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Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Meng Jia "Ahhh, well," she paused to offer a light, good-natured round of applause. "Congrats on making the cut~ that's awesome. I know like a metric ton of people signed up." At the question, she pursed her lips in thought and looked around until she found a vaguely familiar face. "Give me a second and we can get out of here," she said, taking out her phone. She held up a finger to tell the other to wait and approached the older man with practiced excitement that gave way to a brief hug. After a brief back and forth with niceties, she asked for a picture because 'grandma won't believe that your'e here, she'll be so upset she didn't come' and once it was snapped, she excused herself and began uploading the picture while returning to Jia's side. "Okay, I can leave. Let's grab some coffee," she said, offering her arm.
Meng Jia [A] 10 months ago
@Ryu Won Jia chuckled lightly, it was definitely surprising to see Won here and to find out she was on the show. "I signed up kind of on purpose." She said with a nod it was amusing to her to find the complete opposite reasons the two signed up for the show. "My mother mentioned it to me and I just did it out of curiosity." She continued to explain but looked back up at Won with a smile. "Are you stuck here or would you be able to go grab a coffee or something?" Jia asked in hopes to catch up with her old friend.
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Meng Jia Won hummed, starting to confirm after the 'oh?' before stopping herself as the other continued. "Well damn," she finally said, an incredulous laugh slipping past her lips. "What are the odds of that?" she continued lightly before stopping in her proverbial tracks. "Did you sign up on purpose? Cause, like I said, I was totally trashed. It was a dare, but if you're actually excited about this, that's awesome. I don't think I ever pegged you as a dating show type," she said, finishing with a chuckle.
Meng Jia [A] 10 months ago
@Ryu Won Jia nodded, still happy to see a recognizable face in the crowd of artists and other elites she wasn't well aquanted with. "Thanks." She said softly after she heard the other agree with her own opinions if her ex. She let out a soft chuckle, "It's hard to do much else when youve got work to do, right?" She hummed softly before her eyes widened at last words Won had said. "Oh? Wait! Its the ine show that is doing really well that just came out right? Married at First Sight?" Jia smiled sheeplishy and chuckled once again. "I also signed up for that show."
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Meng Jia Won's eyes widened a little at the news, considering how close it seemed the two had gotten, if memory served, but she was glad. "Good!" she said with laugh, holding up an imaginary glass that reminded her she was definitely missing one. "Good, he was a major . I'm happy for you." She then smiled and nodded in agreement, definitely having missed the other's company. "Likewise, uhm.." she trailed off to shrug. "Not much. DJing sets here and there, but mostly this." She lightly scratched her cheek. "Kiiind of got drunk and sorta signed up for this marriage show, that's the most exciting thing that's happened recently. What about you?"
Meng Jia [A] 10 months ago
@Ryu Won Jia was honestly a bit shocked to see someone from her past show up at one of the art shows, but after remembering Won's status, she honestly figured she should have seen it coming some time or another. Despite the bad memories of some of her past, she remembered that Won wasn't apart of those. "Well, whatever his name is and I broke up." She chuckled lightly with a nod. "It's good to see you too though! What have you been up to, other than going to events like these?" She asked curiously.
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Meng Jia It wasn't unusual; in fact, Won had gotten so used to being invited to just any sort of even that she had it down to a science. Show up, do a little bit of chatting, make sure to take selfies and other pictures for social media early so people would see and come before things wound down. It was all muscle memory at this point, so she was always glad for a familiar face from her own scene to break up the monotony a bit. "Yeah," she replied with a nod, a genuine smile growing on her face. "Yeah, I'm Won. Wow, it's been a while. You used to always come to functions with..." She trailed off, the name escaping her, before she shook her head. "Whatever his name is. Anyway, I thought you'd dropped off the face of the Earth. It's good to see you!"
Meng Jia [A] 10 months ago
@Ryu Won Art shows was Jia's natural habitat, the one of very few places she could call her home even if she saw different people every time or it was in a different spot than what she was used to. Jia also was just a chatty person so going to strangers and starting up a conversation with them was easy when she had something to talk about. "It's quite a unique design if you ask me." She said, a smile growing on her face.
"Hmm?" She hummed in thought. As she wasn't used to fancy art shows she had forgotten that they tended to invite people for looks. Her attention was brought back to the girl infront of her when she mentioned her name, and Jia was a bit taken aback. "Oh! You're.. Won? Right?"
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Meng Jia Won had been so focused on reading the plaque that she didn't notice another person sidle up next to until the voice reached her ears. She jumped, thought it wasn't enough to be noticeable and let out a hushed curse, bringing a hand up to rest over her heart. She'd hardly heard the others words and didn't even register them until the very end. "Etchings?" she questioned, head tilting to the side and causing a few strands of hair to fall into her line of sight. She rounded the art piece while tucking them back and knelt to peer at the aforementioned etchings. "Huh...nice," she vocalized before straightening again, smoothing the front of her dress. "I honestly don't know anything about, well, anything here. I was invited super last minute," she said a chuckle leaving her lips, as she finally looked at the other. She blinked and squinted before lifting a hand to point. "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?...Jia, right?"
Meng Jia [A] 10 months ago
@Ryu Won Jia was invited as an artist to an event that was fancier than she was used too, but she was excited about it. After setting up her art piece earlier that morning, a sculpture that was in the shape of a flower, made out of sheet metal. She had originally come up with the idea when she had applied for the reality tv show, MFS. It was very simple, but elegant. Of course, during art shows it was always a courtesy to look around at other artists pieces. In doing so, she came across a piece that another girl was looking at which was why it had caught her attention.
"Interesting, isn't it?" She spoke to the other looking at the piece. "It looks quite elegant with the etchings on the back of the bench. Makes it a bit more unique than other things." This was her normal thing to do at art shows was to find what she liked about every project.
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
@Meng Jia Light classic music drifted through the air of the large ballroom, mingling with the voices of attendees of the art exhibition that, truthfully, Won knew nothing about. When a distant friend of hers practically begged for her to show up to the event he'd helped organize, she simply agreed without any question. Her nose wrinkled when it was hit with the strong smell of someone who clearly doused themselves in their perfume and she picked up the skirt of her dress so she could quickly made her way over to a less infected area. She found herself standing in front of one of the pieces of art which just looked like a stone bench to her. She tilted her head, trying to see if it had any other meaning before her eyes caught sight of the plaque next to it and she began to read.
Kang Seojoon 11 months ago
Flaxen lights invade the tenebrous liquid pools carrying vivid semblances of a crepuscular sky, peturbed by small currents of curiosity and mild amusement. His straight nose is first introduced to the unadulterated essence of blossoms before the visual stimulation. The methodical artwork saturated with a splash of coral here and flushed pink there amongst the mosaic of other vibrant hues stood firmly as the backdrop, while the residents stood scattered within the ballroom's large walls. The impassive gaze set adrift while the brain questioned its owner's present acumen for they both knew social events or niceties were deficit within his capacity. Seo Kang joon gracefully walked on the marbled floor, rimrod back and hands comfortably snug inside his blazer's pockets. His sangfroid bearings presented to be an encumbrance towards his long-desired goal of searching a life partner, so instead he opts to be a apart of a strangers or rather list of strangers' happiness, albeit a bit meek with his approach.
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Emily Mei 11 months ago
after receiving a reminder that there would be a welcoming party for the returning couples of Season 1, of course she had stated that she would be going. However, her mental state had reminded her that she wasn't in a great condition. Half of her had wanted to go yet the other half resisted. After contacting her mother via a video call, she was pretty much convinced and greatly encouraged to attend. Who know she might forget that little monster whilst being at the party since there would be so many ongoings there.
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
Through practice, Won knew how to act around various, but very specific, crowds of people. Sudden invites to gatherings with those groups were easy; she knew exactly which code to switch to and how much or little she had to socially perform to maintain favor. Specific, however, was the key word and extreme melting pots like that from MFS caused best-kept anxieties to flare immediately upon entering the ballroom. With a soft curse under her breath, the heiress bee-lined for the refreshments tables to get a drink of water.
Yoon Doojoon [A] 11 months ago
Doojoon recieved the invitation for the part a couple of days ahead and contemplated whether he really wanted to go or not. Of course, he found himself there once his mother had convinced him to go promising she would take after his son if he went.
STAFF 1 [A] 11 months ago
A banner is at the door saying welcome home and a chalk board off to the side saying
"Welcome home,

As people enter the ballroom, you can hear the ambient noise of chatter and shoes clacking on the ground.


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until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
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