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Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung i wouldn't mind it, heh.
*lets out a soft giggle when you nip at my lips, lifting my head to catch yours in another heated kiss, breathing out a soft hum
you are super lucky. and so am i for having you as mine,
*glides my fingertips down your back slowly
love you forever.
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung mm, don't tempt me or i will, my love.
*runs my tongue across your lower lip before giving it a cheeky nip as i feel your hands on my body*
I love you so much...I don't think I'll ever get used to having you as my one and only...i'm so lucky.
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Park Jimin [] of course it is !

*opens the door when i hear you knock, grinning
hey! welcome to my humble abode!
*motions for you to come inside, locking the door after you
make yourself at home, like help yourself to food and whatever too
Park Jimin 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung [is it okay to post in here? lol]

*knocks on the door, heeding to the invitation*
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung carry me forever and ever hmm?
*meets your lips in a passionate kiss, my hnads moving over your skin slowly, starting to explore
hmm.. all mine. and i'm all yours.
you make me so weak. in a good way.
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung I wanna be strong enough that your feet never even touch the ground, keke~
*lets out a low mewl at your gentle touches, nosing your cheek before pressing you down on the bed and kissing you properly*
and I'm all yours, baby...
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung you're already so strong though!! what are you even talking about.
*smiles against your lips when i hear you telling me you love me, humming out softly
you're so beautiful..
*whispers softly, my hand slipping under your shirt to come and rest on your side, fingertips tracing patterns over your skin
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung oh? I'm gonna have to get really strong, so i can pick you up all the time...
*sighs happily against your lips, pulling you close as we share loving kisses*
I love you, tae...god, I love you so much...
*nips your lower lip lightly*
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung heh, it's so cute and endearing, honestly.
*grinning as you spin us around, closing my eyes to meet your lips in a gentle kiss when you've finally leaned in
hm.. i love you, so much.. *mutters softly against your lips, my arms wrapping around your torso
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung hm, i gotta show off how strong i am for you, baby~
*spins you around just to show off before falling onto the bed, finally letting you kiss my lips as i hold you protectively in my arms*
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung yeah, i wanna snuggle with my hubby.
*holds your neck when you lift me up, grinning cheekily
oh you're gonna carry me? wow, my husband is so strong!
*keeps trying ti kiss you while youre lips pepper kisses over my skin but missing every single time until im pouting from it
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung mm, wanna go snuggle? sounds perfect.
*picks you up in my arms, cheekily spinning you around before carrying you to bed, peppering small kisses across your face the entire way*
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *presses closer to you again, my hands moving over your chest gently as i continue to move my mouth against yours, releasing a soft pleased noise
mmh.. baby.. lets go cuddle and make out in bed?
get all cosy and warm?
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung *your words just make me melt even more over you, mewling as my tongue glides against yours, feeling at ease with you like this, letting go of my worries as i lose myself with you*
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung I know you will, and you already do, baby. You make me so damn happy.
I love you so freaking much, soonyoung.. my kimshi.. my hoshibear.
*shuts up when you start to deepen the kiss, my arms wrapping around you as well, feeling totally safe and content in your hold, my own lips moving slowly against yours
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung I'll only make you happier from now on, Tae.
*sighs happily against your lips, long day exhausting but feeling so rejuvenated again with you by my side like this*
i love you...
*holds you protectively in my arms, nipping your lower lip as i deepen the kiss*
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *keeps my eyes on you as you talk, unable to wipe the adoring expression from my face as i nod my head, smiling over at you
of course, like i've said you're always welcome. i'm always here.
you do make me so so very happy.
*closes my eyes when you pull me into your kiss, returning it right away, gentle and loving, my hands sliding around to hold you instea d
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung * your hair lovingly*
i'm happy...that we can be so open together, that I don't have to worry about you judging me, to have a love that pure...I...I never thought I would, so thank you.
you mean everything to me, kwontae. let me keep you happy.
*leans into your touch before pulling you into a loving kiss*
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *smiles a little more hwen i feel your sweet kisses over my cheeks, holding you close to me, breathing in your scent
same for me, soonyoung.. you're my entire world now and i'm going to love you and s upport you through every single thing that comes our way - even if it's things from the past..
*lifts my head so i can hold your cheeks, looking at you seriously
if it's hard to talk and open, just come to me and ask me to hold you and i'll know.
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung *nods as i hug you tight, pressing a few kisses to your cheek*
you always can, baby. even if the words are hard to say, nothing can make me stop loving or supporting you.
*bites my lip, holding you closer*
I know I can...if can be hard for me to open up, but I feel so safe with you Tae...
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung of course.. i've been wanting to tell you about it just never found the right time.
*exhales slowly, my arms slowly wrapping around you again as i let out a soft noise
mmhm, you make me so happy..
i feel like no matter what i can always tell you anything.
you can do the same, you know that right?
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung thank you, my love.
thanks for trusting me, opening up to me, letting me hold you even though i know how hard it all must have been.
I'll never betray that trust you gave me.
*pulls you close, petting your hair as you nuzzle into the crook of my neck*
I'm happy, baby...that you can share such things with me...
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *smiles weakly, pressing a few soft kisses to your lips even as you talk, nodding my head
i trust you. i promise i do.
my limits and things are a lot better than they used to be.
for a while i couldnt even be touched.. so.. i'm good. it's good. like i've moved on.
*leans into your hold, hiding my face against your neck
it feels.. like a weight lifted. now that i talked..
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung *nods a bit at your words, leaning my forehead against yours*
I love you so much, my darling.
please know...it's not going to hurt me to hear you say no.
I want to know your limits, always, so I don't hurt you like that...
*kisses back gently, wrapping my arms around you*
but now that I have you, I'm never letting go.
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung you're right, yeah.. occasional reminders are nice, just like i'd do for you as well.
*keeps my eyes on you, studying your face carefully before i offer you a small smile in return
thank you.. seriously, thank you so much.
i'm still not the best at saying no, or saying what i do and don't want. but i try to be.
*holds your cheeks gently, leaning in to press a soft kiss to your lips
you don't need to be sorry. it just took a little bit for the world to find a way to get us to find each other, right?
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung i know you trust me...but its nice to be reminded sometimes, right?
I'm not your ex, I'm not gonna hurt you, you can always say no to me, or tell me when I make you uncomfortable...my priority as your husband is simply keeping you happy, my love.
*smiles a bit sadly as you look at me, stroking your hair as i try to reassure you*
love you most, my angel. and I'm sorry it took me so long to find you when you've been hurting for so long...
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *closes my eyes and accepts all of your kisses eagerly, my fingers rubbing your thigh gently as i nod my head
i - i know. i trust you, i promise.
*opens my eyes again when i feel you making me look, looking up at you with tears threatening to spill and i inhale deeply, nodding my head again
i love you too, kimshi.
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung *holds you close as i affectionately cover your face in innocent kisses*
you've always got me, baby. I'll protect you...i'll never hurt you, and I'll make sure nobody ever does again.
* your cheek as I make you look at me*
I love you so much, kwontae.
Kim Taehyung 1 year ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *moves up into your lap when you pull me in, thankful for your gentle affections as i tell you everything
*tucks my head up under your chin when you pull me in, sliding an arm around your waist slowly
it's okay.. i'm okay. it was in the past, i've moved on from it mostly.
it was a bad time, and i never ever want to have to relive that again.. so.. im glad i found you.
i was hesitant about this show altogether because what if i ended up with someone like him.
but i know you would never do taht.
Kwon Soonyoung 1 year ago
@Kim Taehyung *nods a bit, staying quiet as i simply try to listen to you, pulling you into my lap and rubbing your back to try and give you as much support as possible.*
*I can feel myself tearing up at your words, holding you tightly against my chest as I can feel my body heating with rage*
how could someone...treat you like that, angel.
you don't deserve that, you didn't deserve that, I'm so so sorry my love...
I'm so happy you're out of that situation, that you're safe and sound, and I'll never let you get hurt again...
* your hair as a few tears fall from my face, pulling you close*
I've got you now, baby.


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carpediem 1 year ago
ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
revblinks 1 year ago
later guys,love,very much
hatsuharus 1 year ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 1 year ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
8acc2c4735ff21ed4709 1 year ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
thelema 1 year ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 1 year ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 1 year ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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