped his head as the expert left the room and he took a few steps to settle in front of her, letting the string of her words pass by his ears as he focused on folding her jeans and placing the piece of clothing beside her.

"Mrs. Jung," he starts off calmly, raising his head to meet with hers before he shook his head to dismiss whatever worry she was exuding, "What did I say about facing our problems head on?" His voice was stern, but his semblance remained gentle. A hand finds its way to caress the top of her head, admiring the strength of his wife throughout the whole journey they had so far, and it made him love her even more. "I'm staying here with you, whether you like it or not. Every moment is fun with you, even if it means you trying to push me away and showing me how stubborn you can get." Slowly, he leaned in to press a soft kiss on her forehead, "I'm sure you're hungry. Would you like me to get anything for you, beautiful? I know you're very much full of my love, but we're going to need an actual nutritious meal to fill you in for those tests."
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
Seeing Taehyung for the first time brought a huge grin to her features and without warning Boa ran towards the younger male, wrapping her thin arms around him tightly. “Hello! I am so happy to see you!” She practically squealed and gave him another squeeze. “Thank you for coming! Better late than never, right?”
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
Taehyung was late. So very late. He had been the one to arrange that he and Hoshi would be going and yet here he was rushing home after locking up the store and rushing to get ready to head around to Boa's house. He originally had planned on getting home first and waiting so he could arrive with Hoshi, but knew the other had already been and gone well and truly by now. He finally arrived after getting ready as quick but as perfectly as he possibly could, checking himself once over in the rear view mirror before he headed up to the house, smiling wide and boxy as he was let in, lifting a hand to wave at the others already here. "Hey, wow. I'm sorry I'm late. Someone called in last minute and I had to stay back and lock up," He grumbled out softly, kicking his shoes off at the door before coming across to where everyone is, "It's so nice to meet you guys in person."
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
Seeing Hoshi was a great feeling of relief for Boa after having been unable to check up on him for so long. She walked over to the male and hugged him gently. "It's been too long! But I am glad to see you again and that you look so happy!" The woman gushed. "But not quite healthy! You need to eat better."
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
Worrying about being late to his invite, Soonyoung rushes home after a busy day at the shelter, managing a quick shower and clothing change before he had to take off. Ever the last minute person, he walks into the house a bit surprised to be one of the first ones, smiling fondly as he sees the two in front of him. "Ah Boa, Christina," He greeted with a happy hum, kicking off this shoes at the entrance before heading in. "It's been a while since i saw you in person noona...has it really been since before meeting Taehyung? It's insane to think about..."
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
Upon hearing her first guest arrive, Boa came out from the kitchen still wearing her apron and greeted him with a warm and gracious smile. "Hello! It is so good to see you here in person." She intoned warmly as she stepped towards the male and extender her hand for a polite shake. "Christian, right? Such a pleasure." Her keen eyes caught sight of the bottle and her smile became a grin. "That is so kind of you, truly."
Staff 3 1 year ago
Hearing about the dinner made Chris excited, he loved a cozy meeting with friends, it was like the cherry on the cake. Of course he wouldn't go without acquire a Argyle Pinot Noir 2017, one of his favorites wines. Rushing to the address, to his surprise the door was already open and the smell was divine. The male his lips inhaling the rich scent while walking inside, he smiled seeing all the preparations. Everything was so tidy, it did felt like home, removing his shoes and leaving them in the corner.
"Hello!" He greeted with a huge smile, moving closer towards the table placing down his bottle of wine.
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung @Kim Taehyung @Jung Jaehyun @Jessica Oh @Christian Yu *~*~*~*~*~*~*
A soft and old jazz tune filled the family home and could be heard from outside as Boa prepared to receive the guests and loved ones for the party she had been planning for some time. She had been preparing food since sunrise and nearly every surface in the house had some kind of snack or plate adorning it. The fragrant and inviting aroma of home-cooked food greeted the guests as they stepped into the unlocked door and shortly thereafter, Boa or another attendee would welcome them inside with a warm smile.
[H] Boa Kwon [A] 1 year ago
@Jung Jaehyun As expected, the doctor's hands were cold and the entire situation was just as uncomfortable for Boa as it was painful. He was professional as he gently prodded the skin and helped her move her leg to test it's range of motion before settling her back down as carefully as he could. "The area is warm and a bit swollen and you're definitely not getting the full movement you should expect out of that joint. Given the history you've just shared I would venture a guess that this is arthritis or an inflammation of the joints. We will run some tests to be sure before we treat because there are some other more serious ailments that could arise from complications to what you described but you aren't showing any other telltale signs of those at the moment, so there's no need to worry." The doctor explained with a smile, nodding to Boa and Jaehyun. "Arthritis is an ongoing ailment but it is manageable. I will send the nurse in with some reading material as well as that gown while I check on the machines. It could be a few hours because we are a bit backed up in diagnostics so I would recommend maybe grabbing some coffee or some food, regular coffee is free down the hall."

"Thank you." Boa replied quietly and took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves, frowning at the complete ruination of their day as the Doctor excused himself. As soon as he was gone, she looked at Jaehyun and shook her head. "I'm so sorry. Y-you don't have to stay. This is going to be no fun for you and I am sure there's a lot you wanted to do that's not being with my decrepit in the hospital."


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