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j jaehyun! 1 month ago
@w kahei! my jaw drops dramatically as i gasp -
if it escapes, do you wanna take it home? <:
hh looks at the one hiding and squeezes your waist lightly
aww it's so shy
how cute <:
i wanna touch them
w kahei! 1 month ago
@j jaehyun! my body pushes back into yours as soon as i feel you there but my eyes stay transfixed on the tank, eyes widening when i see the one you’re pointed at
maybe :o octopi are really smart and like escaping from things uwu
i look down and spot a little one hiding under a shell and point at it omg it’s lil tentacles stickin out and omo i’m love it
look at how cutE!!! :D
j jaehyun! 1 month ago
@w kahei! my face lights up as you get hyped up, the skip in your step breaking me into smiles and laughs and i follow you promptly toward the octopi that are chilling in behind the glass and my eyes observe you as my dimples dig deep into my cheeks and my teeth flash bright; i nod to your amazement and hold you from behind, resting my chin on your shoulder as i look at the octopi with you
are they fascinating?
and i point at one at the top
look at that one - do you think it's going to escape? :0
w kahei! 1 month ago
@j jaehyun! :0
oh now i’m HYPED i’m basically just happily wiggling as we walk to find the touch pool, when we see it i squeak and run over to the glass tank and push my face to to to see the octopi in it, briefly forgetting the touch pool’s existence
ohmygodlook :O
j jaehyun! 1 month ago
@w kahei! nods with you too
y yeah me too
even though i also did not know that adkfgjhkjh lmAO
:0 let's look at the map <:
hhh goes to look at the map next to the info plaque and studies it to find the touch pool :D
it's down there by the octopi! :D
u w u takes your hand to go to the touch pool <:
w kahei! 1 month ago
@j jaehyun! oH! okay i knew that definitely o v o
i say as i, in fact, did NOT know that, but it’s FINE :0 i squint a bit more at petting the turtles though
i... doubt they’ll let us :(
some aquariums have lil pools you can pet different creatures in! we can look for one :D
j jaehyun! 1 month ago
@w kahei! :0 i think
land turtles are tortoises yeah <:
also squints bc idk either lmAO
yeah! :D let's do it u w u
w kahei! 1 month ago
@j jaehyun! also probably depends on the turtle
i know land turtles are kinda crusty
..... aren’t land turtles just tortoises :0
squints because wait i just made myself confused what’s the difference between a turtle and a tortoise oh no
... ask to pet one? :O
j jaehyun! 1 month ago
@w kahei! u w u rests my head on you bc soff
h mm it depends on where you pet them i think
because wouldn't their shells be hard :0
but then their heads would probably be slimy and soft i think
do you think we can ask :O
w kahei! 1 month ago
@j jaehyun! honestly blushes when you say ‘our kids’ damn that makes me feel soft as hell?? ;u;
yes yes a family turtle uvu
do you think turtles like to be pet? :0 i wonder what it would feel like to pet a turtle
their skin is probably slimy :<
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! hh <: i could spend eternity with you <3
smilies and adkfjgh smoochies your cheeks more bc cUTE AHHH
:O we should get a baby turtle
then we can pass him on to our kids
and they can pass it on to their kids <:
it'll be our family turtle u w u
:O the turtles from nemo!? YES!!
u w u let's get a crush and squirt <3
w kahei! 2 months ago
@j jaehyun! we’re gonna both live forever then!! :>
just me nd you against the world <3
hHHHH BLOOSHES AT THE COMPLIMENT but it’s sweet and i love uwu so i nod
baby turtles so tiny— so cute and good :> we should get a baby turtle :0
what’s the turtles name from nemo? we could name it after him! :3
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! :0 let's live that long then <:
u w u if i'm fueled by your love then
i think i can live forever
hhh pecks your forehead real quick bc i wuv you u w u and then nods along to your turtle analysis u w u
i like baby turtles too bc they're cute <:
just like you u / / w / / u
w kahei! 2 months ago
@j jaehyun! shhhh
we can live that long
fueled by l o v e
god that’s cheesy i almost die at my own stupid words but qwq issok i just look at the turtles instead, my arms wrapping around your waist from the side so i can hold you and still watch the turtles :>
i love turtles they’re so big and gentle :0 i bet they’re very smart
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! aHH flashes you a big ol' cheesy dimply grin and u / / w / / u pulls you in for a hug bc chEESE
i wish i could live that long
then that way i can spend that much more time with you u w u
pecks your forehead hh <:
u w u bc this is so nice
hhhh look at how cute these turtles are
do you like turtles <:
w kahei! 2 months ago
@j jaehyun! i’m just thinking about them fishies but suddenly turtles omg :o i turn with you and grin, shuffling closer to the glass
oh my god— turtles are so cool :O
did you know they can live up to 150 years???
heheheh cheesy time activated my grin gets all mischevious
that’s almost maybe a fifth of the amount of time i wanna spend with you! >:3
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! adkfjhg your wiggles are so cute u w u wikihow to stop adoring you <: hhhh my thumbsies wraps itself around your finger and rubrubs it <:
i bet they have jellyfish and seahorses and octopi and
gASPS as we pass by turtles
turtles! :D
hh pulls you with me to look at the turtles <:
look at those shells! :D
w kahei! 2 months ago
@j jaehyun! oh my god they have a sunfish :0 i love sunfish they’re so big and stupid, i’m excitED i wiggle next to you and nod
do you think they have jellyfish and seahorses too :O and octOPI i wonder if they have a dumbo octopus—
my hand finds yours pressed on my hip and grasps it gently, resting my smol palm on the back of your bigger hand and absentmindedly rubbing it as i step back a bit from the tank and we move on to the next :>
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! look at that smile - your eyes disappear into little puffy lines and :D my heart has exploded. adkfjgh i stop myself from telling you that you're very pretty too because i feel like we'll get stuck in a loop if we do so i just casually trap myself in your eyes and aHHH this is no better - hhh <: m making eye contact with you freezes all time tbh adhkfjgh i hear sun fish though and i just :D! ! ! ! because i think they do
i think so!
<: i think it's in a bigger tank by itself though
hh tugs you by your hip bc hH my hand is already there and <:
let's see what's next after this u w u
w kahei! 2 months ago
@j jaehyun! your big laugh almost startles me at first but then i start smiling because I MADE YOU LAUGH :D it sounds so happy and pretty wow can i listen to that forever? i’m very proud i made you laugh this is a big accomplishment and now i decide i gotta try and do that more because it just sounds magical :>
yes! you’re very pretty! c:
nods, eyes moving from the fish swimming around back to you and now i’m gonna meLT with you looking at me like that :( who needs to admire fishies when you can just look into a jaehyun’s eyes :(( honestly i kinda zone out just appreciating your face but issok the kiss brings me back to the present and i smile
hmm. i don’t know! i wonder if they have sun fish? :0
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! hhhh presses my cheek against your head on my shoulder u w u so soff and hh i chuckle bc yOU'RE the cute one <: and hHH i watch as your eyes dart around looking for a fish for me and tbh u / / w / / u it's cute - bUT THEN you point at a stupid looking eel and i burst into laughter, holding onto you tight because adkfjgh i'm a big laugher and i'll end up blowing you away if i don't hold onto you but then you point at a cute widdle fish and u / / w / / u
am i that pretty to you? <:
looks at you with big doey eyes and hh chuckles a widdle bit before pecking your nose lightly
what other fishies did you wanna see? <:
w kahei! 2 months ago
@j jaehyun! i watch the fishies with big eyes :0 we JUST got in and they’re already so colorful and pretty? there’s MORE than just THIS? w o w i’m hyped as hell i love fishies uwu
my eyes follow your hand and i giggle when i see the tiny pink fish swimming by, head falling against your shoulder
so cutE! uwu
i watch it swim for a few seconds before searching for a fish for you because i GOTTA reciprocate, snorting when i see one of those weird funky eels sticking from some rocks on the floor looking out with a dumb expression and pointing at it
that’s you.
okaythatfeelsmean so i quickly find a different fish, a cute lil blackish blue fish quickly swimming around the rocks
no, that one! it’s prettier! c:
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! u / / w / / u heart pounding, wondering who in the world let you be so adorable, my cheeks flush a soft tinge of pink, watching you so excitedly watching the fishies adkfjgh how could i not enjoy myself and watch them too ahHH ngl i could give less of a crap about fishies but since you like them aHH i suddenly want to learn everything about them and look at them through your eyes so i can share the excitement you radiate; i mean, i sure do look at the fishies, but every other second my eyes return to you and adkfjgh it's so endearing to see you so happy next to me, but then :0 a fishie catches my eye, pink and round and adorable u w u just like you and hHHH i point at it as i tug you closer by the hip <:
that one looks like you
w kahei! 2 months ago
@j jaehyun! it’s the perfect day for a soft little outing with the loml uwu
wearing a pastel pink low cut blouse patterned with cute lil strawberries and some light blue jeans i contrast obviously against your darker attire, pressing snugly into your side and watching the fishies starting to appear in awe, i stop us walking for a second to move closer to the glass and lean in to look at some colorful lil ones happily
c u t e! i love them! :D
j jaehyun! 2 months ago
@w kahei! looks like total boyfriend material wearing a black t-shirt tucked into straight-legged blue wash jeans, my arm over your hip to pull you close to me as we take our time strolling from the aquarium check-in into the dark, blue-lit tunnel with widdle fishes swimming around and greeting us hh my eyes wander around to make sure it's good enough for you and then i find my gaze gravitating toward you and u w u i find myself staring

how pretty u / / w / / u


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sana minatozaki please
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park yuri pls.
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Kim jongin pls
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can I have lee hayi soloist pls?
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Is jennie kim avail?
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May I get my suho back? <3
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can i apply as one of the inactives?
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Hi can i get Lee ji Eun please, thank you!
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