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Kim Jaewook 1 month ago
@Son Chailee [] totally fine baby, im gonna be hella ng slow as well so ;; please dont apologize, im trying to find more personal time but work is kicking my . manammm doooset daraaaam <3

He was much too young with too many dreams, even his father told him that, after all that was one of the many reasons that got him in trouble and landed him in the exact situation he was. Well, he was quite the workaholic with an intense desire and greed for more, for further improvement, for a new tactic to get ahead of all their business partners. Maybe he was not suited for married life, or maybe that kind of life he dreamed of was way too ruined for him to return to someday. By the time he pushed himself off the chair and leaned against the desk; the sun had already set all the way down, the orange starting to disappear to give its way into the darkness of the night slowly. He liked that. It reminded him of how he used to be the morning person, but he had learned to appreciate the darkness of the night much much more during the past years of his life.

The girl's voice broke his train of thoughts. He signed the last paper before putting them down, hand coming up to gently rub over his forehead and shake away the thoughts. Perhaps being buried in work was better than thinking of his personal life. upon hearing the girl's suggestion, he hesitated. He was quite strict on how comfortable he got with the people at work. But he was tired, and the suggestion was way too tempting for him to refuse that easily, making him sigh softly before pushing himself off he desk to go grab his coat, pulling it over his shoulders without bothering to close up the buttons in front. he got rid of his tie, letting it hang on the hanger in the corner, further destructing the office look before his fingers were brushing in between his locks. "....can you drive? lets go before i start to overthink that suggestion" He pulled his car keys out of his pocket to hand it to the girl while locking up the important files and leading them out of the office that seemed oddly suffocating today.

"I hope the place doesnt look anything like a formal business bar, your boss might actually go through a stress "
Son Chailee 1 month ago
@Kim Jaewook [ im really really really sorry for the late replies babe! im trying my best to get my brain to work and it's very slow asdfghjl dooset daram <3 don't mind if i do a little time skip tho heh ]

she watched with inquisitive gaze as he fumbled around, so unlike the usual confidant and powerful man she knew him to be. then again, the seemingly omnipresent air of pressure that loomed over him had finally settled down on his shoulder, chai's heart breaking for the man. other than her mild attraction and ual fantasies in the confinements of her bedroom alone, she respected the man- he was someone she wanted to be like in the business world, earning a name for herself no matter what it took. whenever she'd been told she sounded like a when she spoke of her goals, she'd always quickly bite back. had she been a man, they'd have called her ambitious but because she didn't have a between her legs, she gets called overzealous. it infuriated her to no ends and she sought to change that, starting at this very company where she knew she had prejudices to break.

she was quick to finish the last of the folders that sat in front of her, her notes precise, neat and aligned perfectly so it was easy to read. putting her pen down and humming a sigh of relief, she picked up her phone, glancing at the time only to raise her eyebrows. how was it already 4PM? well, truth be told, the sky outside had started shifting into a pretty pastel canvas. realizing there was really nothing else on the schedule for the both of them, chai lifted herself from the chair, approaching the man who stood beside his desk.

"well, if you don't mind me suggesting anything," chai began, leaning her hip the wooden desk, hand reaching up to pull her hair down from the ponytail, finding the throb that had begun to start in her scalp soothe a little. "how about we go out for drinks? there's a little speakeasy bar that i often go and i needed a chill night anyways. would you like to come with me after a late lunch, perhaps?"
Kim Jaewook 2 months ago
@Son Chailee [] im so so so s o sorry, im gonna be a lil slow from now on, a bit busyyyy'

He glanced up just in time to watch he take her blazer off and he had to avert his gaze away. It wasnt like his wife was...unattractive, but she was never really his type, and to say their bedroom adventures were warm would be nothing but a big fat lie. They were cold as hell, and he could not even remember the last time he got into one bed with her to do the do, and he really didnt want to, its as if the small amount of attraction he had early one when they had gotten married had all gone down the drain years ago. They just lived to live, to keep the title somehow even if the love he had for his family was growing colder with each passing day. The guilt lived with him sometimes, but he just managed to ignore it more times than he could count on one finger.

He tried to pay attention, nodding away at the details before he was getting up again, one hand sliding inside his pocket while the other reached out to grab the paper, reading over the important details once more before grabbing his pen, gently signing the needed parts, crossing over the lines and pages he disagreed with before putting it down. His arms crossed over one another, and to anyone who could see him, it was obvious how out of focus he was today. Even if anger tended to make him focus and distract himself, every man had a breaking point, and it seemed everyday he was pushed closer to that one point, very very ing close.

"Okay...define okay"

He whispered softly, hand coming up to gently rub over the skin of his forehead, to sooth the headache he had been carrying for hours before he was grabbing another paper, reading through it rather quickly just to completely reject the proposal, setting it on the rejected file on the left side of his desk before staring down at the girl. Young, pretty, probably in love, he was sure of that. Damn, he envied those people sometimes.

"Peace. I need some peace, and some happy feels and good news, dont think you can do much about it"
Kim Ahyoung 2 months ago
@Lee Taeyong God, she was mad. Was there a word beyond that but not as strong as rageful? she was quite unsure on that part, but she couldnt even laugh properly at his expression till they were safely pressed into the corner of the elevator. She chuckled at his words, but the anger lingered in her heart and she couldnt find it in her to somehow get rid of the fire that seemed to burn brighter by each passing second.

"didnt exactly like the way he looked at you"

She whispered, there was a smile on her face but it was rather stiff and strict. It was the same tone she used whenever she held anger inside her, or when something made her extremely awkward, like that man. She didnt like him. Her hands wandered down to his waist, gently pulling him back till his back was pressed against her chest, and she shamelessly allowed her hands to curl around him, squeezing him against her hold with lips lightly dragging over the pretty expanse of his pale skin. god, she wanted to sink her teeth in just to show off how he didnt belong to anyone, specially the . She could bet he couldnt even half of his - . probably the worse thought she could have in an elevator. why the was she thinking about his at this ing moment, she was pretty sure he wouldnt appreciate the thoughts running through her head.

"can we go home? i dun want to stay here any longer"

She whispered, reaching out to press 'P' on the elevator to lead them down to the parking instead. once the elevator dinged, she was releasing him, lowering her hand down to lace their fingers together before gently leading him out and away from the prying eyes of everyone, specially every man that had gotten their eyes on his legs for a bit too long. she was sure this amount of possessiveness was not good for bestfriends, she shouldnt even be feeling like this in the first place but denying herself from all the thoughts that kept attacking her in the very moment was becoming too difficult.

She tugged him to the car, gently pausing infront of it before pulling off the unnecessary things, allowing the flamy red hairs to fall all over her shoulders in a messy wave.

"You look too pretty for their eyes"
Johnny Suh [A] 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta Johnny didn't think anything of the song replaying, somewhat grateful the other restarted it since he had been listening to it on repeat for the past couple of days. However, he froze when the other rested his hand on his thigh, ignoring it until it began inching toward his inner thigh. While him and Yuta were beginning to get into these predicaments more often, he hadn’t suspected that it would begin so soon today nor did he expect the other to be so blatant. Usually, there was a bit of pretense so they could both behave as if it were all an accident. They had avoided acknowledging their actions since they first had on the company retreat month ago, which Johnny preferred as he wasn’t too keen on outwardly accepting that he liked what had happened that night.

Turning up the volume, he ignored Yuta’s question before he took the other’s hand and placed it over his crotch. Briefly, he kept his palm over the other’s, gently caressing the fingers that he refused to admit that he missed having elsewhere before he retracted his hand, “Any plans for this weekend?”
Son Chailee 2 months ago
@Kim Jaewook His answer took her off guard and it showed in the way her eyebrows knit for a moment before she caught herself, relaxing her visage and posture, going back to her usual composed and confident self. It had surprised Chailee at how easy it was for him to even deny his wife anything for their wedding anniversary and as it had been time and time, she was impressed his reputation as cold-hearted affected his personal life too. Guess this was one of the many ways he'd gotten so far in life.

She was quick to move, fingers flitting over the screen of her phone and macbook to delete the notification and began to work when they had been so rudely interrupted; Chai had learned the hard way not to disturb him when the red sticker was on the door and it failed to convince her how it always slipped past others because it was sure to piss him off. And a pissed Jaewook was y, albeit scary. There were rare moments when she had had the opportunity to see him so angry and Chai always been by it; it was the way his face contorted into one of sheer dominance and rage that did it. Her thighs pressed together reflexively, a little heat starting to rise between her legs as it did her cheeks, tainting the mounds a pretty pink. Bloody hell. Ducking her gaze away, she tried preoccupying herself with the contracts, the end of her pen tapping gently against the table even when he sat back down.

Getting to his orders was easy so she got to it, but she'd made the mistake of glancing at him and the sight almost caused her to choke on her words; ing hell, get a grip, she chided herself mentally. She couldn't be having such nasty thoughts about her boss, not in the middle of the ing day. The room had gotten hot, or at least she felt so. She was quick to remove her blazer, remaining in only the flimsy silk sleeveless top she'd worn underneath and pushed back her hair that had stumbled from her pony over her shoulder, placing the contract down once she'd finished reading it.

"Are you okay, boss? Do you need anything?"

[ since i at outfit description, there you go. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/54/cd/18/54cd1875231645ceb0c5e2440c1bce4a.jpg ]
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Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
@Kim Ahyoung almost as if he had summoned the devil herself, there was that familiar voice behind him, even if it was slightly different for the sake of the prank's integrity. with ahyoung's arms around him like that, holding onto him so tightly as if he was going to disappear with a single puff of air.

"you see, this lady over here is quite taken. i would appreciate it if you stop flirting with what's not yours."

if taeyong didn't specifically have an ahyoung- before, he was definitely down that road now. the venomous tone, oozing with possessiveness, and the way his best friend's nails curled into his waist, were all stirring things downstairs that he wasn't aware a female ever could, being gay and what not.

the man in front of them look embarrassed for all of a second but tried to shoot his shot anyway. this only caused taeyong to giggle softly, a hand coming up to cover his mouth in an attempt to stifle his amusement at the expense of the interaction between his best friend and the poor lamb before them. since the ball was technically in his court, even though his answer was obvious, he decided to have a little fun.

reaching out, even though he was still firmly clasped in ahyoung's embrace, taeyong tugged the man's face down so he could tiptoe and whisper into his ear, "show me around when you're ready to my , okay, baby?"

with that, he leaned back into ahyoung's chest and turned around to kiss her cheek, greeting her with a sparkling, playful look in his eyes.

the poor man, eyes widened in shock and physically thrown aback, stared at taeyong in wonder, his eyes blatantly dropping down to the male's crotch for any indication that he was a man. this only caused taeyong to giggle again with a roll of his eyes, lips curved into a smirk. blowing the other a kiss, taeyong flipped his hair over his shoulder before tugging ahyoung towards the elevator so they could head up back to their department.

"wasn't that ing hilarious–?" taeyong laughed once they were waiting for the elevator, breathy puffy as he tried to stifle his loud giggles. "you did absolutely amazing out there, all hot and manly over your girlfriend, hm?" the younger of the pair chuckled, turning to fully smile at his partner in crime.
Kim Jaewook 2 months ago
@Son Chailee He leaned back into his seat while he waited for her. The moment she had the drink infront of him, he didnt hesitate to take it, taking a rather large sip to fill up his senses with his favorite drink. Yup, he was indeed an odd one, drinking at the most weirdest hours of the day and he was glad this one did not dip her nose into why he was like that. Upon hearing her words, he could help but groan, his eyebrows pulling into a tight knit and right then and there, the very source of his annoyance and stress was showing off. The very woman he had agreed to married years ago, god, he had so many ing regrets. Why did he even think that was a good idea to this day. To say his image of women was a bit ruined would be an understatement, but what bothered him more was the similarity of his son's behavior to his mother. a Naggy evil women who enjoys people suffering sometimes, sitting on her high horse as if she owns the world and no matter how many times he had talked to her, it was as if he had been talking to a brick wall the past years of his life.

"She is not getting any anniversary gift this time. Dont send anything without my permission"

He was generally a loyal man, but the woman had tested his patiency more times than he could count. He still forced himself to get some sort of anniversary gift to feed the woman's ego who always liked to show off to her friends, but not this year. His patiency has ran way too thin and he was tired of letting her climb on his back for the sake of family. Not anymore, and he didnt ing care if she went to complain to anyone she wanted. The thought of her had stressed him enough to have him finish up the drink within seconds. He looked exhausted, utterly exhausted which was caused not only by the week long argument but his lack of rest during the past nights and anyone with a set of healthy eyes could see that.

"Tiffany's. with her taste? sure"

He was whispering it more to himself rather than anything before someone knocked on his door, peeking in which had him glaring immediately. "im sorry boss, Mr kim wanted and immediate meeting- i didnt mean to bother you" He simply got up, walked to the door before staring at the woman. "dont ever come into my room again when i have the sticker on, and if Kim is so interested, he wouldnt mind waiting another ing week" the door was slammed shut on the other, fingers curling around the lock to turn it and prevent anyone from daring to come in before he was back before his desk, pulling out the first contract out with a frown that refused to fall from his eyes. He could barely focus, making him rub his forehead with a groan.

"read this for me please"
Son Chailee 2 months ago
@Kim Jaewook The first of his commands earned him a nod in turn, chailee already jotting everything down in her mind, careful enough not to show her slight displeasure of not being the one to run that meeting; granted Jung was more experienced than her and could talk the ears off the marketing head for hours but she could get more than that. on her inner cheek to refrain from arguing further, she nodded again. A day stuck in the room of her by boss? Hell yes.

Lifting her gaze from the mug so she could look him in the face, her grin widened, knowing very well what he was talking about. Her tongue swiped out to wet her lower lip. “Ice cold whiskey, coming right up.” One last nod, she was off back outside his office to put the dirty mug away then proceeded to pour him his favorite drink. Chailee had learned to accept the fact that her boss drank at the most unconventional hours of the day and she fueled that too since she was a workaholic.

A few moments later, she’d returned with two folders tucked under one arm, her MacBook and iPhone in one hand and the other balancing his glass of whiskey. Once she’d made sure his copy of the 20 contracts and drink were in front of him, she sat down, frowning at the notification on her phone. “Sir, did you want me to cancel lunch with your wife too? It’s your anniversary tomorrow.”

Chailee always made sure she had his schedule memorized to the littlest detail, but a little reminder on her calender was always handy. Her lips contorted into a moue. Perhaps she shouldn’t have mentioned that; she’d heard rumors about him and his wife not getting along that well and the last thing she needed was interfering in a marital feud. “Tell you what, I’ll cancel it and instead send her a little gift. She likes Tiffany’s from what I remember.” Mrs. Kim has tacky taste in jewelry but there was no way Chai even voiced that out— she loved her job far too much. And from what she had done earlier, she had figured the older woman out to the bone, often finding it funny how her boss and that god-awful woman even got married. Besides, 20 brand new contracts were far important than anything, she’d realized early in life.

Silencing her phone and making sure it was set on flight mode and on Do Not Disturb, she placed it face down and away, not seeing the incoming spam of text messages and grinned at Jaewook, pen poised over her planner with the folders and laptop in front. “Shall we then?”
Kim Jaewook 2 months ago
@Son Chailee There had been many attractive people in his office, working beside him but they never really caught his attention. This one though, named Chailee that had managed to survive here longer than others caught his attention even on her first interview day, something he clearly remembered. "thank you, i'll do the signature then ask others to send it off." He facial expression immediately darkened by the name she mentioned. God, that man was awful to deal with, really ing awful and with his awful mood today, the last thing he wanted was to come face to face with a human being that annoyed him beyond words could explain. "argh, no, i need you here. Send Jung instead, he hates Wong enough to deal with him well, i need you here to go through some contracts with me. Cancel anything that we have today, we are stuck in this room for a good while"

He pushed himself off the chair, walked to the door, opened it and pressed a red sticker on it. That was the sign. Whenever the red sticker was the boss' door, it meant he really did not want anyone bothering him, or he was just plain annoyed. which was rare by itself. He was strict, but not necessarily angry all the time, but everything at home was pushing him towards his snapping point and he was unsure of when he'll snap.

He returned to the seat, settled back before his eyes fell on the other. It was easy to get distracted by her actions, eyes following the smallest of movements from her hand up to her lips. He was much older than her, married on top of that. Perhaps thinking about his assistant like that wasnt the brightest idea one could have. He cleared his throat, softly nodding. "please do, i think im gonna need the coffee stronger today. or ...bitterer" that only meant more whiskey. His alcohol tolerance was quite high or else he'd be drunk everyday. His office did not stress him anywhere near his home did and his business trips? they were like a break for him.

"get anything you need, we have 20 contracts to throughly analyse"
Son Chailee 2 months ago
@Kim Jaewook the moment he’d called out permission to walk in, she did so with caution, knowing an early office goer in her boss often meant he was in a pissy mood. But Chailee has never been one to cower; the sound of her heels against the parquet floor was enough to tell she was a confident in her gait and self. “Good morning, boss.” She chimed in greeting, walking over to stand right in front of his desk. Even as she did so, her gaze never left his frame as he talked.

There was no lie that he was a very attractive man; the tall, dark and handsome type on paper. There had always been a sense of y confidence around him, specially when he was showing off his power at work. Chailee had been there long enough to observe him and still feel miffed that he was a married man. As if she would try— she was in a happy relationship after all. Right? Just the thought of her boyfriend was enough to leave a sour taste in but Jaewook’s question snapped her out of her reverie.

“I’ll get you those files from yesterday, there’s just one signature that’s left and it’s yours,”she began, reaching over his desk instead of sitting down like he motioned to grab his cup of coffee. “Consider that meeting cancelled and you have one with marketing later at 2PM. Actually, if you want, I could run that presentation for you instead. You’ve got a lot of your plate already and Mr. Wong from Marketing and Planning is the last thing you need.”

Chailee had always taken proud on how she was the go-getter type, being the assertive type to get things done as soon and as best as possible. And she was smart enough to know her way around. It had always come to fruition and she was darn hell great at her job. “And that’s it for the day. Another cup of coffee for you, boss?” She grinned, toothy and mischievous because she knew his go-to order for caffeine; a hot cup of black coffee with a drop of cream and an ounce of whiskey to keep him going. Her gaze fell to the rim, noticing a wet drop the size of a fat tear tainting the pristine white surface and her thumb wiped it away, the pad of flesh between her lips to it off.
Kim Jaewook 2 months ago
@Son Chailee To say he was annoyed would have been the great understatment of the century. His son had managed to put him in a horrible mood earlier in the morning, and it had him getting out of the goddamn house he called a home earlier than usual. It was one thing to pay so much for his 'too good of a son' to go to college and study all he wants, but it was another thing to see him waste the money he had worked hard for. The was spoiled rotten and he fully blamed his wife. after all, they always had problems with the way they wanted to raise their kid. Perhaps thats why he simply refused to have many kids with her even if she demanded it more times than she could count. Even now. But to this very day, he had refused. Perhaps giving in to his parents requests for arranged marriage was indeed the worse idea he had years ago.

His cup of coffee was already empty. actually the second one, in which he had poured some whiskey in, which he was sure wasnt the healthiest choice he had made in his life but oh well. He just hoped the new assistant he had hired wouldnt up the rest of his day, cause he really did not want to fire another one. It was hard to find one whome could actually get the job done and not leave within a week because of the heavy amount of work they had. He was sure the managers were done trying to explain everything all over again to someone and experience had proven to do nothing, so he had suggested them to get someone fresh and the chick had managed to stay for a month already. at least that was promising.

The knock broke his train of thoughts before he responded. "come in" He waited for the other to slide in and close the door before he was leaning back into his seat. The frown of frustration was heavy between his brows. Few strands of usually neatly pushed back hair had fallen over his forehead with his tie looking just a bit looser than usual. The dark navy blue suit sat perfectly on his body in which he got up and pulled off, simply hanging it on the hanger to the side of the room. "Good morning Chai, are you done with the files from yesterday? if yes send them to me as soon as you can. and please proceed to cancel the private meeting we had with Mr Choi this afternoon, bring an excuse and throw it to monday, i really dont want to hear him today" The stress was rather evident in his voice, if not then, the tenseness of his muscles showed that off clearly. He gestured the girl to take a seat before leaning back into his seat. "anything new?"
Kim Ahyoung 2 months ago
@Lee Taeyong The day came faster than she expected, but there was something on her mind that was really distracting her from the task at hand. The suit and the make up had done a good job for both of them, and it was rather easy for her to act out her part. but no, the man had been literally all over Taeyong and she could unfortunately feel the sting of jealousy bubbling up inside of her. The girl she was flirting with from second ago was ignored immediately. She was offended, but well, Ahyoung couldnt care less, not when she was already pushing past people and walking just a bit closer to hear what the the dude wanted.

This was nothing new, she was rather used to seeing people try to flirt Taeyong up. After all he was a beautiful baby, and if she, herself was a man, she highly doubted she'd be able to resist. She wondered though if the man knew what was going on behind the pretty outfit and make up. for her, something even prettier. Taeyong was doing a fine job at seducing him, she could clearly see the starved gaze of the man all over the boy's shoulders and neck. and she knew if he could get a chance, he'd Taeyong without a doubt no matter how straight he was. She gulped thickly, fingers digging into her palm as she leaned back against the side of one of the walls, teeth sinking into her bottom lip cause this was new. She never had this much reaction to the other boy flirting but today, it seemed that everything was just a tad bit too different.

She held back, turning away from him to focus on another girl she was talking to. and honestly, with the natural flow of flirtations from hers, it didnt take that long for her to slip a number inside her pocket, making her rather chuckle, but it did not take her attention away from the man. She looked back, and it was the way his hand dared to press against the curve of his side that had her snapping. She groaned, glaring harshly at the unaware man before she was turning around, walking straight towards them. Her arm curled tight around his waist, pulling him back flushed against her concealed chest with her lips pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.

"You see this lady over here is quite taken, i would appreciate it if you stop flirting with whats not yours"

There was a soft smile on her lips, but her grip was hard on her, almost painfully hard, as if she did not want him to move an inch away from her, not right now. The man looked flustered, but at the same time, it was as if he really wanted to try his chance so even among the flusteredness, he dared to chuckle, and try not to look awkward.

"you sure you wanna go with your BF? i can still 'show' you around?"
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
@Kim Ahyoung ahyoung clearly wanted to torture him. with her words, her gestures, the way she was so... open with him. of course, it didn't help that his eyes found it impossible to fixate on anything else but the way her laced lingerie clung to her voluptuous figure. he kind of wanted to suffocate in between her s, if taeyong was being honest. for now, however, he stuck to giving her longing gazes and touching himself at night to his y best friend, even when she was in the room opposite his. taeyong was 50% gay, 50% ahyoung-ual.

continuing their usual banter and bickering, the two had left the changing rooms with their selected outfits and paid for them before eagerly making their way home. after all, they needed to thoroughly plan their prank out to make it the most believable.

come the next morning, the two friends had put much effort into their disguise before making it to work, arm in arm. taeyong was clad in his recently purchased outfit: the beautiful lace blouse (with added padding, courtesy of ahyoung), the frilly miniskirt, a pair of thigh-high stockings and his sneakers. that, added with a wig that made his angular but slightly feminine features pop out even more and his ahyoung's ridiculously wondrous talent at make-up – no one doubted the fact he was a man. the one thing he kept secret from his best friend, however, was the fact that underneath the skirt, wrapping his and prettily, was a pair of red lace he had purchased a while ago (for science).

now on their lunch break, the mischievous pair had decided to mingle with the department on the floor below them, since no one really knew who taeyong and ahyoung were.

while ahyoung wandered off to get them their meals, taeyong had been conversing with one of the girl's when a self-proclaimed straight male (his conversation partner sneakily told him) approached him. "hey there, beautiful," the man leered at taeyong, causing the cross-dressing prankster to bat his eyelashes at the other. with a scoff, the woman he had been talking to took her leave, leaving taeyong with the other man.

"are you new to the department?" he purred as he sidled up to taeyong, one hand resting upon his waist. "i can show you around," he continued, almost causing taeyong to roll his eyes. continuing his disguise, taeyong simply simpered softly with a flutter of his lashes at the taller man, shrugging his shoulder slightly. not only did that cause his blouse to slide off his shoulder slightly, but it also brought more attention to his sharp collarbones. ones that the man was eyeing hungrily.

it was becoming increasingly difficult to burst out laughing.

he also idly wondered how ahyoung was holding up with her side of the prank.
Son Chailee 2 months ago
@Kim Jaewook "You know I'm busy as hell, Jaehyun! I can't believe I'm arguing with you about this at work! I'll talk to you later, okay? Love you."

She was quick to disconnect the call, annoyance etched on her visage and to collect herself, she paused right in front of the looming skyscraper that was Kim Corps, her eyes trailing the length of the building. Son Chailee was still that fresh-eyed assistant of the CEO who was barely off college which meant that she still hadn't figured out how to balance her personal life and her work one. And this often meant that she had unpleasant conversations with her boyfriend at the most unconventional times of the day. Chailee refrained from cursing him out, deciding that the moment she let the negativity settle in, her day was going to worsen. She would by all means not let that happen.

Straightening the lapels of her beige suit and carefully balancing the cup of Starbucks coffee, she sauntered in with her usually composed million dollar grin. The walk to the mezzanine floor of the building was a comparatively a short one, her small stature pushing past the large glass doors to enter the reception area where she'd made her desk earlier that month.

"Good morning!"she exclaimed to Beth, the receptionist who looked up drowsily from her PC screen and pushed her thick rimmed glasses before bringing her index to her lips to signal the other girl to keep her voice down. Chailee winced as she placed her bags and cup of latte down, leaning forward so she could talk to Beth better. Shooting a glance at the clock on the wall, she raised an eyebrow. "He's in already? That's early. Wish me luck." Quickly taking a sip of her coffee, which really was more so downing the half of the hot liquid, Chailee squared her shoulders and marched over to the closed double doors of the Mr. Kim's office, her long hair that she had pulled into a high ponytail swooshing against her back. Her fist raised to rap thrice against the door, waiting patiently to be granted permission to walk in as she'd always done.
Kim Ahyoung 2 months ago
@Lee Taeyong "you should wear skirts at home, i dont know why you dont. its just me anyway

She whispered before pulling back just as he slipped away. She knew him enough to recognize the suggestive tone behind his words but she was unsure on what exactly was holding her back from stepping far too close and invading his privacy more than a friend should. or bestfriend in their case. They had already went past the invasion of privacy but there were things left unsaid between them, things they had yet to cross. She sat down on the seat infront of the changing room as he disappeared inside. they still had lots of to do when they got home but that could be thought about later on.

"sneakers? hm it would be cute, but again, you would look cute anything. kinda wanna torture you and have you wear one of my heels though, it would be cute to watch" She whispered, watching as he pulled his clothes off one by one, gentle, pale skin becoming clear to her eyes and he wanted to run her painted nails over it just to see the contradiction of color. Her mind was going towards dark places and she was unsure of that was right. but he did not need to know that just yet. just...not yet.

She did not wait longer, repeating exactly what he had done and squeezing herself into the changing room, this time fully closing the curtain before ing everything, pulling off the clothes one by one till all there was left was the of her skin, minus the black lace bra and attached to her. Perhaps she was being a bit too shameless, but oh well, if he was gonna tease she was not gonna hold back. She changed back to her own clothes pretty quick, a simple top and spring jacket along with a pair of jeans before grabbing all of their clothes and walking outside, quite happy to be walking in her sneakers again instead.

"come on baby boy, you taking so long"
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Johnny Suh Yuta had to commend Johnny for his choice in music—he couldn’t help but groove to the beats as it seemed like the kind of music they could get heated to. He couldn’t stop thinking such thoughts since the first /mishap/, where they accepted that perhaps things were a little more complicated than just coworkers. Yuta couldn’t be more thankful of Johnny’s silent acceptance because, good lord, it made life so much easier.
Just as the song came to an end, Yuta reaches over, his fingers tented against Johnny’s upper thigh as his pointer finger pressed the back button. The same beats fill the car, and Yuta’s hand lingers there. It seems like an accident at first, but it was very much intentional, especially as his hand slides to Johnny’s inner thigh.

“You asked what you get in return for driving, right?”
Bang Chan 2 months ago
@Seo Soojin Damn Soojin.

Chan could barely get his head around his work. He had to finish some proposals tonight and yet here he was typing but his head incredibly wrapped around the thought of how his lips pressed on Soojin's, the way their lips morphed like they belonged together; the way his hands was resting on her waist as he felt her respond to their liplock with the same level of intensity.

, he isn't making this up. Chan was so sure Soojin kissed him back. But with that thought, it brought him more trouble as he looked up to his screen only to see that he has typed 'she kissed me back' instead of what he's supposed to be working on. Almost falling off his seat, he looked around him and tried looking if anyone saw his unfortunate situations.

Its like he's going crazy because as soon as he clocked out, he stood for a good 10 minutes in front of the elevator, staring at the doors contemplating whether he should ride it. But then the memories that drove him insane for the rest of the day knocked on his mind heavily and so he turned and walked towards the stairwell door. Turning the knob open, he stared at the stairs for a good minute before he decided descending.

That's when the door opened once more, and there she was Soojin. The redness from the top of his began descending down to his neck. Its like an incredible avalanche of embarrassment but he found himself calling her name when she's about to walk ahead.

Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
@Kim Ahyoung taeyong would have had to been a blind fool to have missed the obvious hunger in anhyoung's eyes through the mirror. luckily, he was neither. it made his skin shiver with goosebumps to think of acknowledging the heated stares full on. had they not skirted around each other enough? both of them had laid with several people, but yet none of those people stayed. in the end, taeyong and ahyoung, the inseparable duo, always returned to each other. was it time perhaps to take a step forward in their relationship? taeyong was sure that if them being together fell through the floor, there would be no awkwardness that would linger. each had seen the other in their best and their worst; there was quite literally nothing to lose.

seeing his best friend's tongue poke out and slide across her luscious, plump tiers, taeyong himself mimicked her actions, teeth gnawing on the corner of his rosy pink lips. his mouth curved upwards into a pleased smile, glancing down once more as he swished the frill of his skirt around a bit.

"i really like this skirt. who knows, i might bust it out at home more often..." was that an open invite for ahyoung? was taeyong hoping to lead his friend's mind down a naughtier path? who knew.

it was when he felt those sharp nails prickle his sides that his breath hitched. clearly, there was a second interested party. perhaps the intention to take it to the next level was not unrequited. a shiver ran down his spine when her cool breath caressed the shell of his heavily pierced ear. his knees wobbled a moment when he heard 'baby boy', cursing mentally; ahyoung was well aware of his weakness to the endearment. she was definitely riling him up on purpose.

"mm, we're definitely getting these," taeyong responded, a little breathless. he ran a hand through his current platinum blonde hair, heading towards the fitting room again to change back into his normal clothes. "you sure you want to wake up earlier to do my makeup tomorrow before work? and also, girls totally wear sneakers to work too sometimes right? i really don't want to buy new shoes, especially because they might not fit me," he complained with a tiny pout, not even bothering to close the curtain completely before taking the lace blouse off. taeyong was confident of his body enough not to worry about someone accidentally sneaking a peak. however, at this time of evening, there weren't many other customers in the stores either.
Johnny Suh [A] 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta What a cheeky bastard. Johnny scoffed before giving the other response a slight shake of his head while a smile tugged at his lips. Friends and coworkers wishing for something other than what he had suggested were hardly novel, but it was the way that Yuta did it without hesitation or a hint of an apology was rather attractive. He could appreciate a man that knew exactly what he wanted, "Mm, what do I get in return for driving?" He shot back as more of a tease, not really expecting a response as he grabbed his keys his desk, "Alright, let's go."


He put on Eleven by Khalid and then handed his phone to the other his phone, "You can play whatever you like," While he was pulling onto the street from the parking garage, he missed Yuta's extended hands and ended up resting the phone on his thigh as he began singing along to the song, "Got my headlights off, we're sittin' outside,"
Kim Ahyoung 2 months ago
@Lee Taeyong The thin border. It had always been there between them and there were some nights that she really did not mind crossing that border. He wanted nothing more than to ruin the other, and she blamed herself sometimes for those thoughts cause perhaps, she could ruin things. But again, she knew she wasnt the only one feeling stuff when they were next to each other, but she wasnt bold enough to say anything nor was she bold enough to admit anything. so suffering was the way to go. The boy stepped out and her breath was stolen. . ing ery . He was a piece of cake and Ahyoung had the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. She was reminded to that one guilty night where she touched herself thinking about how pretty he'd look if she was between her legs. Having the boy sitting on her lap -in which he did sometimes- could be a suffer for her, a pain, cause how the was it even possible to not grind on him.


She mumbled, eyes scanning the boy from head to toe mindlessly, tongue peeking out from its hiding to over her red tinted lips till they were glistening under the light. She took a sharp inhale of breath, clearing to get herself together before responding. "more than 40, i bet my entire on it. you look...so pretty" She pushed herself forward, standing behind him to look at him through the mirror. Maroon painted nails slowly pressed against his hips to hold him still. she leaned closer, lips barely a few inches away from his ear before whispering.

"you look gorgeous...and thank you, i bet i look good. i wonder how many boys will give me their numbers or maybe...baby boys"

The last part was definitely on purpose, and perhaps she shouldnt have dome that but her strings of patiency had lately started snapping, and it was slowly freaking her out. He leaned back, fingers pressed inside her pockets. "we are getting these"
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Johnny Suh "Mexican," Yuta dares to chose none of the above, only supplying a brief hiss of 'needing a shot' under his breath as an explanation while he follows Johnny to his cubicle. His arm rests across the top of the cubicle's sturdy partition--sturdy only in structure, otherwise it was a flimsy excuse for privacy. "But that means you're drivin," Yuta doesn't realize Johnny was looking at him till he looks up from the array on Johnny's desk; his brows furrow, trying to decode it, but he nonchalantly adds, "You cool with that?"

Oh, well, maybe... the look had something to do with the compromising positions they got into every time. It would be a lie if he denied looking forward to that, so he merely grins.
Johnny Suh [A] 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta He didn't entertain the first statement with a response,"What do you want to get today? Chinese, Korean, Italian? What are you in the mood for?" Johnny rounded the corner to his cubicle while stripping off his blazer. His eyes were fixated on the other's face in an attempt to read his expression. The past couple of times they had gone to lunch it didn't end in the most professional manner and the male wondered if Yuta was looking forward to such a conclusion.
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Johnny Suh Yuta merely shrugged as they walked step in step out of the meeting. Conference rooms were stuffy, and Yuta takes a deep exhale, relaxed now that his presentation was done. “I didn’t plan on it, but it’s like you’re asking for it. Lunch?”
Johnny Suh [A] 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta Normally, he could usually deal with Yuta's infuriating smugness beside him, but today it was potent. Johnny scowled and rolled his eyes to himself at the conference room erupted into applause at his rival's presentation.
"Don't you dare say anything," Johnny warned as soon as they stepped out of the meeting.
Nakamoto Yuta [A] 2 months ago
@Johnny Suh Yuta tries not to break his attention from his presentation about the first fiscal quarter, and projections for this year. "Any questions?" The following murmurs and applause were telling--no questions. Yuta takes his seat next to Johnny with a knowing smirk.
Johnny Suh [A] 2 months ago
@Nakamoto Yuta late once again, he quietly slipped into the meeting room in the hope that no one would notice him as he took his seat.
Seo Soojin [A] 2 months ago
@Bang Chan she had no idea why she kissed him back. she had no idea why she thought it felt /good/ to be kissing him, especially when normally she didnt care about him. or at least, she always told herself that she didn't care about him or his perfect face, his perfect body, and now his perfect lips --

soojin's face was bright red when the elevator jolted, and she pushed herself away from chan with a huff. she couldnt speak, she couldnt come up with an excuse and she sure as hell couldnt look at him. she couldnt even explain the little flutter in her chest just at the thought of what they had just done.

when the technician asked if they were alright, she looked up to the man, hoping that her face wasn't as red as it was hot. instead, she shoved past the man without another word, completely ignoring chan along the way, and made her way back to her own office.

it was in there that she thought about what had happened, promptly ignoring every call sent her way. she could barely focus on the work she needed to finish before she had to clock out for the day. but when it came time to submit her work, she did just that, packing up for the night and heading out of her office. she was hesitant to take the elevator again, her face growing warm the second she thought about it, and instead she turned to the stairwell, intent on walking down all nine flights to get down to the main lobby of the building.

however, pushing the door open, she least expected to see chan there. memories of earlier in the day flooded back, and her face got just as hot again while soojin pushed past the male, hoping that he wouldn't say anything to her.
Lee Taeyong 2 months ago
@Kim Ahyoung he knew there was mild attraction between the two of them. it had always simmered under the surface, silently acknowledged but never acted upon. the occasional brush against bare skin, drunken s, whispers of filth in the passing.. but never followed through. the sparks flying between them this time were different. they seemed more.. pertinent. electrifying. louder.

"you're all bark but no bite," taeyong said with a light scoff, ignoring the way his skin lit with brief goosebumps. he missed his jeans and hoodie only because the store was ing freezing; how the hell did es survive in these miniskirts in winter? "and you know i love biting," the male added with a wink, watching ahyoung's as she stepped out of the fitting room.

this was the first time he would be showcasing his cross-dressing tendencies to the public. so far, it had been occasional blouses tried on from ahyoung's closet, but their figures were different, even though taeyong was on the skinner, leaner side of the spectrum. despite that, seeing his bestfriend's confident form out there, he felt invincible. with a partially faux-confident strut, taeyong exited the stall to stand next to the woman, glancing at himself in the outfit.

all he could think of was–

"damn. i look... so able," he laughed, the only hint of anything else but confidence being the light rosy flush dusting his cheeks. "how many numbers do you think i'd get at the end of the day tomorrow? but also, what the ? who allowed you to look so damn y in that suit?"

it was true. he was hot, sure, but ahyoung – she was a goddess, one even above aphrodite, gracing the tainted soil of earth. she was exuding power in that suit, long, silky locks framing her face perfectly. if he wasn't like 90% gay, he would have bent over for her right then and there. (honestly, he was still considering that...)


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