❖ janitor's closet


this room is for ic rp purposes.

☼ mateo abendrot 6 months ago
[] haha random writing,,,,,too short for a starter unless you want to reply if not leave it be x D

fatigue crashed onto mateo’s being and he was found limping his way to the janitor’s closet. he had succumbed to his crying muscles, unable to move any further but with what little ounce of strength he had left, he drags himself into the quiet room and plops onto the cleaning supplies. since he has given in to temptation, might as well enjoy his time resting in this dark secluded area. besides, he’s had a rough week and mateo decided that he deserves this break.


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kodachrome [A] 6 months ago
open fairytale parents :

snow white
cruella de vil
dr facilier
sleeping beauty
peter pan

open fcs :

park chaeyoung
jeon jungkook
kim jiwoo
park jinyoung
park junghwa
yoon dowoon
momomochi 6 months ago
sana please as daughter of rapunzel from tangled :3
disrespect 6 months ago
seraphine 6 months ago
ahn yujin as the daughter of princess kida as second? uwu
alaskafka 7 months ago
lalisa manoban as the daughter of the genie please and thank you!!
f675991ac8aaad66cd8c 7 months ago
i've requested for a second notice me senpias ;^;
grimraven 7 months ago
Are internationals allowed?
-oliver 7 months ago
Song mingi as son of Hector Barbossa please~
-lukas 7 months ago
kang younghyun as son of sir lancelot pls,,, make his name brian fhskxk
-oliver 7 months ago
I would like to request Choi San as the son of tinkerbell please ^^
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