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Jeon Somin 1 year ago
@Min Yoongi Eunwoo looked up when he felt his loving husband's hand running through his hair then over his back. His soft voice was so soothing and one Eunwoo loved to hear at all times. "Ah, honey~" he said and gently pulled him closer to him so he could lean up and peck his lips. "Very tired, kitten. There was too much to do today. I wish we could have sectioned things out.." When Yoongi asked if he had eaten, his stomach growled which made him realize that he had not had much to eat today. "Mm, I haven't had anything yet. Can we order some takeout, darling?"
Min Yoongi 1 year ago
@Cha Eunwoo The night had been quiet but long as Yoongi waited for Eunwoo to come home. Throughout the day he'd exchange sparse texts with his husband--which led him to believe it was a long and busy day for his angel. So, once everything in the house was settled he made sure that when his husband came home he'd be there for him. Yoongi had been in the bathroom unsure if he should draw a bath for his angel or not when he heard the door open. He walked out just in time to see Eunwoo crawl into bed. A soft smile came to him as he walked to bed and sat there his hand coming to gently caress through his husband's hair. "Hello love," he said softly and he his hand lowered to Eunwoo's bare back there he gingerly rubbed. "tired? have you eaten yet?" he asked--as much as he would love to snuggle and cuddle the night away he first wanted to make sure Eunwoo was okay.
Jeon Somin 1 year ago
@Min Yoongi It had been a long day for Eunwoo. It was full of constant wardrobe changes, moving from scene to scene, and a lot of standing. He was running on little to no sleep, which made him quite an emotional wreck, and the hours going by so slowly did not help. When he got home, he kicked his shoes off and padded through the hallway of his gorgeous home, glancing around for his husband. "Yoongi..?" he called out, his tone tired and defeated. All he wanted was to snuggle up with his kitten and cry it out. That's something he /needed/, and he hoped Yoongi was around and open to that. "Yoongi, my handsome man, are you home? Come snuggle.." he called out again and made his way upstairs and to the bedroom where he stripped down to his boxers and crawled under the blankets, his body ready to give out.
Min Yoongi 1 year ago
@Cha Eunwoo There was that blush that Eunwoo always managed to conjure up on Yoongi's face regularly everday porbably every hour--Yoongi was not mad about it. When Eunwoo bit his lower lip he couldn't stop the soft sound that tickled the back of his throat. "hope so because i don't think i could ever get enough of your kisses," he murmured before he follows his husband inside their new home. He nods eagerly at the mention of cuddling--he truly loves cuddling with his husband. There was nothing quite like being held and holding the love of your life. "o-oh no i'm okay really i'm just naturally sleepy," he laughed softly and felt his heart warm over eunwoo's concern. Then he let out a squeak as he's lifted up into Eunwoo's arms--and to his utter shock carried like a bride. If he had been blushing before now he was just red as tomato and burried his face against Eunwoo's chest his hands clung to his shirt. "'re going to be the end of me i swear..." he mumbled and then looked up at him after the kiss to his neck. His face still so hot but eyes inky and dark. "all yours. and you're mine." he said before tipping is head up and kissing Eunwoo again this time heat behind the kiss.
Jeon Somin 1 year ago
@Min Yoongi When he was pulled to the other man, he at first felt startled but was soon relaxing into his lover's arms. His own arms wrapped themselves around his lovely husband to hold him closer against him while their lips danced to their own rhythm. The kiss was so soft, so sweet, and so intimate. It was perfect much like Yoongi. Playfully, Eunwoo bit his husband's lower tier as he pulled away, releasing it and gazing down at him. "My baby," he cooed, "there will be plenty more kisses for you. How about we check out the house, get our stuff settled in, and then have a nice cuddle session? I know you're feeling the jet lag and need some proper rest. My angel didn't sleep as much on the flight this time, so I'm worried he's exhausted." He carefully lifted Yoongi into his arms bridal style and hummed, "Let's do this the right way, shall we?" With a smile, he lightly tapped the door with his foot to open it more and carried his husband inside. He was as light as a feather and fit perfectly there in his arms. He took this chance to press a kiss against his soft neck and purr. "All mine~"
Min Yoongi 1 year ago
@Cha Eunwoo Incredible. Everything was falling into place--after a wonderful honeymoon now Yoongi and Eunwoo had moved in together and this is where he thought everything would solidify. This where they'd become true partners for life. The home was beautiful and he could truly imagine spending the rest of his life with Eunwoo in this cozy and quaint house. It felt so perfect for them. Once out of the car he smiled at his husband would helped him out--truly an angel. Every touch had him swooning and left an absolutely love struck grin on his lips. He followed Eunwoo to the door and took a deep breath. This was it. "I'm ready angel." he said and before they stepped inside the door Yoongi reached for his husband--taking his hand before pulling him in and leaning up to kiss him. It was a sudden kiss-but he felt it was the best way to enter their new home together. A sweet soft kiss to signify that this was a home of love.
Jeon Somin 1 year ago
@Min Yoongi After a successful honeymoon, Eunwoo found himself looking forward to moving in with Yoongi even more. His husband was absolutely delightful, and he truly couldn't believe that he had been so lucky to be paired with such a gentle and loving soul. When they arrived to their new home, Eunwoo hopped out of the car and jogged around to open Yoongi's door and offered a hand to help him out. When their hands touched, he felt that same loving spark that he felt every time they made skin-to-skin contact. It was something out of a fairytale, he swore. After having helped his husband out, he then proceeded to grab their things and saunter up to the front door. They had been given the key by the staff prior to them arriving at the house, so he set the things down and unlocked the front door. "Are you ready, kitten?"


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ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
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later guys,love,very much
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until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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