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suggestion box is here so you guys can give anonymous suggestions to make this place better. Approved suggestions will be listed for everyone to see. Click the picture for the link.

Meng Jia [A] 3 months ago
We now have an anonymous suggestion box!
Please send any suggestions that you may have to make this place a little better here so we can take them into consideration!


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moriarty 1 month ago
ciao, take care
12cf7f90d15ff7da4ebb 1 month ago
love you all. maybe some other time ♡
insomniadreamer 1 month ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 1 month ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
yexian 1 month ago
can I have Zhao Yue as my fourth please?
crust_of_summer 1 month ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
8acc2c4735ff21ed4709 1 month ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
thelema 1 month ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 1 month ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 2 months ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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