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Ji Changwook 1 year ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Changwook was quick to catch on the pink hues gracing the woman’s porcelain skin though figured he shouldn’t be pointing it out, not wanting to make his date any more flustered. Acting up on her words, the former marines had took it upon himself as to be bolder with his words and action, while still staying true to his gentleman nature. ‘ I’m sure Molly would love to have a new friend to play with — as for the kisses, she surely enjoys them but I’m positive I beat her to it ‘ He smiled, glad the duo was able to have this playful back and forth banter without a single worry as her dainty hand caressed his face, a mundane yet somewhat intimate touch she indulged in. ‘Shall I stop texting you, then? Is that what I’m hearing?’ Changwook’s laughter resonated as a low rumble in his chest, taking it upon himself as to offer the young woman his hand, fingers parted just enough to welcome her digits in between if she wished while the other hand remained on the steering wheel, her gaze obviously scanning his stance. ‘I didn’t do much aside from meal preps, taking Molly out on a jog and working a bit on my motorcycle. Then I just couldn’t bear stay away from my favourite architect’. The vehicle was now finally emerging in the downtown area, busy streets and flashing lights welcoming them once pulling up by the Grand Hyatt Seoul hotel. ‘Here we are, princess’
Ahn Heeyeon 1 year ago
@Ji Changwook “Is that so?” Well aware that it may be just for fun, still the thought of another girl was unsettling. She was about to make a comeback but the next thing she knew, a pair of soft lips landed on her skin, enough to make her ears flooded with warmth. It wasn’t something invasive; rather, there was a sense of gentleness with a touch of being firm. Dusts of pink rose to the apples of her cheek. Whether it was because of the cold or his sudden act, she couldn’t tell but for sure, she had no intentions on protesting against it. Soon hearing of the truth about his other girl, she simply chuckled, shaking her head. Why didn’t she think about it? “I’d love to see her soon. I bet she gives better kisses than you.” Teasing him back, she gently patted his face, catching a short feel of his face, small facial hair cut down to the brim. Rewarding him with a hearty beam as he opened the door for her, Heeyeon settled inside the car and carefully watched his acts. He was a complete gentleman, thoughtful in every kind of way. It was effortless for him to allow herself to loosen up around a man once more. Yet the only problem was he reminded her so much of the man who she ached for, the one she lost due to her own stupidity. Doing her best to not ruin the night for them, she shut her train of thoughts. “Nothing really, I was basking in the comforts of my bed while reading books. Did I miss you? No. We basically talked all day. Would be a different story if we weren’t.” Mimicking the exact same playfulness that exuded from him, she turned her body sideways so as to face him, having a good view of his side profile. “How about you? hmm?”
Ji Changwook 1 year ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Rubbing his hands together, Changwook took note of the way the weather seemed to get even more chilly then what he had heard in the weather forecast. Though his ears perked up at the sound of a front door being cracked open then shut and eventually locked, his brows orbs falling on the silhouette of the girl which never failed to pull a smile on his visage, pushing himself off the vehicle as to greet her, even though if felt like they had never separated, maintaining contact over text all day and night. ‘ I’m sorry, my other girl was being very demanding of my affection, I couldn’t just ignore her ‘ he teased playfully once she had picked the top of his nose, his arm reaching to loop around her small waist as to pull her in delicately and press a soft kiss on her cheek, letting her go almost immediately as to open the passenger door for her. ‘She says hi, by the way — at least that’s what I made out of all her barking ‘ Something about Heeyeon was making the older male break out of his shell, and even though he had no control over the future and how it would shape for the duo, this he was very grateful for. Making it to his side of the car, his arm reached back to the backseat and fetched a small blanket, settling it on the young woman’s lap, along with turning on the heater a little, not wanting her to get cold on their way. And with that, he soon drove out the parking lot and made it on the main road, humming. ‘So what did you do, today? Missed me?’ His chuckle hunting the obvious playfulness in his tone.
Ahn Heeyeon 1 year ago
@Ji Changwook She knew better than to believe he would arrive shortly. And true enough, even when she took ages in the bathroom along with her countless ’ceremonies’. The lad was not there yet. Situated in front of the vanity mirror, she stared at her own reflection, satisfied with the look she was going with. Not that she even tried. Never one to wear anything heavy on such a casual invitation, all she had was loose powder and a little shade on her tiers. Wouldn’t be so nice to look pale after nights of sleepless grind for her papers. Sporting a plain white v-neck and jeans, she finished it up with a black jacket, slipping on her shoes the moment she heard that rather demanding honk outside. He’s there. With a sudden surge of energy, she slid her phone and wallet on either side of her pockets, took the keys and descended to where he was waiting. “Took you long enough, fireman. Let’s go?” A growing habit now perhaps, she reached to poke the tip of his nose.
Ji Changwook 1 year ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Giving Lori a gentle pat on her hear, Changwook made sure to have enough water and food ready for his furry friend while he would be out for the night. ‘Don’t miss me too much, hm?’ The male smiled, emptying the hot water from the thermos in the sink before filling it up with hot cocoa, screwing the top lid tightly afterwards and putting the container in the picnic basket, along with two mugs, marshmallows and cookies. Looking at his reflection one last time, the male checked his watch only to curse himself out for taking so long to get ready, shooting Heeyeon a quick text on his way out. Thankfully, the two didn’t seemed to live too far from each other, which made it rather convenient. Soon hopping in the driver’s seat after putting his surprise in the trunk of the vehicle, it only took Changwook about 15 minutes to reach the woman’s place, smiling to himself once honking once as to signal her of his arrival, making it out of the car as to wait for her.
Xiao Zhan 1 year ago
Sometimes Xiao Zhan liked to get out of his routine when he had some free time, as usual, he didn't do things that were "as normal" as his manager wanted but he loved to have fun trying different things around the city.

A "normal" person wouldn't go to the Ice ring as soon as they opened, but to be honest he was there even before they did so he was the only one around when a young lady came by to open the door. He guessed that the staff was there even before he came or they had a different entrace but decided not to think too much over it.

He payed for an hour of skating and waited patiently for the lady to give him a pair of ice skates to put on, he walked towards a bench that wasn't that far from the small entrance to the rink and put on the skates, standing up to check if they were correctly tied up.

When he was ready to get in he walked as best as he could into the ice, almost falling as the corners of the rink were a bit too slippery, but got both hands at the fence that was around the area obviously made for people to have something to hang on.

He couldn't help but to laugh at his own behavior, he was sure his face had shown how terrified he was merely seconds ago but once he stepped a bit further into the ice He took notice that skating was a bit easier that what he first thought.

A small smile covered his lips as he started moving his feet along the ice, trying not to go too fast since he was just starting but he was having fun nonetheless.


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carpediem 1 year ago
ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
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later guys,love,very much
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until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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