❖ dr facilier's territory。

abandoned building。
abandoned building。
abandoned building。

this room is for ic rp purposes.

☼ mateo abendrot 6 months ago
[] random writing pt 2 haha pls don’t reply ?____?

a coward, he was not. a genius, he was also not. which is why mateo found himself at the foot of an isolated building; looking torn out and unused for years. there was an air of coldness that surrounds the area, causing the male to shiver in his spot and instinctively, he cups his hands to rub them together, desperately trying to get any form of heat.

weary eyes scanned his surrounding and he thought,,,this couldn’t possibly be safe, right? however, it was too late to back out of this dare now. he would be made an even bigger laughing stock if he chickened out. moreover, what sort of disgrace would it be to his father? he was supposed to be brave and strong, not timid and weak.

with newfound confidence, mateo took a few strides into the abandoned building but as each step he took caused the wooden tiles to creak louder and louder in protest, he stopped moving. it was then that he manages to take in the ‘view’, curious orbs jumping from one place to another.

‘wow...this looks like it used to be a fancy hotel,,,,wonder what happened,’ whilst he muses, a loud bang from across the floor frightened the young student. he didn’t get to spot what caused the noise but to play it safe, he decided to get out of the building. for all he knew, if he had stayed longer the structure might have collapsed on him.


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kodachrome [A] 6 months ago
open fairytale parents :

snow white
cruella de vil
dr facilier
sleeping beauty
peter pan

open fcs :

park chaeyoung
jeon jungkook
kim jiwoo
park jinyoung
park junghwa
yoon dowoon
momomochi 6 months ago
sana please as daughter of rapunzel from tangled :3
disrespect 6 months ago
seraphine 6 months ago
ahn yujin as the daughter of princess kida as second? uwu
alaskafka 7 months ago
lalisa manoban as the daughter of the genie please and thank you!!
f675991ac8aaad66cd8c 7 months ago
i've requested for a second notice me senpias ;^;
grimraven 7 months ago
Are internationals allowed?
-oliver 7 months ago
Song mingi as son of Hector Barbossa please~
-lukas 7 months ago
kang younghyun as son of sir lancelot pls,,, make his name brian fhskxk
-oliver 7 months ago
I would like to request Choi San as the son of tinkerbell please ^^
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