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guest bedroom
★ lee jooheon 21 hours ago
@♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ Jooheon looked up at Zhe with a bright smile, leaning into his hold and pressing a kiss to his chin in response to the vampire's kiss. He hummed at his words, softly shaking his head. "I want you to eat~ I just ate myself so I have the strength for it," he said softly.
♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 2 days ago
@★ lee jooheon Zhe took a bit before slowly nodding to the other. A slight smile formed on his face and he wrapped his arms gently around Jooheon before pressing a small kiss to his cheek. "You really don't mind if I eat before we do whatever it is you wanted..?" He asked softly, tilting his head in the slightest as be pulled back.
★ lee jooheon 3 days ago
@♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ Jooheon hummed and tilted his head at him, looking down into his eyes. "But you said you were hungry! I want to take care of you bsbe," he said with a pout, glancing around. "There's nothing special. It's just a small apartment. There's a bedroom over there and a small kitchen and bathroom. It's small. Not much to see."
♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 3 days ago
@★ lee jooheon Zhe shook his head slightly, lightly smacking Jooheon's chest and pressing a kiss to his cheek. "I've just gotten here-" he said, pouting a little and patting your shoulders over and over. "Can you show me around first..? And then I eat?" he asked, his head tilted slightly to the side and expression soft.
★ lee jooheon 4 days ago
@♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ Jooheon grinned happily, kissing him happily before running his fingers through the vampire's hair, looking up into his eyes. He smiled and tilted his head to the side to expose his neck for the vampire. "Eat. I want you to be well fed. I'm your customer and it's my job to feed you," he said softly
♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 6 days ago
@★ lee jooheon Zhe hummed happily, shaking his head when he was called the cutest but still returning the longer kiss with a content hum. He brushed his fingers through Heon's hair, a slight sound escaping his lips before he nodded in response to the question with a small frown. "I am.. a little bit, yes.."
★ lee jooheon 6 days ago
@♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ Jooheon giggled at the kisses, kissing him back and wrapping his arms tightly around the other. "You're the cutest," he said before leaning in and pressing a longer kiss on his lips, sighing happily. He couldn't Express how thankful he was to have met the other man. "Are you hungry baby boy?"
♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 6 days ago
@★ lee jooheon Zhe nuzzled into the other's shoulder, a bright smile on his face as he bit down on his lower lip, doing his best to contain his excitement when he looked back into the other's eyes. He couldn't stop himself before leaning in, pressing repeated pecks to Jooheon's lips before whining out. "I'm not cute~ but- but- thank you!"
★ lee jooheon 6 days ago
@♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ Jooheon grinned even wider when the other awoke, hugging him tightly to himself when Zhe wrapped his arms around him. He kissed his forehead happily before pulling back and looking into his eyes. "Look at you, cutie~" he said softly. "Welcome home my baby."
♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 1 week ago
@★ lee jooheon Wang Zhe's eyes opened slowly after the kiss, taking a moment to fully start up and slowly allowing his eyes to move from his left to his right and finally right in front of him. At the sight of Jooheon, he couldn't help but to smile brightly, sitting right up and hugging the other tightly as if be was a sloth holding onto a tree. "Heon!!"
★ lee jooheon 1 week ago
@♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ Jooheon sighed happily, kicking his feet as he waited for his package to arrive. When he heard the knock on the door, he jumped up in excitement and threw the door open. He pulled the box inside, opening it up and pulling the boyfriend out. He laid the other down on the couch, leaning in to kiss his lips softly.
♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ 1 week ago
@★ lee sungmin He stood with both legs since his lover had lowered his right leg down but spreading his legs further however. His hips tremble when the man’s finger digging into the slit of his manhood to rubbing it. His head nodding in respond to the questions from the younger man.
-Yes! Yes! I want to . I want to so badly. I want to , please, I want to show you how much pleasure you are giving me. . Baby please.
He moans, body pressed harder to the cold wall while his rear is being pounded hard by the man behind him. His moans turn louder as the younger movement turn rougher.
-Yes, for you oh god! Baby please! Sungmin! Ngn~
He keep , body being more sensitive with him being in heat and also having blindfold on him. His head slightly tilting to the side when the younger nibbling and tugging on his earlobe. His eyes opened to view the first thing that he see when he felt the blindfold taken of his head.
-, I’m wet, I’m wet for you, I need you baby! Sungmin, please, ! Let me !
He whimpered, back arched when he was sat on the younger’s lap and feeling the thick manhood reaching deeper within him in this position. A yelp left his lips when his was spanked before he begin to move, riding the younger like he was told to. His head thrown back as he moving his hip to bouncing on the other’s lap while the younger is ing up into him.
-I am, I am, master! Ngn~ ! Oh ! Feel so good! Harder! Harder!
He scream out in pleasure, head tilted to let the other having better access to kissing his neck while his face and body are contorted with pure pleasure. His hands gripping his own thighs while his are pinched and his is choke. His body heating up with bliss filled his body as the man’s hitting the bundle of nerve in such a delicious way.
-! I’ll ! Let me ! Please ngnnn~
♡ wang zhe ᵛᵃᵐᵖᶦʳᵉ 1 week ago
@★ lee jooheon It was an early morning when a package was delivered fo Jooheon's door. As it was set down, the person delivering the package simply knocked, and walked off. With that, Wang Zhe stood upright inside the box although deactivated. And all the boyfriend could do was wait, although not consciously. The time that had passed while he was being delivered would feel like nothing by the time he was activated. But before he could be, the one who ordered him would have to open the door, open the box, and activate him.
★ lee sungmin 1 week ago
@♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ [h] *lets your right leg down so that you can stand properly but spreads your leg further, digs my fingertip on the slit of your and rubs it*
Do you want to , baby? How much do you want to ?
* up hard, having your chest press against the cold wall, takes your hands and press your arms against the wall too as I snap my hips harshly and hard*
You're so ing good, babe. I love how tight you are. How your walls are clenching around me. Such a for me, and only for me.
*tugs and nibbles on your earlobe harshly and moves to press you against the mirror, removes your blindfold*
Look at how wet you are, Heechul. Look at how much your is twitching. . .
*moves back and sits on a chair nearby whilst still facing the mirror*
Ride me like this, love. Come on.
*spanks your hard, wraps my arms around your waist and s up*
Move those hips and , baby. Ride your master. . .
*kisses along your neck and watches your expressions through the mirror as I now have one hand pinching and rolling your between my fingers and as I choke your tightly in my other hand*
♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ 1 week ago
@★ lee sungmin /whimpered as you spanking his still, especially loudly when you up against his spot and stopped there
I can’t help it, Min please ngn~
/whines softly as he stood facing the wall, his hole gasping and twitching in emptiness
/whimpered when he is being blindfolded by a necktie before hissing as his warm chest pressed up against the cool wall, standing with the left leg supporting since you lifting up the right one, moans when you ing up inside him
Ngn! Min!~ no, ngn I want to ! Baby please!
/whimpering as you bite and growling on his ear while your hip ing hard and fast into him while your hand stroking and choking his
Min ngn min oh god~ ngn baby! Baby! Ahh master spare me! Ngn! , feel so good, feel so good!
/hands clawing on the wall, trying to find something to grasp onto as you abusing his rear while kisses landed from his neck to his shoulder, his wall twitching in respond to the bite and nibbling on his flesh, his lips parted and loudly in respond to your harsh movement inside him
Sungmin! Ahh!
/hip pushing back, or at least attempt to as he felt that same familiar tight knot in his stomach, his hip just automatically trying to get more pleasure to relieve the tight knot, so when you spanking his hard once again, he was drooling and trying harder to get the pleasure his body seek
Master! Master! ! Let me ! Make me !
/whimpered when you slowing down, frustration apparent in his needy noise as he pushing his hip back more, his pulsing in your hand, twitching as you alternate the pressure on his with your grip
Please, master, master, , I want to
★ lee sungmin 1 week ago
@♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ [h] Ugggh~ . . . so tight!
* up so hard that the sound of skins slapping are echoing inside the room, grips on your hips and gives your spanking again and sees you , up to hit your spot and stops there*
Who said you could early, huh? Punishment, baby boy. . .
*smirks and scoops you around your waist and carries you over to the walk-in closet and stands beside a wall near the cabinet with a full sized mirror, pulls my out and walks to the closet, takes out something and goes back to you*
Face the wall. . .
*turns you around and blindfolds you, wrapping a necktie around your eyes, securing it and pressing your chest against the wall, I lift your right leg up and up inside you again*
You can't until I say so. . .
*bites your earlobe and growls against your ear as I bend a bit and up hard and fast, not giving you time to breathe as I wrap an arm around your waist and your fast, choking it as I squeeze it tightly*
F-ing. . . good, my love. H-Heechul~
*moans your name out and trails kisses on the side of your neck then down your shoulder, biting and nibbling on your flesh, kissing your back from the shoulder down halfway, your skin as I move my hips harshly*
*moans your name out as I can feel your walls clenching tightly around my , spanking your hard once again and soothing that stinging pain as I run my palms against the reddening globes gently*
You're so ing good. . . so delicious. . .
*whispers against your ear, your earlobe and just to frustrate you, slows down my pace, ing ever so slowly whilst I alternate the pressure of my grip around your *
♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ 1 week ago
@★ lee sungmin /gag when you suddenly ed up hard, gagging and around your while tongue trying to pleasuring your underside before his cheeks puffed with the sudden burst of filled his mouth, swallowing the essence pack love juice as you told him to do so, whimpering softly, a bit dazed from your rough ing his mouth as he gazing at you when you finally pulled out, drawing the to drip down his chin and lips
y for you, for you love ngn!!
/moans loudly into the deep kiss when you suddenly filled his rear without a warning, hands move to grip onto your biceps while his body contorted with you lifting his left leg onto your shoulder, feeling how your hard pressing right at his spot making him squirm and whimper
Ngn! Sungmin!~ !
/gripping onto your arms as you biting down on his lower lip while your hip snapping into him in a way as if to digging a hole against his spot making him loudly in pleasure
! Oh god! Sungmin! Ngn~
/head thrown back while he scream in sheer pleasure with the change of position and you abusing his needy and heated core, finding your rubbing deliciously against the inner wall in a hard and fast pace, feeling you reaching deep within his body
Feel good! I feel good! So good! Oh good~ Sungmin! Sungmin! Feel so good! More! More! Ahh !!
/his wall clenching around you when you spanking his so hard in repetition that the globe are burning to the touch more than his body had
Good! Feeling good! Ahh Sungmin! ! I’m-
/moans loudly as you kissing and marking his neck while his spurting out string of , his body trembling in pleasure but not enough, making him whimpered needily
★ lee sungmin 1 week ago
@♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ [h] *pulls out halfway and s up hard, rolling my hips*
This mouth is mine. No one can have this. . .
*continues to up inside your mouth and feeling that familiar churn, I suddenly came a lot*
F-! So good! Take it, baby. Drink it. Come on. I can give you more. . .
*groans and growls deeply as I tug on your hair tightly, harshly pulls out of your mouth, smirking at how my drips down your chin and lips*
So y.
*kisses you deeply and without any warning I lift your left leg up my shoulder and my hard and twitching inside you, burying deep until the tip reaches your spot*
*bites harshly on your bottom lip and starts to up at an almost insane speed, ready to put a hole against your spot despite that being impossible*
God I missed this. . . , baby. You're so tight!
*pulls away and lets your leg down, moving to grip your hips tightly then fold you onto yourself, moving to be on my toes and starts to bounce on the bed, using that motion to go deep and hard inside you*
Tell me how you feel, my love. . . how much am I making you feel good. . . tell me. . .
*spanks your hard repeatedly until both globes are red enough*
You're so beautiful. . . so cute. . . and you're mine.
*dips my head down and trails wet kisses along your jaw and neck, making all of where my lips land, the colors varying from pinks and purples*
♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ 1 week ago
@★ lee sungmin /seeing the smirk on your lips as you pushed him down the bed
I’ll you, love, I’ll let you see your getting in and out of my mouth until you deem that it is well abused
/whisper as you already stripped them down to bare skin, eyeing you in curiosity before gagging around your when you ing it hard into his mouth
/struggling to moving his tongue along the underside of your as you rocking your hip, ing into his mouth while he trying to tightening his lips around the moving length and hollowing his cheeks to have the inside of his cheeks rubbing against either side of your , his own harden and leaking already just from you face ing him and his slowly forming the slick that would soon ease you ing him and breeding him
★ lee sungmin 1 week ago
@♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ [h] *smirks and pushes you down the bed*
I know you're in your heat, but me first. I want to see my fit in this pretty mouth of yours.
*immediately undresses and removes your clothes too, then thinks of something else*
On the other hand. . . I'll just start with your mouth first. . .
*slips my fingers through your hair and without any warning, I hovered above your chest and shoved my in your mouth, up hard and slow, making sure the tip hits the back of your throat, my eyes looking down, watching you gag on my *
Nnngggh~ ing tight and warm. . . . . .
*bites down hard on my bottom lip as I tilt my head up then look down at you again as I rock my hips faster*
Come on, use that tongue, baby. Make my wet so that it's easier for you later. . . uuggghh~ . . .
♡ kim heechul ʰᵘˡᶦʲᶦⁿᵍ 1 week ago
@★ lee sungmin I’m in heat, strawberry. I need you, love.
/whimper as you the earlobe
/teleporting us to the mansion’s guest room
Here, I want to do it here, so we can rest after and then more, I want, I’m needy
/mumble as he needing grinding against you and fumbling to kiss your neck, right where he had mark you before
me, me, love, give me your thick juicy
★ park jinyoung 2 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew I never could... I thought I could... But I couldn't...
/inhaling softly, running my hands lightly through your hair/
/wrapping my arms around your neck, kissing you firmly/
★ park jinyoung 3 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew I hated it... I can't hate you...
/inhaling softly, liking the way your hand moves over my skin/
/looking down at you with a smile, leaning down/
/pressing my lips to yours/
★ park jinyoung 3 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew /smiling happily, looking up at you/
I am too~ I don't have to pretend like I hate you~ Because that hurts. Having to act like I hate you...
/moving my hands to your shoulders/
/kissing you back happily/
I really, really missed you, Matt~
★ park jinyoung 3 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew /looking up at you with a smile/
I never thought I'd see you in a non-life-or-death situation...
/shaking my head a bit/
I think I've always known how I felt... But... I think I was just too scared to show it...
/wrapping my arms around your neck a bit tighter, panting softly by the time we've finished kissing/
★ park jinyoung 3 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew /looking at you with a smile/
I think I've always hoped we would~
/giggling softly, turning onto my back/
Even back then you're the one I wanted~
/wrapping my arms around your neck, returning the deep kiss/
★ park jinyoung 3 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew /putting my hand on top of yours/
Mmm... He does... He deserves something slow and painful...
/moving my head slightly closer so we're only an inch apart/
/giving a small smile before pressing my lips to yours/
★ park jinyoung 4 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew /giving a small smile/
I always hoped that I'd have the chance to get back at my father...
/nodding a little bit/
I'll join you, Matt~
★ park jinyoung 4 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew /turning over to face you/
Mmm... I wasn't sure... Jisung feels different ways often...
/nodding a little/
Thank you... Just until that's done...
★ park jinyoung 4 weeks ago
@★ kim matthew /giving a small nod, sighing/
Yeah... And... Jisung is pissed at our dad for what he did...
We just have to wait until Jisung gets him to put together his will...


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Could I request for boun noppanut as a customer?
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