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Xiao Dejun 1 month ago
@Moon Taeil @Lee Jeno There's an odd sort of nothingness that comes out of being dead. It isn't really as Xiaojun suspected it would be like- the faithful speak of heavens gates, the heretics hellfire, but none of those are exactly right. There's just... emptiness. Not the void, but like a vast black something that was crammed into a very small room- unending yet claustrophobic all at once. It presses against him tightly, wrapping around his limbs like a suit, slowly choking the breath out of him. Of course, he supposes that being dead, there was very little use in drawing a breath, nor does he need warmth. He wants to scream, but he can't, no sound travels in the endless vacuum. He thinks he might go insane in here.

Pictures flash by sometimes, of odd details- the moon, a sudden fall of his field of view down, down, down, of red staining the stone. They're familiar scenes- as if they were his memories, and yet he thought that they couldn't be, not with the disconnection he was feeling. Actually, none of this felt very real. Like he wasn't supposed to be here, like he wasn't supposed to see any of it. Xiaojun doesn't understand- he can't understand, not with the way it feels as if his mind has been trapped in a bog, black sludge locking him in place. All he can focus on is the red, the red that was on the steps, in the night sky, on his hands, and oh- everything was red. He had been wrong earlier. It wasn't black at all, everything was dyed and he was too and he wanted out out out-!

Xiaojun screamed with his first breath, eyes snapping open. Or at least he thinks he did. It was hard to hear with the sudden cacophony in his head, a thousand voices rising out of that bloody mire and drowning himself out. It was like his body was on fire from the inside out, parched from the need of... of something. In the cramped room he could smell it, a familiar tang turned sickeningly sweet that he desperately craved. Reaching out blindly, he met a similarly cold form. "Jen-Jeno-" Was that him? It smelled like him. How did he know what Jeno smelled like? And it was so sweet... he couldn't hold himself back from leaning in, an feral whine rumbling low in his throat. His teeth ached, as if something was about to burst through. "Please.... please."
Lee Jeno 2 months ago
@Xiao Dejun @Moon Taeil Jeno doesn't know how long he spends asleep. He has nightmares - of blood, of sharp teeth, of pained screams and death - that seem to repeat over and over again. He has yet to realize that they are memories, and not just figments of his imagination. As he slowly starts to come awake he feels his body aching all over. Sore, like he's run for hours without stopping until he collapsed. A weak rasp leaves him as his consciousness comes forward, making him aware of the burning pain in his throat and the darkness surrounding him. He feels something in front of him, weakly moving his fingers to touch and realizing it's an arm.

Something isn't right.

The memories of whatever happened earlier are still muddled to him, but he does remember not being alone. He remembers, "Jun-" he clears his throat, fighting back tears at how much it hurts to swallow - why does it hurt so much? "Xiaojun, is that you?" He loops his fingers around what he thinks is a wrist, blinking in the dark and realizing he can see perfectly fine. He knows there's no light at all, but as he looks to the face of the body across from him he can make out Xiaojun's sharp features. The point of his nose and the crest of his cheekbones. His eyes are still closed, like he's sleeping, and Jeno notes that Xiaojun isn't breathing. No...no, is he dead? He can't be dead! (Jeno doesn't realize he isn't breathing either. He hasn't been breathing since he woke up.) "Jun, wake up. Please."

Jeno is so confused. Where are they? Why does he hurt so much? What's going to happen to them?

He's so caught up in freaking out that he doesn't notice the things around him until he smells iron. He stops, tasting the metallic flavor on his tongue, and realizing he's covered in it. Blood. He's covered in blood, and not just any blood, but his own. He also notices a dim, red glow very faintly lighting up in the small, cramped space. He doesn't realize it's coming from his own eyes, shining with hunger. God, he's so hungry. He can feel it in his stomach, his muscles and bones - every fiber of his being is screaming at him to eat, to drink, to feed. On what?


He doesn't realize he's said it out loud, more jagged memories coming to the surface of his brain. Just before he passed out, he remembers a figure drenched in moonlight. He remembers holding Xiaojun's hand, unable to move his eyes to see this figure, only catching the glint of something sharp and the sensation of something being smeared across his lips, fingers in his mouth, coating his tongue and teeth with - blood. What the hell is going on?

Jeno groans, curling in on himself as the pain doubles suddenly. His throat feels so dry, like a desert, and his body is still screaming for sustenance that he doesn't know how to get. He grits his teeth, unaware of the smallest, sharp points beginning to grow in. He doesn't know what he's become yet, but he'll find out soon enough.
Moon Taeil 2 months ago
@Xiao Dejun @Lee Jeno It was a night that Taeil went out to feed, the ancient vampire finally decided to go out and get a fresh meal rather than choking on the cold, stale blood of bags provided by an underground dealer (in a quite literal sense). He finally broke his century-long reclusion and went out into the night, leaving his crypt to find nourishment. He drank his fill and then some, something niggling in the back of his mind telling him to gorge himself. Over the years Taeil had learned not to ignore that voice, as it had helped him out of more than one bad situation in the past. He was 3000 years old and wise; if something told him to drink until he was more sated than he had been in a long time, then drink he would.

Instincts were a powerful thing.

Taeil was returning to his crypt, pace leisurely, when the screams broke into the night and the iron scent of blood hit his nostrils -- he was a vampire but he was not a monster, and so he changed direction and raced for the source of the pained cries.

It was a scene of carnage; two figures lay surrounded by pooling blood, dark shadows fleeting. As Taeil grew closer he realized that the bodies on the ground were those of two youthful boys, still alive but close to the brink of death. Their wounds were not those inflicted by werewolfs, nor demons; they could only have been left behind by the teeth and claws of vampires. Taeil would have no time to chase after their attackers, not if he wanted to save the two children who were trying to grasp at each other in what could be their dying moments. And save them he would -- he could not allow such youth to die such a terrible death.

The old vampire knelt between the two boys and ripped his wrist open with sharp fangs that glittered under the moon. The lack of focus in their gazes told him that they were losing their sight, fading toward the darkness. Pale, cold fingers swiped over the blood dripping from his wrist and pressed it into the mouth of one boy while he held his wrist over the mouth of the other. They only had to consume his blood -- and he was resolved to ensure that they would, fingers working into their mouths and smearing the viscous liquid over their tongues.

They will not die on his watch.

Once assured that his blood was transferred to them, Taeil tore his jacket to bind his wrist and then gathered the two boys, pulling them from the ground and over his shoulders. The supernatural strength he possessed was something he was suddenly grateful for, and the speed was a thing of convenience as he sped to his crypt. He needed to get the youth inside and prepare for the life of a sire with fledglings.

It was not one he had ever pictured himself leading.

They would be starving when they woke, moreso than the typical fledgling was. After all of their bloodloss -- it would only be natural for them to experience more intense hunger and cravings than others who were not mauled and mutilated prior to their turning. Of course, if not for the mauling and mutilation Taeil would never have turned them; in his three thousand years, it had never been his intention to have a fledgling. He was not altogether interested in being a vampire parent, and yet here he was -- now he had two.

He would need two more coffins to have a place for his young to sleep, he would have to eat for three now. Fledglings could not bite for at least two months, and they couldn't be trusted to hunt. Instincts and hunger would drive them to massacre anyone with a beating heart and fresh pumping blood if they were unleashed.

With nowhere better to put them, Taeil fit them both into his coffin, on their sides so that they wouldn't be as smashed together. There would be blood on the liner later, but with a visit to the Undertaker all could be taken care of. In the meantime, he would have to wait for them to wake. Their wounds were beginning to seal, bodies already mostly cold from their death -- it was only a matter of time before his fledglings woke into a new life.
Xiao Dejun 2 months ago
@Moon Taeil @Lee Jeno Cheap, scrappy deaths were exclusively reserved for bad romance or mystery books, he thought. The kind of passersby that never really attracts sympathy nor attention, just gone without a word at somebody else's convenience. They didn't seem like they'd happen in real life, after all, there was no way that a life could be snuffed out so easily, just like that, right? It couldn't be true, right? Those were the thoughts that flash momentarily through his mind when a steel like grip closed around his neck, pulling him backwards from the sheer force of it before his body slams heavily down into the road below. All the air in his body is knocked out, leaving in a much strangled hack that has him choking for air much less respond to the cries of his own name that suddenly ring out through the air, muffled by the ringing in his ears. Oh, right, Jeno. Jeno. Jeno-!

From where Xiaojun is, helplessly struggling, his vision is all but covered by the blood beginning to drip into his eyes and the shadow of the being- no, monster prowling over him. "Jen- run! Run!" His voice doesn't sound like his own, strung high from the fear and then forcibly wrenched into a pained screamed. It's as if his nerves haven't quite caught up to the state of the matter yet, entirely numb before hot fire flashes down his back. He's dimly aware of something being ripped, and the metallic tang that spreads in the air like a perfumed cloud, and the way he screams again and again until he can't, until something dark bubbles forth from throat and sharp teeth press against it. It hurts so so much and he can't think anymore, beyond hoping that everything would end already, that he could run away from the agony of this moment. His blurry gaze catches the sight of his own torn body and that of his friend's, both bloody messes. Now he wishes that he had died immediately in the moment instead of bleeding out like this, little by little. It would have been more merciful.

He doesn't know how much time passes before there's movement, a slow sort of scrabbling that he can't quite make out nor bring himself to care. Everything seems so distant now, even the pain that once blanketed everything. It's kind of peaceful, nice like this, as if he was drifting away. Something tells Xiaojun that it's Jeno reaching out to him, and there's so much that he wants to say. That they'll be alright, or that they won't, that he wants Jeno to live, or that he's scared- but just as much as his fingers won't twitch no matter how much he tries, no words will escape from the vocal chords that were torn either. The last touch he feels are equally cold digits grasping his own before they too, go limp. He wants to close those frozen fingers around the other's so, so much, but seemingly like everything else, even that's a luxury he can't afford anymore.
Lee Jeno 2 months ago
@Xiao Dejun @Moon Taeil tw: blood, descriptive injury
[ sry i got a little long !! don't feel like you have to mirror askdfhs ]

Jeno had never thought about what it would feel like to have his throat slashed into until tonight. Not until it actually happened to him, blood spraying and skin tearing as he's tackled from behind by a shrouded figure. It's almost like an out of body experience as pain surges through him like a tidal wave. He knows he's shouting Xiaojun's name, trying to figure out where he is, but he's not really hearing it over the sound of something snarling above him. It moves to rip into his shoulder and Jeno gasps, whimpering and crying as sharp teeth dig into the sinew of his muscles.

In his peripheral vision he can see Xiaojun now experiencing much the same fate, body covered by a towering figure whose claws dig into his jacket, piercing through the fabric. Jeno wants to help, tries to call Xiaojun's name again, but this time the only sound that leaves his mouth is a weak rasp. He coughs, blood splattering onto the hard gravel below, and the side of his face is shoved into the ground by a strong hand on the back of his head.

Jeno wonders if he's going to die.

The thing on top of him has stopped growling, and it's no longer clawing at Jeno's skin through his clothes. Instead he feels two sharp points at the junction of his neck and shoulder, and the sensation of his blood being drawn. Steadily and quickly, it flows out of him and into his attacker. He doesn't know how long he lays there, dazed and hurt. It feels like hours before the person - creature? - gets off of him and leaves, doesn't turn back. There's a small pool of red that's formed on the ground from the blood dripping off Jeno's shoulder. The air smells like iron and wet earth.

Xiaojun lays still a few feet away from him.

"Jun..." he mumbles, hoping the other boy is okay. (How can he be okay? They're going to die, oh, God, they're going to die.) "Jun." Jeno tries again, starting to crawl in Xiaojun's direction. Every part of his body is screaming at him to stop moving, to just lay still. But he can't. He has to make sure Xiaojun is awake. Alive. Finally he makes it to Xiaojun's side, or as much as he can, still a foot or two away with his arm extended to take Xiaojun's hand. "Jun, please," he coughs again. More blood. Tears are clinging to his lashes, glimmering in the moonlight. He doesn't know what he's asking for, he just wants Xiaojun to be okay.

The last thing he remembers is holding Xiaojun's hand, and the brightness of the moon and the smell of blood.
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Wong Yukhei 3 months ago
He gave her a questioning look.
These kind of things escalate to horror pretty quick you know... Not that I'm worrying about you but a loss of my god client. Heh!
Son Juyeon 3 months ago
the bill in her hand is slipped into the other's as she takes a whiff of the good . a sweet sigh of content wand calmness rushes over her before she gives the guy a look for his question.
what do you mean do i know how to use a gun?? the,,, thing over there looks like it couldn't even harm a bug without being upset over it. i wasn't even planning on being here this long but, guess i've got nothing better to do than go and befriend a zombie or whatever. imma smoke a joint first tho
Wong Yukhei 3 months ago
he breathes out a quiet laugh, nodding his head amusedly as he reached out for his pocket. She was the last customer for tonight. Should things go out of control, he could just climb the tree or so his knowledge of zombies are. He handed her the small sachet.
Yeah.. do...you...do you know how to use a gun? Just in case you know...
Son Juyeon 3 months ago
her eyes shut in peer annoyance at the man in front of her. it's like he didn't understand the nature of the situation they were in. at the mention of buying however, her ears perked up with a debateful look in her eyes. she did indeed come here to buy and she does have the money. besides he seemed to be right about the other people with that...thing.
you know what, it. gimme the . i might as well take part in whatever is going on here. it's a ing adventure or whatever the . it's $20, right?
[H] Lee Siyeon [05/08] 3 months ago
That's okay, I'm sure it's on the tombstone of the grave you just came out of.
clears as she glances to it, not wanting to look away from the male who had come out of nowhere as she is still wary about him.
Need more water? I have some, but you have to drink it slowly or else you'll get sick again, baby.
approaches him a bit more to look at the tombstone behind him, unable to understand the long name but smiling slightly to try and soothe his confusion.
Chittaphon? A long name, I see.
Wong Yukhei 3 months ago
he frowns, reaching up to pull her hand away from his mouth. He's drenched in his sweat and literally burning away from exhaustion and now his new found apprehension. He is a drug dealer not shaman.
that... some dumb had police following him. I had to run places, okay. Anyways... still want to buy? I think those people are handling that thing...
Kim Hwiyoung 3 months ago
yoongi continues observing the strange man from head to toe wondering how he got down there.
well my friend, if you don't remember anything you must've been really high or something. and i'm yoongi by the way, don't ask why i am here at this time though.
he glances over his shoulder at the shovel he had left lying on the ground and wondered if he should just mind his business again and leave those two behind but the curiosity was getting the better of him.
Son Juyeon 3 months ago
sensing the lack of focus on her, she decided it was the appropriate time to escape whatever the scenario she was in. her light goes out as her eyes stay focused on the people that are too close for comfort. she pauses to let her eyes adjust to dark, building up an escape route in her mind. her hand clutches her chest at the sudden presence of a person besides her. she glances at him for a split second before lifting her hand to cover his mouth slightly, a harsh whisper leaving her lips.
shhhhhhhh! don't be too loud. we've gotta find a way out of here because i am Not partaking in whatever kinda witchcraft is occuring. and No, i am not high because Someone decided to be late.
Ten Leechaiyakul [A] 3 months ago
i don't... i don't know?
yoongi's question prompts him to examine himself, turn his gaze onto his body and feel over it, shake off some of the dirt from his skin and stare down at his hands until siyeon's voice catches his ear again and the appearance of another person takes his visual focus.
name... i don't remember that. just the last few minutes.
Wong Yukhei 3 months ago
Taking a cautious stance near the closest tree, he observes the whole business going on not so far.
Is she.....not high?
[H] Lee Siyeon [05/08] 3 months ago
reaches out as if to help settle the man down, looking between the two and clearing .
I have the feeling we're gonna need names. I'm Siyeon. Can you tell me the last thing you remembered before this?
shuffles with one hand through her bag for another bottle of water, ready to give it to him if he needs it.
Wong Yukhei 3 months ago
He was running late. He groaned as he finally saw the point where he was supposed to meet with his clients. He squinted, making his heat with slight jog while catching his breath.
Sorry..... Some dumb.... What..the
Kim Hwiyoung 3 months ago
you can start by telling me what's going on with you? you literally just came up from the ing underground!
yoongi stares at the other man as he chugs the water from the other woman who was just visiting her mother. he throws his shovel to the side, not being intrigued anymore in the grave that he was currently at and moving closer to where the man was standing.
how did you even end up there dude?
Son Juyeon 3 months ago
the dim light from her phone whipped around as her body followed the action closely, her eyes squinting into the distance before widening at the sight before her. she was here to meet her dealer not partake in whatever this was.
oh no. what kind of ery is this? i'm too sober for this rn.
Ten Leechaiyakul [A] 3 months ago
wrist swiping at his lips as he rises, he limps and waddles his way over to where she is, spotting a bottle of water near her and reaching to snatch it then chug its contents immediately. he's just about to speak, but then his attention diverts over to yoongi, his eyes blinking and trying to process everything but nothing making sense.
what is... going on?
Kim Hwiyoung 3 months ago
startled by the coughs coming from underground, yoongi looks up from the random grave he was digging up, glancing over to the stone that made the noise in the desolate cemetery.
bro, can you keep it down over there?! you scared the out of me!
[H] Lee Siyeon [05/08] 3 months ago
she looks up from where she's kneeling by her mother's grave, the gleam of her blue eyes the only part of her body showing any surprise as to what just happened a few stones down.
Uh...you good there buddy? Need a hospital or something?
Ten Leechaiyakul [A] 3 months ago
/just like in the zombie movies, he springs from his grave, one hand reaching out first to grasp for the ground above and the rest of him following suit. confusion knits his brows together, but before he can bother to question anything harsh coughs throw his body forward, wretches throwing him onto his hand and knees and liquid pouring from his lips.
what /coughs twice/ what the ?


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hello. are inactive charas open to be taken?
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